08 march 2013


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08 march 2013

  1. 1. World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com https://www.facebook.com/sajan.johnmelbourne?fref=tsSajan JohnMelbourne email- contact@worldmalayalinews.comWorked atbusinessman(ChiefExecutiveOfficer,Ind Aus)Lives inMelbourne,Victoria,Australia hn-am--bm-{X-°m¿°v sN-dp-I-Øn eq-°o-an-b-bv-°p Nn-In-’-bn-em-bn-cp-∂ ssI-h-iw-h-bv-°m≥ A-p-a-Xn c-≠-c h-b-kp-Im-c≥ n-cym-X-m-bn hm-jnw-KvS¨: cm-Pym-¥c am-Zfi߃-°p-kr-Xam-bn hn-am-bm-{Xn-I¿- - - - - - - - - am-©-ÿ: hn-Yn≥-tjm-bn¬ Xm-a-kn-°p-∂ N-ß-m-ti-cn sN-Øn-∏p-g C-√n- °v sN-dp-I-Øn ssI-h-iw-h-bv-°m≥ bp-F-kv k¿-°m¿ A-p-a-Xn -ev-Ip- aq-´n¬ kz-tZ-in-I-fm-b tm-_n am-Xyp-hn-s‚-bpw _n-Pn-bp-sS-bpw G-I-a-I≥ ∂p. G-{]n¬ 25 ap-X¬ C-Xp {]m-_-ey-Øn-em-Ipw. sk-]v-‰w-_¿ 11 B-{I-a- tPm-k-^v(c-≠-c h-b-kv) n-cym-X-m-bn. kw-kv-Im-cw ]n-∂o-Sv m-´n¬ -S- W-sØ-Øp-S¿-∂v G¿-s∏-Sp-Øn-b n-b-{¥-W-am-Wv ]n≥-h-en-°p-∂-Xv. World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia °pw. am¿-®v B-dn-v ssh-Ip-t∂-cw B-tdm-sS-bm-Wv a-c-Ww kw-`-hn-®-Xv. eq- B-dp sk‚n ao-‰¿ o-f-hpw H-t∂-Im¬ sk‚n ao-‰¿ ho-Xn-bp-ap-≈ °o-an-bbv°p Nn-In-’bn-em-bn-cp-∂p tPm-k^v. e-≠n-se t{K-‰v H¿-a≥ kv- - - - - - tª-Up-≈ I-Øn ssI-h-iw h-bv-°m-m-Wv A-p-a-Xn. tlm-°n Ãn-Iv, _n- {So-‰v tlm-kv-]n-‰-en-em-bn-cp-∂p B-Zyw Nn-In-’. tcm-Kw aq¿-—n-®-Xn-s-Øp- eym¿-Uv Ãn-Iv Xp-S-ßn-b-h-bpw bm-{Xn-I¿-°v hn-am--Øn-p-≈n¬ H-∏w I-cp- S¿-∂v am-©-Ã-dn-se kz-¥w ho-´n-te-°p a-S-ßn. Xp-S¿-∂v am-©-Ã-dn-se ]o- Xm-m-Ipw. td-k¿, h-en-b I-Øn-Iƒ Xp-Sßn-bh A-p-hZn-°n-√. A-tX-k- - - - Un-bm-{Sn-Iv-kv tlm-kv-]n-‰-en¬ aq-∂p am-k-am-bn Io-tam-sX-dm-∏n -S-Øn-h- a-bw ]p-Xn-b Xo-cp-am--Øn¬ hn-am- Po-h--°m-cp-sS kw-L-S- {]-Xn-tj- cn-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. ^m. k-Pn a-e-bn¬ ]p-Ø≥-]p-c ho-´n-se-Øn H-∏o-kpw {]- [n-®p. Zo¿-L-ho-£-W-an-√m-Ø-Xpw tPm-en-°m-cp-sS Po-h-p `o-j-Wn D-b¿- tXy-I {]m¿-Y--bpw -S-Øn.-- Øp-∂Xp-am-b Xo-cp-am-am-Wn-sX-∂v sXm-Æq-dm-bn-cw Aw-Kßfp-≈ ^vssf- - - - - - ‰v A-‰≥-tU-gv-kv kw-L-S- {]-Xn-I-cn-®p. Hmkv-{Sm-en-b-bn¬ km-{μ Np-g-en-Im-‰v kn-Uv-n: c-Py-Øn-s‚ h-S-°≥ Xo-c-ta-J-e-bn¬ km-{μ Np-g-en-Im-‰v cq-]w- ho-Sn--I-Øv- D-d-s°-Nn-cn-®-Xn-v- sIm¨-Sp. C-∂v cm-hn-se 4m-bn-cp-∂p Im-‰n-s‚ cq-]-s∏-S¬. Iyq≥-kv em≥- Uv ta-J-e-bn¬ Im-‰v cq-]-s∏-Sp-sa-∂m-bn-cp-∂p t-c-sØ D¨-Sm-bn-cp-∂ [m- t]m-eo-kv- k-a≥-kv- c-W. Iyq≥-kv em≥-Uv ta-Jebn¬ c¨-Sm-asØ Np-gen-Im-‰m-Wn-Xv .-am-s°- - - - - tdm-°v- hn-√: ho-Sn--I-Øv- D-d-s°-Nn-cn-®-Xn-v- t]m- bn¬ n-∂v 990 In-tem-ao-‰¿ h-S-°v-˛-In-g-°v am-dn tIm-d¬ ko-bn-em-Wv Np-g- eo-kv- k-a≥-kv-. tem-ßv-sF-e‚n¬ Xm-a-kn-°p-∂ en-Im-‰v cq-]w sIm¨-Sn-cn-°p-∂-Xv. h-S-°v In-g-°≥ Zn-i-bn¬ o-ßn-sIm¨- 42 h-b- p-≈ tdm-_¿-´n-m-Wv D-d-s° Nn-cn-®-Xv Sn-cn-°p-∂ Im-‰v 24 a-Wn-°q-dn-p-≈n¬ i-‡n-{]m-]n-°pw. k-am-[m-Øn-v- `w-Kw h-∂p F-∂v- Im-Wn-®p tIm- - B-g-®m-h-km--tØm-sS sX-°v `m-K-tØ-bv-°v Xn-cn-bp-sa-∂m-Wv I- S-Xn-bn¬ n-∂pw k-a≥-kv- In-´n-b-Xv-. tdm-_¿-´v- D-d- cp-Xp-∂-sX-∂pw Xo-c-ta-J-e-sb _m-[n-°n-s√-∂pw I-cp-Xp-∂-Xm-bn Im-em-h- s° Nn-cn-®Xv- sXm-´Sp-Øv- Xm-akn-°p-∂h¿-°v- i- - - - - ÿm n-co-£-I≥ {_-bm≥ tdm¬-kv-‰¨ A-`n-{]m-b-s∏-´p. Hm-kv hm¬-Uv Np-g-en-Im-‰n-s‚ Zp-cn-X-^-e-߃ ]-e Xo-c-ta-J-en-bpw A-h-km-n-®n-t´ D- ey-am-b-Xm-bpw, A-h-cp-sS im-¥-X-°v- `w-Kw h-∂- ≈q. i-‡-am-b Im-‰pw a-g-bp-am-bn-cp-∂p A-p-`-h-s∏-´n-cp-∂-Xv. C-°p-dn I-- Xm-bpw Nq-≠n-°m-´n tIm-S-Xn-bn¬ A-ym-bw ^- Ø-a-g D¨-Sm-Im≥ km-[y-X C-s√-∂v Nq¨-Sn-Im-Wn-°-s∏-Sp-∂p¨-Sv. Im- b¬ sN-øp-Ibm-bn-cp-∂p. s^-{_p-hcn 12pw 13pw - - ‰pw a-g-bpw A-p-`-h-s∏-Sp-∂-Xv Xp-S-cpw. a-Wn-°q-dn¬ 13 In-tem-ao-‰¿ n-c- c-≠p k-a≥-km-Wv- C-bmƒ-°v- e-`n-®-Xv-. am¿-®v- 5 °n-em-Wv Im-‰v k-©-cn-°p-∂-Xv. Im-en-tUm-Wn-b, tkm-f-a≥ sF-e≥-Up- sNm-Δm-gv-® tIm-S-Xn-bn¬ F-Øn-b tI- v- X-≈n-I-f-bp-∂-Xn-v- P-Uv-Pn hn- - Iƒ F-∂o `m-K-ß-fn-tev-°m-Wv Im-‰n-s‚ C-t∏m-g-sØ o-°w. B-gv-® A-h- Ω-Xn-®p. tdm-_¿-´v- F-∂ 42-Im-c≥ C-S-bv-°n-sS t_m-[-£-bw F-∂ tcm-K- km-tØm-tS k-©m Zn-i am-dpw. m-ev km-[y-XIfm-Wv ap-t∂m-´v sh-bv°p- - - - - Øn-pw, R-c-ºp kw-_-‘-am-b tcm-K-Øn-pw A-Sn-a-bm-Wv-. ]-cm-Xn-sIm-Sp- ∂-Xv. i-‡-am-b Im-‰m-b cq-]m-¥-c-s∏-´v Xo-c-ta-J-bn¬ B-™-Sn-°p-I. C- Ø A-b¬-hm-kn Cu tI- n-s-Ip-dn-®p A-`n-{]m-bw ]-dbm≥ hn-kΩXn-®p. - - - Ø-c-sam-cv km-[y-X h-f-sc N-cp-ßn-b-Xm-Wv. G-{]n¬ 30 h-sc Iyq≥-kv em≥-Un-v Np-g-en-Im-‰v `o-j-Wn-bp¨-Sv (I-S-∏m-Sv˛F-bp a-e-bmfn) https://www.facebook.com/nashif.alimiyanNashifAlimiyanLives inKannurFromThalassery,India
  2. 2. World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com jm-th-kn-s‚ ar-X-tZ-lw Fw-_mw sN-øm≥ Xo-cp-am-n-®p Im-c-°m-kv: sh-n-tkz-e≥ {]-kn-U‚ v lyq-tKm jm-th-kn-s‚ kw-kv-Im-cw C-∂v -S°pw. F-∂m¬ Hu-tZym-Kn-I kw-kvIm-cØn-v ]n-∂m-se jm-th-kn- - - - s‚ `u-Xn-I-i-co-cw Fw-_mw sN-bv-Xv kq-£n-°p-sa-∂v ssh-kv {]-kn-U‚ v n-t°m-fm-kv a-Zp-tcm ]-d™p. jm-th-kv 14 h¿-jw `-cn-® sIm-´m-cØn-p k- - - ao-]-ap-≈ ayq-kn-bw Hm-^v d-h-eyq-j≥ s]m-Xp-Z¿-i--Øn-m-bn Xp-d-∂v sIm- Sp-°pw. _p-[-m-gv-N ap-X¬ c-≠v an-ey¨ t]-cm-Wv A-t±-l-Øn-v A-¥n-tam- ]-Nm-cw A¿-∏n-®-Xv. jm-th-kn-v A-¥n-tam-]-Nm-cw A¿-∏n-°m-s-Øp-∂-h- cp-sS o-≠n-c Xp-Scp-∂ km-lNcy-Øn-em-Wv ar-XtZ-lw Fw-_mw sN-øm≥ - - - - - Xo-cp-am-n-®Xv. C-∂v -S°p-∂ kw-kvIm-c®Sßn¬ hn-hn-[ cm-Py-ßfn¬ n- - - - - - - - ∂p-≈ 30 t-Xm-°ƒ ]-s¶-Sp-°pw.-sh-n-tkz-e≥ P-X H-∂S¶w jm-th-kn- - - - v B-Z-cm-Rv-P-en A¿-∏n-°m≥ F-Øn-b-Xp-t]m-se-bm-bn-cp-∂p Im-c-°m-kn- se Im-gvN. H-cp m-Sn-s D-W¿-Øn-b t-Xm-hn-s H-cn-°epw m-Sv ssI-hn-Sn- - - s√-∂v ]-d™v Nn-e¿ s]m-´n-°c™p. jm-th-kn-s‚ kvacW H-cn-°epw em- - - - - - - - ‰n≥ A-ta-cn-°-bn¬-n-∂v C-√m-Xm-In-s√-∂m-bn-cp-∂p a-‰v Nn-e-cp-sS {]-Xn-I-c- Ww.-jm-th-kn-s‚ ar-XtZ-lØn¬ em-‰n-ta-cn-°bn-se C-SXp cm-{„-Øeh- - - - - - - - ∑m¿ B-Zcm-RvPen-Iƒ A¿-∏n-®p. n-ch[n em-‰n-ta-cn-°≥ cm-{„-߃ Hu- - - - - - - tZym-Kn-I Zpx-Jm-N-c-Ww {]-Jym-]n-®n-´p-≠v. email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com a-{¥n-s°-Xn-cm-b hn-hm-Zw ]p-Xn-b h-gn-Øn-cn-hn¬ K-tW-jn-s-Xn-cm-b ]-cm-Xn-bn¬ A-©v h¿-jw h-sc X-S-hv in-£ e-`n-°mw I-Æq¿: a-{¥n K-tW-jv-Ip-am-dn- s-Xn-sc `m-cy ¬-In-b ]-cm- Xn-bn¬ F-¥v -S-]-Sn kzo-I-cn- ®p-sh-∂v ap-Jy-a-{¥n hy-‡-am- °-Wsa-∂v kn-]n-Fw kw-ÿm- - sk-{I-´-dn ]n-W-dm-bn hn-P- b≥. ]-cm-Xn I-øn-en-√ F-∂v am- {X-am-Wv ap-Jy-a-{¥n ]-d-bp-∂- Xv. ]-cm-Xn C-√ F-∂v ]-d-™n- ´n-√, F-¶n¬ B ]-cm-Xn-°v F- ¥v kw-`hn-®p-sh-∂v ap-Jy-a{¥n - - X-s∂ hy-‡-am-°-W-sa-∂pw ]n-Wdm-bn I-Æq-cn¬ ]-d™p. - - Hu-Z-tym-Kn-I h-k-Xn-bn¬ sh- World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia ®m-Wv a-{¥n `m-cy-sb D-]-{Z-hn- ®-Xv. sF-]n-kn 498(F)h-Ip-∏v {]-Im-cw A-©v h¿-jw h-sc X- S-hv in-£ e-`n-°m-hp-∂ Ip-‰- am-Wv a-{¥n sN-bv-X-Xv. n-b-aw n-b-a-Øn-s‚ h-gn-bv-°v t]m-Ip-sa-∂v n-c-¥- cw ]-dbp-∂ ap-Jy-a{¥n F-¥v sIm-≠v K-tW-in-s-Xn-sc -S]Sn-bv°v X-øm- - - - - - dm-Ip-∂n-s√-∂pw ]n-W-dm-bn tNm-Zn-®p.-- cm-{„o-b aq-ey-Øn-pw k-Zm-Nm-c-Øn-pw hn-e-¬-I¬-∏n-°p-∂n-s√-∂ ]-c- ky {]-Jym-]--am-Wv bp-Un-F-^v tbm-K Xo-cp-am--sa-∂v ]n-W-dm-bn ]-d- ™p. k¿-°m-cn-s‚ `q-cn-]£w n-en¿-Øm≥ X-ßtfm-sSm-∏w n¬-°p-∂- - - - h¿ F-¥v sN-bv-Xm-epw kw-c-£-Ww ¬-Ip-∂ n-e-]m-Sm-Wv bp-Un-F-^v ssI-s°m-≈p-∂-Xv. K-tW-jv F-¥v sN-bv-Xp F-∂-Xv am-{X-a-√ {]-iv-w K- tW-jn-s-Xn-cm-b B-tcm-]-W-Øn¬ No-^v hn-∏v ]n kn tPm¿-Pv D-d-®p-n¬- °p-∂p F-∂Xpw Im-WWw. K-tW-jn-s‚ `m-cy ]-cm-Xn ¬-In-btXm-sS No- - - - ^v hn-∏n-s‚ ]-cm-Xn-bv-°v hn-izm-ky-X Iq-Sn-bn-cn-°p-I-bm-Wv. sX-‰v sN-bv-X- K-tW-in-s A-p-Iq-en-®v bm-sf kw-c-£n-°p-∂ n-e-]m-Sm-Wv bp-Un-F-^v kzo-I-cn-°p-∂-sX-∂pw ]n- W-dm-bn ]-d-™p. Sn-hn Xm-c-ß-fp-sS {]-I-S-w Xn-cp-h--¥-]p-cw: a-{¥n K-tW-iv Ip-am-dn-s-bpw k¿-°m-cn-s-bpw tX-tPm-h- [w sN-øm≥ {i-an-°p-∂hcp-sS I-≈Ifn-Iƒ sh-fn-®Øp sIm-≠p-hcWsa- - - - - - - - - ∂v B-h-iy-s∏-´v A-tkm-kn-tb-j≥ H-^v sS-en-hn-j≥ ao-Un-b B¿-´n-Ãv-kv (B-fl) Iv-fn-^v lu-kn-te-°v {]-I-S-w -S-Øn.-K-tW-iv Ip-am-dn-s‚ n-c-]- cm-[n-Xzw sX-fn-bn-°m≥ th-≠ -S-]-Sn-Iƒ ssI-sIm-≈-Ww. K-tW-iv Ip- am¿ tI-c-f P--X-bv-°pw I-em kmw-kv-Im-cn-I ta-J-e-°pw ¬-In-bn-´p-≈ ¬-In-bn-´p-≈-Xpw ¬-Ip-∂-Xp-am-b kw-`m-h--Iƒ sN-dp-X-√.- A-gn-a-Xn c-ln-X `-c-Ww Im-gv-N-h-®v P- -∑-bv-°m-bn {]-h¿-Øn-°p- aAZn°v CS°me Pmayw ∂ K-tW-iv Ip-am-dn-s‚ {]-h¿-Ø--sØ I-≠n-s√-∂p -Sn-®v kzm¿-∞ Xm-Xv- ]-cy-߃-°v th-≠n K-tW-iv Ip-am-dn-s am--kn-I-am-bn ]o-Un-∏n-°p-I-bm- sW-∂pw kw-L-S-m t-Xm-hv Fw-B¿ tKm-]-I-cp-am¿ B-tcm-]n-®p.- C-tX- https://www.facebook.com/kabeer.wayanad.7 k-a-bw, h-w am-^n-b-Iƒ-°p Iq-´p-n¬-°m-sX -√ `-c-Ww Im-gv-N-h-bv-°p- ∂ a-{¥n sI.-_n. K-tW-ivIp-am-dn-s ]-cky-am-bn A-]Io¿-Øn-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂ - - - No-^v hn-∏v ]n.-kn.-tPm¿-Pn-s bp-Un-F^n¬-n-∂p ]p-dØm-°Wsa-∂p sI.- - - - - _n. K-tW-iv Ip-am¿ P--Io-b th-Zn Xr-iq-cn¬ B-h-iy-s∏-´p.-KabeerWayanadWorked atCPIMLives in AbuDhabi, UnitedArab Emirates
  3. 3. World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com ln-®p. tI-c-f Im¿-jn-I k¿-h-I-em-im-e ssh-kv-Nm≥-k-e¿ tUm. ]n cm- _m¿ sse-k≥-kv ¬-In-b-Xn-s-Xn-sc tP-{μ≥ A-[y-£m-bn. cm-hn-se I¿-jIim-kv{X-⁄ ap-Jm-ap-Jw ]-cn-]m- - - - - Sn -S-∂p. s¬-I¿-j-I kw-K-aw, tI-c-I¿-j-I kw-K-aw, I¿-j-I-im-kv-{X {]-Xn-tj-[w kw-K-aw Xp-S-ßn-b ]-cn-]m-Sn-I-tfm-sS km-t¶-Xn-I-hn-Zym-hm-cw 12 h-sc o- ≠p-n¬-°pw. Im¿-jn-I k¿-h-I-em-im-e-bn-se {]-ap-J im-kv-{X-⁄-cpw ]q-hm¿: ]q-hm-dn-se kz-Im-cy-tlm-´en-v _m¿ sse-k≥-kv ¬-In-bXv ]n≥- - - I¿-j-I-cpw ]-cn-]m-Sn-bn¬ ]-s¶-Sp-°pw. h-en-°-W-sa-∂m-h-iy-s∏-´p-sIm-≠p-≈ {]-Xn-tj-[w I-S-em-bn. B-bn-c-°- W-°n-m-fp-Ifm-Wv {]-Xn-tj-[Øn¬ ]-s¶-Sp-°m≥ H-gp-In-sb-Øn ]q-hm¿ - - F≥-Pn-H bq-Wn-b≥ Pn-√m-k-tΩ-f-w ]-©m-b-Øv D-]-tcm-[n-®p. ]p-√p-hn-f s^-tdm--bp-sS Io-gn-ep-≈ C-S-h-I- Iƒ, ]q-hm¿ ap-kvenw P-am-AØv I-Ωn-‰n F-∂n-hbp-sS t-Xr-Xz-Øn-em-Wv - - - C-∂p Xp-S-ßpw D-]-tcm-[w kw-L-Sn-∏n-®-Xv. I-√p-ap-°n¬-n-∂v {]-I-S--tØm-sS-bm-Wv {]- sIm-√w: tI-cf F≥-Pn-H bq-Wn-b≥ 50-maXv Pn-√m-ktΩ-fw sh-≈n-bm-gvN - - - - - - Xn-tj-[°m¿ ]q-hm-dn-se-Øn-bXv. - - Nn-∂°S kn-FkvsF I¨-h≥-j≥ lm-fn¬ B-cw-`n-°pw. cm-hn-se 9.30v - - - - D-]-tcm-[w Xn-cp-h--¥-]p-cw A-Xn-cq-]-Xm B¿-®v _n-j-∏v tUm. Fw. kq- Pn-√m-{]-kn-U‚ v B¿ N-{μ-ti-J-c≥-m-b¿ ]-Xm-I D-b¿-Øp-∂-tXm-sS k- k-]m-Iyw D-Zv-Lm-S-w sN-bv-Xp. am-dn-am-dn-h-cp-∂ k¿-°m-dp-Iƒ P--ß-sf email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com tΩ-f -S]Sn-Iƒ-°v Xp-S°am-Ipw. c-‡km-£n-afi]Øn¬ ]p-jv]m¿- - - - - - - - - - - I-_-fn-∏n-°p-∂ co-Xn-bn-em-Wv a-Zy--bw sIm-≠p-h-cp-∂-sX-∂pw a-Zyw hn-‰v ®- -S-Øn-b-ti-jw Iu¨-kn¬-tbm-Kw tN-cpw. 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Iƒ-°pw Ip-´n-Iƒ-°pw kw-c-£-Ww D-d-∏m-°p-∂-Xn-epw tI-kp-Iƒ ssI- Du¿-P-{io ]-cn-]m-Sn tI-c-fw {]-Xo-£-tbm-sS D-‰p-tm-°p-∂ H-∂v Im-cyw sN-øp-∂-Xn-epw {]-tXy-I ]-cn-K-W- -ev-Ip-∂-Xn-p ]p-Xn-b Hm¿- Xn-cp-h--¥-]p-cw: Ip-Spw-_-{io-bp-sS Du¿-P-{io ]-cn-]m-Sn tI-c-fw {]-Xo-£- Un-≥-kv ]p-d-Øn-d-ßn-sb-¶n-epw C-X-p-k-cn-®p-≈ kw-hn-[m--߃ -ev- tbm-sS D-‰p-tm-°p-∂ kw-cw-`-am-sW-∂v ap-Jy-a-{¥n D-Ω≥-Nm-≠n. Ip-Spw- Im≥ t]m-eo-kn-pw I-gn-bp-∂n-√.I-gn-™ sk-]v‰w-_¿-hsc-bp-≈ I-W°p- - - - World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia _-{io Du¿-Pkw-c£W {]-Nm-cW ]-cn-]m-Sn-Ifp-sS kw-ÿm-Xe kw-K- - - - - - - - Iƒ {]-Im-cw ]-Ø-w-Xn-´ Pn-√-bn¬ kv-{Xo-Iƒ-s°-Xn-sc-bp-≈ A-Xn-{I-a- a-hpw sk-an-m-dpw D-Zv-Lm-S-w sN-øp-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p A-t±-lw. ß-fp-am-bn _-‘s∏-´ tI-kp-Ifp-sS F-Æw 302 B-Wv. 2011¬ sam-Øw 392 - - Du¿-P-kw-c-£-Ww t]m-se-X-s∂ {]-[m--am-Wv ]-cn-ÿn-Xn kw-c-£-W- tI-kp-I-fpw 2010¬ 361 tI-kp-I-fp-am-Wp-Wv-Sm-bn-cp-∂-Xv. 2012se ]n-∂o-Sp- hpw. Hm-tcm Zn-h-k-hpw ssh-Zyp-Xn hm-ßp-∂-Xn-eq-sS -ap-°v tIm-Sn-Iƒ - ≈ aq-∂p-am-k-Øn-n-sS tI-kp-I-fp-sS F-Æ-Øn¬ h¿-[--bp-Wv-Sm-Ip-I- „-am-Ip-∂p. Cu km-l-N-cy-Øn-em-Wv Du¿-P-kw-c-£-W-Øn-pw ]m-c-º- bpw sN-bv-Xp.sk-]v-‰w-_¿-h-sc-bp-≈ I-W-°n¬ ]-Ø-w-Xn-´-bn¬ am--`w- tcy-X-c Du¿-P D-]-I-c-W-ß-fp-sS {]-Nm-c-W-Øn-pw hn-]-W--Øn-p-am-bn K-ß-fp-sS F-Æw 26 B-Wv. kv-{Xo-I-sf i-ey-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂-Xp-am-bn _-‘- Ip-Spw-_-{io ap-∂n-´n-d-ßn-bn-cn-°p-∂-Xv. s∏-´v 111 tI-kp-Iƒ c-Pn-ÿ sN-bv-Xn-cp-∂p. km-t¶-Xn-I hn-Zym-hm-c-Øn-p Xp-S-°-am-bn sIm-√w: sIm-Spw h-cƒ-®bn-epw hn-fhv F-∂ e-£y-hp-am-bn k-Zm-μ]p-cw - - - - Ir-jn-hn-⁄m--tI-{μw kw-L-Sn-∏n-°p-∂ km-t¶-Xn-I hn-Zym-hm-c-Øn-p Xp-S°am-bn. {Ko≥-hm-en Hm-Un-t‰m-dn-bØn¬ -S∂ N-Sßn¬ Pn-√m-]©m- - - - - - - b-Øv {]-kn-U‚ v F-kv P-b-tam-l≥ km-t¶-Xn-I-hn-Zym-hm-cw D-Zv-Lm-S-w- sN-bv-Xp. Pn-√-bn-se an-I-® I¿-j-I¿-°p-≈ A-hm¿-Uv-Zm--hpw A-t±-lw n¿-h-ln-®p. s¬-Ir-jn-sb kw-_-‘n-®v Ir-jn-hn-⁄m--tI-{μw {]-kn- ≤o-Icn-°p-∂ ]p-kvXIØn-s‚ {]-Im-iw tUm. B¿-X¿ tP-°_v n¿-h- - - - - - - ln-®p. tI-c-f Im¿-jn-I k¿-h-I-em-im-e ssh-kv-Nm≥-k-e¿ tUm. ]n cm- tP-{μ≥ A-[y-£-m-bn. cm-hn-se I¿-j-I-im-kv-{X-⁄ ap-Jm-ap-Jw ]-cn- ]m-Sn -S∂p. s¬-I¿-jI kw-Kaw, tI-cI¿-jI kw-Kaw, I¿-jIim-kv- - - - - - - - - {X kw-K-aw Xp-S-ßn-b ]-cn-]m-Sn-I-tfm-sS km-t¶-Xn-I-hn-Zym-hm-cw 12 h-sc o-≠p-n¬-°pw. Im¿-jn-I k¿-h-I-em-im-e-bn-se {]-ap-J im-kv-{X-⁄- cpw I¿-j-I-cpw ]-cn-]m-Sn-bn¬ ]-s¶-Sp-°pw. tam-j-W-t°-kv: H-∂mw-{]-Xn ho-≠pw t]m-eo-kv I-Ã-Un-bn¬ ]-Ø-w-Xn-´: Un-ssh-F-kv-]n-bp-sS ho-´n¬ -S-∂ tam-j-W-hp-am-bn _-‘- s∏-´ tI-kn-se H-∂mw {]-Xn A-o-jn-s A-tz-j-W-kw-Lw ho-Wv-Spw I- Ã-Un-bn¬ hm-ßn A-tz-j-Ww Xp-S-ßn. ]-Ø-w-Xn-´-bn-se F-F-kv-sF B-bn-cp-∂ Fw.k-enw c-≠mw-{]-Xn-bm-b tI-km-Wn-Xv. c-≠mw-{]-Xn H-fn-hn¬ I-gn-bp-tºmƒ H-∂mw-{]-Xn-bn¬ n-∂p Iq-Sp-X¬ hn-h-c-߃ ti-J-cn-°m-m- Wv Pp-Uo-jy¬ I-Ã-Un-bn¬ n-∂p c-≠p-Zn-h-k-tØ-°v A-o-jn-s I-Ã- Un-bn¬ hm-ßn-bn-cn-°p-∂-Xv.tIm-gn-t°m-Sv ss{Iw-{_m-©v Un-ssh-F-kv-]n h-n-X-I-fp-sS kp-c-£-bv-°v kw-hn-[m--߃ C-√ k-¬-Ip-am-dn-s‚ ]-Øw-Xn-´bn-se ho-´n¬ n-∂pw kz¿-Whpw sam-ss_¬- - - - t^m-Wpw tam-„n-®-Xp-am-bn _-‘-s∏-´ tI-kn-em-Wv A-o-jv dn-am≥-Un¬ I-gn-bp-∂Xv. - Un-ssh-F-kv-]n-bp-sS ho-´n¬ n-∂p tam-„n-® kz¿-Ww ]-Ø-w-Xn- ´ t]m-eo-kv kvt‰-j≥ tdm-Un-se kz-Im-cy ]-Wan-S]m-Sp ÿm-]Øn¬ ]- - - - - - W-bw h-bv-°m≥ A-o-jn-s k-lm-bn-°p-I-bpw ]-Ww ho-Xn-s®-Sp-°p-I- bpw sN-bv-Xp-sh-∂-Xn-s‚ t]-cn¬ k-kv-s]≥-j-n-em-b k-enw tI-kn¬ c- Wv-Smw {]-Xn-bp-am-bn. km-t¶-Xn-I hn-Zym-hm-c-Øn-p im-kv-{X km-ln-Xy ]-cn-j-Øn-s‚ Xp-S-°-am-bn sIm-√w: sIm-Spw h-cƒ-®-bn-epw hn-f-hv F-∂ e-£y-hp-am-bn k-Zm--μ-]p-cw A-Xn-Po-h--bm-{X m-sf Ir-jn-hn-⁄m--tI-{μw kw-L-Sn-∏n-°p-∂ km-t¶-Xn-I hn-Zym-hm-c-Øn-p ]-Ø-w-Xn-´: s¬-h-b-ep-I-fpw X-Æo¿-Ø-S-ß-fpw kw-c-£n-°p-I, B-d-∑p- Xp-S°am-bn. {Ko≥-hm-en Hm-Un-t‰m-dn-bØn¬ -S∂ N-Sßn¬ Pn-√m-]©m- - - - - - - f hn-am--Øm-h-f ]-≤-Xn D-t]-£n-°p-I F-∂o B-h-iy-ß-fp-∂-bn-®v im- b-Øv {]-kn-U‚ v F-kv P-b-tam-l≥ km-t¶-Xn-I-hn-Zym-hm-cw D-Zv-Lm-S-w- kv-{X km-ln-Xy-]-cn-j-Øn-s‚ B-`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ A-Xn-Po-h--bm-{X kw-L- sN-bv-Xp. Pn-√-bn-se an-I-® I¿-j-I¿-°p-≈ A-hm¿-Uv-Zm--hpw A-t±-lw Sn-∏n-°p-sa-∂v `m-c-hm-ln-Iƒ ]-{X-k-tΩ-f--Øn¬ ]-d-™p.m-sf D-®-bv-°v n¿-h-ln-®p. s¬-Ir-jn-sb kw-_-‘n-®v Ir-jn-hn-⁄m--tI-{μw {]-kn- sN-ß-∂q-cn¬ n-∂pw B-cw-`n-°p-∂ bm-{X ssh-Ip-t∂-cw A-©n-v B-d- ≤o-Icn-°p-∂ ]p-kvXIØn-s‚ {]-Im-iw tUm. B¿-X¿ tP-°_v n¿-h- - - - - - - ∑p-f-bn¬ k-am-]n-°pw. sN-ß-∂q-cn¬ ]-cn-j-Øv kw-ÿm- {]-kn-U‚ v sI.Sn.cm-[m-Ir-jv-W≥ bm-{X ^v-fm-Kv-Hm-^v sN-øpw. B-d-∑p-f-bn¬ tN-cp-∂
  4. 4. World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com k-am-]- k-tΩ-f-w ]-cn-j-Øv ]-cn-ÿn-Xn hn-j-b k-an-Xn sN-b¿-am≥ tUm. kn.‰n.F-kv. m-b¿ D-Zv-Lm-S-w sN-øpw. kn-]n-Fw Pn-√m sk-{I-´-dn th-jw-am-dn-sb-Øn a-W-eq-‰p-Im-sc A-Uz.sI.A-¥tKm-]≥, kn-]n-sF Pn-√m sk-{I-´dn ]n.{]-km-Zv, ap≥ Fw- - - - F¬-F am-te-Øv k-c-fm tZ-hn, _n-sP-]n Pn-√m {]-kn-U‚ v hn.F≥.D-Æn, ]n-Sn-®p ap-≠°bw: ]-ºbm-‰n¬-n-∂v A-[n-Ir-Xam-bn a-Weq-‰n-b aq-∂p-t]¿ hm- - - - - - - ap≥ Pn-√m ]-©m-b-Øv {]-kn-U‚ v sI.sI.tdm-bv-k¨ F-∂n-h¿ {]-kw-Kn- l--tØm-sSm-∏w ]n-Sn-bn¬. ]-ºm-hm-en aq-e-°-bw N-∏m-Øv `m-K-Øp-h-®v °pw. th-jw-am-dn-sb-Øn-b h--]m-e-I¿ hym-gm-gv-N ]p-e¿-s® 4.30m-Wv C-h-sc tKm-im-e n¿-am-Ww A-h-km- L-´-Øn¬ ]n-Sn-Iq-Sn-b-Xv.]-ºm-hm-en ]-≈n-°¬ F-{_-lmw tPm-k-^v, Im-∏n¬-t_m- A-º-e-∏p-g: {io-Ir-jv-W-t£-{X-Øn-se tKm-°-fp-sS ]-cn-]m-e--Øn-m-bn _n tPm-k-^v, Nm-bw-th-ß-bn¬ am-Xyp tPm-k-^v F-∂n-h-sc-bm-Wv c-≠v Xn-cp-hn-Xmw-Iq¿ tZ-h-kzw t_m¿-Uv n¿-tZ-in-® tKm-im-e n¿-am-Ww A-h- tem-dn k-ln-Xw ]n-Sn-Iq-Sn-bX.v h-w-hIp-∏v C-Sp-°n ^vfbn-Mv kvIzm-Uv Un.F- - - - - - km- L-´Øn¬. m-ep-e£w cq-] sN-ehgn-®v n¿-an-°p-∂ tKm-im-e t£- - - - - ^v.H. bv°v e-`n-® c-lky-hn-hcØn-s‚ A-Sn-ÿm-Øn¬ ap-≠°bw Cu- - - - - - - - {X-Øn-s‚ In-g-t° -S-bn-em-Wp bm-Ym¿-Yy-am-hp-I. 15 ]-ip-°ƒ-°v I-gn-bm- Ãv ^vfbn-Mv kvIzm-Up-Itfm-sSm-∏w -SØn-b sd-bvUn-em-Wv a-Weq-‰p-Im- - - - - - - - p-≈ ku-I-cyw C-hn-sS-bp-≠v. 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Nn-∂- n-∂p Xo-bpw ]p-I-bpw D-b-cp-∂-Xp I-≠v _-l-fw h-®-Xn-s Xp-S¿-∂v m-´p- °-m-en¬ N-c-°v C-d-°n-b-Xn-p-ti-jw a-S-ßn-b tem-dn-bm-Wv n-b-{¥- Im¿ Hm-Sn-°q-Sn Xo-bWb°m≥ {i-an-s®-¶n-epw I-gn-™n-√.tN¿-Øebn¬ n- - - v- - - World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia Ww hn-´v 100 A-Sn Xm-gv®bn-te-°v a-dn-™Xv. kw-`hw A-dn-™v aq-∂m-dn¬ - - - - s∂-Øn-b c-≠p bq-Wn-‰v A-·n-iatk- c-≠p a-Wn-°q-tdm-fw ]-cn-{i-an-®m- - - - n-∂pw ^-b¿-t^m-gv-kv F-Øn-bm-Wv A-]-I-S-Øn¬-s∏-´-h-sc c-£-s∏-Sp- Wp Xo-b-W-®-Xv. A-dp-q-tdm-fw Nm-°v h-f-am-Wv A-·n-°n-c-bm-b-Xv. th-∏n≥ Øn-b-Xv. C-cp-h-sc-bpw aq-∂m¿ Sm-‰m P--d¬ B-ip-]-{Xn-bn¬ {]-th-in-∏n- ]n-Æm-°v Xp-Sßn-b A-kw-kvIr-X h-kvXp-°fpw ^m-IvSdn-bn¬ kq-£n-®n-cp- - - - - - - ®v {]m-Y-an-I Nn-In-’ ¬-In hn-Z-Kv-[ Nn-In-’-°m-bn F-d-Wm-Ip-fw P-- ∂p. C-Xv Xo B-fn-∏-S-cm≥ Im-c-W-am-bn. Xo ]-S¿-∂ D-S≥ k-ao-]-hm-kn-Iƒ d¬ B-ip-]-{Xn-bn-te-°v sIm-≠p-t]m-bn. 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Ww -S-Øn-b-Xn¬ {]-tIm-]n-X-m-bn-´m-Wv B-{I-a-Ww -S-Øn-b-sX-∂v ]- cm-Xn-°m¿ ]-d-™p. s]-cp-h-¥m-w s]m-eo-kv kw-`-h-Øn¬ ]-©m-b-Øv Aw-KsØ k-lm-bn-°p-∂ hn-[Øn-em-Wv tI-sk-Sp-ØsX-∂pw ]-cm-Xn-bn- - - - ep-≠v. sIm-Xp-Ip-Iƒ s]-cp-Ip-∂p sXm-Sp-]p-g: sXm-Sp-]p-g -K-c-Øn¬ sIm-Xp-Ip-Iƒ s]-cp-Ip-tºm-gpw -K-c- k-`-bp-sS B-tcm-Ky-hn-`m-Kw D-d-°-Øn¬. tlm-´-ep-I-fn-se-bpw a-’y-hym- ]m-c ÿm-]--ß-fn-se-bpw t{_m-bn-e¿ tIm-gn hn¬-°p-∂ tI-{μ-ß-fn-se- bpw am-en-yw n-d-™v Hm-S-Iƒ sIm-Xp-Ip-I-fp-sS B-hm-k-tI-{μ-ß-fm-bn- ´v am-k-ß-fm-bn. sI-´n-°n-S-°p-∂ a-en- P-e-Øn¬ ap-´-bn-´v s]-cp-Ip-∂ sIm-Xp-Ip-Iƒ k-‘y-bm-Ip-∂-tXm-sS C-d-ßpw. C-Xv hym-]m-c ÿm-]-- ß-fn-epw -K-c-{]m-¥-Øn-se ho-Sp-I-fn-epw P--Po-hn-Xw Zp-cn-X-]q¿-W-am- °p-∂p. Hm-S-I-fpw a-en--P-ew sI-´n-°n-S-°p-∂ ÿ-e-ß-fpw ip-No-I-cn-°p- ∂-Xn-tm am-en-y-ß-fpw a-en--P-e-hpw Hm-S-I-fn-te-s°m-gp-°p-∂-Xv X-S-bp-
  5. 5. World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com ∂-Xn-tm -K-c-k-`-bp-sS `m-K-Øp-n-∂v -S-]-Sn-I-fn-√. sIm-Xp-Iv s]-cp-Ip- kv Pm≥-kvtIm-bp-sS Z du-≠v A-]v F-∂o kn-n-aIfm-Wv A-Sq¿ tKm-]m-e- - - - ∂-Xv X-Sbm≥v D-S≥ ]-cn-lm-cap-≠m-°p-sa-∂ ]-Xn-hv a-dp-]Sn am-{X-am-Wv - - - - Ir-jvW≥ sX-cs™-Sp-Øn-´p-≈Xv. - - - K-ck`m-[n-Ir-X¿ ¬-Ip-∂Xv. th-¬ B-cw-`n-°p-Ibpw ]-´WØn-se Hm- - - - - - - S-Iƒ a-en--am-hp-I-bpw sN-bv-X-t∏mƒ X-s∂ sIm-Xp-Iv -io-I-c-W-Øn-v sIm-®n-°v H-∂mw ÿm-w Im-te-Iq-´n-bp-≈ -S-]-Sn-Iƒ th-W-sa-∂ B-h-iyw D-b¿-∂n-cp-∂p. kw- sIm-®n: cm-Py-Øv G-‰-hpw Iq-Sp-X¬ s]m-Æ-Ø-Sn-b≥-am-cpw G-‰-hp-a-[n-Iw ÿm- B-tcm-Ky-h-Ip-∏p-am-bn tN¿-∂v -K-c-k-`-bn-se B-tcm-Ky-hn-`m-Kw {]-ta-l-tcm-Kn-I-fp-ap-≈ -K-cw sIm-®n-bm-sW-∂v k¨-ssd-kv tlm-kv-]n-‰- k-Xz-c--S-]-Sn kzo-I-cn-°p-sa-∂m-bn-cp-∂p _-‘-s∏-´-h¿ A-∂v ]-d-™-Xv. en-se ko-n-b¿ I¨-kƒ-´‚ v k¿-Ppw sa-Un-°¬ U-bdISdp-am-b tUm. - - - v- - ]-s£, am-k-߃ I-gn-™n-´pw -S-]-Sn-bp-≠m-bn-√. B¿. ]-flIp-am¿ ]-d™p. Po-hn-Xssi-eo tcm-Kßsf-°p-dn-®v t{K-‰¿ sIm- - - - - - Pn-√-bn¬ hn-hn-[ ]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ ®n _m-t¶-gvkv ¢-_v kw-LSn-∏n-® N-Sßn¬ kw-km-cn-°p-Ibm-bn-cp-∂p A- - - - - t±-lw.cm-Py-Øv ]-©m-_v I-gn-™m¬ G-‰-hpw Iq-Sp-X¬ s]m-Æ-Ø-Sn-b≥- sIm-®n: A-¥m-cm-{„ h-n-Xm-Zn-w Pn-√-bn¬ C-∂p hn-hn-[ kw-L-S--I-fp- am-cp-≈-Xv tI-c-f-Øn-em-Wv. s]m-Xp-sh 50 h-b-kv I-gn-™-h-cn-em-Wv lr-Z- sS B-`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ B-N-cn-°pw. F-√m tªm-°p tI-{μ-ß-fn-epw ]-cn-]m- bm-Lm-X-ap-Wv-Sm-Ip-∂-sX-¶n¬ tI-c-f-Øn¬ 40˛mw h-b-kn¬ X-s∂ tcm-K- Sn-Iƒ kw-LSn-∏n-®n-´p-WvSv. Ip-Spw-_{io an-j≥, Aw-Khm-Sn-Iƒ, km-£- - - - - - Øn-v A-Sn-a-s∏-Sp-∂p. email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com c-X k-a-Xn Xp-S¿-hn-Zym-tI-{μ-߃ F-∂n-h-bp-sS t-Xr-Xz-Øn-em-Wp ]-cn- B-tKm-f-h-Xv-°-c-W-sØ-Øp-S¿-∂v e-`y-am-b -ho- Po-hn-X ku-I- ]m-Sn-Iƒ. dm-en, sk-an-m¿, N¿-®, in¬-∏-im-e-Iƒ, kw-hm-Zw F-∂n-h C- cy-߃ th-≠-Xn¬-Iq-Sp-X¬ D-]-tbm-K-s∏-Sp-Øp-I-bpw sX-‰m-b `-£-W-co- tXm-sSm-∏w kw-L-Sn-∏n-®n-´p-Wv-Sv. 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World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia kv-{Xo-k-aq-lw t-cn-Sp-∂ {]-iv--ß-fn¬ n-∂pw C-n-bpw tam-N--am-bn-´n-√: kp-KXIp-am-cn - - kzm-X-{¥-y-]q¿-Δ C≥-U-y-bn¬ kv-{Xo k-aq-lw t-cn-´n-cp-∂ {]-iv--ß-fn¬- n-∂pw h-en-sbm-cp-tam-N-w C-∂pw t-Sn-bn-´n-s√-∂v I-h-bn-{Xn kp-K-X-Ip- am-cn ]-d-™p. _m-en-Im-]o-U-w, kv-{Xo-]o-U-w F-∂n-h h¿-≤n-°p-I-bm- Wv sN-bv-X-sX-∂pw A-h¿ A-`n-{]m-b-s∏-´p. c-_o-{μ-m-Y-Sm-tKm-dn-s‚ 150- ˛mw P- hm¿-jn-Im-tLm-jßtfm-Sp-_‘n-®v Pn-√m C≥-^¿-ta-j≥ Hm-^o- - - - - - kpw s-lv-dp-bp-h-tI-{μ-bpw tI-c-f-bq-Wn-th-gv-kn-‰n tIm-tf-Pv Hm-^v So-®¿- F-Pyq-t°-jp-am-bn tN¿-∂v kw-LSn-∏n-°p-∂ c-_o-t{μm¬-khw Im-cyh- - - - -- ´w F¬.F≥.-kn.-]n.-C. bn¬ D-Zv-Lm-S-w sN-bv-Xv kw-km-cn-°p-I-bm-bn-cp- ∂p A-h¿. Sm-tKm-dn-s‚ Ir-Xn-I-fn-se kv-{Xo km-∂n-≤yw F-∂ hn-j-b- sØ-°p-dn-®p-f-f sk-an-m-dpw kp-K-X-Ip-am-cn D-Zv-Lm-S-w sN-bv-Xp. -Ωp- sS hn-Z-ym-`-ym-kw hn-im-e-am-b hm-b--bp-sS tem-Iw Xp-d-∂p-X-cp-∂n-√. n¿- `-b-cm-bn B-flm-`n-am--tØm-sS kv-{Xo-Iƒ-°v Po-hn-°m-p-f-f km-aq-ln-Im- h-ÿ-bp-≠m-I-W-sa-∂pw A-h¿ ]-d-™p. k-aq-lw am-‰-Øn-s‚ ]m-X-bn- em-sW-∂pw i-‡am-b B¨-˛s]¨-Iq-´m-baIƒ {]-Xym-i]Icp-∂Xm-sW- - - v- - - - - - - ∂pw N-S-ßn¬ A-≤-y-£-X h-ln-® C≥-^¿-ta-j≥ ˛ ]-ªn-Iv dn-te-j≥-kv h-Ip-∏v U-b-d-Iv-S¿ F. ^n-tdm-kv ]-d-™p. B-i-¶-bp-sS s-dp-I-bn¬ sI-F-kv-B¿-Sn-kn Po-h--°m¿ ]m-e-°m-Sv: s]≥-j-p-an-√, tPm-en-bp-an-√. h-≠n-I-sfm-s° I-´-∏p-d-Øpw. F-t∏mƒ th-Wsa-¶n-epw ]q-´m-hp-∂ A-hÿbn-em-Wv s]m-Xp-ta-Jem-ÿm- - - - - ]--am-b sI-F-kv-B¿-Sn-kn. Cu A-h-ÿ-bn¬-t]m-bm¬ tPm-en -„-am- Ip-tam-sb-∂ `o-Xn-bn-em-Wv Po-h--°m-cpw Ip-Spw-_-ß-fpw. F-ß-s ap- t∂m-´p-t]m-Ip-sa-∂ B-i-¶-bm¬ ]-e-cpw am--kn-I-am-bn X-I¿-∂p Xp-S- ßn. s]≥-j≥-Im-cm-I-s´ B-fl-l-Xy-bp-sS h-°n-epw. sI-F-kv-B¿-Sn-kn dm-¶v-]-´n-I-bn¬ C-Sw-]n-Sn-® sXm-gn-e-tz-j-I¿ I-Sp-Ø n-cm-i-bn-epw. sI- F-kv-B¿-Sn-kn-sb B-{i-bn-®p-I-gn-bp-∂ B-bn-c-ß-fp-sS Po-hn-X-Øn-p-ta- em-Wv Uo-k¬-hn-e-h¿-[- I-cn-n-g¬ ho-gv-Øn-b-Xv.a-{¥n-am-cp-sS U¬-ln- _n-m-se-bp-sS `m-K-am-bn N-e-®n-{X ta-f bm-{X-bpw A-hn-sS-n-∂v e-`n-® D-]-tZ-i-hpw Po-h--°m-cp-sS-bpw Ip-Spw-_- ß-fp-sS-bpw B-[n Iq-´p-I-bm-Wp-≠m-b-Xv. _-kp-I-fp-sS sj-Uyqƒ sh-´n- sIm-®n: sIm-®n-˛-ap-kn-cn-kv _n-m-se-bp-sS `m-K-am-b N-e-®n-X-ta-f m-sf °p-d-®pw em-`-a-√m-Ø k¿-ho-kp-Iƒ n¿-Øn-bpw -„w Ip-d-bv-°m≥ am- Xp-Sßpw. {]-ikX kw-hn-[m-bI≥ A-Sq¿ tKm-]m-eIr-jW≥ sX-cs™- - - v- - - v- - t-Pv-sa‚ v {i-an-°p-tºmƒ D-≈v In-Sp-ßp-∂-Xv Po-h--°m-cp-sS-bpw sI-F- Sp-Ø ]-Øv tem-I-{]-i-kv-X ¢m-kn-Iv Nn-{X-ß-fm-Wv ta-f-bn-ep-≈-Xv. F-d- kvB¿-kn-Sn-kn _-kn-s-am-{Xw B-{i-bn-®p-Ign-bp-∂ {]-tZ-iØv Po-hn-°p- - - - Wm-Ip-fw a-ssd≥-ss{U-hv Nn¬-{U≥-kv ]m¿-°n-p k-ao-]w Nn¬-{U≥-kv ∂ P-ßfp-tS-Xp-am-Wv. k¿-ho-kv Ip-d™tXm-sS Fw-]m-ep-Im¿-°v tPm- - - - - - Xn-b-‰-dn-em-Wv ta-f -S-°p-∂-Xv. A-h-km-n-°p-∂ 13 h-sc m-en-pw G-gn- en-bn-√m-sX-bm-bn. sN-øp-∂ tPm-en-°v Zn-hk°q-en hm-ßp-∂ C-hcp-sS Ip- - - - pw c-≠p {]-Z¿-ißfm-Wp-WvSm-Ip-I. {]-th-iw ku-Py-am-bn-cn-°pw. - - - - - - Spw-_w ]-´n-Wn-bn-ep-am-bn. s]≥-j≥-Im-cp-sS Zp-cn-Xw ]-d-™-dn-bm-°m-m- k-Xy-Pn-Xv td kw-hn-[m-w sN-bv-X _w-Km-fn kn-n-a-bm-b ]-tY¿ ]m-©m- In-√. en,s{^-U-dn-t°m s^-√n-n-bp-sS em k-{Sm-U, t{^m-t¶m-bn-kv {Sp-t^m-Sv kw-hn-[m-w sN-bv-X t^m¿ l¨-{U-Uv tªm-kv, X¿-t°m-hv-kv-In-bp-sS am-Xr-Iw h-n-Xm-Zn-w B-N-cn-°pw B≥-t{U dp-tªym-hv, b-kp-Po-tdm H-kp-hn-s‚ tSm-°n-tbm kv-t‰m-dn, Ip-d- ]m-e°m-Sv: km¿-htZ-io-b h-n-Xm-Zn-m-NcWØn-s‚ `m-Kam-bn sh-≈n-bm- - - - - - - tkm-hbp-sS dm-ja¨, -Kn-k H-jn-abp-sS Z t_m-bv, tdm-_¿-´v {_- Wn- - - - - gv-N Iym-º-kp-I-fn¬ F-kv-F-^v-sF hn-Zym¿-Yn-n k-_v-I-Ωn-‰n-am-Xr-Iw s‚ ]n-Iv t]m-°-‰v, tlm-kn-bm-thm sk-bv-n-s‚ Z ]-∏-‰v am-ÿ, an-°-tem-
  6. 6. World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com t-Xr-Xz-Øn¬ hn-]p-e-am-b ]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ kw-L-Sn-∏n-°pw. kv-{Xo-Iƒ-°p- t-cw C-cp-´n-bm¬ C-hn-sS Hm-t´m-dn-£-I-fn-epw Im-dn-ep-am-bn A-]-cn-Nn- t-sc h¿-[n-®p-h-cp-∂ ]o-U--߃-°pw A-Xn-{I-a-߃-°p-sa-Xn-sc hn- X¿ F-Øp-∂-Xm-bn m-´p-Im¿ ]-d-™p. t-c-tØ tdm-Un-√m-Ø-Xn-s‚ ]p-e-am-b Iym-º-bn≥ {]-h¿-Ø-w kw-L-Sn-∏n-°pw. "n¿-`-bw s]m-cp-Xp- bm-{Xm-Zp-cn-Xw am-{X-ta m-´p-Im¿-°v k-ln-t°-≠n-bn-cp-∂p-≈q. C-t∏mƒ I, Im-´p-o-Xn-s°-Xn-sc I-cWØSn-°p-I" F-∂ ap-{Zm-hm-Iy-ap-b¿-Øn Iym- - - - kv-{Xo-Iƒ-°pw Ip-´n-Iƒ-°pw H-‰-bv-°v bm-{X sN-øm-m-Im-Ø A-h-ÿ- º-kp-I-fn¬ {]-Xn-tj-[-Pz-e, H-∏p-ti-J-c-Ww, sk-an-m¿, e-Lp-m-S-Iw bm-sW-∂v ]-cn-k-c-hm-kn-Iƒ ]-cm-Xn-s∏-´p. F-∂n-h kw-L-Sn-∏n-°pw. Zn-m-N-c-Ww hn-P-bn-∏n-°m≥ F-√m hn-Zym¿-Yn- h-S-°p-ºm-Sv ]p-g-tbm-c-Øv-Iq-Sn-bm-Wv tdm-Uv I-S-∂p-t]m-Ip-∂-Xv. tdm-Un- I-tfm-Spw F-kv-F-^v-sF Pn-√m-sk-{I-´-dn-b-‰v A-`y¿-Yn-®p. s‚ H-cp-`m-Kw ]p-g-bpw a-dp-`m-Kw I-≠-ep-I-fpw o¿-Ø-S-ß-fpw n-d-™- Xm-Wv. {]-[m- tdm-Un¬-n-∂v hn-´v H-‰-s∏-´ ÿ-e-am-b-Xm-Wv C-hn-Sw k- k-aq-l-Øn¬ H-‰-s∏-´v 2 Ip-Spw-_w aq-l-hn-cp-≤¿-°v C-„-tI-{μ-am-Im≥ Im-c-Ww. H-‰-∏m-ew: a-c-W-ho-´n¬ I-b-dp-∂-Xn-v Dƒ-s∏-sS Du-cp-hn-e-°v G¿-s∏-Sp- Øn-b-tXm-sS hm-Wn-bw-Ip-fw A-ßm-Sn-bn-se c-≠v Ip-Spw-_-߃ k-aq-l- Øn¬ H-‰-s∏-Sp-∂p. ]-tc-X-m-b Z-fi-]m-Wn sN-´ym-cp-sS `m-cy ap-Ø-Ωm- fn-s‚-bpw hm-kp-sN-´ym-cp-tS-bpw Ip-Spw-_ßfm-Wv I-gn-™ m-ep-am-kam- - - - bn k-ap-Zm-b Du-cp-hn-e°v t-cn-Sp-∂Xv. X-ßfp-sS `m-Kw hn-iZo-Icn-°m≥- - - - - - t]m-epw A-hkcw ¬-Im-sX-bm-Wv 24a-ss sX-ep-¶vsN-´ym¿ k-ap-Zm-bw - - - Du-cp-hn-e°n-bsX-∂v ap-ØΩm-fn-s‚ a-I≥ sh-¶n-Sm-New "tZ-im-`n-am-n"tbm- - - - - Sv ]-d-™p. H-tŒm-_¿ 27v A-—-s‚ a-c-Wm--¥-c-N-S-ßn-v k-ap-Zm-b {]- am-Wn-am¿-°v A--`n-a-X-m-b _-‘p-hn-s C-d-°n-hn-S-W-sa-∂ n¿-tZ-iw A-p-k-cn-°m-Ø-Xm-Wv Du-cp-hn-e-°v {]-Jym-]n-°m≥ Im-c-W-am-b-Xv. email- contact@worldmalayalinews.com Ir-jv-W-ta-tm≥ tIm-tf-Ppw C-¥y≥ B¿-an-bpw ss^--en¬ ap-°w: a-Øm-bn Nm-t°m kz¿-W-°-∏n-m-bp-≈ c-≠m-a-Xv A-Jn-e-tI-c-f thm-fn-t_mƒ Sq¿-Wsa‚n¬ ]qƒ Fbn¬-n-∂v h-n-Xm hn-`m-KØn¬ I- - - Æq¿ Ir-jv-W-ta-tm≥ tIm-tf-Ppw ]p-cp-j-hn-`m-K-Øn¬ C-¥y≥ B¿-an- bpw ss^--en-se-Øn.]qƒ _nbn¬ hym-gm-gv-N -S-∂ B-Zy-a-’-c-Øn¬ h-n-Xm hn-`m-K-Øn¬ A-kw-]v-j≥ tIm-tf-Pv N-ß-m-t»-cn G-I-]-£o-b- am-b aq-∂v sk-‰p-Iƒ-°v km-bv X-e-t»-cn-sb ]-cm-P-b-s∏-Sp-Øn. sh-≈n-bm-gv-N h-n-Xm hn-`m-K-Øn¬ tI-c-f t]m-eo-kv, A-kw-]v- j≥ tIm-tf-Pv N-ßm-t»-cn-sb t-cn-Spw. ]p-cp-jhn-`m-KØn¬ tI-cf t]m- - - - - eo-kpw sIm-®n≥ t]m¿-´v {S-Ãpw G-‰p-ap-´pw. F-kv.sI. s]m-s‰-°m-´v A-p-kv-a-c-Ww World Malayali News.Com, Publishing From Adelaide, Australia tIm-gn-t°m-Sv: Pn-√m sse-{_-dn Iu¨-kn¬ F-kv.sI. s]m-s‰-°m-´v A-p- kv-a-c-Ww -S-Øn. A-p-kv-a-c-W ]-cn-]m-Sn s{]m-^. B¿. kp-tc-{μ≥ D-Zv- Lm-S-w sN-bv-Xp. tkm-a≥ ap-Xp-h--bp-sS A-[y-£-X-bn¬ kn. cm-tP- {μ≥, d-low ap-J-Ø-e, Sn. in-h-Zm-kv, ]n. th-Wp, sI.sI. {]-Zo-]≥ F-∂n- h¿ kw-km-cn-®p. a-{¥n A-en C-∂v Pn-√-bn¬ I¬-∏-‰: a-{¥n a-™-fmw-Ip-gn A-en sh-≈n-bm-gv-N Pn-√-bn-se hn-hn-[ ]-cn- ]m-Sn-I-fn¬ ]-s¶-Sp-°pw. cm-hn-se 10 v I-e-Œ-td-‰n¬ Fw-F-kv-Un-]n ]-≤- Xn kw-_-‘n-® A-h-tem-I-w a-{¥n-bp-sS km-∂n-[y-Øn¬ -S-°pw hn-Zym¿-Yn-n-I-sf ]o-Un-∏n-®-Xm-bn ]-cm-Xn ]-tøm-fn: A-bn-°m-Sv sh-Ãv bp-]n kvIq-fn-se A-[ym-]I≥ hn-Zym¿-Yn-n- - - - I-sf ]o-Un-∏n-®-Xm-bn ]-cm-Xn. hn-Zym¿-Yn-Iƒ ¬-In-b hn-h-c-Øn-s‚ A- Sn-ÿm--Øn¬ {]-[m- A-[ym-]-I≥ Sn.tam-l≥-Zm-kv ]-tøm-fn t]m-eo- kn¬ ]-cm-Xn ¬-In. X-W¬-°q-´v: C t]m-kn-‰o-hv D-Zv-Lm-S-w sN-bv-Xp ]-´p-q¬ Ir-jn t_m-[-h¬-°-c-Ww s]-cn-¥¬-a-Æ: a-e-∏p-dw Pn-√m ]-©m-b-Øn-s‚ t-Xr-Xz-Øn¬ Im-º-kp- I-fn¬ -S-∏m-°p-∂ X-W¬-°q-´n-s‚ `m-K-am-bp-≈-C-˛-t]m-kn-‰o-hv ]-≤-Xn B-`y-¥-c a-{¥n Xn-cp-h-©q¿ cm-[m-Ir-jv-W≥ D-Zv-Lm-S-w sN-bv-Xp. X- I¬-∏-‰: tI-{μ kn¬-°p-t_m¿-Un-t‚-bpw Pn-√m Zm-cn-{Zy-e-Lq-I-c-W bq- W¬-°q-´v sh-_vssk-‰v -Kchn-Ik a-{¥n a-™fmw-Ip-gn A-en D-ZvLm- - - - - - - - Wn-‰n-t‚-bpw B-`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ aƒ-_-dn I¿-j-I¿-°m-bn `-sk-dn-Iƒ-®¿ S-w sN-bvXp.Pn-√m ]-©m-bØv {]-kn-U‚ v kp-ld a-ºm-Sv A-[y-£X h- - - - - t_m-[-h¬-°-c-W-s&rquo; ]-cn-]m-Sn -S-Øn. Pn-√m s{]m-P-Œv U-b-d-Œ¿ ln-®p. Pn-√m t]m-eo-kv ta-[m-hn sI.tk-Xp-cm-a≥ {]-Xn-⁄ sN-√n-sIm-Sp- sI ]n th-Wp-tKm-]m¬ A-[y-£-m-bn. tI-{μ-kn¬-°p-t_m¿-Un-s‚ ko- Øp. ssk-_¿ cw-K-sØ Ip-dn-®v hn-Zym¿-Yn-Iƒ-°v t_m-[-h-Xv-I-c-W-hpw n-b¿ k-b‚n-Ãv hn-P-b-Ip-am¿ D-Zv-Lm-S-w sN-bv-Xp. Pn-√m {]n≥-kn-∏¬ Xn-cn-®-dn-hpw ¬-Ip-I F-∂ e-£y-tØm-sS-bm-Wv C ˛ t]m-kn-‰o-hv -S- Ir-jn Hm-^o-k¿ D-Ω¿ ap-Jy-{]-`m-jWw -SØn. tI-{μ-kn¬-°p-t_m¿-Uv - - ∏m-°p-∂Xv. ssk-_¿ Ip-‰Ir-Xy-߃-s°-Xn-cm-b t_m-[hXvIcWw, km- - - - - - - - k-bn‚p-Ãp-Ifm-b sF-kIv tPm-k^v, ta-cn-tPm-k^v F-∂n-h¿ kw-_‘n- - - - - - t¶-Xn-I hn-Zy-I-fp-sS {In-bm-fl-I D-]-tbm-Kw, sam-ss_¬, C‚¿-s-‰v F- ®p. ∂n-h-bp-sS Zp-cp-]-tbm-Kw X-S-bp-∂-Xn-p-≈ ]-cn-io-e-w, A-«o-e ssk-‰p- Iƒ Ip-´n-Iƒ k-μ¿-in-°p-∂Xv X-Sbp-I Xp-Sßn-bhbm-Wv ]-≤Xn e-£y- - - - - - - {]-Xn-sb ]n-Sn-Iq-Sm≥ sN-∂ F-kv-sF-°pw an-Sp-∂Xv. ssk-_¿ t]m-eo-kn-s‚ k-lm-btØm-sS-bm-Wv ]-≤Xn -SØp- I. - - - - s]m-eo-kp-Im¿-°pw a¿-Z-w am--¥-hm-Sn: hm-d‚ v {]-Xn-sb A-d-Ãp-sN-øm≥ t]m-b F-kv-sF-sb-bpw km-aq-ly-hn-cp-≤ieyw - - kw-L-Øn-s-bpw a¿-Zn-®p. am--¥-hm-Sn F-kv-sF ]n F-kv {io-tP-jv, A- bm-{Xm-Zp-cn-XØn-v ]-cn-lm-cam-bn n¿-an-® tdm-Uv k-aq-lhn-cp-≤¿ Xm-hf- - - - - Pn-Øv, tPm¨-k¨ F-∂n-h¿-°m-Wv a¿-Z--ta-‰-Xv. C-h¿ Pn-√m B-ip-]- am-°p-∂p. n¿-am-Ww ]q¿-Øn-bm-b ^-tdm-°v ]p-s‰-°m-Sv-F-S-°-gn-°-S-hv {Xn-bn¬ Nn-In-’-tX-Sn. sN-°p-tI-kn¬ Pym-ay-sa-Sp-Øv ap-ßn-b I-Wn-bm- tdm-Um-Wv k-‘y-abßn-bm¬ k-aq-lhn-cp-≤cp-sS-bpw a-Zy-]cp-sS-bpw tI- - - - - - cw Nm-bw ]p-∂-°¬ D-e-l-∂m-s(70) A-d-Ãp-sN-øm≥ sh-≈n-bm-gv-N cm- {μ-am-bn-am-dp-∂Xv. -