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Internship @SlideShare -My Experiences

  1. Sliding Summer on Rails@slideshareSlideShare inc. [May 2011-July 2011] Summer Internship --My Experiences
  2. About Me Third year Undergraduate Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay In love with Computer Science FOSS supporter A bit of Randomness @saketkc On twitter
  3. Why SlideShare for internship ? SlideShare => One of the biggest Ruby on Rails site in the world. Open Presentations for all => kind of reminded me of my FOSS love One of the best Web Team in the world => This was the most promising one ! In all my dream company !
  4. How did I get There ? Applied online ! Got a call from Amit, the COO & Cofounder of SlideShare Follwed by 2 technical interviews, lasting 3 hours each ! Got an acceptance letter => m/
  5. What I did @slideshare ? Tried killing Shadow => their administrator panel Ported features from Shadow to the admin panel on main site
  6. Pains and Joys Was assigned a buddy from Day 1 m/ He helped me get acquainted with the awesome technology @slideshare ! Was weak @ Ruby initially, the induction exercises helped me make the command over Ruby strionger. ! Was shot by Air Guns on the very first day => Thats the way slidesharegeeks welcome new comers !
  7. Pains ! Ruby =>was entirely new to me and hence was RAILS Kept figuring out RAILS views for around two weeks ! Jquery.js => Dynamism , Partials and what not ! Coded continuosly for one month , no deployment to live !
  8. Pains => joys 1 month , no deployment still. One the day of scheduled deployment => learning how to write specs ! Wrote specs => 2 more days and then there was this beautiful command => git svn dcommit My first deployment to live server => m/
  9. More Joys Extra support from my buddy and the team as a whole at every point of time This helped me make Open Source Contributions , side by side . I would write wrappers , file bugs, submit patches to the projects whose tools we were using @slideshare ! This was true awesomeness !
  10. Perks ! Free Food :P ! Awesome stipend ! Awesomemaxxx friendly environment ! The BEST Web Team ! You get to see upto a mximum of 7 deployments to live server on one single day ! The awesomeness of Engineers that comes out during times of crisis !
  11. What I learnt ? RAILS => I have divorced PHP for ever ! Git ! => This was difficult than Ruby , but Thanks to Kapil and slideshare geeks ! Life ! => The truths about life @startups and @big corporate comanies(There are people from Microsoft,Yahoo,Google there ! ) Crisis ! => Things not to do which brings your site down(I did it !!!!!) Code is Life ~ ~!! and maybe vice versa !
  12. Awesomeness ! SlideShare has the most awesome people I have come across ! Ahh ! I forgot about the ”OFF site ” to Muussoroe we had, in the very first week !! I bet I will never get to work in a more awesome environemnt then SlideShare and so wont you ! I made friends , got a father(:p) and met aweomely beautiful and sharp people ! SlideShare is the future !
  13. Memories and Signing off !