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How to write a winning business action plan

How businesses of any size can win on social networks

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Business Remix Workshop Materials

  1. 1. Facebook Strategy: TARGET # MEMBERS 16,478 Profile (Individual) URL n/a tip doesn't really apply to Target…they're off the hook on this one tip Page (Professional) URL none known Target might benefit from setting up Network pages for Target stores, tip and having ongoing updates across geographies and regionally If Target were to do regional pages, they might also set up some sort tip of organizer w/in Facebook that let people locate by zip code or ??? Would be wise to include regional content: store tours, maps, quot;About,quot; local color Network URL n/a Target could probably benefit from some ongoing management of local tip events w/in networks. would be wise to include regional content: store tours, maps, quot;About,quot; tip local color Group URL Check out the excellent mini-app for collecting gender and age…is this tip connected to profiles (don't think so) The app could feature more of Target's quot;personalityquot;…community service, news from local stores, etc….along with a fowarding feature. tip Encourage virality. Event URL none known It would be smart to integrate in-store events (if Target has them) to tip zip-code based Profiles or Networks tip Application Development URL Mini app (widget) that collects gender and age for stats. No download tip needed. Target should consider doing a quot;Near Mequot; app that shows location: tip mf Ubiquitious. Seems to be among Facebook's most active corporate Advertising URL advertisers. Brand tone somewhat adjusted to reflect demographic. Are ads served to unique Profile date collected on group page, or just based on Profile content? Content Delivered Primarily advertising. Multimedia, custom design. Integrated Facebook/Web Site exchange? Yes--one way Integrated Facebook/Offline exchange? None known Collects user data? Yes--well done (on Group page) Notes & Insights: Adding approximately 150-200 new members per day Some links on site take user quot;offquot; to Target site. Crossover could be more streamlined. Unsure if quot;Date and Genderquot; data is simply accumulated, or assciated with specific profiles. Nothing special being done to encourage virality…or friend circles, affiliation around certain products…this could be good for Target. Wonder if integrates with Facebook's new Beacon features? Numerous user-generated Target comment, quot;Love,quot; quot;Hate,quot; quot;Employee,quot; quot;Alumquot; and other groups. None are integrated with official Target activity. 15
  2. 2. Facebook Strategy: President of Kenya Profile (Individual) URL mwai tip extremely high-touch management. Refreshed daily. 1000 friends Staus reports broadcast messages globally. Public declaration of tip commitment Page (Professional) URL Still taking shape. First details about campaign starting to appear. tip Potential to add video. Add daily updates to ensure broadcasting. Weekly messaging during tip campaigns would be good; perhaps monthly beyond. This is one to watch over time. Network URL Part of quot;Kenyaquot; Network; presence of dates and events on the Kenya tip Network page. tip Would be wise to integrate key campaign dates and so forth. Group URL Multiple Global groups. Total membership = approximately 2000. tip Contain video and other content; quite up to date. Event URL tip Kibaki has the Kenyan election down as an event! tip Application Development URL none known. Might be early/irrelevant given size of audience and tech penetration…but over time an quot;emblemquot; or other such show of support tip might be a low-cost way to brand Kibaki support. tip Unsure of any integration with other Web activity. Advertising URL May not be legal? Audience probably too small. Content Delivered Across all aspects of site. Status updates extremely visible. Integrated Facebook/Web Site exchange? None known. Integrated Facebook/Offline exchange? Yes: events, network. Collects user data? None known. Notes & Insights: Low numbers probably reflect Facebook penetration in Kenya. Extremely effective global broadcast. Unsure if quot;Date and Genderquot; data is simply accumulated, or associated with specific profiles. 16
  3. 3. Your Action Plan Profile (Individual) Plan How quot;personalquot; will your personal profile be? How will you use friend descriptions to help you sort and categorize contacts? How will you manage privacy, viewability, searchability? How will I use status and Profile activity to stay visible? Page (Professional) Plan What will be your page quot;personality?quot; What will be your ongoing management plan? Refresh rate? Who will help? What media can you bring in? Network Plan How will you bring your business on to your available networks? How will you integrate ads, events, wall posts, more? Group Plan Is there a topical group you'd like to form beyond your Page? How will you use groups to drive to your page, your business? How can I integrate any real-world events with my visibility and Event Plan conversations on social networks? How can I use real-world events to bring people in to my online communities? 17
  4. 4. Are there existing apps that I can leverage to enrich my customers' Application Development Plan experiences? Can I use or develop apps to bring more customers in? If I were to develop an app, how would it help drive my business? How would I test results? How would I know that it was successful? Could an app help me make money? Advertising Plan Should I test an ad on Facebook or another social network? How would I know if the results were successful? What would I do then? How much am I willing to invest in this? Content Delivered Plan What is my content and media plan? How will I use social networks to create a publishing platform (or broadcast channel)? What schedules, updates, reports will I publish? How will I use social networks to announce new products or services, and get my network to amplify the message? Integrated Facebook/Web Site exchange? Plan Will I put social network contact info on my real-world materials? Integrated Facebook/Offline exchange? How can I connect social activity to other things I'm doing on the Web? Collects user data? What do I want to know about my users? Will I use online research, apps, or online analytics to Notes & Insights: 18