Movable Type 事業戦略説明会(ProNet Meeting 2013.10.24)


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  • Good morning. Thank you for joining us, Movable Type Idea Exchange. My Name is Nob Seki, President & CEO of Six Apart, the owner of Movable Type. I started working for Movable Type in 2003, so it's been almost 10 years. Movable Type, or MT, started as a powerful blogging tool, but it's been transformed into a powerful content management system that powers thousands of websites worldwide.
  • Security is a big concern for all businesses. If your content is hacked, your business is heavily damaged.We are committed to fixing security bugs of our software. But Movable Type has an architecture to keep users from producing a security hole to their own system.You can assign only skillful engineers to access templates to keep away from harmful programs that can be overlooked by junior engineers, for example.
  • Movable Type 事業戦略説明会(ProNet Meeting 2013.10.24)

    1. 1. CMS Today, CMS Tomorrow… Presented by: Nobuhiro Seki President & CEO, Six Apart Owner of Movable Type Page 1
    2. 2. Content Today
    3. 3. CONTENT IS EVERYWHERE • Today, content is accessed from: -A person’s multiple devices -From many regions
    4. 4. ONLINE MARKETING TREND • Traditional advertising • Blogging/Social Media is the present -User-Generated Content -Leveraging Digital Channels • Owned media driving the future -Content Marketing TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING BLOGGING / SOCIAL MEDIA OWNED MEDIA
    5. 5. Content Tomorrow
    6. 6. CONTENT IS KING! • Content is getting more and more important! • Advertising is disruptive and interruptive • Content is “native” and engaging
    7. 7. MANAGE YOUR CONTENT BETTER • The content management world needs: -Better scalability -More stability -Increased security
    8. 8. BETTER SCALABILITY • One MT user hosts 56,000 blogs on only two servers • MT’s architecture provides users with the ability to handle large quantities of content • It also enables the seamless removal and updating of mass quantities of content
    9. 9. MORE STABILITY • Power of “Static Publishing” -MT can handle a sudden and large increase in traffic while continuing to operate smoothly and without fear of the site going down, running slow or even unavailable -Generated 11 million page views on a single day with only one MT installation 100 75 Other CMS – Dynamic Publishing 50 25 Movable Type – Static Publishing 0 1 MT is much more stable while heavy traffic is coming
    10. 10. INCREASED SECURITY • MT’s architecture can provide unique permission to each single user, including those who have: - Full access to the entire site including templates where executable codes can be embedded - Limited access to posts where only texts and other static assets can be stored, etc.
    11. 11. How MT has adapted to the changing landscape… Page 13
    12. 12. INTRODUCING THE NEW MOVABLE TYPE • Movable Type 6 becomes available today! - Beta Testing Since July 2013 • Cutting Edge Offerings - Software - Hosted Service - Support • Available Worldwide - Supporting 6 languages New MT Logo is also introduced!
    13. 13. ONE SIZE FITS ALL with New API • People have multiple devices: - PC - Smart phones - Tablets • Each device has a different user experience (UX) - E.g.) Paging vs Endless scrolling • MT adapts from one device to another: - Each device can access the same “content” but delivers it in a different presentation
    14. 14. MOVABLE TYPE IS COMMITTED TO COMMUNITY… • Co-Marketing/Collaboration • Community Incentives • MT Fund This new MT Logo stands for “sustainability”.
    15. 15. One more thing…
    16. 16. Thank you for listening. Enjoy the event!
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