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Abt icici bank

  1. 1. About ICICI bank:-Services/Facilities:-  Personal banking  Privilege banking  Wealth banking  Private .banking  NRI banking  Corporate banking  Business bankingPrivilege BankingWe understand that customers like you deserve special attention. Privilege Banking products and services aredesigned to meet all banking and financial needs of select customers like you. As our valued Privilege Bankingcustomer, you enjoy Dedicated Service Area, Priority Service and Special Privileges making your bankingexperience truly special.  Dedicated Service Area: - For a faster and differentiated banking experience, we have Privilege Banking Dedicated Service Areas at ICICI Bank branches across India. Preferred recognition at Enquiry desks and at DQM machines ensure you enjoy faster access to our expert Privilege Bankers for all your banking needs from deposits, loans, cards to investments and insurance  Priority Service: -As a Privilege Banking customer, all requests and applications made by you are processed on priority. Faster access to Privilege Bankers at our branches and Customer Care makes banking effortless for you. Preferential Access - Reduction in your waiting time Enjoy priority service at our branches and at Customer Care Over the Counter Servicing (OTC) - Prompt resolutions A range of service requests are processed over the counter. Priority Processing - Fast-tracked through dedicated teams all account opening requests and loan/credit card applications processed on priority. Priority Updates - Be updated even while on the move Updates through SMS on the status of your service requests.  Special Privileges  BUSINESS BANKING 1) CURRENT ACCOUNT & SERVICES Your business has unique requirements. At ICICI Bank, you will find the ideal bank account that takes care of all your cash flow and banking needs. Whether your business is local or national, starting up or scaling up, ICICI Banks business services and banking facilities keep you on top of your business, round the clock, all the time. Roaming Current Account Get the most powerful current account working for your business? ......................................................... Prepaid Current Account Bank free all year with a nominal one time charge. ......................................................... Made2Order Account Tailor your account with only the services relevant to your business. ......................................................... Elite Current Account Enjoy unlimited usage at any branch.
  2. 2. ......................................................... Cluster Current A/c A product customized to specific business segments. ......................................................... Trade Roaming Current Account Heres the perfect account for your domestic and international banking needs. ......................................................... Collections Benefit from speedy and hassle-free collections. Free your finance personnel to focus on moreimportant tasks ........................................................ Payments Increase efficiency and enhance relationships with vendors, suppliers and investors. ......................................................... Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Account Hedge exchange rate fluctuations with this zero balance account. 2) BUSINESS LOANSFor a small or medium business, timely finance is the key to making the most of business opportunities. At ICICIBank we understand. We have a host of innovative loan and overdraft products that can make all the differenceto your bottom-line.Product VariantsManaging finance is arguably the most important component of any business...Our business banking loan segment offers you a host of innovativeproducts and flexible services which are customised to meet yourevolving financial needs through our wide branch network.a) Secured LoansFEATURESFacilities offered : Cash Credit / Overdraft for meeting working capital finance requirement. Export Credit to provide Pre-Shipment & Post Shipment finance . Letter of Credit to facilitate trade. Bank Guarantees for meeting performance and financial obligations. Term Loan for purchase of commercial assets & business expansion needs.Lending Exposure:Upto Rs 50.0 million for working capital and capital expenditure needsAcceptable collaterals:Residential/Commercial/Industrial property, liquid securitiesEligible entities:Sole Proprietorship Firm, PartnershipFirms, Private limited Companies,Public limited Companies
  3. 3. Pre-requisites :Minimum one year business operation & audited financial.*and such other pre-requisites as may be desired by the bankBENEFITSLow collateral requirement-Lending available upto 3 times of the value of the collateralFast processing -De-centralised operations for fast processing and quick availability ofloansConvenient Documentation -Convenient documentation process to offer ease and flexibilityAttractive Pricing -Low interest rates and commission chargesPriority sector clients -Attractive pricing offered for customers under priority sector lending.Fast and Easy renewals -Hassle free renewals with less documentationDedicated and exclusive relationship managers -Dedicated relationship managers to provide complete financial solutionsEasy Accessibility -Leverage on our anywhere banking services through 2500 plus branch networkCHARGES APPLICABLEProcessing Fees -Loan processing fees shall be charged based on loan sanctioned amountInterest -Pricing shall be linked to ICICI Banks Base rate* for fund based facilityCommission -Shall be charged on pro rata basis based on the tenure and the amount of non-fund based facility being availed*ICICI Bank Base rate at present is 9.50%p.a .The same is subject to change from time to time .b) Business Loans Backed by CGTMSEThis is a facility specially designed under the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises(CGTMSE) scheme of SIDBI and Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises.FEATURESFacilities offered Cash Credit for meeting working capital finance requirement Letter of Credit to facilitate trade. Bank Guarantees for performance and financial obligations Term Loan for purchase of commercial assets & business expansion needs
  4. 4. Lending Exposure:Upto Rs 10 million for meeting working capital and capital expenditure needsEligible entities:Sole Proprietorship Firms,Partnership Firms,Private limited Companies,Public limited CompaniesEligible business segment:ManufacturersPre- requisites*: Audited financial statements of past two years . Existing Track record of loans Investment in Plant & Machinery to be less than Rs. 50 million*and such other pre-requisites as may be desired by the bankBENEFITS1. Collateral free loan -No collateral is taken providing ease to customers.2. Fast processing -De-centralised operations and simple documentation enabling fastturnaround time.3. Convenient Documentation -Convenient documentation process to offer ease and flexibility4. Hassle -free loan -No third party guarantee required5. Attractive Pricing -Low interest rates and commission charges .6. Wide reach -Loan can be availed at any of our 2500 plus branch network7. Multiple banking possible -Multiple banking facility can be availed by offering Pari passu charge oncurrent assetsDOCUMENTATIONFinancial Documents-2 years audited financial statements along with Income Tax Returns of the entity and the promoters-Sanction letter of all existing bank loans-Last 6 months bank statement of the entity-Declarations for investment in plant & machinery .KYC documents-Identity proof and address proof of the promoters-Constitution documents and address proof of the entityCHARGES APPLICABLE
  5. 5. Processing Fees -Loan processing fees shall be charged based on loan amount sanctioned. Apart from the same CGTMSE chargesguarantee fees of 1.50% of the sanction amount and annual service charges of 0.75% payable every year .Interest -Pricing shall be linked to ICICI banks base rate* for fund based facility-Commission -Shall be charged on pro rata basis based on the tenure and the amount of the non fund based facility being availed*ICICI Bank Base rate at present is 9.50%p.a .The same is subject to change from time to time ........................................................Vendor / Dealer FinanceGet on-time and affordable finance to ease your cash flow needs...ICICI Banks Vendor / Dealer Finance solves your cash flow needs and ensures smooth running anddevelopment of your business. You get funds conveniently, on time and at a reasonable cost.ICICI Bank offers Bill Discounting services to vendors of large Indian corporates, including priority sectorcompanies. Once the company accepts the bills drawn by you, they may be discounted by us. Discounting rate islinked to the tenor based IBR. Limit is outside the banking arrangement of the Corporate, and recourse is to you.In case the corporate is not willing to accept a bill of exchange, you can also opt for our Invoice Discountingfacility.Vendor Bill Discounting :-Vendor Bill Discounting is the solution for your working capital requirements. If youare a vendor with a turnover of Rs. 2 crore, ICICI Banks Vendor Bill Discounting can solve your business cashflow needs. This helps you meet your working capital needs, and allows you to access funds at competitiveinterest rates.The ICICI Bank Edge Minimum paperwork Competitive rates of interest Quick transaction deliveryICICI Banks Dealer Financing:-ICICI Banks Dealer Financing schemes are available to selected dealers oflarge corporates. You can avail short-term unsecured finance to procure goods from corporates. These may be
  6. 6. on a non-recourse basis or in some cases, corporate recourse by way of First Loss Deficiency Guarantee. Thecorporate provides non-financial comforts like Stop Supply Letter, Assistance in Recovery & Resale. Allpayments due to you must be routed through our accounts.Dealer financing may be in the form of Bill Discounting or an Overdraft facility. Term facility is available forpurchase of assets................................................. 3) Trade ServicesICICI Bank provides you vital services to help you focus on your business and compete in global markets. Ourtrade services strengthen your business relationships by ensuring reliability and speed in your businessdocumentation and payments. Our credit facilities smoothen your cash flows.Letter of CreditObtain accurate and on-time payments from your buyers.With ICICI Banks Letter of Credit, you can be assured of timely and correct payments from your buyers. Now,interact with ease even with companies with whom you have had limited experience or are unsure of their credithistory. ICICI Bank offers inland and foreign LCs of two types Sight LC and Usance LC. Sight LC commandsimmediate payment on presentation of the necessary documents.In case of a Usance LC, payment is set for a specified future date only after acceptance of presented documents.The ICICI Bank Edge Sanctioned and issued quickly Competitively priced Usance period of up to 180 days Assessment based on a parameterised model. ICICI Bank LCs can also be availed against 100% cash margin in the form of Fixed Deposits ICICI Bank LCs are available against 25%-35% cash margin and 100% collateral security in the form of residential property or liquid securities. ICICI Bank holds first charge on current assets..........................................................
  7. 7. Bank GuaranteeAvail bank guarantee in INR as well as foreign currency.ICICI Banks Bank Guarantees are available to you against minimal requirements and in the shortest possibletime. ICICI Banks Bank Guarantees are also available in foreign currency for approved purposes as definedunder FEMA. The ICICI Bank Edge Maximum tenor of guarantee 18 months Valid for a maximum of 10 years Competitively priced ICICI Bank also issues Bank Guarantees against 25% cash margin and 100% collateral security in the form of residential property or liquid securities. Bank guarantees in foreign currency are available against credit limits or 100% cash margin..... ..................................................Export Bill NegotiationObtain quick short-term finance for your business.With ICICI Banks Export Bill Negotiation facility, you can obtain short-term finance for your business, easily andin a hassle-free manner. Receive payment as soon as your goods have been shipped simply on the basis of yourtrade transaction documents. ICICI Banks Export Bill Negotiation is ideal for your business if you do not haveregular capital limits with the bank.The ICICI Bank Edge Competitively priced Quick turnaround time Negotiation under LC, much simpler than availing regular working capital limits from a bank Maximum tenor of 180 daysKey Facilities Purchase of your Sight Bill of Exchange and discounting of your Usance Bill of Exchange Negotiation of your export bills drawn under Letter of Credit, subject to the documents being strictly in accordance with LC conditions
  8. 8. In case of discrepancies in documents, we can negotiate under reserve by sending the documents to the LC issuing bank for approval and payment Arranging forfaiting of your export bills drawn under LC at very competitive rates, without recourse to you...... .................................................Bullion Consignment BusinessGet the Gold delivered at your desk at best rate...India is the worlds largest consumer of gold in jewelery as investment. Indian gold demand is firmly embeddedin cultural and religious traditions. Over the past five years, Diwali and Akshaya Thrithiya has become a majorgold-buying occasions in India. Gold also plays an important role in the marriage ceremony, where brides areoften adorned from head to toe in gold jewellery. With an estimated 10 million marriages a year taking place inIndia, wedding-related demand is big business.The Reserve Bank of India authorized ICICI Bank Limited to import gold / silver / platinum. ICICI Bank is cateringonly to domestic consumers of bullion by selling gold and silver on an outright basis. ICICI Bank Limitedcommenced bullion business by way of import of bullion on consignment basis from May 2002. Currently, ICICIBank carries on the business of sale of bullion at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai,Coimbatore, Jaipur, Agra, Luck now, Noida and Kanpur just to name a few. As of todays date ICICI Banksupplies bullion at 28 Locations on Pan India basis.The ICICI Bank Edge Account Funding by means of Cash, Cheque/ DD at any Branch across India Desk timing is 9.00 AM to 11.00 PM The Pricing Margin presently is 5% for booking spot deals For unfix delivery client has to fund 108.5% of the gold value to take delivery. Unfix deals has to be fixed within 11 calendar days Same day Deliveries will happen only for those deals whose delivery orders are received by 7.45 pm at the Desk................. .....................................
  9. 9. Import FinanceGet the best priced solutions for your import business..With ICICI Banks Import Finance services, we offer structured and customised solutions to suit the specificneeds of the import segment. Our Import Finance services are backed by our expertise and experience ininternational finance and cross-border transactions.The ICICI Bank Edge Arrangement of short-term credit buyers credit and suppliers credit Provision of cheaper financing of imports through LIBOR related interest rates Negotiation for better rates with overseas banks Issuance of bank guarantees Advance payment for imports Booking of forward contracts Co-acceptances........................................................Escrow AccountBe assured of secure and convenient escrow services with ICICI Bank.At ICICI Bank, we provide escrow services for cash and demat transactions. The Escrow services are offered tomeet diverse requirements of clients that include the following: Project financing and Loan repayments Sale purchase transactions Share Buyback and Mergers and Acquisitions Revenue and Profit sharing transactions Demat Escrows.
  10. 10. Benefits Provides safe and secured mode of routing cash flows Transactions can be customised to suit requirements of parties Open and operate multiple accounts for deals with waterfall mechanism Dedicated Escrow team to facilitate smooth operations Simplified documentation Online tracking of your escrow account..........................................................Export FinanceObtain pre and post shipment credit for your export business...Avail ICICI Banks Export Finance services to facilitate cash flow in your business. Our Export Finance isavailable in both Indian rupees and foreign currency, tailor-made to support your export requirements. ICICIBanks Export Finance services include both pre-shipment and post-shipment credit. Obtain pre-shipment financein the form of Export Packing Credit to finance purchase or import of raw materials and processing and packingof goods for export. Our pre-shipment credit is based on actual trading cycles.Post-shipment credit financesexport sales receivables after you have shipped the goods until the export proceeds are realised. ICICI Bankoffers post-shipment credit in the form of Export Bill Negotiation.The ICICI Bank Edge Competitive rate of interest Negotiation, payment or acceptance of export documents under letter of credit Document scrutiny services to ensure compliance with LC terms and conditions Arranging forfaiting of your export bills drawn under LC at very competitive rates, without recourse to you............. ..........................................Forex ServicesICICI Bank’s client-centric treasury offers fully integrated services through state-of-the-art dealing rooms.ICICI Bank offers innovative FX services and products to its clients, based on its clients unique requirements bynot only incorporating the best practices followed globally but also by leveraging technology to deliver bespokesolutions and user- friendly experience.
  11. 11. About Global Market  Forex Desk:-At ICICI Bank, we offer our clients customised hedging and trading solutions, evaluating their business strategically across markets and time zones through dedicated forex Relationship Managers. FX – Cash, Tom, and Spot:-ICICI Bank offers immediate quotations for cash, tom, spot or forward rates depending upon your requirements. Cash rates are for delivery today, tom rates for tomorrow, spot rates (most commonly used) are settled two working days from the date of the deal. If you need to hedge your currency risk for a longer period, forward currency transactions can be arranged in advance. Forwards:-Forward Rate Agreement (FRA) is an agreement between two parties that gives one a guaranteed future rate of interest to cover a specified sum of money over a specified period of time. Alternatively, it gives one party a guaranteed future rate of interest on his investments over a specified period of time........................................................  Remittances Through FX Channels Getting the right rates at the right time is the key determiner of profitability in Forex transactions. ICICI Bank offers the advantage of seamless execution and market making through a range of channels for your remittance requirements, thus enhancing the clients decision-making capability.About Remittances through FX Channels..Branch:-Over 1500 branches are equipped to guide and offer you services for your remittance requirements. .......................................................
  12. 12. Collateralised Trading Serviceour services are offered both online and offline, through a variety of technological innovations, designed to offertransparency and convenience to end-users.It is a currency-trading platform, which enables clients to take leveraged positions in the forex market againstcash collaterals. ICICI Bank is currently offering this product to its private clients across IBG locations, becomingthe first Indian bank to offer such a product. Clients can trade online in 21 currency pairs. The positions of theclients are monitored continuously for mark-to-market on a real time basis, and if this breaches a predefinedlevel, then the system automatically squares off the client position to protect the client from further losses.Collateralised Trading Service is not offered to Indian residents, residents of Singapore and Singapore nationals.Presently, it is offered only to customers of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)..........................................................Treasury Researchthe customers are also provided with regular market updates, both quantitative as well as qualitative research ontopics related to macroeconomics and financial markets.About Treasury Research......Research-based methodologyThe customers are also provided with regular market updates, both quantitative as well as qualitative research ontopics related to macroeconomics and financial markets.The coverage varies across asset classes (currencies, rates of interest, commodities, and credit) andgeographies (developed and emerging market economies), with emphasis on the Indian economy and financialmarkets. The Bank has a comprehensive suite of research publications, enumerating analysis and views on theeconomies and various asset classes that are covered. Apart from reports, communication to clients and seniormanagement is also carried out on a regular basis to assist / support their risk management decisions............................. .......................Derivatives DeskAt ICICI Bank, our clients have the advantage of competitive pricing, one of the largest USD/INR options book inIndia and market making in rates of interest and currency derivatives in all G7 currencies.
  13. 13. Interest Rate SwapsWith the focus on providing complete interest rate risk management solutions, we offer a full suite of interest ratederivative products. In an interest rate swap, the underlying is the interest rate. It is an obligation for thecounterparties to pay or receive interest, either fixed or floating as per the agreed terms, on an agreed amount(notional) in the same currency............... ...........................................  Structured Products ICICI Bank has been a pioneer among Indian banks in offering structured products to corporates, institutions and private banking clients. Such structured products may be customized to offer a tailor- made exposure to a specific asset class, viz. interest rates, currency, equity, credit or a combination of any of the above. These products are available at our IBG Locations..Structured Products for CorporatesStructured products are normally offered to corporate clients in the form of swaps, where the clients can choosefrom an array of products to suit his needs. The interest rate linked products fall into one of the two categories -Asset side and Liability side. On the Asset side, the client has an asset that produces regular interest payments(floating or fixed). On the Liability side the client has a floating or fixed rate liability.Broadly, there are various kinds of structured products that a client may do based on his underlying requirementsand views about the asset class: 1. Cost reduction products 2. Yield enhancement 3. Hedging products
  14. 14.  A structured product can also be offered as a combination of any of the above categories Few examples of structured products are as follows: Range Accrual Swap (or, simply Range Accrual) - Yield enhancement-Client receives a coupon for each of all those number of days for which the underlying index (an interest rate, an exchange rate, etc.) stays in a pre-specified range. A typical structure of a Range Accrual Swap is as follows: Tenor:5years Client receives:(USD3mLIBOR+1.00%)xD/N where D = no. of days during the life of the swap for which USD 3m LIBOR stays within the range of 0.00% - 7.00% N=total no. of days in the life of the swap The structure pays an effective coupon of (USD 3m LIBOR + 1.00%) p.a. to the client for the number of days the "USD 3m LIBOR" remains within the range of 0.00% - 7.00%. The client is in effect enhancing his yield by taking a view on future "USD 3m LIBOR". Range Accrual - Cost Reduction & Hedging Tenor:5years Clientreceives:(USD3mLIBOR)xD/N where D = no. of days during the life of the swap for which USD 3m LIBOR stays within the range of 0.00% - 7.00% N = total no. of days in the life of the swap Client pays: 2.25%
  15. 15. Non-Callable Spot ref: 5y CMS (Constant Maturity Swap) = 3.19% This structure pays USD 3m LIBOR to the client for the number of days USD 3m LIBOR remains within 0.00% - 7.00%. The client is hedging as well as reducing the cost of his liability. If the client hedges his liability with an IRS he/she gets locked at a rate of 3.19% (the 5y CMS rate). With this structure the client gets locked at the rate of 2.25% by taking a view on "USD 3m LIBOR" that it will remain in the specified range. Flip-Flop Tenor:5years Client receives: USD3mLIBOR Client pays: USD3mLIBO-0.25% ICICI Bank has the right to flip the client pay leg to 2.40% on any of the coupon payment dates. After the flip the structure becomes Clientrec:USD3mLIBOR Client pays:2.40% Sported: 5yCMS-3.19% the first part of the structure acts as a cost reduction to the client as the client receives 0.25% carry. After the structure is flipped by ICICI Bank, the structure acts as a hedge for the clients liability at 2.40%. FX Linked Products: ICICI Bank also offers FX linked products to its offshore GMG clients who want to hedge their currency related exposures or trade on currencies based on their views. The common products offered by ICICI Bank include Range Accruals, Options etc. with currencies as underlying. Range Accrual Swap (with an exchange rate as the underlying index) Tenor:5yearsClientreceives:8.00%xD/ND = Number of days during the life of the swap for which USD|JPY = 95.00N = Total number of days in the life of the swap Client pays: USD 3m LIBORNon-callable
  16. 16. Short OptionClient sells AUD|JPY put option at 65.00Expiry of option: 2 yearsPremium: 2.00%........................................................  Precious Metals Business In Precious Metals Business, physical bullion is imported from International Bullion Supplier (IBS) on consignment basis and sold to local jewellers on spot basis.About Precious Metals BusinessBullion Consignment Business and Gold Loan BusinessICICI Bank is one of the Banks nominated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for import of gold and silver intothe country and is one of the largest importers of gold in India. In order to comprehensively meet clientrequirements in the wholesale/retail precious metal space, the Bank offers the following products: Gold Wholesale: Gold bars of purity 99.5% are sold on spot basis, across various active delivery centres in India. We deal from 9 AM till New York close. Our major strength lies in competitive pricing and cash acceptance facility across branches. Gold Loans:Physical gold is given as loan to eligible jewellery manufacturers for a maximum tenor of 180 days. The repayment is made in INR on maturity, based on the gold price fixed through the tenor of the loan. Gold Coins:Swiss made 24 Carat Pure Gold of 99.99% purity Assay Certification is sold in the denomination of 2.5, 5, 8, 20 & 50 grams in different shapes. We also offer 100 gram bars of 99.9% purity and 1 kg bars of 99.5% purity. The coins are available across all the branches with innovative designs and different motifs (Valentine Day heart-shaped Coins, Lakshmi and Ganesh Coins, etc.). Made to order coins are also offered to suit specific customer/corporate specific needs. Gold Forwards:ICICI Bank offers gold forwards (non-deliverable) to hedge existing exposure of bullion clients against adverse price movements. 4) ADVISORY SERVICESPrivate Equity PlacementICICI Banks Small Enterprises Groups (SEG) Investment Banking team is dedicated to provide you niche andexclusive investment banking services.The ICICI Bank Edge Capital Raising:-At times for a growing company, the amount of capital that a promoter can infuse in the business becomes limited. Businesses can be self-sufficient for capital needs in their nascent and initial growth phases. However to meet expansion and growth plans, external capital is imperative. We at ICICI Bank, with our lending experience, fully understand this and help clients raise equity to fund growth. We have
  17. 17. developed a strong network of domestic and international investors who are keen to partner with suchsuccess stories in India and these players solicit our advice for investing into such companies. .Buy And Sell Side Advisory:-Inorganically adding growth to a business or hiving off non-core activities oropportunity to realize right value for the business created or an instance of taking a company on a biggerscale are the ways to strategize today. We at ICICI Bank provide assistance on both buy side and sell sidetransaction. With a large client franchise built, more than 10,000 asset clients and international linkages indeveloped economies, ICICI Bank can bring in the best synergy partner to conclude a sell side or buy sideadvisory assignment.Special Situation Solutions:-Backed by institutional legacy, in-depth understanding and linkages with keystakeholders in the process of turnaround, ICICI Banks Investment Banking team can design solutions forspecial situations like CDR, BIFR, OTS, etc. Count on us to turn around the capital structure of your companyand bring in additional capital for growth.