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Slide presentation backup special lecturing at The College of Innovation Management, RCIM …

Slide presentation backup special lecturing at The College of Innovation Management, RCIM
by Sak Hutanuwat

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  • 1. Sustainable Eco-business Development for AEC ERA September 30, 2011 College of Innovation Management วิทยาลัยนวัตกรรมการจัดการ Sak HutanuwatCorporate Turnaround Investment & Advisory The Institute of Management Consultants of Thailand
  • 3. The Institute of Management Consultants of Thailand The ICMCI was founded in 1987 “to promote a closer working relationship between all management consulting institutes or organizations primarily dedicated to the registration or certification of individual management consultants.” ICMCI is an international membership organization and a network of the management advisory and consultancy associations and institutes worldwide, who have a common purpose and shared values and goals. The goal of ICMCI is to promote a closer working relationship between all management consulting institutes or organizations primarily dedicated to the registration or certification of individual management consultants. The purpose of this closer working relationship is to accelerate the achievement of mutual goals of the national institutes, particularly to assist them in raising the standards of the profession of management consulting and to create worldwide recognition and acceptance of the CMC (Certified Management Consultant) mark.
  • 4. The Institute of Management Consultants of Thailand BORAD of DIRECTORS IMCT CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM  24-year Established  50 Country Members Sak Hutanuwat Chairman  50,000 Certified Management Consultants Dr. Krizz Chantjiraporn Dr. Wittaya Manawanitjarern Dr. Benchalak Phutinart Director Director Vice ChairmanDr. Preeyakorn Mimaphunt Dr. Dondej Tungtakanpoung Dr. Montri Verayangkura Director Director & Secretary Director
  • 5. The Institute of Management Consultants of Thailand C O N S U LT I N G  Government sector  Private sector TRAINING  Professional Training program  CMC Certification Training program MEMBER ACTIVITIES  IMCT member  CMC member
  • 6. Bangkok | Hong Kong | Kuala Lumpur | Guangzhou | Shanghai | Hanoi | Seoul | Singapore A Boutique Investment and Advisory House Established in 1999
  • 7. Vision Mission Partnering Empowering entrepreneursEntrepreneurs towards global aspirations
  • 8. Value Proposition• We leverage on our international network of resources and in-depth core competence and expertise to work with you to accelerate your growth• We, your business partner and total corporate solutions in Asia• We share your joys and painsWe believe in the WIN-WINphilosophy!
  • 9. Netrove Thailand TeamLeverage international network of resources and in-depth core competence and expertise to work to accelerate your growth
  • 10. Thailand Market Focus • Energy • Commercial Properties • Modern Agriculture - Farming
  • 11. VC Fund Management & Investment • Start-up & angel stages • Mezzanine & pre-IPO Entrepreneurial Venture Consulting • From idea to IPO stages • Focus on fund raising, growth through M&A, strategic financial management, technology, sales & marketing Corporate & Financial Advisory • IPO and capital market schemes • Focus on liquidity events through restructuring and M&A Core Business Acceleration & Advisory • Go-to-market servicesCompetency • Management & strategic consulting
  • 12. • Partners have collectively over 100 years of hands-on international experience in • Business management • Corporate Finance • Operational management • Sales & marketing, business development • Technology management & planning • Across Asia, Europe, the USA Track • Multiple investments & cross- border transactions includingRecords M&A and IPOs!
  • 13. Selected Advisory, Investment and M&A Experience Hor Yan Hor QUAMnet Buy-out by LSE listed company IGM
  • 14. conclusion“Together, as partners, we scale greater heights!”
  • 16. ECONOMICS EVOLUTION Fossil Base Economic
  • 17. ECONOMICS EVOLUTION OIL 45 Years (2050) How to do?Fossil Base GAS 60 Years (2065) How to do?Economic COAL 100 Years (2105) How to do?
  • 18. ECONOMICS EVOLUTION BIO & Renewable Base Economic Fossil Base Economic
  • 19. ECONOMICS EVOLUTION National Strategic Turnaround Agriculture How to do? Base Economic Bio Forest How to do? RenewableBase Economic Base Economic Base Economic Aquaculture How to do? Base Economic
  • 20. World CO2 emissions by sector Other Residential 5% Service 7% Power generation Transportation 46% 23% Industry 19%
  • 21. Energy share ofGlobal ElectricityProduction in 2010 only 20% is renewable energy
  • 22. Energy share ofGlobal ElectricityProduction in 2010 and…. only 3.3% is non-hydro powered
  • 23. TOURISM EVOLUTON “ Tourist Industry is a Huge Business. In this Industry alone they are employed over 200 Million employees and its worth about 10% of world GDP” Mr.Jean Claude• Employ 236 Million Persons (8.1% of Total World Employment)• Top 5 National Income 83% of All Country• Generate Income US$ 7,060 bn. World Tourist Organization (UNWTO)
  • 24. total tourist arrivals by region millions 1995 2010 2020World 565 1,006 1,561Africa 20 47 77Americas 110 190 282APAC 81 195 397Europe 336 527 717Middle East 14 36 69South Asia 4 11 19 source: World Tourist Organization UNWTO
  • 25. Global Tourism EvolutionGlobal Trend of Tourist Year 2020 Unit : Million Tourists Growth Rate 4.1% Per Year 1,561 1,006 846 686 565 1995 2000 2006 2010 2020F source: World Tourist Organization UNWTO
  • 26. as of 2010 MUSLIM population1,619,314,000 23.4% of the world Source: The Pew Research Center
  • 27. By 2030 MUSLIM population2,190,154,000 26.4% of the world Source: The Pew Research Center
  • 28. Earth is our SICKNatural DisasterEvolution Photo credit | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • 29. World Population GrowthBillions 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 1750 1800 1850 1900 1950 2000 2050 Devloping Region Industrialized Region Source : United Nations Population Division 1993
  • 30. Global temperature and CO2 Concentration Temperature in F. 60 400 ppm 58 CO2 Concentration 56 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 260 ppm
  • 31. Effects | Ice cap melting
  • 32. Effects | Ice cap melting
  • 33. Natural Hazard Events
  • 34. Earthquakes > M 5.0 Data from centennial database + PDC
  • 35. Icebergs calved into Tasman Lakea result of the 6.3 earthquake inChristchurch Photo credit | Denis Callesen/NZPA/AP and
  • 36. DiagramHurricane Irene churns of thecoast of the Carolinas onAugust 26, 2011 Photo credit | NOAA, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • 37. Vehicles ready for shipping Diagrambeing carried by a tsunami tidalwave at Hitachinaka city Photo credit | AFP/Getty Images and
  • 38. DiagramFlood after heavy rain in SeoulJuly 27, 2011 Photo credit | Yohap News via Bloomberg
  • 39. DiagramEffects from fossil energyexploration Photo credit | AP Photo
  • 40. Residents prepare for radiationleaksJapan turned dark due toinsufficient electrical power Photo credit | AP Photo
  • 41. Diagram Nobody wants to see the picture like this
  • 42. Natural hazards inThailand becomeworst and worst
  • 43. over1,000,000People dead tollsfrom natural disasters2003-2011
  • 44. our LIFE is at RISK
  • 45. ANDPI is formed toplay a pivotal role in orchestratingeconomy to move toward natural disaster proofed society for human survival.
  • 47. AEC | the largest integrated single market inthe world
  • 48. China-India-ASEAN GDP (PPP) Billions US$Country 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015China 388 728 1,199 2,234 9,872 17,019India 317 357 463 772 4,046 6,451ASEAN 391 676 599 883 2,499 4,369CIA 1,096 1,761 2,261 3,889 16,417 27,839TotalWorld 23,621 29,399 31,667 44,446 74,480 98,867CIA 4.64 5.99 7.14 8.75 22 28.2PercentPPP – Purchasing Power ParitySource: IMF
  • 49. ASEANAFFAIRS published by TIME ( –complete Media & IT Solutions).International HQ: 7th Fl., V. Office, 448 Ratchadapisek Road, Samsennok, Houykhang, Bangkok Thailand-10320 Tel: +66-2- 938 0156-7, Fax: +66-2-938 0249 ASEAN AFFAIRS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED: Registered Office: W 167 (A), Greater Kailash II, New Delhi, India 110048
  • 50. The ASEAN Community in 2015
  • 51. AEC Blueprint4 keys characteristics & core elements : 1. Single market and population base 2. Competitive Economic Region 3. Equitable economic development 4. Integration into the global economy
  • 52. NSW | National Single Window
  • 53. AEC 2015Expected Benefits for Business • Lower Business Costs • Lower Production and Distribution Costs • Lower Employment Costs through free movement of talent • More Business Opportunities
  • 54. the change of power to the east China India Asean Total Population 2.6 Billion Total land area 17.2 M.Sq.Km. GDP > 6.0%
  • 55. welcometo the World ofNothing Impossible
  • 56. just 21 years passedfrom the poorest chairin his grandmas place ……
  • 57. to the mostPOWERFULCHAIR in the world.....!!!
  • 58. Financial CrisisA shocking series of events that forever changed the Aviation World
  • 59. Monday, September 15, 2008 - The collapse
  • 60. Government Rescue
  • 61. Conflicts Political Ideology CrashInstability Crisis-in-Transit &2007 - 2008 Unrest
  • 62. from Yellow to Red
  • 63. A Ray of HopeFor a New Era of Peace, Stability & Harmony
  • 64. Economic Cycle 1992 - 4 1997 Financial Crisis Probable Of Global Deep Recession 2008 Global Financial Tsunami ? Deep Recession ?Source: IMCT 2008
  • 65. The Ultimate SolutionChange
  • 66. BUSINESS EVOLUTION Regional Economics
  • 67. BUSINESS EVOLUTION Trade Barrier
  • 68. BUSINESS EVOLUTION Competitiveness Big SmallLow Tech Hi Tech Local International Slow Fast
  • 69. BUSINESS EVOLUTION Competitiveness Vertical VerticalIntegration Synergy Alliances
  • 70. BUSINESS EVOLUTION CompetitivenessGeneralist Specialist
  • 72. Eco Social Entrepreneurseamless integrationBusiness Society Environment
  • 73. Eco Social Entrepreneur Economic Ecology Social
  • 74. Eco Social Entrepreneur• Maximise Profit • Reasonable Profit• Large Scale Enterprise • Human Scale Enterprise• Stress Enterprise • Happiness Enterprise• Internal Politic • Internal Relationship• Fast Growing Enterprise • Sustainable Enterprise• Globalisation • Localisation
  • 75. Beyond the Bottom lineInnovative value creationfor next generation businesses
  • 77. Bangkok | Hong Kong | Kuala Lumpur | Guangzhou | Shanghai | Hanoi | Seoul | SingaporeLife in BalanceSeptember 1, 2011Sak HutanuwatPresident & CEO
  • 78. Life in BalanceEnergy without Sacrificing
  • 79. Renewable Clean and SafeSolar Power is Our Choice Proven Technology Government subsidy
  • 80. • Established in June 2008 with intention to produce energy that integrates food supply chain with bio-fuel/gasGreen EnergyTechnology In production and electricity generation.(Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Currently operates 1.025MW solar power plant; 0.025MW in Hua-Hin and 1MW in Bor Nok, Prachuabkirikan Province.
  • 81. The concept of integration of food supply chain & electricity generation Thin Film solar panels to maximize sun exposure andProvide powerElectricity to feed generation in Thailandwater and torecycle, making Hydroponics orself sufficient soil-less plant growing whichsystem require minimal chemicals or pesticides
  • 82. Solar Power Plant
  • 83. integration of food supply chain & electricity generation
  • 84. Headquarter TaipeiFounded 93 years agoCapital THB 41,400,000,000Employee 40,000 worldwideGlobal sites 12 CountriesGroup Sales Revenue >THB 300,000 ,000,000
  • 85. Tatung group reduces emission 27,000 tons of CO2 (3.82% of energy saved, or 205 million NTD) together with investing companies in 2010 ~2012.2010.9.2. The kick off ceremony in Taipei
  • 86. Quartz Metal Purified Si Ingots Wafers Solar Solar Grade Si Cells Modules  Established in 2004, Green Energy Technology (GET) is a leading manufacturer of Thin Film solar panel based in Taiwan and China.  GET’s Solar cell and module are widely accepted and globally distributed in major markets such as Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, India, Europe and United States.  GET was listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2008 with current market capitalization of 560 million dollar.
  • 87. Crystalline and Thin FilmCrystalline• Made of Silicon as a major component• Most prevalently used• Consume less space• Higher priceThin Film• Developed to consume less silicon• Cost less• Sun tracking yields more efficiency• Lighter weight• Suitable for hot climate due to low temperature coefficient100 Watt Peak Thin Film panel is 25% biggerbut produces 35% to 60% MORE energy per Annum inhot climates like Thailand than 100 Watt Peak Crystallinepanel
  • 88. The concept ofecofriendly power plant Strategy to diversify businesswith highly efficient cost portfolio with sustain strong management and long-term growth
  • 89. Solar Energy Total Solution Provider Technology Provider Land EPCBusiness Model Join venture Profit sharing PPA Finance EPC contract
  • 90. The Social Entrepreneur More happiness to the society as a whole Less carbon dioxide to the earth and less global warming More ecofriendly power plants which are still profitable
  • 91. Life in Balance
  • 94. BANGKOK METROPOLITANT ADMINTRATION  Gateway  Green City  Good Life
  • 95. THAILAND MARKET EVOLUTION HISTORY During the reign of King Rama V (1853 – 1910), many of canal, railway, roads, and housing were established. It can say that the Market community was first established in this period which stay along a main road.Floating Market Charoenkrung Road Mahachai Road
  • 96. THAILAND MARKET EVOLUTION HISTORY• The 1st department store in Thailand had been established for 80 years (since approx 1930) which had been re-built to be Grand China Princess Hotel recently.• Thai Daimaru, the first having escalator department store in Thailand was established since 1964 (B.S.2507) on Ratchprasong Road.• Nightingale-olympic, the longest operation department store in Thailand had been established since 1966 (B.S. 2509) on Treepecth Road. Grand China Princess Thai Daimaru Nitingel-olympic Hotel, China Town Ratchprasong Road Treepetch Road
  • 97. Thailand Market EvolutionDepartment Store Convenience Store Hyper Market
  • 98. PEOPLE OF THAILAND : To provide new shopping definition with good quality & healthy product at affordable price for majority Thai people. VISION SMALL RETAILER : To provide total solutionTo develop the BEST for Thai small retailer to be able to complete and cope with the new market trend and modern trade. Affordable Retail Market Destination for Majority Thai STAKE HOLDER : To provide safe investment People and good return on investment for all the stake holder. ENVIRONMENT : To provide the friendly environmental for the world.
  • 99. EVAPORATIVE COOLING CONCEPTEvaporative coolers are devices that cool air through the simple evaporation of water.It is especially well suited for climates where the air is hot and humidity is low.Installation and operating cost of an evaporative cooler can be 80% lower thanrefrigerative air conditioning.Advantage (comparison with Air Condition):  Less expensive to install (12.5 – 50% less)  Ease of maintenance  Less expensive to operate (25% less)  High rate of air ventilation
  • 100. FACILITY AND SERVICE Prepaid Debit Overhead : to facilitate retailers by prepayment of utilities through Smart-Card Machine.Meeting Center :to negotiate the price with supplier/producer through Central Shopping Cart :Purchase in order that retail members can get the best price of to provide shopping cart to facilitategoods. customer while shopping at the market.
  • 101. CENTRAL PURCHASE & LOGISTIC CENTER CONCEPT Retailer Central Purchase Mass Order Retailer Retailer Retailer Logistic Center Delivery Retailer
  • 102. MARKET ACADEMYTo increase potential of business management to strengthen small retailerTo build business upgrading opportunities for future extensiveTo build small retailer’s positive thinking & behavior to be dynamic for changingTo create channels of other revenue increasing for releasing debt burdenTo build relationship within community for developing good quality living
  • 103. F R E S H M A R K E T Fresh Meat Fish Fresh Fruit Vegetable Food Court Grocery The small to medium-sized market located on the community locations, offering low prices daily consumer product. Weekend Market Cooking Home BankingMarket Event Academy Service Center Deliver Service Service
  • 104. FURNITURE MARKET Coffee Shop Beauty Shop Restaurant Book Store Spa & Wellness Convenience StoreWeekend Market Home Banking Post Wi-FiMarket Event Academy Deliver Service Service Service
  • 105. W A L K I NG S T R E E T Coffee Shop Beauty Shop Restaurant Book Store Spa & Wellness Convenience StoreWeekend Market Home Banking Post Wi-FiMarket Event Academy Deliver Service Service Service
  • 106. F O O D M A R K E T Coffee Shop Beauty  Hawker Center is a informal open- Shop air food center, housing many stalls that sell a variety of inexpensive Restaurant food. They are typically found near public housing estates or transport hubs. Book Store  Food court which cuisines and choices are varied, with larger food courts offering more global choices. Spa & Wellness  Famous restaurants and fast food chain store might be added Convenience consolidated with common Store vendors.Weekend Market Home Banking Post Wi-FiMarket Event Academy Deliver Service Service Service
  • 108. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUEPROJECT BRIEFPROBLEM REVIEWS: Thai food is top 5 most popular of the world Thai Japanese Chinese French Italian
  • 109. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUEPROJECT BRIEFCONCEPT SOLUTION: Alternative for hawker and eater Code Name and Logo
  • 110. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUEPROJECT BRIEFCONCEPT SOLUTION: Bangkok Food Avenue Location Facility and Equipment Marketing Cooking skill Food safety standard Finance Food management
  • 111. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUE PROJECT BRIEF BUSINESS ROAD MAP 100 food courts 20 oversea courts 50 food courts 5 oversea courts  2014  build branding 10 food courts  2013  maintain quality and 1 oversea courts standard  build branding  maintain quality and  expand more food standard court  2012  expand more food  listed in stock market  build strong relationship court3 food courts with member  prepare for RTO/IPO  review business concept  2011  set up SOP  develop business  set up training program concept  expand more food court  acquire land  select retail member  start building food court  develop training program
  • 112. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUEPROJECT BRIEFBUSINESS STRUCTURE: Alliances•Place •Menu management•Seller register •Food safety•Promote •Food curriculum Bangkok Suan •Training Dusit •Quality audit Micro E•Conceptual developer Consulta•Bank nt Investor•Architect•Construction management •Construction investment•Central purchaser •Food court management
  • 113. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUEPROJECT BRIEFBUSINESS STRUCTURE: 7 Key Success Merchandised Cleanliness Hygiene Menu Location Branding Promotion Pricing Micro Entrepreneur Ambience
  • 114. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUEPROJECT BRIEFCONCEPT SOLUTION: Bangkok Food Avenue take home without cooking take home with cooking food shop fresh market FOOD MARKET taste education by experience
  • 118. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUEPROJECT BRIEFSTRATEGIC DESIGN: Ambience modern old town clean ambience
  • 121. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUE PROJECT BRIEF STRATEGIC DESIGN: Shop Displaypa-tong-gofrying show
  • 122. BANGKOK FOOD AVENUE PROJECT BRIEF STRATEGIC DESIGN: Shop Displayfresh steamingdim-sum
  • 124. Joint venture agreement & Sponsorship agreement Collaboration for safer and better Thailand 16 Sep 2011
  • 125. Private InvestmentLife in BalanceEconomics, Environmentand Society
  • 126. • Established 1946• 13 offices in 7 countries• Operation in 15 countries• 12,000 buildings had been done• Consulting to government in 7 countries• Working with World Bank, UN, UNOPS, USAID• Construction value 500,000 m.thb.
  • 127. Thailand (regional office)Cambodia MalaysiaLaos PhilippinesMyanmar TaiwanVietnam Hang KongIndonesia Sri LankaSingapore Brunei Bangladesh
  • 128. A global natural hazard and structural engineering firmthat provides critical services to help sustain industriesand communities around the world.
  • 129. < restore an icon, lower lifecycle costs >Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n | L A X T h e m e B u i l d i n g | L o s A n g e l e s , C A
  • 130. < provide business continuation by high- performance engineering >Avi a t i o n | B u c h a r e s t In t e r n a t i o n a l A i r p o r t | B u c h a r e s t , R o m a n i a
  • 131. < respond to disaster, restore safety >D i s a s t e r R e s p o n s e | AT C / J S C A R e c o n Te a m , 2 0 1 1 E a s t J a p a n E a r t h q u a k e
  • 132. Disaster Response | UNOPS 400,000 Damage Assessments, Haiti
  • 133. 2008 M8 Sichuan Earthquake
  • 134. Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation andEmergency Preparedness Project• Project Duration : 2006-2014• Finance: World Bank and European Investment Bank• Loan Amount : over $1 billion
  • 135. Ref: Walter Mooney
  • 136. Ref: Walter Mooney
  • 137. Ref: Walter Mooney
  • 138. Options for Managing Seismic Risk 1. Do Nothing 2. Manage Some of the Risk through Insurance Coverage for Damage and Business Interruption 3. Assess the Risk and Reduce it to an Acceptable Level By (1) Engineering Analyses of the Assets (2) Strengthening of Selected Structures and Equipments
  • 139. Fluid Viscous Dampers
  • 140. Seismic Retrofit Details
  • 141. Earthquake Actions• Conduct a rapid review of buildings to identify deficiencies: Risk Management• Cost of new buildings with high performance devices: 2% to 5% of total construction cost• Cost of existing buildings upgrade: 5% to 20% of replacement cost• Construction interruption can be minimized• Develop emergency response plan
  • 142. Flood Actions• Conduct a risk study based on new weather and geographic data• Construct a flood risk map based on the latest information• Communicate with public• Develop an emergency response plan including warning system
  • 143. Make the world a better place
  • 144. Life in Balance
  • 145. Life in BalanceECONOMIC ECOLOGY SOCIAL
  • 146. IMCTbright dark
  • 147. 3 parts of management Manage yourself 50% Manage your Manage your people 25% work 25%
  • 148. Change = ConstantChange Management : Futuristic Solution
  • 150. “It is not the strongest of thespecies that survives,nor the most intelligent thatsurvives.It is the one that isthe mostadaptable tochange.”Charles Darwin1809-1882
  • 151. Sustainable Eco-business Development for AEC Era Q&A
  • 152. download slide at RCIM20110930-finalSSCorporate Turnaround Investment & Advisory The Institute of Management Consultants of Thailand