Sex and Power: The Quest for Wholeness (Class 4)
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  • 1. • Integrate Yin and Yang• Bring inner characters to life• Discern if something feels “right” for you• Expand the experience of pleasure• Activate the parasympathetic nervous system Embodiment is a key to shifting out of stuck patterns and moving through the 3 steps: Awareness - Choice - Action
  • 2. • What do you notice in your body in this moment?• Aha’s from last class or from the homework?• Themes of yin/yang coming up in past week?• Themes of dom/sub coming up in past week?
  • 3. Things outside of us BodilyThoughts Sensations
  • 4. King/Queen -ConsortPrincipal -School GirlCassanova -VirginProstitute -Family ManDark Prince -Princess, MaidenKnight/Hero -Damsel in distressBad Boy/Bad Girl -Innocent Naïve OneVampire - Victim/Prey
  • 5.  Express a lesser known part of the self Recognize and reclaim personal power that was projected
  • 6.  How did each character feel in your own body? What was comfortable or uncomfortable? Familiar or unfamiliar? What qualities of power did you find in each character? What did you discover about partner power projection or claiming a lesser known aspect of yourself?
  • 7.  Erotic energy exists through entire body Energy goes where attention flows Energy and sensation can expand through attention, breath, and movement
  • 8.  Awareness  Sensational Experience  Yin/ Yang Within  Characters and Their Energy Patterns Choice  Body-Centered Learning  Being Yin And Yang  We are Both Characters Action  Slow Down  Penetrating, Receptive or Both  Explore the Opposite
  • 9.  Practice breathing exercise Notice body cues: when feeling empowered; when feeling overpowered; when feeling receptive, when feeling assertive, etc. Take notes: how do you notice the feelings? and where in your body? Boundaries/Limits: Read the article “On the Nature of Boundaries”. During the week, notice how your body let’s you know when something is a “Yes” and when it says “No” Take Action: Explore new energy patterns
  • 10. • Cockfidence, by Celeste Hirschman and Danielle Harel• On the Nature of Boundaries, by Tom Kenyon (• Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman, Nicole Daedone ( g4)• The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, by Margo Anand• The Compass of Pleasure, by David Linden• The Potent Self, Moshe Feldenkrais• Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, by Sheri Winston
  • 11. REBECCA CHAPLIN, MA SAJIT GREENE, MASomatic Sexologist and Gerontologist Relationship Coach and AstrologerRebecca has an MA in Gerontology from Sajit worked for 20+ years as a body- centered psychotherapist, with a Naropa University and is certified as a focus on sexuality, creativity, and Sexological Bodyworker, by the spirituality. She now offers Advanced Institute for Human coaching services for individuals and Sexuality. Rebecca is also a Reiki couples who are seeking Master and Cranial Sacral empowerment, deeper intimacy, and therapist. “It is my great passion to spiritual growth. Using insights from facilitate awakening to our inherent astrology, Sajit helps each client excellence through these illuminate their unique soul journey. modalities.” Rebecca lives and works Her coaching process includes in Asheville, NC and offers educational working with inner programs internationally. characters, through Voice Dialogue Process. She also uses “The Work” of Byron Katie, body-awareness practices, and expressive arts.