Construction Chemicals - Product List Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt Ltd


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Sakshi Chem Sciences is a leading construction chemicals company which manufacturer foaming agent, shuttering Oils, curing compound etc.

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Construction Chemicals - Product List Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt Ltd

  1. 1. PROFILE Sakshi Chem Sciences is committed to quality, trust and customer sensitivity; delivering on promises with agility, financial prudence and in tune with the highest global standards. One of the reputed manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of the highest quality of Industrial chemicals for pre and post construction usage in the Construction Industry, Ready Mix Concrete industry, Road Projects and Industrial & Housing Projects across the Indian Subcontinent, we, “Sakshi Chem Sciences”, were established in the year 2004 at Nagpur, (Maharashtra, India). Our product range comprises Industrial Floor Hardener, Addage Mould Release Dso, Micro Concrete Membranes, Texture Plasters, Wall Putty, Grouts, Tile Adhesive, Infrastructure evelopment Products, Mould Release Agent, Addage Grout 22, Curing Compound, Repair Rehabilitation, Admixture, Plasticizers, Waterproofing Chemicals, Water Repellents and Curing Compounds. Our chemicals are formulated at our highly modernized fabrication facility, where we use the latest chemical processing equipment, to facilitate large scale formulation of our extensive assortment of chemicals for industrial usage. Shahapurji Palamji Construction Company, B.G.R Energy Pvt. Ltd., Abhijeet Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. and Nagarjuna Construction Company are some of the eminent names in our clientele. Genesis – Evolution & Growth: Since its christening in Month 2004; the organization has grown through its insistence on creating exactly the right products to fulfil the ever increasing needs of the Construction Industry, Ready Mix Concrete industry, Road Projects and Industrial & Housing Projects. It has been charged with a persistent aim for developing specific solutions, establishing key business partnerships, or acquiring a line of exceptional clientele and is now a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals in Central India. Sakshi Chem Sciences has played an astral role in developing several products of international standards that meet or exceed the requirements of customers by using advanced R&D Infrastructure and quality materials. It is committed to providing economical solutions and superior customer service worldwide. The company has a varied product portfolio in India, encompassing Admixtures, Water Proofing Chemicals (Wall & Putty), Curing Compound, Mould Release Agent, Grouts Floor Hardener, Waterproofing Compounds, Repair Re habilitation and Infrastructure Development Products. It has a long list of highly satisfied clientele, around Central India and abroad. The firm through its upward & lateral advancement positioned itself as a legendary name in Construction Industry. Our greatest asset is our rich pool of experience and expertise with a clear focus to deliver products in adherence / compliance to the industry norms and standards. We have a rich work force. Our team houses the best talent in the field; quick and adept to learn emerging trends, integrate with their existing knowledge pool and deliver high quality products to address the complexity of your ever-increasing requirements. Our field force employs best practices, including unmatched research infrastructure. The team is also tech-savvy to enable high degree of client servicing level and generate quality products. ensures to serve its clients extraordinarily well. The company is targeting to empower the field force with enhanced skills to produce World Class products that enhance customers' satisfaction. We realize that the world is changing with an increasing demand for better career growth and opportunities.
  2. 2. FOAMING AGENT Protein based foaming agent for cellular lightweight concrete CLC Manufacturers of Foaming Chemical for Cellular light foam Concrete. We also provide hardener for CLC, Shuttering Oil / Mould Release Oil. We are the only manufacturer of protein based foaming agent concentrate with active enzyme components, used to make the light concrete or foam concrete. First it is to diluted in water and then foam is produced in a concrete foam generator with compressed air. Foam produced has very fine and stable high quality foam. Stability and density depend on dilution & settings of the foam generator. Our protein based foaming agent gives high stability of the foam, successfully with standing the conditions when mixing, conveying (pump- able), pouring, casting and during the setting and hydration process. The foam causes no chemical reaction in the concrete but it acts as a binding for the air entrapped. Applications: for foamed concrete blocks, panels, slabs, void filling, thermal insulation etc production. Various foam concrete density can be produced (250-1400 kg/m3) Specifications: Particulars Addage CLC FA Appearance Brown Liquid Sp. Gravity 1.15 – 1.20 ph at 20 C 6.5 – 7.5 Foaming Agent (Dry Density 750 kg/m3) a.1.25 ltr (diluted in 40 parts of water) b.Dilution ratio vary 1:30 to 40. Usage of foaming agent varies from 1 - 1.5 ltr, diluted in 25 - 40 parts of water due to environmental conditions i.e. water, temperature, wind flow, etc.
  3. 3. POLYCARBOXYLATE ETHER (PCE) We are the only manufacturer of polycarboxylate ether in India. These are the new generation Polycarboxylate Ether Superplasticizers. High early strength, high range water reducing/ super plasticizer admixture for precast concrete Addage Plast PCE 811 is an admixture of a new generation based on polycarboxylate ether polymer. Uses: Addage Plast PCE 811 is suitable for making precast concrete products with Rheoplastic or Super workable concrete having very good consistency, no segregation, a low water to cement ratio and, consequently high early and long term strengths. SCC (self compacting concrete) is the best example for PCE 811. Addage Plast PCE 811 helps in manufacturing concrete, capable of self-compaction, even if very dense reinforcement without any vibration, for making precast elements. Improves surface finish gives durable precast concrete products. Increased of all engineering properties compared to traditional concrete admixture such as early and ultimate compressive and flexural strengths, reduced shrinkage and low permeability. This hyper plasticizer is slump retaining, high performance concrete admixture give high strength concrete based on poly carboxylic acid ether. This also shrinkage reducing admixture (SRA), early strength admixture. This is available in powder and liquid. ASTM C494 Types F, EN 934-2 T3.1/3.2, IS 9103: 1999
  4. 4. SULFONATED MELAMINE FORMALDEHYDE (SMF) We are manufacturer of liquid and powder Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde condensate. This is high range of water reducer, super- plasticizer for concrete. Also this is high strength admixture, high performance concrete admixture, early setting and hardening concrete admixture. SMF reduces the water and gives very high early strength. Precast Paver blocks, tiles, pipes, bricks and poles Powder SMF is used in drymix mortars, tile adhesive and grouts.
  5. 5. CURING COMPOUND Wax Emulsion Based Liquid Curing Compound for Concrete Addage curing compound is wax based emulsion for retaining water in concrete for effective hydration on cement. The presence of water is essential to ensure the strength development in concrete. The Addage curing compound membrane, film, coating prevent concrete from premature drying out. So the finished concrete has a harder, dust free surface less drying shrinkage and crazing(hair cracks). It can be applied by brush or spray. Its conforms with ASTM-C-309, ASTM-C-1315, ASTM-C-156 and is available white and transparent color. Also available in resin based Aluminum.
  6. 6. SHUTTERING OIL / MOULD RELEASE OIL / FORM OIL Addage mould release agent provides quick, clean and easy stripping of form, mould and shutter. And ensures high qualities fair faced and stain free concrete. Our product works on wood, aluminum formwork (mivan type), steel, plywood, plastics, frp, etc. A variety of mould oils is available which cover the majority of applications and ensures maximum user satisfaction. 1. Addage Deshuttering oil (DSO): Water dilutable shuttering agent or mould release agent. Diluting ratio is 1:3 to 1:5. 2. Addage Deshuttering oil emulsion (DSOE): This is ready to use form or shutter oil. No Water dilution required. 3. Addage De shuttering oil concentrate (DSOC): Water dilutable shuttering oil or mold release agent. This can be diluted to 1:5. 4. Addage mould release Agent (MRA CP): This ready to use mould release agent for concrete products like, Pipes, poles, sleepers etc. 5. Addage mould release agent (MRA RM): There are two types of rubber mould release agent: • Silicone based • Silicone emulsion Silicone type of mould release chemicals will not damage the rubber moulds. This can be used in Door frames, paver blocks, and rubber molded concrete products. 6. Addage mould release agent (MRA ALU): This is used for mivan aluminium shuttering or Aluminium formwork systems. 7. Addage mould release agent (MRA MC): This is used as mould release for brick and concrete block machines. 8. Addage mould release agent (MRACLC): This is used as mould release for CLC blocks & bricks.
  7. 7. LACQUER ADDAGE Conlac Concrete Shiner / Concrete Lacquer / Concrete Polish / Concrete Coating • ADDAGE Conlac is an acrylic polymer solvent based coating. • ADDAGE Conlac is clear lacquer gives glossy finish and good scratch resistance. • Gives good abrasion resistance and increased durability of costly stone. • Gives good transparent coating. • Used on designer tiles, tile, decorative stones, paver tiles. • Water based concrete lacquer is also available.
  8. 8. ADMIXTURE FOR CONCRETE / PRECAST Addage plast ap-30b is a plasticizer for pumpable concrete on sulphonatednaphthalene base. Used in general purpose ready mix concrete. Features: • Water reducing admixture for concrete. • Produces durable, dense and workable concrete. • Helps in reducing cement content for a required strength. • Achieves early strength. • Improves workability and lowers permeability. • Reduces water cement ratio up to 15% • Good workability retention • Gives moderate retardation in concrete. • Produces pumpable concrete Standards: Is:9103-1999 and astm-c-494-86, type a & d. Product Code: AP-30B
  9. 9. GROUTS Our company is counted among some of the most prominent names in the industry engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Addage Grout. The grout offered by us is highly acclaimed by the clients for better and effective grouting purposes for the roofs. Our range is processed using fine quality chemicals and chemical compounds that make them perfect for varied applications. Features: • Effective results. • Optimum quality. • Standard composition
  10. 10. TILE FIXING SOLUTIONS ADDAGE Tile Adhesives Manufacturer and exporter of Tile Fixing Adhesives, White Tile Adhesives, Heavy Duty Tile Adhesives, Tile Grout (color). Backed by an experienced team of professionals, we have been able to serve our valued clients with an extensive range tile fixing products. ADDAGE Tile Adhesives ( Tile on Tile ) • Ready to use, needs only mixing with water. • Excellent adhesion, low shrinkage. • Suitable for indoor and outdoor floor tile on tile application. • Sufficiently flexible to accommodate physical & thermal movements. • Needs no curing, need no hacking, or mechanical key on the surfaces. • Floors can be used after 24 hours. • Soaking of tiles & backing of surface not required. • 50-60 Sq.Ft/20kg Bag at 3mm thickness. • 25-30 Sq.Ft/20kg Bag at 6mm thickness. ADDAGE Heavy Duty Tile Adhesives • Ready to use, suitable for indoor and outdoor vertical wall and floor application. • Excellent adhesion, low shrinkage. • Suitable for vitrified tiles and non porous tiles and stones. • Needs no curing. ADDAGE White Tile Adhesives • Ready to use, suitable for indoor and outdoor vertical wall and floor application • Suitable for vitrified tiles, marble, glass mosaic and other light scattering tiles. • Excellent adhesion, white in color and low shrinkage. • Needs no curing. ADDAGE Tile Grout Cement based tile Joint filler suitable for ceramic tile, vitrified tiles, marbles, granite, mosaics in walls and floors for both indoor and outdoor application. It can be used upto 6mm gap. Different colors available for Addage tile grout/tile grout sealer.
  11. 11. SEALANTS With a team of highly qualified professionals, we manufacture, supply and export a superior quality range of Foaming Agents, which are applicable for transport boxes, rigid containers, multi layer tanks and insulated walls. Our products are available for rotational moulding process and these are manufactured using finest quality ingredients. Further, we offer them in numerous grades and specifications to the clients and these are available at client friendly prices. Features: • High reliability • Effectiveness • Long lasting
  12. 12. WATERPROOFING Waterproofing Materials Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Water Proofing Material, Waterproofing Chemical, Waterproofing Compound. Waterproofing Chemicals Our clients can also avail from us an exclusive range of Waterproofing Chemical. Our range of chemicals is highly appreciated by eth clients for their standard composition and varied applications. We have an experienced team of professionals, who have in-depth knowledge about the standard composition of these chemicals. Our clients can avail these chemicals in different grades that suits best with the demands and requirements of our valued clients. Features: • Varied applications. • Flawless results. • Reasonable rates. Waterproofing Compound Being into the business of manufacturing, exporting and supplying, we have been able to serve our valued clients with an extensive range of Waterproofing Compound. These compounds can be availed from us at reasonable rates for expansive applications. Without compromising in terms of quality, we have reasonably priced our range. Our team of quality testers has vast industrial knowledge that helps them to test these compounds on different parameters. Features: • Lab tested • Reasonable rates • Finely prepared
  13. 13. FLOOR HARDENER We are one of the manufacturers of industrial floor hardener. These industrial floor hardeners are uses for light and heavy duty flooring of industries, workshop and wares house. ADDAGE floor hardener is mix of selected abrasives, aggregates and cement. It gives very high impact and abrasive resistance. These are of metallic and non metallic floor hardeners. Surface of the flooring is become very hard.
  14. 14. MASONRY MORTAR ADDAGE Masonry Mortar is a very useful thin joint mortar for laying AAC blocks, CLC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks etc. The product gives very high bonding because of higher tensile adhesion strength. Cement concrete mortar is pre-mixed, ready and easy to use high quality mortar containing cement, graded sand and additives. ADDAGE Masonry Mortar is to be used at 3-5 mm thick over conventional jointing mortar of 12-18mm thick. Features: • Thin mortar with very high adhesion. • Pre-mixed and ready-to-use. Only water is to be mixed at site. • No water curing is required after application. • Its helps to speed up work. • Eco-friendly product. Applications: Joining of fly ash bricks, cement blocks, hollow blocks, CLC blocks, AAC blocks, cement window and door frames etc. Mortar Pre-Mix Repair Concrete Mortar Brick Mortar
  15. 15. CEMENT PLASTER ADDAGE Ready Plaster is a ready mix polymer modified cement plaster/ render. It can be used on inner and outer walls. It can be used on brick, block, stone walls and concrete surfaces. It gives an even surface on which tile fixing can be done very fast and easily. This plaster requires less curing and gives smooth surface. This plaster is water resistant and less chances of developing cracks.
  16. 16. WALL PUTTY / WALL FINISH ADDAGE Wall Putty White cement based wall putty gives very smooth finish surface for the paint. This is a water resistant surface skim coat to the cement plaster and inside/outside walls. ADDAGE wall putty does not gives any flaking. It can be applied on wet/dry surface. It does not required the any curing. Also it does not require any primer. This is a white powder and only water is added to make the paste. It is to be applied in two coats of total thickness 1.5mm. Due to ADDAGE wall putty consumption of the paint is also reduced. ADDAGE Coarse Wall Putty White cement based wall putty used to remove undulation in plaster and give build up to 6-10 mm. Build up of putty 3mm thick in each coat. After that ADDAGE wall putty is to be applied for smooth finishing. It also non curing plaster finish.
  17. 17. CONTACT US Contact Person: Mr. Sandip Agrawal Address: 2nd Floor, Vishal Furniture, Opposite Police Station, Sitabuldi Nagpur - 440 012 (Maharashtra - India) Phone: +91 – 712 – 6617716 Mobile: +91 – 94221 46423 Email: Website: