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Mis 205

  1. 1. MIS 205 Presented toKhan Noble Morshed (KNM) Presented By Navera Khan Arham Rafid Toufiqul Islam Sakeeb Sabnam Saba Irtiza Rahman Sharzin Shavina Reza
  2. 2. Introduction About Playworld• It is the world’s leading and dedicated toy and juvenile products retailer offering a differentiated shopping experience through its family of brands.• It’s merchandise is sold in 873 Playworld stores in the United States and Puerto Rico and in 600 stores all over the world.• Playworld has a strong portfolio of e-commerce sites such as Toysrus.com, Babiesrus.com, eToys.com and FAQ.com• This provides shoppers with a broad online selection of distinctive toys and baby products.• For more than 60 years Playworld has been a favorite destination for kids and grownups providing an impressive assortment of toys, games, sporting goods, electronics, baby products, etc.•
  3. 3. PlayWorld Toys for GirlsToys for Boys
  4. 4. Our Company’s Location • Kemal Ataturk Road, Banani, Dhaka. • As the upper and upper -middle class people mostly live in this area.
  5. 5. Company Financials• Related expenses• Advance store rent 10,00,000 BDT• Store rent 100,000 BDT (per month)• Equipments 19,00,000 BDT• Store decoration 500,000 BDT• Utility expenses 50,000 BDT monthly• Salaries 84,000 BDT monthly• Advertising expenses:• 100000 BDT monthly• Distribution cost 5,000 BDT approximately (per supply)
  6. 6. PlayWorld’s Mission To retain it’s image of being the ultimate toy destination around the globe for parents and children embodying a customer philosophy of quality , value and selection of it’s products.PlayWorld’s Vision• “Providing versatile, exclusive & unique toys”
  7. 7. Architecture of “E-Playworld”
  8. 8. MIS STRUCTURE• MIS of Playword provides information needed to manage it’s organization efficiently and effectively.• Playword’s primary resources are it’s people, technology and information for decision-making.•
  9. 9. Architecture of “E-Playworld”• The online site s of Playworld such as Etoys.com make unique toys and an assortment of products easily available to children and parents eliminating the possibility of geographical barriers. The company’s e- commerce is structured as shown in the diagram
  10. 10. Level of decision making at Playworld
  11. 11. How it uses MIS
  12. 12. Development of MIS structure Phase III• Feasibility Study• Envn. Definition • System Phase I Installation, Testing • Technical Support• System & operation Specification and Maintenance • System Development • Capacity Building • System Implementation Phase II Base Phase
  13. 13. Applications Enterprise Enterprise resource performance planning management Resource and Customer people relationship management management applicationsDecision Playworld Projectsupport managementsystems applications applications
  14. 14. Why Playword implements E-commerce• The online sites of Playworld such as Etoys.com make unique toys and an assortment of products easily available to children and parents eliminating the possibility of geographical barriers.• Playworld implements certain MIS applications such as follows to provide managers with organized information about sales, inventory and other data:
  15. 15. Why Playword implements E-commerce
  16. 16. Components of our IS
  17. 17. Ware housing• In future when we’ll export that time we use Water & Air Transportation• Transportation Modes• Initially we use only Road Transportation• Storage Ware house• We store our product in our company building’s ground floor which we rented
  18. 18. Promotion• Comparative Advertising Advertise our quality features to compare with competitors• Persuasive Advertising Advertise latest clothing products in newspaper & Television showing products features• Advertising Strategy• Pull Strategy To create consumer demand Giving discount coupons to create Brand Awareness & Equity• Promotional Strategy• In our country Clothing Line Company is in Monopolistic situation. So, in this large market our company wants to established with excellent quality and affordable price with customer satisfaction.
  19. 19. Buss Marketing Sponsor • PlayWorld website• Popular celebrity endorsements • Fashion show • YouTube, MySpace, Face• new • Playworld face of the Book milestones, announcemen month t of new collections and events • Club t shirt for school, college and university student Press release Viral spread
  20. 20. Advertising
  21. 21. Process of Developing IS Solutions
  22. 22. Network Structure of Play World
  23. 23. Procurement Process
  24. 24. Creating a Hypermedia Website• Giving our Customers an idea of our Products
  25. 25. Business Values of e-commerce• Revenue from Online Sales• Reduce Transaction Costs• Attract new customers via Web Marketing• Increase Customer loyalty by Web Support & Services• Develop Web Based Markets• Develop information-based products accessible on the Web
  26. 26. Transaction Processing of Play World
  27. 27. Planning of our Enterprise Resources• A Unified Database that enables efficiency in Planning, Managing and Controlling• Tracking the status of Sales, Inventory• Forecasting Raw Materials• Forecasting Human• Resource requirements
  28. 28. Supply Chain Management• The Integrated Solution
  29. 29. Stages followed for SCM
  30. 30. Information System helps a company• Highlight its strength and weaknesses• Provide an overall picture of the Company• Makes Customer Data and Feedback available• Information is an asset in the modern world and MIS helps protect and use that information properly.• Attain Customer Intimacy and service• Support Managerial Decisions• Importance of using MIS
  31. 31. MARKETING INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMRetrieving information to educate Employees
  32. 32. Company Financials PlayWorld Income statement For the year ended December 2011 TK TKSales 48000000Less:Cost of goods sold (32000000)Gross margin 16000000Less: Operating expensesStore rent (1200000)Depreciation expenses (800000)Salaries (1000800)Utilities expenses (600000)Miscellaneous expenses (400000)Advertising expenses (1200000) (3000800)Net income 11799200
  33. 33. Company Financials PlayWorld Balance Sheet For the year ended December 2011. TK• Cash 22999900• Accounts Receivable 2345668• Equipment 1900000 Total Assets 27245568• Accounts Payable 2245470• Notes Payable 10000000• PlayWorld Capital December 2011 15000098 Total liabilities & Equity 27245568
  34. 34. PlayWorld’s Human Resource Management Top Level Management
  35. 35. Human Resource ManagementMiddle Level Management Lower Level Management• ACCOUNTS MANAGER CLEANERS- 2 persons Record Business Events  Keep Store Neat and Inventory Records Clean Payroll  Ensure Healthy Working Conditions• CASHIER Cash Records Credit Records SECURITY GUARD- 1 Persons• SALES EXECUTIVE- 5 Persons  Ensure Protection Informing Customers about  Authorized Access Products Deal with Customers Meet Sales Target
  36. 36. Salaries TOP LEVEL MANAGERS :Information Officer ( 1 ) – 20000 BDT Branch Manager (1)– 15000 BDT MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGERS : Accounts Manager (1) – 12000 BDT Cashier (1) – 10000 BDT Sales Executive (5) – 8000 BDT LOWER LEVEL MANAGERS : Cleaner (2) – 2000 BDT Security (2) – 3000 BDT
  37. 37. Our Target Customers • Mass marketing for Upper and Upper-Middle class people which divided in three segments.• Niche(Concentrated) Marketing • In our Target Market our company mostly concentrate on kids• Adolescents of 3-8 years old• Babies• Console gamers
  38. 38. Segmentation• Toys World can break down their market into three different segments. These three fragments are:• General Kids: This group includes adolescents belonging to the age group of 3-8 years old. Innovative toys are manufactured for this age group which capture their imaginations.• Babies: This group mainly involve the newborns and babies upto 3 years old. Interactive toys are made for the babies as well as clothes and attires.• Console gamers: In this day and age, kids are shifting in numbers towards technology. A lot of kids now take entertainment in playing gaming consoles rather than playing with traditional toys. Toys world aims at this segment by manufacturing
  39. 39. PlayWorld’s Marketing Mix Product Consumer wants and needs Price Cost to satisfyDistribution Convenient to buy Promotion Communication
  40. 40. Product
  41. 41. Product
  42. 42. Products• Soft toys•Lego•Plastic Cars•Robots•Playing guns•Airplanes•Remote controlled toys
  43. 43. Products• Dolls• CartoonCharacter Toys• Teddy Bears• Kitchen Toys• Party House
  44. 44. Pricing StrategyPenetration Psychological Opening Pricing Pricing Discount
  45. 45. Pricing StrategyDiscount PricingProduct BundlingIf a customer buy 5 products at atime we offer 7.5% discountPsychological DiscountWe provide our price like 1999/=or 1449/=Seasonal DiscountWe offer summer sell or wintersellPricingIn our every product price wefollow product line pricingProduct Line
  46. 46. Soft Toys Pricing• dgdgd
  47. 47. Exclusive Discounts• We will provide exclusive discount on some special occasions like:Children’s DayEid-Ul-FitarEid-Ul-AzhaFriendship dayOthers
  48. 48. Distribution Producer RetailerCustomer
  49. 49. Distribution StrategySpecialty Store Physical Distribution Private Warehousing
  50. 50. Transport Mode• Road TransportCompletely supplied by the producers.
  51. 51. • Support Media:Promotions Billboards • Wide Coverage in Dhaka city. • High frequency of exposure • Repetition to make the brand more recognition •Coverage Areas:  Banani Area Mohakhali Flyover  Asad Gate  Dhanmondi  Gulshan-2  Uttara
  52. 52. • Support Media:Promotions Internet• To build Brand Awareness and develop Brand Image• Media Vehicles: – Facebook – www.facebook.com• Facebook is the World’s number one socializing network• Thousands of visitors per day.