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Black seed presentation


Black seed oil can be used as a healing remedy for almost every illness, it has no known side affects and has helped many people. The secret lies in its strengthening and rebalancing our all important …

Black seed oil can be used as a healing remedy for almost every illness, it has no known side affects and has helped many people. The secret lies in its strengthening and rebalancing our all important immune system which is our body's defense against illness.
Countless people take the blessed seed to make sure they do not fall down to the flu. Also with cancer on the increase, the ability of this alternative health remedy to clear tumours means that you are safeguarding that you will not get cancer.
<a>The Blessed Seed</a>

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  • 1. Health Tips For Good Health“Be careful about “The individual whoreading health says it is not possible should move out ofbooks. You may the way of those doingdie of a misprint.” it.”― Mark Twain ― Tricia Cunninghamwww.theblessedseed.com www.theblessedseed.com
  • 2. Health Tips with Recover Medicine“Keep your best “It is no measure ofwishes, close to your health to be wellheart and watch what adjusted to ahappens” profoundly sick― Tony DeLiso society.” ― Jiddu Krishnamurtiwww.theblessedseed.com www.theblessedseed.com
  • 3. Best Medicine For All Diseases“Never under any “Let food be thycircumstances take a medicine andsleeping pill and a medicine be thy food”laxative on the same ― Hippocratesnight.”― Dave Barry www.theblessedseed.comwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 4. How To Save From Diseases By Medicine“A fit, healthy body— “Healthy citizens arethat is the best fashion the greatest asset anystatement” country can have.”― Jess C. Scott ― Winston Churchillwww.theblessedseed.com www.theblessedseed.com
  • 5. Nice Quotes For Health“The purpose of “We are healthy onlygovernment is to to the extent that ourenable the people of a ideas are humane.”nation to live in safety ― Kurt Vonnegutand happiness.Government exists for www.theblessedseed.comthe interests of thegoverned, not for thegovernors.”― Thomas Jeffersonwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 6. Disease Bolding Quotes For Health“One rarely falls in “You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to belove without being as solved. But you wontmuch attracted to discover this until you arewhat is interestingly willing to stop banging yourwrong with someone head against the wall of shaming and caging andas what is objectively fearing yourself. (p. 84)”healthy.” ― Geneen Roth― Alain de Botton www.theblessedseed.comwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 7. Best Quotes For Health“Money cannot buy “I promise you nothinghealth, but Id settle is as chaotic as itfor a diamond-studded seems. Nothing iswheelchair.” worth your health.― Dorothy Parker Nothing is worthwww.theblessedseed.com poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.” ― Steve Maraboli www.theblessedseed.com
  • 8. Quotes About Health Saving Tips“A further sign of “If we are creatinghealth is that we dont ourselves all the time,become undone by then it is never toofear and trembling, but late to begin creatingwe take it as a the bodies we wantmessage that its time instead of the ones weto stop struggling and mistakenly assumelook directly at whats we are stuck with.”threatening us. ” ― Deepak Chopra― Pema Chödrön www.theblessedseed.comwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 9. Health Saving Tips With Medicine“Wine is the most “No one wakes up inhealthful and most the morning and says,hygienic of I want to gain 150beverages.” pounds and I will start― Louis Pasteur right now!” ― Tricia Cunninghamwww.theblessedseed.com www.theblessedseed.com
  • 10. Black Seed Oil is Medicine For All Diseases“Happiness is part of “Healing is impossible in loneliness; it is the oppositewho we are. Joy is the of loneliness. Conviviality isfeeling” healing. To be healed we― Tony DeLiso must come with all the otherwww.theblessedseed.com creatures to the feast of Creation. (pg.99, "The Body and the Earth")” ― Wendell Berry www.theblessedseed.com
  • 11. Universal Quotes For Health“When health is “Freedom from obsession is not about something youabsent, wisdom do; its about knowing whocannot reveal itself, you are. Its aboutart cannot manifest, recognizing what sustainsstrength cannot fight, you and what exhausts you. What you love and whatwealth becomes you think you love becauseuseless, and you believe you cant haveintelligence cannot be it. (p. 163)”applied.” ― Geneen Roth― Herophilus www.theblessedseed.comwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 12. Black Seed Oil Medicine For All Diseases“I am not my body. My “I always take Scotchbody is nothing whiskey at night as awithout me.” preventive of― Tom Stoppard toothache. I havewww.theblessedseed.com never had the toothache; and what is more, I never intend to have it.” ― Mark Twain www.theblessedseed.com
  • 13. Black Seed Oil Quotes For Health"Hold on to the use of “Love lets us ride onthe Black seed for its back as if it were aindeed it has a camel. But youve gotremedy for every to water it, or it wontdisease except grow into a healthydeath." rose bush. ”The holy prophet said ― Jarod Kintz1400 years ago. www.theblessedseed.comwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 14. Best Quotes About Health Tips“I could never kill “Eat healthily, sleepmyself. I approve of well, breathe deeply,suicide if you have move harmoniously.”horrible health. ― Jean-Pierre BarralOtherwise its theultimate hissy fit.” www.theblessedseed.com― John Waterswww.theblessedseed.com
  • 15. Beautiful Quotes About Health“Suffering usually “Respect your body.relates to wanting Eat well. Dancethings to be different forever.”from the way they ― Eliza Gaynorare.” Minden― Allan Lokoswww.theblessedseed.com www.theblessedseed.com
  • 16. Awesome Quotes For Health“We should resolve now “1 billion people in thethat the health of this nation world are chronicallyis a national concern; thatfinancial barriers in the way hungry. 1 billionof attaining health shall be people areremoved; that the health of overweight.”all its citizens deserves thehelp of all the nation.” ― Mark Bittman― Harry S. Truman www.theblessedseed.comwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 17. Black Seed Oil For Health“I dont understand why “True discipline isasking people to eat a well- really just self-balanced vegetarian diet isconsidered drastic, while it remembering; nois medically conservative to forcing or fighting iscut people open and put necessary.”them on cholesterollowering drugs for the rest ― Charles Eisensteinof their lives.”― Dean Ornish www.theblessedseed.comwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 18. Best Quotes For Health“It is easier to change “Usually, we believe that our pain is a misfortune thata mans religion than needs to be fixed, but into change his diet.” fact, all pain (physical,― Margaret Mead mental, and emotional) is awww.theblessedseed.com necessary step towards becoming conscious.” ― Eliza Mada Dalian www.theblessedseed.com
  • 19. Quotes For Health Saving Tips“Its a pretty amazing “To wish a healthyto wake up every man to die is the wishmorning, knowing that from a mind ofevery decision I make sickness. To wish anis to cause as little ailing man to die is theharm as possible. Its wish of the ambitious.”a pretty fantastic way ― Roman Payneto live.” www.theblessedseed.com― Colleen Patrick-Goudreauwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 20. Health is Wealth“May your heart “The First wealth isbe lighter today.” health.” ― Ralph Waldo― Harley King Emersonwww.theblessedseed.com www.theblessedseed.com
  • 21. Health Makes a Man Happy“Eating crappy food “It is important to keepisnt a reward -- its a in mind that ourpunishment.” bodies must work― Drew Carey pretty well, or therewww.theblessedseed.com wouldnt be so many humans on the planet.” ― Ina May Gaskin www.theblessedseed.com
  • 22. Health Saving Tips“the body is wiser than “Getting fit is all aboutits inhabitants. the mind over matter. Ibody is the soul. the dont mind, so itbody is god’s doesnt matter.”messenger.” ― Adam Hargreaves― Erica Jong www.theblessedseed.comwww.theblessedseed.com
  • 23. Inspiring Health Tips“Love, this is worse “I dont understandthan junk food ; where why asking people toyou must eat it three eat a well-balanced,times a day during vegetarian diet isfour months to screw considered drastic,up your health. Love, while it is medicallyit only takes a second conservative to cutto destroy you.” people open.”― Yannick Heywang ― Dean Ornish www.theblessedseed.com
  • 24. Health Concentrating Quotes“Even if your body “No disease that canisnt healthy, your soul be treated by dietovercomes that, it should be treated withdoesnt even care, it any other means.”worships anyway, its ― Maimonidesjoyful anyway. Thats www.theblessedseed.comwhat God wants togive you in your life.”― Lacey Mosleywww.theblessedseed.com
  • 25. Last Quotes For Travelling“We cut the throat of a calf and hangit up by the heels to bleed to death so “Nobody is worththat our veal cutlet may be white; we more than your body”nail geese to a board and cram themwith food because we like the taste of ― Melody Carstairsliver disease; we tear birds to piecesto decorate our womens hats; we www.theblessedseed.commutilate domestic animals for noreason at all except to follow aninstinctively cruel fashion; and weconnive at the most abominabletortures in the hope of discoveringsome magical cure for our owndiseases by them.”― George Bernard Shaw