Final Proposal


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Final Proposal

  1. 1. ITLC Impress Through Learning LETs ITLC ;)ITLC slogan is “Creating the Change”IntroductionITLC is a stand for International Transportation & LogisticsClub. ITLC is an emerging student organization in AAST –Faculty of logistics & International transport. ITLC is underthe direct supervision of AAST administration and itsacademic staff. ITLC is designed to reduce the professionaland the interpersonal gab between the undergraduate’squalifications and the market requirements with extreme careto its role in the social responsibility and culture awareness.Change is the theme of life, everything around us is Change.Life is not a constant, it is constant Change.Change is more than just a word; it is more of an actiontowards transformation and modification, the transformationinto a better well-being, and the alteration of a better future.The idea of Change is not new, and the fear of Change hasbeen a social phenomenon all over history. It is well known
  2. 2. that history repeats itself, but it is not known that historyis repeated by us.If people believe in Change, then they would be willing toChange who they are into much positive, affirmative andoptimistic populace. In that case, this world would ultimatelybecome a much better place. Reality however, had shown thatChange is one of the most difficult aspects of life, and that itcannot be done in one step, rather, it requires a series of stepsin order to achieve the Change that any human being iswilling to reach.It is by now apparent why we decided to start the mostvaluable thing in our lives; the road map of change… thebeginning of development, achievement and progress.We will walk the most creative, unique and risky road thatmany people have feared to take, we will start this path ofpositive ness, and assertiveness, remembering that you neverknow an end of a road unless you walk through it.Its mission is mainly supported by its core Values “Integrity,Innovation, professionalism, enthusiasm, Teamwork,Mutual Respect, and Loyalty” depending on its passionatehighly trained members.ITLC Vision
  3. 3. Building an effective, more aware and a new generation ofyouth, capable of realizing their dreams, using their potentialsand aspirations in turning those dreams towards a moredeveloped Egypt and a better educated, optimistic and positivepopulace. We also aim to be a positive force in AAST, alwaysseeking the best ways to benefit students in the fields ofacademics, social life, and practical applications in a fun,warm, and creative environment.ITLC MissionTo create Youth agents capable of developing Egypt throughcomprehensive affirmative and influential sessions on social,educational as well as Human Development aspects thatwould enlighten their awareness, develop their skills, andexpand their Horizons. We believe in envisioning a globalculture of peace, solidarity, inclusiveness, sharedresponsibility, harmony, cooperation, goodwill and reverencefor the sacredness of all life through our active studentengagement, linking knowledge with practice and building afoundation of spirituality and values which are universal innature.
  4. 4. ITLC Goals 1. To Encourage the Youth to participate more effectively in the development process through increasing development awareness and motivation. 2. To guarantee development sustainability by involving youth with their own understanding of their communities status (youth needs, community real needs and the role of each individual towards the community) 3. To introduce them to networks in the field of development through effective sessions and educational visits. 4. To enhance dialogue among different cultures through exchanging youth experiences especially those active in development. 5. Discovering the internal talents through spotting the talent out of the students and developing it. 6. To narrow the gap between the Theoretical Studies and the Real Business life 7. To create Social Responsibilities Initiatives.
  5. 5. ITLC Scope of Activities • Training and RecruitingThrough working on creating Strategic Partnership with well knowncompanies in the field of Logistics & Supply Chain. • SeminarsMake Change in the world, by giving sessions, conducting seminars inHuman developments, introducing workshops, in addition to Educationalseminars by well-known experienced Guest Speakers. • VisitsTo Ports and Manufacturing companies in coordination with the Facultyadmission. • CharityCreating and participating in charitable events. In addition to creating abank Data Base Campaign. • Social & Cultural activitiesSpotting the talent out of the students and try to develop it throughcreating various workshops, such as: painting, photographing, drawings,etc…Criteria of ITLC Team:These criteria will shorten the way to meet ITLC values • Smart
  6. 6. • Creative • Hard worker • Cooperative • Helpful • Able to work in a Team • Responsible • Sociable • Good listener • Work under Pressure • Not Short TemperedITLC Organization Structure
  7. 7. Academic Supervisior:Mr. Karim Mohamed Soliman – Teacher Assisstant, Faculty of Logistics& Int. Transport.President:Mansour Abu bakrVice-President:Passant Hafez ITLC Crew Name Registration Mobile no. no.1 ‫منصور أبوبكر عثمان‬ 7104570 014/8896998 President2 ‫باسنت محمود حافظ‬ 8103468 010/1012754 Vice- President3 ‫سارة يسري يوسف‬ 8104893 011/00112984 ‫غادة طه النحلة‬ 8103314 010/66508225 ‫اية شريف عبدالقوي‬ 8104476 011/6628782
  8. 8. 6 ‫اية ايمن عبدالعال‬ 8104714 010/60503017 ‫محمد هشام‬ 8104363 012/58278878 ‫خالد إبراهيم‬ 8104218 010/44975849 ‫ناردين عصام‬ 8103500 017/866197710 ‫نور السيد عمر‬ 8104699 019/807953911 ‫منه ا كريم سامي‬12 ‫أية محمود‬Closing Thought “No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guard a gate of change that can be opened only from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or by emotional appeal.” Marilyn Ferguson So Let’s Impress Through Learning Creativity... So Let’s ITLC
  9. 9. Prof. Mohamed Ali Dean- Faculty of Logistics and Int. TransportA group of young students from the faculty of Logistics andInt. transport, Cairo Campus, have come to you today throughtheir own words typed in this letter, to request your supportand assistance in the initiation of a program that will influencethe lives of many young people who are ambitious enough tomake a change in the world that they live in today.Yes… “Creating the Change” is the Theme of our new studentdevelopment program “ITLC- Int. Transport & Logistics club”People in the broader Middle East seek greater opportunityand experience. Thus, a growing community of reformers hasemerged with new energy and ideas to make these aspirationsa reality. ITLC will be one of them, structured mainly to helpbuild up a more prosperous and successful Middle Eastthrough creating the new leaders of tomorrow.Change is the theme of life, everything around us is change.Life is not a constant, it is constant change. If people believe inchange, then they would be willing to change who they areinto much positive, affirmative and optimistic populace, inthat case, this world would ultimately become a much better
  10. 10. place. Reality however, has shown that change is one ofthe most difficult aspects of life, and that it can not bedone in one step, rather, it requires a series of steps in orderto achieve the change that any human being is willing toreach.Being the first representation in AAST with the title of change,we are honored to take the lead and initiate the newestprogram and community development of all, we are ready tomake the first move and launch this life shifting experience ofChange.However, one obstacle remains, in order to turn this dream areality; we are in need your honor acceptance to register andlaunch ITLC. Best Regards, ITLC Crew