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Unconventional Tourist - Nepal: A Tourist's Manual
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Unconventional Tourist - Nepal: A Tourist's Manual


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Our eBook, Nepal: A Tourist’s Manual, is packed with tips and tricks to dealing with your time here in Nepal. | Tourist Ebook for Nepal

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  • 1. Unconventional Tourist Nepal: A Tourist’s Manual
  • 2. Introduction  Unconventional Tourist's book Nepal: A Tourist's Manual depicts information about unconventional tourism in Nepal like how to avoid culture shock and how to get by everyday situation travelers face in Nepal.  Nepal: A Tourist's Manual would more aptly be entitled 'Nepal: A Survival Guide for Tourists.' It reads more like a letter from a friend than a 'manual.' The 21st century is coming full steam to Nepal so things can change very quickly. A quick web search will demonstrate how outdated many posts are for Nepal. But just the idea that someone could write a good tip after only being here for a couple of weeks is almost laughable. Of course most of the tourists' experiences are interesting and informative, but much of it is quite outdated.
  • 3. Objectives       Travelling tips Understanding & Appreciating Cultural Differences What to do When Problem Crops up’s. Things to do: Night Life and Other Activities Lodging, Trekking, Hiking and Adventure Sports Any Many More
  • 4. Advantage       Safe Traveling Dealing with the Nepali People Saving the money while traveling Choosing the best path to visit in the Country. Volunteer Opportunities and How to Make Them Count To know about Life in Nepal
  • 5. Tourist Destination in Nepal Kathmandu Valley  Pokhara Valley  Trekking in the Himalayas  Sauraha  Lumbini birth place of Buddha 
  • 6. Adventurous Sports Bungy Jump  Swing  Canoeing  Kayaking  Rafting  Paragliding  Zeppelin  Mountain Biking  Skydive above from the Mt. Everest 
  • 7. About Author Amanda Summers, the author, native to San Francisco, lives in the Kathmandu Valley and has a fascination with the differences Westerners find here.  Her blog and website are valuable resources for free information  Contact  ◦ ◦
  • 8. In Summary  Life in Nepal can be very difficult for tourists who are either on a budget or who do not have a long time to stay in this country. While many travelers will pick up one or two travel books, Nepal: A Tourist’s ManualeBook is a timely addition