Sex and Power: The Quest for Wholeness (Class 6)
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Sex and Power: The Quest for Wholeness (Class 6)



Sacred sexuality, Taoism, and Sex Magic

Sacred sexuality, Taoism, and Sex Magic



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Sex and Power: The Quest for Wholeness (Class 6) Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  Sex Magic Taoism/Taoist Erotic Massage Next Steps on the Quest for Wholeness
  • 2. • What are you feeling in your body, right now?• What examples of tapas and spanda have you noticed-within yourself, others, and in nature?• In what ways did you bring a sense of sacredness to your sexuality?
  • 3. • Harnessing the creative force of sexual energy• Maintaining intention• Visualizing or focusing energy
  • 4. Focus of today’s session:• Positive Emotions, Sensations, and Energy• Taoist Erotic Practices
  • 5. • Tune into pleasurable sensations of erotic energy• Pump energy to heart• Visualize fulfillment
  • 6. • The universe is in a constant process of re- creating itself, through the interplay of yin and yang• Practices aim at aligning oneself spiritually with cosmic forces
  • 7. • Stimulate, increase and preserve Qi/Jing• Male control of ejaculation• Yin and Yang• Female empowerment
  • 8. 1) Warm Up Entire Body2) Hold Penis or Vulva with Sacredness3) Massage Penis, Vulva or Anus4) Breathwork5) Move Erotic Energy6) Stillness
  • 9.  Root of the Penis Testicles Shaft Frenulum Corona Tip/glans
  • 10.  Root of the Clitoris Labia Clitoris Entering the inner sanctuary G-Spot/Urethral Sponge Cervical Cap: gently circle around the cervical wall
  • 11.  Awareness  Sex is creative life force energy  Sex can include intercourse, outercourse, oral sex, and more. Choice  Relax into pleasure  Consciously direct pleasurable creative life force energy Action  Pump erotic energy into your heart  Practice visualizing when feeling good  Try Taoist erotic massage.
  • 12. • Try Taoist erotic massage• Practice heart pleasuring exercise• Review your top 3 gifts, from this “Sex and Power” series• Continue exploring, and put your Awareness and Choice into new Actions!
  • 13. • Email your suggestions for future classes:• Sign-up for Sajit’s newsletter:• Email Sajit:• Email Rebecca:
  • 14. • What’s your highest vision for intimate relationship?• Discover what you truly need and want• See what’s holding you back from full empowerment• Helpful tips and resources
  • 15. Access new Pleasure Patterns in your BodyTry this 4 week online coaching series, including:•Three 15-minute telephone conversations•1 weekly assignment with email support and feedbackYOU receive a 30% discount.$100 for 4-week experience.(normally $150)Contact: or 828-335-7187 toSchedule your appointment today.
  • 16. • The New School of Erotic Touch• The Institute for Orgamsic Yoga• The Multi-Orgasmic Couple, Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia
  • 17. REBECCA CHAPLIN, MA SAJIT GREENE, MASomatic Sexologist and Gerontologist Relationship Coach and AstrologerRebecca has an MA in Gerontology from Sajit worked for 20+ years as a body- centered psychotherapist, with a Naropa University and is certified as a focus on sexuality, creativity, and Sexological Bodyworker, by the spirituality. She now offers Advanced Institute for Human coaching services for individuals and Sexuality. Rebecca is also a Reiki couples who are seeking Master and Cranial Sacral empowerment, deeper intimacy, and therapist. “It is my great passion to spiritual growth. Using insights from facilitate awakening to our inherent astrology, Sajit helps each client excellence through these illuminate their unique soul journey. modalities.” Rebecca lives and works Her coaching process includes in Asheville, NC and offers educational working with inner programs internationally. characters, through Voice Dialogue Process. She also uses “The Work” of Byron Katie, body-awareness practices, and expressive arts.