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Action plan

  1. 1. Action Plan "CEO Council" The Conference of Marketing, Economics & Trade (COMET) is one of the most successful conferences held at Cairo University, offering a unique life changing experience, challenging each delegate to step forward with conviction and confidence, to grasp the concepts presented at their councils and to act upon it to make a difference in their communities. With the insight and guidance of both the academic and organizing committees, CEO managed to achieve a surprisingly well reputation since the year it started, with the arrangement of the different councils and conferences helping each delegate to achieve their plans of personal leadership and start their actual roadmaps towards the future. And also COMET helps us learn and at the same time apply what we have learned. So I want to be a secretariat in order to share others with my knowledge & to help them to experience the practical business life. I want to make a difference in the delegate point of view, as I will help them improve there knowledge about the market and the skills needed for his/her successes. About me, I think that I have the ability to explain to people, I am good at negotiation; I have the ability to convince people with my ideas, I am responsible and keen on my work. I was also a delegate in the 1st CEO Council, and it was very successful and we experienced a lot, I gained a lot of skills that helped me to change many concepts that I had known, it improved the skills of all the delegates such as the Presentation Skills, Awareness, to be Self Confident…..etc,, so my goal is to keep the council going up and try to keep all the advantages and get rid of the disadvantages. Often students have no well organized future time plan, most of them have no real view of what they want to be or which subjects do they enjoy learning, and most importantly, they lack real business knowledge. So I would like to make the council more practical than theoretical, by giving the delegates more Soft1
  2. 2. Skills that would help them in their daily business life, how to communicate with others, and try to improve their Managerial Skills and how to face critical situations that would face them, and the will learn how to start entering to the real business world, discover what business is truly about and how they should start preparing for their futures. I would like to work with three other secretariat, and I would like them to be smart, creative, hard workers, cooperative, helpful, able to work in a team, responsible, sociable, good listeners and able to work under pressure. Also I would like them to be patient with the delegates and not short tempered in order to pass the sessions with the delegates friendly. And actually I don’t recommend someone in particular. CEO Sessionss advantages & disadvantages: Concerning the advantages: - The sessions were very interesting. - We gained many useful experience & information. - We all tried to participate in the sessions. - Although it was the 1st CEO Council, but all the Secretariats presented to us very useful materials & skills. The also used to motivate us, play with us many interesting and useful games and really we experienced a lot. - The sessions helped us to change gain some skills such as leader ship, time management….etc that would help us not only in our business life, but also in our daily life. Concerning the disadvantages: - I think there wasnt enough co-operation between the ACS. - The relation between them wasnt good and the conflicts between them were clear in the sessions. - Delegates needed to be more engaged in discussions during the sessions, because there wasnt enough participation from them except from few of them.1
  3. 3. - The outings wasnt enough to help us to know each other well, so there was some of my colleges that I knew them only by names till we entered the conference. - Sometimes the sessions were boring and too long. The Council advantages & disadvantages: Concerning the advantages: - In my opinion, the 4 days of the conference was the best days in my life. - - We all had good time together & we all got to know each other. - We experienced a lot from what we had done. - We implemented all the skills that we took in the sessions. - All the delegates worked together as 1 team. - We all gained & experienced the spirit of team work. - We tried to face & solve all the problems that we face together. - We experienced how to work under stress & how to deal with our – ve emotions such as depression and being bored. Concerning the disadvantages: - On the other hand the disadvantages were that we didn’t have much time for fun as we had to do all the work in the conference, and the work was too much. - The conflict between the ACs was very clear especially in the conference. - The secretariats were tensioned and they delivered to us this tension that had a –ve effect on us. - The lack of some important tools that would help us in our project such as the internet, scanners, printers…etc - Also the food wasnt good & not enough. * We can avoid the disadvantages that occurred in the session by making the session more interesting & practical in addition to choose the topic that will match our goal from the CEO council & to avoid the delegated from being bored. * There must be more co-operation between the ACS.1
  4. 4. * There must be more participation from the delegates by motivating them and discussing all the matters that would help them in their life in a way that would make them very keen to hear and apply what they learn. * Even if any conflict occurred between the ACS, it mustnt be shown in front of the delegates, and really I doubt that any conflict may occur because really all of us will be 1 team, the success is for us all as a team and vice versa. * Concerning the disadvantages of the conference, I think we must create new ideas for the conference so that the delegates work & at the same time enjoy the conference days. * We must try to motivate them to accomplish the tasks asked from them & to improve the spirit of team work and at the same time the competition in order to get all the creativity inside them (give them space to express themselves) * Try to make some fun in the conference, by playing games together, making some competitions in the work……. * Also if any of the secretariats felt with any –ve emotion, this felling mustnt be shown in order not to make the delegates feel depressed, and also any conflict between the ACS mustnt be shown. *Try to make sure that there are all the tools that would help the delegates to work effectively, such as a printer, scanner, internet. Criteria of the delegates: Speaking of the criteria which upon it I will choose my delegates, I recommend a special format including the musts and the requirements. For the musts, the delegate should be able to posses an excellent English language and he/she should be free Fridays at the time of the session. For the requirements and concerning the council, I recommend delegates who:  Are willing to work in groups and enjoy team work  Willing to learn  Are creative and smart  Posses leadership characteristics  Willing to make a change  Able to work under pressure  Sociable & share ideas with others  Responsible1
  5. 5. Such are the criteria which I would upon choose my delegates, however, I would like to state that I am open to work with any delegate who shows great willingness to learn and hope for acceptance even if he/she do not posses most of these criteria. As a secretariat I believe it is one of my main jobs to amend these qualities if he/she lacks any of them. And I think from 30 to 35 delegate is fine. Concerning the material to teach I would like it to consist of: • What is CEO? • How to be a successful CEO? • The difference between a leader and a manager • How to set the vision, mission, objectives & goals. • Management Functions ( planning, organizing, directing & controlling) • Basics of Time 7 Stress Management • Setting the Strategies ( Competitive Strategy) • Organizational Chart • Decision making. • Creative problem solving & Risk takers. • Recruitment & Motivation. • Ethics. • Economies of Scale. • Business Life (giving them examples from real life) • How to cope with the surrounding environment? And how to face problems and find the most suitable solution? • The company strength & weakness. • Departments: o Marketing o Logistics o Finance (Chief financial officer) o Human Resources o IT data base management, using the outlook….. o Sales • Soft skills: o Leader ship skills1
  6. 6. o Time Management o Presentation skills o Communication skills o Guide for life o 7 Habits for most effective people o Research & Self Learning skills * In addition to some Guest Speakers from Zedny Group for Human Development that teach Soft Skills that would help any one to be successful not only in his work, but also in his daily life. Concerning the conference idea, before the conference begin with 2 sessions, we will divide the groups & give them the topics in order to give them enough time to accomplish their work , to give them the opportunity to search the net, ask people, make research….etc, so the First day of conference will be the presentation of the project that they will work, so Second and third day of the conference will include working on the final project and the fourth day will be the final presentation. I think that Zedny Group would enter as a sponsor that would help us in the soft skills sessions and will provide us with some important materials that would help us and with the guest speakers. I see Comet2008 full of success, new ideas, and creativity. And I hope it will help all delegates and councils to reach their goals and I hope they would get all the knowledge & skills that will help them in their life. Thank you for taking the time to read my plan1