Do You Have a Hit List?

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SQABD Lightning Talks 3 …

SQABD Lightning Talks 3

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  • 1. Do You Have a Hit List? Presented by Md. Maftahur Rahman Senior SQA Engineer Enosis Solutions
  • 2. Analysis & Design Total Time Development Testing Analysis & Design Development Testing Analysis & Design Development Testing Why Hit List? Conventional approach… Initial PhaseN Phase2
  • 3. System shouldn’t crash Price calculation is OK Value formatted properly It doesn’t lose data OK, I’ll cover these in test cases … . Lots of …. What does tester think?
  • 4. These are my Test Cases Time Task/Test Cases Which one will be executed? Now he goes to execute the test cases
  • 5. What will he do now? Will he start pulling his hair?
  • 6. Can’t we break the conventional approach… Can’t we adjust the time? Can’t we be like…
  • 7. I don’t care, I’m Hit Man Here is my Hit List Hit List
    • Time is not enough to execute all those plans
    • I have a simplified Hit List
    • I’m bang on target
  • 8. That’s why the concept of Hit List. a) Context Dependent Key Points : Two types of content: Remains unchanged throughout the application Example: Fixed format of Price, Acc No, Title, frequent occurring of critical bug,…, etc. Should have leading zeros Should be like 0000 13980.5 0 What will be there?
  • 9.
    • Do not depend on business domain
    • Initial State :
    • Blank search/forms submission.
    • Data type conversion error :
    • String to Numeric field, invalid date.
    • Data overflow error :
    • Input size is beyond the max limit.
    • Input size= n+ m , saves only n (db column size).
    b) Independent Key Points:
  • 10.
    • Special characters :
    • @ , % , , / , ‘ , “ ,…, Alt+N , etc to input
    • field
    • Rounding/Truncation problem :
    • 1/3 + 2/3=?
    • 1.45(1.4546) + 1.54(1.5455)=2.99/3.00?
    • File accessing error :
    • Save and read file from access denied path,
    • file is already opened, upload 0KB or large
    • size file
  • 11.
    • Unplug network connection :
    • Transaction? Connection is mandatory?
    • Intermediate state of Grid :
    • Edit/Undo grid changes, perhaps tab key will let you some blank rows. Submit form
  • 12. How to keep the list? Better to keep these in your mind. Not confident? Large enough? OK, write down the key points to a writing pad or wherever you like.
    • These are some common examples of a Hit List
    • A careful observation will let you get more key points
    • With little mentoring, a novice tester can also execute it
    • Following Hit List will uncover bugs within a short period of time
  • 13. Q&A