Introducing Movable Type 5.1
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Introducing Movable Type 5.1



New features in Movable Type 5.1 and the future plan.

New features in Movable Type 5.1 and the future plan.



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  • An excellent movable type development crew!
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  • Movable Type v4.x was a big step forward and since then there wasn't any other version to come with so many improvements and new features as this release you've just launched.

    I must confess that though I many times think of new and valuable features, you've surprized me with some of the features you've integrated within the platform.

    Movable Type is definitely alive and growing!

    Thank you guys for making this possible and for keeping a developer like me so entertained.

    Before closing I would invite anybody to evaluate movable type online for absolutely no charge at:

    Happy Blogging,
    Mihai Bocsaru
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Introducing Movable Type 5.1 Introducing Movable Type 5.1 Presentation Transcript

  • Introducing version 5.1 and the future plan
  • Currently under development 5.1
  • The first beta will start on February 15th.
  • The goal
  • A successful website hasThousands of entriesand comments Hundreds of users and categoriesDozens of blogs
  • You need a solution toScale up your website withless effort andwith minimum resources
  • what’s new ?
  • The Listing FrameworkSort Categories ( Folders ) Multi blog improvementsIE8, Webkit ready
  • Drag & Drop to sortCategories and Folders
  • New in 5.1Drag & drop categories (folders)
  • Use “sort_by” attribute in MT tags• Sorted categories will be displayed by • mt:TopLevelCategories • mt:SubCategories • mt:CategoryNext • mt:CategoryPrevious New in 5.1 with sort_by=”user_custom”
  • Customize “Edit Entry” screen
  • New in 5.0 Display custom fields whenspecific categories are selected
  • New in 5.1Drag & drop to change the order of input fields ( including custom fields)
  • The Listing Framework
  • Before...Display Options in MT4.x and 5.0
  • New in 5.1Display almost any data with 5.1ID, number of comments, users, modified date, etc...
  • New in 5.1Before...
  • New in 5.1Display code hint for Custom Fields in the list
  • New in 5.1Click column to sort the list e.g. Sort entries by number of comments
  • New in 5.1Faster Ajax loading
  • New in 5.1“Select all” from multiple pages
  • Custom Filters
  • Before...Filters in MT4.x and 5.0
  • New in 5.1Filter by almost any column
  • New in 5.1 Join multiple filterse.g. Display entries with comments & updates within a week
  • Sort after filtering
  • Save as custom filters
  • New listing screens are available for• Entries, Pages• Comments, Trackbacks• Websites, blogs• Users, Permissions At almost any listing screen.
  • The Listing Framework for developers
  • Custom ObjectCreate a custom object by plugin
  • New in 5.1Define the custom list with config.yaml
  • Display options, filters and sort are automatically available with the custom object
  • Associate the custom object to entries
  • Display the custom object in a entry listing screen
  • Manage all contentsat the system level
  • MT5.0x Back in 5.1 MT5.1
  • Back in 5.1Manage comments for all blogs
  • Designing a portal with MTML Data mt:Entries Variable mt:SetVar Conditional mt:If, mt:Loop No executable code <?php $result = mysql_query(); ?>MTML is the powerful and secure template language
  • <mt:Entriesinclude_blogs=”children”> MT 5.0 website Blog 1 Blog 2 Blog 3
  • <mt:Entries include_blogs=”children” exclude_blogs=”2”> New in 5.1 website Blog 1 Blog 2 Blog 3
  • <mt:Entries include_blogs=”children”exclude_blogs=”2” category=”news”> website Blog 1 Blog 2 Blog 3
  • Secure permission/privilege control Designer AdminAuthor Author Author
  • Sharing template modules in a website New in 5.1<$mt:Include module="X" parent="1"$>e.g. Include the same header navigation module from children blogs
  • New in 5.1Better view of template structure
  • Back in 5.1Template editor syntax highlight On/Off
  • Supporting modern browsers Internet Explorer 8 Safari latest Firefox latest Chrome should work fine although it is not officially supported
  • MT is written inHTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery
  • All ImplementedCurrently under the testing phase
  • You can get the bleeding edge version of the code from GitHub !
  • % git clone cd movabletype% make me
  • Also nightly buildsare available at
  • The 5.1 Beta will start on February 15th. to be completed in 3 months
  • FutureRoadmap
  • Movable Type 5.2 The requirement phase will start from March 2011 Your feedback is always welcomed at • FogBugz : • Forum : • ML :
  • Current scope (TBD)
  • New default themes <html> 5 CSS 3
  • Spin off themes to GitHubAnybody can fork them to create their own theme
  • Better deployment for solution developers
  • End