Drools5 Community Training Module 5 Drools BLIP Architectural Overview + Demos
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Drools5 Community Training Module 5 Drools BLIP Architectural Overview + Demos



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Drools5 Community Training Module 5 Drools BLIP Architectural Overview + Demos Drools5 Community Training Module 5 Drools BLIP Architectural Overview + Demos Presentation Transcript

  •    Drools5 Community Training Sponsored by Plugtree
  • Module 5: Drools BLiPArchitectural Overview Drools5 Community Training version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT Release Date: 03/16/2011Under The Creative Common License
  • Module 5: Drools BLiP Architectural Overview Drools5 Community Training Course by Mauricio "Salaboy" Salatino and Esteban Aliverti is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.Based on a work at salaboy.wordpress. com. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http: //salaboy.wordpress.com/.
  • Agenda● Drools Overview● Core Components ○ Drools Main Modules● Possible Architectures● Demos
  • Drools Overview● It was born as an Inference Engine● More functionality was added on top of it● A Platform was created to create applications● The declarative approach provided helps us to share the knowledge with non technical roles● A Knowledge Driven Development Approach was proposed to build applications on top of the platform
  • The Drools Project● Open Source● Apache Licensed● Free to use● Innovative approach● Community Support
  • Drools Overview● Drools Expert (Rule Engine)● Drools Flow == jBPM5● Drools Fusion● Drools Guvnor
  • Drools Overview
  • Drools Expert● Drools Expert ○ Contains the Inference Engine ○ Pure Java ○ Provides a language to write declarative rules ○ Provides the APIs to interact with it ○ Environmental Agnostic (JSE, JEE, Spring) ○ Lightweight
  • jBPM5 == Drools Flow● jBPM5 == Drools Flow ○ Provides Business Process Management features ○ Runs on top of the Rule Engine ○ Enable us with dynamic and declarative capabilities to create smarter processes
  • Drools Fusion● Drools Fusion ○ Enables the notion of time to the Rule Engine ○ Let us define our meaningful events in our domain ○ Defines 13 temporal operators to correlate and aggregate stream of events ○ It operates in near real-time allowing us to react on immediately to an ongoing situation ○ Takes advantage of the inference capabilities of the Rule Engine
  • Drools Guvnor● Drools Guvnor ○ Its a centralized Knowledge Repository ○ Allow us to store and manage our business knowledge ○ Tag, Categorize and Version our knowledge assets ○ Provides some UIs to manage our knowledge assets
  • Drools Artifacts● Drools Artifacts ○ Lightweight Java Library ○ Gives us the flexibility to use it no matter the environment ○ Allows us to define the best architecture for each specific situation
  • Drools Architectural Goals● Drools was designed and conceived for: ○ Express business knowledge declaratively ○ Integrate different solutions/applications using a declarative approach ○ To provide an unified and knowledge driven development approach ○ To provide a link of communication between business people and technical people ○ To be non-intrusive
  • Alternative Architectures● Drools Alternative Architectures ○ Embedded ○ As a Service
  • Embedded● Drools Embedded Architecture
  • Embedded -> Centralized Knowledge● Drools Embedded Architecture, centralized Knowledge
  • As A Service (Centralized)● Drools As A Service (Centralized) Architecture
  • As A Service (Centralized)● Drools As A Service (Centralized) Architecture
  • Stateful vs Stateless Services● Stateful vs Stateless Services ○ You need to define the nature of your problems ○ Stateless situations are easy to manage ■ Replicate services in different nodes becomes trivial ■ Caches for data access can be used ○ Stateful situations give us more rich set of features ■ Require session data replication in different nodes ■ We need to analyze what happen if a session breaks and how it affects to the overall application
  • Stateful Knowledge Services● Stateful Knowledge Services ○ Enable us to have long running execution ○ We will be able to maintain contextual information to work on ○ The inference process will much more richer ○ Business Processes can run without any problem ○ Events require a stateful environment to work ○ We need to use some kind of persistence mechanism if we want to have fault tolerance
  • Stateful Knowledge Services with Events● Stateful Knowledge Services with Events
  • Demos● Demos ○ Emergency Service Application ○ Dynamic Content Selection PoC
  • Emergency Service Application● Emergency Service Application ○ Simulate a real world situation ○ Demonstrate the advantages of using business processes, business rules and event processing all together ○ Download and Play: ■ https://github.com/Salaboy/emergency-service- drools-app
  • Emergency Service Application
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Dynamic Content Selection Application ○ Proof of Concept to show Drools features ○ Demonstrate the information that we can capture from the user interaction with different visual components ○ Demonstrate how we can create a simple to enable non technical roles to define/validate what the application needs to do in different situations ○ Demonstrate how we can react on different identified situations ○ Download and Test: ■ https://github.com/Salaboy/smart-content-selection
  • Dynamic Content Selection
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Dynamic Content Selection Application ○ Drools will keep track of the status of our visual components for each use ○ Drools will be listening events that will be generated during the user interaction ○ Temporal rules will be defined to correlate the streams of events generated by one or multiple users
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Events Correlation for a Single User ○ Behavioral Event Stream ■ Navigation Events ■ Browsing Events ■ Component Interaction Events ○ Shopping Cart Event Stream
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Events Correlation for a Multiple Users ○ Trends Analysis ■ More than X users selecting interacting with a Product in the last 2 minutes ■ More than X users with similar products in their shopping carts ■ More than X searches for a specific topic
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Behavioral Event Stream ○ Page Navigation Events ■ Links Clicks, Search Events ○ Browsing Information Events ■ Analyzing a component information (Focus, Scrolling, Resizing, etc) ■ Multi Focus Analysis (selection patterns) ○ Component Interaction Events ■ Changing the component state (submitting a form, select a value that changes the state of the component)
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Shopping Cart Event Stream ○ Add Product To Cart ○ Remove Product From Cart ○ Checkout Products ○ Empty Cart
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Use Cases for Single User ○ Single Focus Interest Period ■ Offer Discount ○ Multi Focus / Pattern Selection ■ Related Product Suggestion ○ Abandoned Shopping Cart ■ Warning ○ Checkout Shopping Cart Quickly ■ Related Product Offer
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Single Focus Interest Period ○ Offer Discount
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Multi Focus / Pattern Selection ○ Related Product Suggestion
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Abandoned Shopping Cart ○ Warning
  • Dynamic Content Selection● Checkout Shopping Cart Quickly ○ 10% Discount Voucher for future shops
  • Related Links● You can find more information, examples, tutorials and more in: ○ Salaboy Blog ■ http://salaboy.wordpress.com ○ Esteban Blog ■ http://ilesteban.wordpress.com ○ Plug Tree Blog ■ http://www.plugtree.com
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