marja de jong -art teacher                                           and artist
1947 born in Rotterdam the Netherlands
exhibitions                                             group
solo                                                    Cosa...
                 clazien immink, schilder    immink, Geldrop
               (clazien immink, a painer     imm...
plans art education
In the many departments of the art centre Saksala            A. archiving and exhibiting the collectio...
The future needs we have to think about the way we educate our children and see th...
about my artistic work
                                As long as I remember drawing is a part of my life. As a child you ...
Creating a place where I can exist and where other artists and interested people can come
together and contact to share an...
work in collection of:
Aardse Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel NL     Elema Maren (Gr) NL                     Plomp Rijsoord/Ridderk...
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Cv Marja de Jong Artist and Art Teacher 2009


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Curriculum Marja de Jong art director art centre Saksala ArtRadius Finland

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Cv Marja de Jong Artist and Art Teacher 2009

  1. 1. marja de jong -art teacher and artist 1947 born in Rotterdam the Netherlands 1966-1969 kindergarten teacher Zwijndrecht 1969-2003 artist working in Zwijndrecht 1969-1972 art teacher Rotterdam 1970-2003 AllaprimA Art school for children and adults Zwijndrecht 1972-1975 academy of art Tilburg 1975-1997 art teacher teacher’s-training college Rotterdam 2003 founding art centre Saksala ArtRadius Haukivuori Finland 2003- artist working in Haukivuori 2004 start art education program Haukivuori address: Karhuntie 11 51600 Haukivuori Finland mobile +358 (0)50 4625 675 email
  2. 2. exhibitions group solo Cosa Delft Amro bank Zwijndrecht Artifort Maastricht Muziekmuseum Vlaardingen Bijenkorf Den Haag Sheraton Hotel Geldrop WTC Amsterdam Postiljon Motel Dordrecht Kultureel Sentrum Tilburg Hotel van Maaren Didam galerie De Nunnikhof Ridderkerk Keukenline Zwijndrecht teekengenootschap Pictura Dordrecht de Jong Intra Vakanties Ridderkerk gemeentehuis Norderstedt Germay de Leeuwenhorst Noordwijkerhout AllaprimA Museum Haukivuori Finland galerie Witt Dordrecht Riihisaari Savonlinna Finland galerie Casus Purmerend Museum Professional Education St Petersburg Russia galerie Serruys Rotterdam Leolux Eindhoven Ichthus Hogeschool Rotterdam burgerzaal gemeentehuis Zwijndrecht galerie van Rotterdam Ridderkerk Verkerk Installatietechniek Zwijndrecht Veerplaat Zwijndrecht AllaprimA gallery Zwijndrecht AllaprimA MuseuM – Saksala ArtRadius Haukivuori commissions Boszicht Didam Keukenline Zwijndrecht Straks Zwijndrecht Muller Zwijndrecht Mertens Oosterhout stichting gecombineerd Vrolijk Zwijndrecht de Jong Teteringen woningbeheer Zwijndrecht Verheij Leiden de Jong Tours Nissan-dealer de Waal Rijsoord/Ridderkerk Rijsoord/Ridderkerk Lavooij Rotterdam artist’s societies: member of Dutch artist’s societies member of Dutch artist’s societies BBK BBK Dutch Visual Artists Union Dutch Visual Artists Union Teekengenootschap Pictura Teekengenootschap Pictura Visual Artists Society Pictura Visual Artists Society Pictura
  3. 3. publications clazien immink, schilder immink, Geldrop (clazien immink, a painer immink Geldrop) in beeld brengen Dijkstra Zeist (making art Dijkstra Zeist) kijk, als je tekent zie je meer NOT Hilversum (look, if you draw you see more Dutch education broadcasting) misschien ben jij het wel gedichten Jan ‘t Lam illustraties Marja de Jong Leopold (maybe it is you poems Jan ‘t Lam illustrations Marja de Jong Leopold) informatie beelden zwijndrecht stichting vriendenkring Beeldenpark Drechtoevers Zwijndrecht (information sculptures zwijndrecht foundation circle of friends sculpture park Zwijndrecht) zwijndrecht een beeld van een stad gemeente Zwijndrecht (zwijndrecht a city with sculptures municipal of Zwijndrecht) kindertekeningen, een beeldverhaal stichting AllaprimA Zwijndrecht (children’s drawings, a story of images AllaprimA Foundation Zwijndrecht) uit de kunst Delubas Drunen (a way of art Delubas Drunen) exhibitions child art Tilburg NL 1975 art academy Rotterdam NL 1981 INSEA congress Gent-Belgium 1983 saint Peter’s abbey Zwijndrecht-NL 1984 town hall Rotterdam-NL 1995 Great or Saint Laurens Church Rotterdam-Dordrecht-NL 1996 Ichthus Hogeschool (InHolland) KUNSTHAL – ROTTERDAM – NL Eindhoven-NL 1997 Fontys Hogeschool Rotterdam-NL 2001 KUNSTHAL Braga-Portugal 2002 university da Minho Alkmaar-NL 2002 teacher training college (PABO) The Hague-NL 2003 Ministry of Economic Affairs Brielle- NL 2003 City Gallery Vledder-NL 2003 MUSEUMS VLEDDER Haukivuori-Finland 2005 AllaprimA MuseuM Haukivuori-Finland 2008 AllaprimA MuseuM UNIVERSITY BRAGA - PORTGAL
  4. 4. plans art education In the many departments of the art centre Saksala A. archiving and exhibiting the collection of children’s ArtRadius people can be found immersed in art, paintings and drawings (about 10 000 pieces) from the craftsmanship, art research and art education. AllaprimA Foundation In the department of art education the collection B. workshops for teachers to build up and develop their children’s painting of the AllaprimA Foundation skills in art education Holland will be used for: exhibitions, research, C. lectures for interested people to get information about workshops, lectures, courses, and all kind of child art promotion to support visual art in education. D. building a curriculum for art education in cooperation To create a centre for developing art education it with Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta and education needs: department of Mikkeli City 1. archive E. children’s forest for children to work together and to 2. museum create an own world of constructions 3. workplace/atelier F. children’s art LABYRINTH to (re)find the contact with nature, art and the mystery of fairy tales 4. meeting room 5. computer hard- and software G. children’s art courses and workshops to develop the 6. presentation equipments artistic skills of children 8.printing equipments H. children’s sculpture park to introduce art works to 9. library children 10. nature area I. art events with and for children in the field of theater, music, snow building and parades etc. art and art education projects for children With the start of art centre In 2005 start with exhibitions about CHILD ART in the AllaprimA MuseuM. Saksala ArtRadius it is possible to In 2005 start of the art education project FLY IN THE SKY. (art) Teachers and arrange different kind of children can paint and develop their skills in art and art education with the projects, art activities, contribution of Etelä-Savon and Suomen Kulttuurirahasto exhibitions, workshops, lectures, In 2006 start of the CHILDREN’S FOREST a place children can build their own symposiums in the field of constructions with the contribution of Arts Council Finland children’s culture and art In 2006 start of art workshops for primary and secondary schools, as a part of education. an international exchange of artists It is the intention to create a In 2007 and 2008 art education symposium NATURALLY ART. This project is in centre based on the expertise cooperation with Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta. of well-considered knowledge In 2007 start of OpeArtEdu a pilot project for teachers of primary and in art education. That will be a secondary schools to develop their professional skills in art education and to guarantee for an inviting and build up a curriculum for art education in cooperation with Etelä-Savon inspiring development of Taidetoimikunta and Mikkelin Kaupunki. CHILDREN AND ART. In 2009 planning of the CHILDREN’S ART LABYRINTH In 2009 start projects art in nature during seasons
  5. 5. A FUTERE WITHOUT ART IS AN EMPTY BOTTLE The future needs we have to think about the way we educate our children and see them as complete human beings. Educating by thinking about economic and technical value of new generations is too less and will never bring the expect results. Art has to be an integrated part in every one’s life and by art education a child can grow up completer than without it. Art education is not the decoration, but an essential ingredient for being human. Basically it is not possible to expect people take risks, behave responsible, are critical, can choose or are able to see what is going on in the world when they don’t have the content to be like that. To know about a fundamental way of working with and by art it is necessary to know about the artistic way of thinking, study the results of child art and build up and use good curriculums and methods.
  6. 6. about my artistic work As long as I remember drawing is a part of my life. As a child you never have the idea the way you exist is different and not like everybody’s life. It is like it is. In drawings and paintings I could be the one I was. It was always an exciting moment to see the material transform into something you want. Finger painting was not my way of thinking. I think already in the age of five I feel it was like an illusion. You have to do it because it should make you free. From what? It has nothing to do with visualizing. Except finger painting I liked all kinds of art work and I was and I am always curious to see what happens when you do something unexpected. How is the material reacting? In what way you get new ideas through it? My art teacher during my study in the teacher’s training college was very important for me. His enthusiasm and knowledge about art and art education inspire me until this day. Of course I go my own independent way in my artistic work, but the fundament was build up during these years. From the moment I start as a teacher art was an important issue of it. Working with children and see how it is possible to develop their talents gives me all the time a positive impulse. My artistic work is intensively related to the artistic work of children. Both are part of my way of 5 years old –finger painting- existing. Creating art by my self is the base of my life, it is what I am. Working with children, but also I does not like it at all with adults, belongs to it. My artistic way of working is to see what is already there and what can I do with it. The ideas are in the subject and I am able to see and to visualize them. The material I work with has its own quality and possibilities and together with my technique, my handwriting the paintings are created. During the work I have always the feeling to be on a journey without exactly knowing where I will arrive, the most exiting feeling. Mono print is one of my favorite techniques. I like the process and working in layers and mixing oil paint lustrum 2000 materials and see how the skin of the work get its special structure. Every time it gives new perspectives and ways. I have many ways to work in it and still the possibilities did not end. Oil paint I like because of its soft skin and the way you can work in transparent layers, but also with relief by thick paint. The colors of oil paint are warmer than the acryl colors. That makes you had to work different with both materials. After living my whole life in the same place in the Netherlands, where I had my own art school, I decided in 2002 to move to Finland and in 2003 I started an art centre in Haukivuori. It gives the same feelings as painting, starting on a blanco spot without knowing anything and tries to arrange your life in the same and new way.
  7. 7. Creating a place where I can exist and where other artists and interested people can come together and contact to share and have new experiences is just like a big art work, once you start you don’t where it ends. It gives new possibilities with every step you do. My art work will change, because of the situation, the way it will change is not clear, therefore it is too soon. In the way I am growing in the art centre is a promise for the time coming and the future will show it. In the mean time I continue with everything. acrylic Finnish light sunset – sunrise 2007 stipendiums – awards and honours 2005 2005 2007 2008 2009 Etelä-Savon Suomen Suomen Haukivuoren Etelä-Savon Kulttuurirahasto Kultuurirahasto Kulttuurirahasto Aluejohtokunta Kulttuurirahasto 3000€ 14000€ 28000€ 2000€ Haukivuori citizen 2008
  8. 8. work in collection of: Aardse Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel NL Elema Maren (Gr) NL Plomp Rijsoord/Ridderkerk NL Aarsen Bleiswijk NL ESA KY Mikkeli FI van Pelt Houten NL Baan Rotterdam NL Glaubitz Rotterdam NL Pearlman Johnson VT USA de Back Capelle a/d Ijssel NL de Graaff Rijsoord/Ridderkerk NL Pluimert Zwijndrecht Bazen Nieuwerkerk a/d Ijssel NL Guggenheim Boston MA USA Quaker Oats Zwijndrecht NL Immink Rotterdam NL Rasila Tuusula FI Ikävalko Nykälä FI van Rotterdam Ridderkerk NL Iso-Mustajärvi Savitaipale FI van Setten den Haag NL Jiskoot Zwijndrecht NL van Seventer Zwijndrecht NL de Jong Tours Ridderkerk NL Victoria Dordrecht NL de Jong Rijsoord/Ridderkerk NL Saloviin Haukivuori FI de Jong Intra Vakanties Ridderkerk NL Sherman Boston MA USA de Jong Teteringen NL Stolk Vlaardingen NL de Jong Zwijndrecht NL Tims Barendrecht NL de Jong Rotterdam NL Verheij Leiden NL de Jong Tilburg NL Vermeulen Dordrecht NL Katajarinna Helsinki FI Verweij Zwijndrecht NL Kärki Mikkeli FI Villerius Rotterdam NL Keukenline Zwijndrecht NL Villerius Gouda NL Krommenhoek Rotterdam NL Vuorenmaa Helsinki FI Kuijper Zwijndrecht NL Ylä-aste Haukivuori FI Lampe Amsterdam NL v.d. Zouwen Zwolle NL Benner Barendrecht NL de Lange Dordrecht NL Berndt Haukivuori NL Macy Peterborough NH USA Bomar Dordrecht NL v.d. Meiden Molenaarsgraaf NL Booij Tilburg NL Mertens Venlo-Blerick NL Bosch Zwijndrecht NL Moilanen Haukivuori FI Brouwers Amsterdam NL Moisander Savonlinna FI de Bruin Ridderkerk NL de Mulder Nijmegen NL de Bruin Rotterdam NL Murphy Provincetown MA USA Burggraaf Rotterdam NL Nettel Dordrecht NL Cordes Amsterdam NL Niemeijer Zwijndrecht NL Delubas Drunen NL van Olphen Lelystad NL Dijkstra Zeist NL Osuuspankki Haukivuori FI van Dongen Zwijndrecht NL van Dongen H.I. Ambacht NL