JBoss In Bossa - jBPM5 Human Interactions for System Integrators
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JBoss In Bossa - jBPM5 Human Interactions for System Integrators



for more information visit: http://salaboy.wordpress.com

for more information visit: http://salaboy.wordpress.com



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JBoss In Bossa - jBPM5 Human Interactions for System Integrators JBoss In Bossa - jBPM5 Human Interactions for System Integrators Presentation Transcript

  • like a JBoss In Bossa WWW.PLUGTREE.COM
  • HUMAN INTERACTIONS for System Integrators
  • agenda• Middleware/System Integration• BPM is not about technology• jBPM5 • BPMN2• WS-HT Specification • Components • Task List Oriented UIs • Advantages• Smart Tasks / The future
  • Middleware/System Integrations Are you feeling lonely?
  • Middleware / System Integrations In the university we learn: There is no intention to handle the concept of human interaction in these 3/N Layers.
  • Middleware / System Integrations When we start doing system integration we forget about people completely.Obviously we cannot do only system integrations, because if not there will be no systems to integrate. Example: BPEL 1.0 - Pure WS interactions
  • Middleware / System Integrations We need the concept of Human Interaction when we are doing System Integrations... Y U NO USE IT??
  • BPM against meaningless System Integrations FEEL LIKE A SIR
  • BPMBPM is not a:• synonym of System integration• synonym of Orchestration• state machine framework• way to describe page flows in a web application
  • BPMBusiness Process Management is a discipline about• Describing and exposing how a business is working and making profits• Improving how a companies do their work• Finding what can be improved to make things work better • Automating and guiding the business activitiesBPM works around the concept of Business Process..
  • BPMBusiness Process• sequence of activities• humans and systems working together• to achieve a business goal (not a technical goal)
  • BPM
  • BPMAnd you know what? BPM helps us as developers to change the perspective about how we build solutions. Most business out there are strongly influenced by people that do the work that keeps the business alive.And not:• technology• frameworks• architectures
  • jbpm5are you kidding me?
  • jBPM5It is a business process management System • Provides a Process Engine Runtime• Allows us to write our Business Processes using the BPMN2 standard
  • jBPM5jBPM5 as a Business process Management System• Implements the BPM concepts • Offers a complete set of tools to automate our business processes • Promotes collaboration between business analysts and developers• Allows us to share how the application works with the business people
  • jBPM5jBPM5 as a Business process Management System• Provide us with a Process Engine• Implements two key specs • BPMN 2.0 • WS-HT
  • BPMn2• Graphical and formal language to describe business situations• Standard shared between different vendors• It’s not just another XML file• High Level syntax and execution semantics defined by the spec• Its a bridge between analysts and developers
  • BPMn2
  • WS-HT Specification JOIN THE PARTY !!
  • WS-HTThe WS-HT specification focus• Formalizes handling the human interactions life cyles• Formalizes the information interchange• Defines a metaphor for the interaction• Defines as common API to interact
  • WS-HTThe concept of Human Task• Human it must be a human • Task • Input / output information • Rendering mechanism • A role associated / a person assigned and responsible for that task
  • WS-HT (in JBPM5)jBPM5 provides an implementation of the WS-HT spec• It’s a decoupled component• It can be reused by any application• It’s shared between different domains and integrated with your company components • It integrates easily with existing user directories• No need to use business process if you don’t want to
  • TASK LIST ORIENTED UIsSome advantages:• Unified access to all the integrated systems: • No need to use more than one system• Unified concepts to interact with the system: • Tasks will be shown as they become relevant to each role • Easy to understand and follow • Very similar to the concept of inbox in our email clients • Can be prioritized depending on business requirements
  • BPMS After some implementations...Applying these generic concepts we save a lot of time, but we don’t get domain specific tools It’s never enough ...
  • smart tasks · the future Y U NO play WITH US?
  • SMART TASKSBusiness Perspectives (Context Aware Filtering)• Multi dimensional views• Data Decoration and Enrichment• Context aware
  • SMART TASKSUser collaboration tooling (Real Time interaction)• Communication channels• Needs to be context aware • Needs to be smoothly integrated with the ID component
  • SMART TASKSGeneric Helpers:• Business related information that needs to be aggregated for a specific task list or task form• Application timers, alerts, warnings and handlers
  • SMART TASKSSum up• Declarative approach to define these concepts• Not related with any technology in the Front End• On top of the WS-HT standard• Second Release in progress• We are looking for contributors!!!!
  • SOME REFERENCESSome References • http://salaboy.wordpress.com• http://www.jbpm.org• http://www.drools.org• http://kverlaen.blogspot.com/• JBPM Official Forum• Google WS-HT Specification• Google BPMN 2.0
  • Obrigado!htt ps://github.com/salaboy/smart-tasks/