Tips for last week of cat preparation


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  • Tips for last week of cat preparation
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Tips for last week of cat preparation

  1. 1. Tips for Last Week of CAT Preparation The Common Admission Test or CAT, being one of the toughest tests to crack, is probably the most feared exam in our nation.CAT is now a computer-based online test which has 2 sections: 1). Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation 2). Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning For more info call us : +91-172-5020178 or mail us at: Register now @
  2. 2. FOCUS: => The aggressive time limit is what raises the overall difficulty level of the CAT exam. => Candidates are supposed to attempt the Quant and DI section first. => You therefore need to build up your knowledge on Quant and DI because: a). You have to meet the sectional cut off. b). You have to get a decent overall score c). You have to give a positive start to your test. For more info call us : +91-172-5020178 or mail us at: Register now @
  3. 3. ANALYSE: With only one week left for CAT, you ought to analyse : 1).Areas of perfection and weakness. 2).Speed and accuracy.Which are your areas of ease? 3).In which section are you more likely to score better? 4).What type of questions you are normally able to solve? 5).What are your weak areas? 6).Which questions are most unlikely to be solved by you? For more info call us : +91-172-5020178 or mail us at: Register now @
  4. 4. PLAN: =>CAT is all about managing time. You got to plan on how to manage time such that you don’t spend too much of time solving a question. =>This could be a major obstacle in clearing the sectional cut-off. By being well aware of your strong areas, you can devote time to each section accordingly and wisely. For more info call us : +91-172-5020178 or mail us at: Register now @
  5. 5. =>Take online mock tests This will help you simulate the computer based format of taking the test and help you to keep up with an on-screen timer. However, usually mock tests tend to more difficult than the actual exam, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find your performance up to your expectations. Just strive to do better each time than the previous one. =>Perform a quick scan before you attempt the test (not more than 2-5 mins) An example could be clicking on a question in verbal section to find the number of Reading Comprehension passages. For more info call us : +91-172-5020178 or mail us at: Register now @
  6. 6. => Be careful about clearing the sectional cut-offs: If you’re weak at Logical Reasoning, you can prepare and do well in Verbal Ability, to clear the sectional cut-off for the combined LR and Verbal section. => Concepts Remain the Same Don’t forget to solve and examine the previous year’s question papers. You are not likely to find any repeated questions but you might be able to get a fair idea of what the questions actually looks like and what is being tested. => Speed is vital You ought to increase your speed for both “reading”, “analyzing” and “solving” the questions. The faster you read and analyse a question, the quicker you solve it. For more info call us : +91-172-5020178 or mail us at: Register now @
  7. 7. For more info call us : +91-172-5020178 or mail us at: Find the Sitters Both the sections will have some very easy questions which are termed as ‘Sitters’. Try to locate such questions while scanning the paper initially. Watch out for Speed Bumps While you’ll have the sitters to help you, there are often many speed bump questions which could end up taking all of your time to get solved. Don’t ignore the OMR sheet Make sure you keep marking the bubbles in the OMR sheet periodically. Filling up the OMR sheet at the end could be a potential risk and might make you fill up the wrong answers. Register now @
  8. 8. For more info call us : +91-172-5020178 or mail us at: Quick Tip: The Elimination Rule: “Elimination Rule” is a much discussed rule during the CAT preparation:Sometimes, the options given in a question are such that you might not even need to solve it. You can simply eliminate any option through simple logic and common sense. This could potentially avoid any wastage of time. => Keeping the above mentioned points in mind will help you significantly. Remember that you can’t get back the time you have wasted until now. You only have to focus on how to utilize the available time in the best possible way. Source : Register now @
  9. 9. Still confused about CAT preparation ? Get yourself enrolled in the best online course for CAT under the guidance of highly qualified professionals. To learn more, visit : online-cat-exam-2013-preparation-by-arun-sharma Don't Miss !! For more info call us : +91-172-5020178 or mail us at: Register now @