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  • 1. Assignment 1<br />
    • For each of the random variables defined below, indicate whether the random value is a discrete or continuous variable.
    • 2. Inter-arrival time of customers
    • 3. Number of customers arriving at a bank
    • 4. Waiting time for customers waiting in a queue
    • 5. Number of vehicles required to serve a distribution company.
    • 6. Service time at a teller in a bank
    • 7. Distance travelled by a forklift in a warehouse.
    • 8. Defective rate in a production center.
    • 9. Number of daily defects found in the output of a production center.
    • 10. The arrival times of the customers at two branches of a company are recorded as follow:
    Customer NoArrival time branch (A)Arrival time branch (B)18:04:00 AM8:04:00 AM28:09:00 AM8:09:00 AM38:12:00 AM8:12:00 AM48:15:00 AM8:13:00 AM58:19:00 AM8:15:00 AM68:24:00 AM8:19:00 AM78:28:00 AM8:24:00 AM88:32:00 AM8:28:00 AM98:37:00 AM8:32:00 AM108:40:00 AM8:37:00 AM118:44:00 AM8:40:00 AM128:49:00 AM8:44:00 AM138:53:00 AM8:49:00 AM148:58:00 AM8:53:00 AM159:02:00 AM8:58:00 AM169:07:00 AM9:02:00 AM179:10:00 AM9:06:00 AM189:13:00 AM9:09:00 AM199:17:00 AM9:12:00 AM209:22:00 AM9:22:00 AM<br />
    • Compute the descriptive statistics that define the inter-arrival time of customers if the company starts it business at 8:00 AM.
    • 11. What is the difference between the inter-arrival time at branch B in comparison to the inter-arrival time at branch A?
    • 12. Given the service time of the first 10 customers arriving at branch A, compute the descriptive statistics of the time spent in the system.
    Customer NoArrival time branch (A)Service time18:04:00 AM828:09:00 AM838:12:00 AM448:15:00 AM658:19:00 AM768:24:00 AM778:28:00 AM788:32:00 AM498:37:00 AM4108:40:00 AM5<br />