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Introduction to-automobile-industry

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Automobile, self-propelled vehicle used primarily on public roads butadaptable to other surfaces. Automobiles changed the world during the 20thcentury, particularly in the United States and other industrialized nations. From thegrowth of suburbs to the development of elaborate road and highway systems, theso-called horseless carriage has forever altered the modern landscape. Themanufacture, sale, and servicing of automobiles have become key elements ofindustrial economies. But along with greater mobility and job creation, theautomobile has brought noise and air pollution and automobile accidents rankamong the leading causes of death and injury throughout the world. But for better orworse, the 1900s can be called the Age of the Automobile, and cars will no doubtcontinue to shape our culture and economy well into the 21st century.Automobiles are classified by size, style, number of doors, and intended use. Thetypical automobile, also called a car, auto, motorcar, and passenger car, has fourwheels and can carry up to six people, including a driver. Larger vehicles designedto carry more passengers are called vans, minivans, omnibuses, or buses. Thoseused to carry cargo are called pickups or trucks, depending on their size and design.Minivans are van-style vehicles built on a passenger car frame that can usually carryup to eight passengers. Sport-utility vehicles, also known as SUVs, are more ruggedthan passenger cars and are designed for driving in mud or snow.. 1
  2. 2. In 2007 manufacturing plant in more than 25 countries produced 73.2 millionpassenger cars .The automobile is built around an origin various systems supply theorigin with fuel, cool it daring operation, lubricate its moving parts and removeexhaust gases it creates. The origin produces mechanical power that is transmittedto the automobile’s wheels through adverting which includes a transmission. Oneor more dive shafts, a differential gear and axles. Suspension system which includessparing and shock absorbers, customs the ride and help protect the vehicle frombeing damaged by bumps heavy loads and other shersis. Wheel and tares supportvehicles on the road way and when rotated by powered axles, propel the vehicleforward or backward. Steering speed. An electrical system start and operate theengine monitor and control many aspects of the vehicle operation and powers suchcomponents as head light and radios. Safety features such as bumpers air bugs andseat bells help protect occupants in an accident. 2
  3. 3. HISTORY OF AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY The history of the automobile actually began about 4100 years ago when thefirst wheel was used to transportation in India. In the early 15th century Portuguesearrived in china and the interaction of the two culture leaded to variety of newtechnologies including the creation of a wheel . By the 1600’s small steam poweredengine models had been developed but it was another century before a full sizedengine powered vehicle was created. In 1769 French Army Officer captain Nicolas joseph Cugsnot built what hasbeen called the first automobile cugnots parel wheeler steam powered vehiclecarried four person. Designed to move artillery pieces. It has a top speed of a titlemore than 3.2km/h and had a stop every 20 minutes to build up a fresh head ofsteam. As easily in 1801 successful but very heavy steam automobile typeintroduced in England laws barred them from public road and forced their ownersto run them like train or private tracks their owners to run them like train or privatetracks in 1802 a steam powered coach designed by British Engineer. RichardTrethvick journed more than 160km from corn wall to London . Steam poweredcaught the attention of other vehicle builders. In 1804, American inventor OliverEvans built a steam powered car in 1828. 3
  4. 4. British inventor a valter Handcock build a series of steam carriages in themid 1830’s thus were used for the first omnibus service in London. By the mid1800’s England had an extensive network of coach line. Horse-drawn stagecoachcompanies and the new rail road companies pressured the British parliament toapprove heavy its on steam-powered road vehicles. The tolls quickly drove a steamquickly drove a steam coach operators out of business. During the early 20th century steam cars were popular in the United states.Most famous was the Stanley steamer, built by American Twin brothers Freelan andFrancis Stanley. A Stanley steamer established a world land speed record in 1906 of205.44 km /h. Manufactures produced about 125 models of steam poweredautomobiles, including the Stanley until 1932. The first successful self propelled road vehicle was a steam automobileinvented in 1770 by the French engineer Nicolas Joseph Cugsnot. 4
  5. 5. PROFILE OF INDUS GROUP1. Introduction of Indus Motors In the year 1985 Indus groups started the business as four wheelerdistribution of Maruti Suzuki. And then Indus Motors become one of the largest carservice network in India. This organization is no.1 dealer on Kerala and secondbiggest in the country. Mr P.V Abdul Wahab. M.P is the chief managing director ofIndus Group. Maruti Udyog Lt one of the leading companies in the four wheeler Industry.By taking the dealership of the Maruti Suzuki Indus started the distribution oftheir car in the whole kerala. Most of the year the sales, service and sparesdepartments bugged four awards from Maruti Suzuki for outstanding performance.In Kerala Indus have four dealership in Cochin, Calicut, Trivandrum andMuvattupuzha. Indus Motors are selling above 1300 Vehicles per month. In lastyear Indus Motors sold 3000 numbers.2. Promoters of Indus Group The main promoter of the groups are Mr. P.V.Abdul Wahab M.P the chiefManaging director and the direction Ajit Nair and ceo Thomas kuruvilla. 5
  6. 6. 3. Present Position The group have four dealership in kerala. This organization is no-1 dealer inkerala and served biggest dealer in the century. They are selling 1300 car in everymonth and last year sold more than 22790 maruti cars. 6
  7. 7. PROFILE OF INDUS MOTORS (P)LTD Peeves groups one of the traditional business group on kerala, started itsbusiness as four wheeler distributor of Maruti Suzuki as will established producerof four wheeler . Indus Motors started the business in 1985. this organization wasthe first distribution of Mrauti Suzuki cars on the whole kerala. Indus Motors , taking distributor of Maruti Suzuki in Kerala offers a valuedafter sale service for its customers. Indus Motors are No:1 in the region forcustomer satisfaction with 15 service centers across kerala from kasargod toTrivandrum. Indus has the largest service network in India.Main Departments Marketing and Sales department Accounts department Administrative department’ 7
  9. 9. SALES DEPARTMENT STRUCTURE OF INDUS MOTORS Senior Sales Manger Assistant Sales Manager Team Leader Sales Officer Sales Executive 9
  10. 10. SALES FUNCTION OF INDUS MOTORSPRE-SALE PROCESS SALES PROCESS POST-SALE PROCESS• Walk in Enquiry Pre Delivery Process Post-Sales feed back call• Tele- Enquiry• Follow-up Product Demonstration Delivery Process Feed back form Test Drive Value add Service Complaint handling Finance Process Customer meets Showroom Ambiance 10
  11. 11. ROLE OF INDUS SALES EXECUTIVES A part from regular jobs of creating prospects visiting than, understandingthe need of the prospects , suggesting suitable cars, having knowledge on MarutiUdyog Ltd (MUL) and competitions cars, delivering the cars, Mutilating customerdatabase etc. We have also maintain good relationship with them. You are expectedto be the customer. Advisor for life and make that one time customer into hiscustomer for life. You have to be single window interface with your customer on all mattersrelated to car ie, finance, Service, insurance etc. Once the emotions gets theconfidence in a sale executive, the would revisit, recommend and re-purchase fromIndus through the some person. These customers for life in future will not onlyresult in more business but give referrals of their friends relatives etc and help toincrease sales substantially.Role of the sales Executives can be defined as follows.I Pre-sale Activities Knowledge about Maruti Udyog Ltd range of cars, variants features, colours, prices etc. 11
  12. 12.  Competitors models, features, prices etc Maruti finance, Maruti Insurance, Extended warranty, true value division etc. Accessories , Ranges offered, Priors, Fitting charges etc Knowledge about the initial warranty of 2 year Free Service and periodical services for different models. RTO Registration formalities Documents required for registration, road tax and registration charges Booking , payment, Delivery formalities. Availability and waiting period. Current Schemes for Customer for different models. How to give demonstration, test drive and delivery Preventive maintenance, safe driving and now to save on petrol. Identification of prospects.II Sales Related Activities Visit the prospects Understanding the needs of the customer Give a proposition to the customer including exchange Create interest and preference for MUL and Indus. 12
  13. 13.  Give a detailed demonstration and test drive. Provide classification to queries and handle objections. Give reference of happy customers Proper follow –up with the customer Secure order from customer Ensure timely delivery of the Vehicle Make the delivery a Memorable experience.III Post- Sale Activities Visit the customer within a week of delivery and advice the following Free service and periodical services. About the initial warranty for 2 years and extended warranty Give tips on preventive maintenance Give tips on sale driving Give- lips on how to save on petrol Explain about motor Insurance Policy Explain about Indus Service network Maintain data’s of all customer Regular contact at least once in 3 month Sound greeting for birthday, Anniversary etc 13
  14. 14.  Inform customer about new/ product and product up gradationand schemes Advice for exchange and for up gradation using loyaltybenefits Be customer advisor for life and ensure our presence at all timeof his needs MARKETING ACTIVITIES OF INDUS MOTORSA. Product DecisionB. Identifying the market AreasC. Analysis of competitionD. Customer relationship and satisfactionE. Use of Marketing fools and techniquesF. Sales Procedures.A. Product Decision An important function of the marketing dept of any organizations is productdecision. The company selects all these cars produced by Maruti Suzuki.Indus 14
  15. 15. motors being the distributor of Maruti Suzuki do not produce any cars. But theyonly markets the cars produced by Maruti SuzukiB. Identification of market areas Indus motors markets their product in the whole kerala. One main districtsIndus motors market their products are at Cochin, Calicut, Muvattupuzha andTrivandrum.C. Analyzing Competitors The main competitors of Indus motors car distributors are, Popular Motors - Maruti Suzuki KTC Hundai - Hundai Koyenco - TATAD. Customer Relationship Program Under the modern concepts, all marketing activities revolve around thecustomers, the organization that really understand how customer will responddifferent product features. Indus motors always tries to understand its customers. It gets feedbacksabout the customers from the field executives. From the financial instruction fromcustomer it self who comes to them enquiry about this car and from their offcustomers. By these reports Indus Motors improve this customer relationship. Indus motors have all type of customer. Which include doctors, engineers,advocates, employees, business mans students etc. Of maintain a well customerssatisfaction and relationship under motors provide following service. 15
  16. 16. 1. Test Drives2. Free checkup and service3. Sending greetings and complements4. Free gifts at the time of delivery5. Help line.6. Marketing tools and techniques.E. The following are the tools and technique by Indus Motors to marketingtheir product1. Loan Mela2. Exchange Mela3. Marketing Executives4. sending mailers and brochuresF. Saler Procedure The saler producedure at Indus Motors begins where the customer come tothem for purchasing a car they want Indus motors enquire about model of the carcolor customer require customer payment details etc. Indus Motors offer spotdelivery for their customer after receiving the amount of car. On delivery thecustomer has to fill in a form called delivery details. Suppers the customer has takenthe car through loan or finance from any financial institution and Indus motors hasto give a copy of sales invoice, a key of the car of the financial institution. 16
  17. 17. MARUTI SUZUKI Having began operator in 1981 as fledging collaboration between the Indiangovernment and Suzuki Motors of Japan. Maruti Suzuki is one of the coaching carmakers in the small car segment to day with a manufacturing faculty in Gurgaon(Haryana). Maruti Suzuki has the capacity to produce around half a million unitsevery year. The company have the highest satisfaction rating with Respect to othercars among a portfolio of its eleven powerful Brands which includes Maruti 800,Zen, Esteem, Alto, Wagnor, Baleno, VITARAXLF With a strong focus o innovation, customer obsession, partnership, networkand learning, Maruti Suzuki has managed to creator a market for all car segmentsas true sub continents middle income bracket swelled in size with the opening up ofthe economy in early 90’s India witnessed a string of overseas layers setting up 17
  18. 18. shop, but none could deturone the indigmous auto ruler with a major thrust onlocalization Maruti Suzuki has even helped in lifting up the domestic automobilecomponents industry. Consistently emphasizing on modern manufacturing processand including a japans works culture among their ranks, Maruti Suzuki has beenblessed with scarce labour unrest. Brand Maruti Suzuki has always put the customers at the fore frontmanifested in its add-on services such as insurance, authorized service station,driving school, among others, all aimed at marketing the life of Maruti Suzukiowner comfortable. Here’s one who drive home with inimitable case, despite thespeed breaker of interwise competition in the Indian Auto bazaar. Maruti is the most respected automobile company in India. Maruti is ajoint venture by Suzuki and Government of India. Suzuki motor corporation in theworld header in compacts car Maruti has 56% market share in India. Maruti Suzuki is one of the leading companies in the four wheeler industry.Maruti Suzuki is No: 1 is customer satisfaction study by ID power. The first Maruticar war delivered on 14th December 1983 to Mr. Harpal Singh by the prime ministerlate Smt. Indira Gandhi. Since them Maruti has sold above. So latch cars in India.MARUTI SUZUKI SPECIAL HINDS1981: India’s largest automobile company is born incorporated an Maruti UdyogLtd. 18
  19. 19. 1982: JVA and Chinese agreement executed between Suzuki and Goal Suzukiacquire 26% state in Maruti.1984: 14th December 1983 Maruti 800 delivered to Mr. Harpal Singh by IndiraGandhi.1984: Launches Omni1985: Launches Gypsy1986: Reaches me 1, 00,000 vehicle mark since commencement of production.1987: export first lot of 500 cars to Hungary.1988: Reaches as installed capacity of 1, 00,000 units1990: Launches a three box car, the Maruti 10001991: Reaches cumulative indigenization of 65% for all vehicle produced.1992: Suzuki increases its state in Maruti to 50%1993: Launches Zen1994: Launches Esteem1995: Produces the one million vehicles since the commandment of production.1996: Launches a 24 hour emergency on road vehicle service started in 21 cities inIndia.1999: Launches Malone and Wagoner2000: Rated No:1 in JD power Asia Pacific’s 2001 India customer satisfaction indexstudy Bags by honors of the shiny to done annually till date.2001: Launches Versa2001-2002: Launches true value Maruti finance, Maruti insurance corporate team. 19
  20. 20. 2002: Suzuki motors corporation assume mgt control2003: Enter into partnership with state bank of India2003: Production of four million vehicle.2004: Launch Grand vitara XL-72004: Listed in BSE and after public issue over subscribed to times.2005: May 2005 Launches Swift2006: Launches Zen EstiloAccolades and Awards2001: Auto- “car of the year” –business standard monitoring2002: Maruti 800- “Hall fame Award” “more trusted car brand” in India Zen- No:1 customer satisfaction Alto- “Car of the year”- over drive survey2003: Maruti 800- “Most affordable car” NFO Alto car survey Zen- No: 1 customer satisfaction Esteem- “best entry mid size car”- JD power.2004: Alto- Best small car of the year” – Business standard mortaring. Esteem – No:1 in customer satisfaction best entry middle size car- JD power 20
  21. 21. RESEARCH PROBLEM The attributes and habits of people are changing. There changes areaffecting the automobile industry. So a lot of new companies are entering this field.As a result consumer persepection in terms of models and concepts about vehicleare changing . In this stability competition will be tough and high. Satisfaction of customer can be measured in terms of whether he is satisfiedafter purchase by 5he providence of offers and other performance which is expectedby him from the company. Satisfaction of customer is essential for the growth of thecompany. We can understand customer satisfaction through establishing complaint andsuggestion system which is by providing opportunity to give their suggestion andcomplaints like their likes and dislikes, customer satisfaction survey which by 21
  22. 22. conduction survey among customers to know their satisfaction and by analyzing thereason of loosing customers or their switching to other supplies. If these is a good competition, there is a need to perform well from the partof organization. If may lead to innovation, new ideas, technologies and new methodfor retaining customers. Now in India Indus is facing lot of competition from manydealers of Maruti Sizuki and other automobile manufactures. So it is very essentialto study the “customers after sales satisfaction towards Maruti Suzuki and IndusMotors OBJECTIVEPrimary Objective :- To know the buyers attitude towards Maruti Suzuki after salesbased upon style, power, driving comfort, and after sales service.Secondary Objective :- To find out the attitude of customer towards othercompanies like Hyundai, Tata, Toyota etc 22
  23. 23. RESEARCH METHODOLOGYPrimary Data Source1. Market Survey report using structured questionnaireSecondary Data Source1. Other data collected from company2. Data collected from magazines and websites 23
  24. 24. REVIEW OF LITERATURE Review of literature shows the previous studies carried out by researchers inthe field. The main purpose of the review of literature is to indicate the problemsthat are already investigate and those that need further investigation. The researchesshould undertake extensive literature survey connected with the problem. Theresearches should undertake extensive literature survey connected with theproblem. The researcher should refer academic journals conference, proceeding,Govt.reports books etc. Depending on the nature of the problem. A critical readingof relevant literature becomes dispensible Not only in locating the research problem,but also in analyzing the procedures. In this process it should be remembered that 24
  25. 25. one source lead to another. The studies will help the organizations to implement.There valuable suggestions and opinions. At Indus itself cot of studies areconducted by various management students. Some of the suggestion and findingsare as follows.1) Aiswarya.V.III Semester; MBA student at K.M.C.T school of Businesscalicut found that Indus ie focusing on the problem area. She suggested focusing onremedical area, which is too effective.2) Study conducted by Pooja Krishna, a sales executives found that 24.94%customers are known the Indus through others. Really it is a failure of sales andmarket executives.3) Ajith kumar, the student of Farook institute of management studies in 2007says that the repair work should be done in speed. Indus implements thissuggestion now.4) The study conducted by Laurence, the student of MBA find out that 22% ofthe customers failed to be satisfied by the facilities provided by Indus. And hesuggest that Indus should concentrate more on list customer’s survey. Collection ofcustomer’s suggestion. 25
  26. 26. PRODUCT PROFILE – MARUTI SUZUKI I MARUTI-800Economy:- Remarkable full efficiency- The maruti 800 has topped every fuel efficiencysurvey conducted in the past. Maruti 800 Tops in the petrol list, city figure, 14.1 K.P.L and highway 19.5K.P.L Lowest fuel list per kilometers-Rs.1.94 per km Also the lowest cost of maintenance Special finance scheme-affordable almost like a two wheelerComfort:-a. Easier Drive 26
  27. 27.  Slim external dimension and excellent all round vision Tight tuning radius of just 4.4 meters.b. Cool Drive Maruti 800 AC-The most affordable air conditioned car in the countryc. Better life style:- Own India’s most popular car for as Rs.25.00/ p.m Enter a whole new world of comfort and safety.SAFETY:- Front and rear seat belt Side impact barns Head lamp leveling Laminated windshield Additional body reinforcement Collapsible steering column High mount stop lampPRICEModel Showroom list On road listOrdinary 194487 212921AC 215565 234683 27
  28. 28. II OMNIEconomy Omni has an extremely low owner reports running and maintenance listsamongst all vehicles as in India The average mileage is 14.0 KPL Omni to have the lowest spare parts listComforta. Space Big interior dimension Ample head room, riley room and shoulder room Along with ample luggage roomb. Maneuverability Compact exterior dimension with minimal overhangs 28
  29. 29.  Tight turning radius 4.1 metersSafety Front safety road Side impact door barns Thermoplastic bumpers To inch drum brakes Front and rear seat belt Laminated windshield Rear high mount stop lightEngine Powerful and efficient EURO II complant Multi full optiona. Petrolb. CNGc. LPGCNG:- 5 seater Factory fitted kit Commercial and private registration possibleLPG:- 29
  30. 30.  5 seater and cargo version Factory fitted kit from vialle, Netherland Legally registered.PriceModel Showroom list Onroad list5 seater 235903 2604808 seater 237874 245479Omni LPG 246841 272235 IV VERSAComfortFlex seating 1st row option Slide and rectine the front row seat to adjust space between the first andmiddle rows 2nd row option Bucket type seats with reclining and sliding facility Bench type sent with back folding forward and third seat folding up. Bench seat folds down into a taste 3rd row option 30
  31. 31.  Large suitcase. Fold down and somersault third row seat All round cooling Powerful Air condition system with 130cc compressor Single or Twin AC option Twin AC with 2 independent cooling unit Individual control for and rear Deals for all three seating rowsSafety Side impacting absorbing becomes, in all 4 doors Front impact beam Steel pipe frame in rear seat Anti –Roll bar and danger rebound spring Vaccum Assisted Breaks and a load sensingProportioning Value Height adjustable restraintsTechnology Meta tech Engine Powerful and responsive 16 Value , 16 bit Ecm, 1298cc,82 PHP , allaluminum construction Smooth and quiet as compared to most noisy diesel. 31
  32. 32.  Electronic power steering Vehicle Speed sensitive Maintaince free Lesser load on engine Computer controlled self diagnosisPRICEModel Showroom list On road listOrdinary 360101 388204Deluxe (5 seater) 433494 464095Deluxe (8 Seater) 433494 447255Full option 471247 503132 V GYPSYOn Various Terrains Hills Higher surround clearance of 210 mm Wide tracks for better stability Snow 4x4 for better g4rip and traction Light floated 32
  33. 33.  Petrol engine for quick cold starting Desert Avoid over heating; Aluminum engine for excellent thermalconductivity 4x4 for better grip and traction Light footed Streams High frond clearance-210 mm 4x4 for better grip and traction Dirt Tracks Steering damps for eliminating road shock to the steering wheel Wide tracks for better stability High ways Excellent damps for eliminating road shock to the steering wheel 5 speed gearbox for efficient and guide highway driver Urban Jangle Staining cool and cool image; for city street risingPriceModel Showroom list On road listArd Top 525944 560463Soft Top 506263 539183 33
  34. 34. VI ZENComfortComfort and convenience:- New seats with improved high and amber support. Convenient controls 34
  35. 35.  Handy storage species Powerful ACSafety Protective monologue body Collapsible Steering column Side impact becomes Engine sub-frame Laminated front wind screen Anti-whiplash rear seat head restraints.StyleInternational Styling Multi reflector clear head and tail lamps Front and rear log lamps New grill New fender New front and rear bumpersNew interior styling with features like Aluminium polished gear knob New under console New fabric seats Head restraints for rear seats 35
  36. 36.  New look instrumentationTechnology 32x4 Hyper Tech 32 bit ECM for reliability and speed 4 values per cylinder for an idea mix or great efficiency and performanceElectronic Power Steering Vehicle speed sensitive Maintenance free Lesser load on engine Computer controlled self diagnosisPRICEModel Show room list On road listDeluxe 355204 382703Full option 379733 408026 VII ESTEEMComfort Spacious contoured seats 36
  37. 37.  Height adjustable driver seat Deut seat centre arm rest Excellent high and lumbar support All wheel independent suspension Central cocking Power window Power SteeringSafety Monologue body with rigid passenger cell and front and rear crumple zones Collapsible steering column Side impact becomes Front ventilated disk brakes and rear self adjusting drum brakesStyle Sparking clear lens head lamp units Elegant chrome front grille Clear lens front fog lamp Stylish new rear with clear lens combination New trunk lid garnish Plush new up holsters Ergonomically designed dash board 37
  38. 38.  New white dials Silver finished controls Sporty gear stalkPerformance Faster Acceleration in its class (0-100cm 11.49 sec) MPFI; 16 value , 32 bit, 1300 cc all Aluminum 85 bhp & 6000 rpm Torque of 110 NM 4500 rpm Aerodynamic body All wheel independent suspensionTechnology 32 bit ECM for reliability and speed 4 Value pressure cylinder for an ideal MIX of great efficiency andperformancePRICEModel Showroom list On road listDeluxe 473391 580112Full option 507370 544247 38
  39. 39. VIII BALENOComfort A cockpit like dashboard Till steering for a personalized driving position Spacious seating with adequate head, legend shoulder room An Ac rated even better than the Maruti S Class Graceful integrators with thoughtful features like armrest, electronic controlORVM’s and AC switches etc. Smooth riding with suspensionSafety Rigid managing body with front and rear crumple zones Collapsible steering column] Front height adjustable seal belt Ventilated broke discs and self adjusting rear drum brakesTechnologyAll wheel independent suspension Smooth ride Excellent handling and road gripDDL (Dual coil Distributor Less ignition) Reliability and excellent performance. 39
  40. 40. 32x4 Hyper Tech 32 bit Ecm for reliability and speed 4 values pressure cylinder for an ideal mix of great efficiency andperformanceTechnology 13 noise reduction technologies Front Hoard Insulator Dash board silences Steering support tube Floor carpet silencer Roof insulation frame Chassis sub frames Floating acceleration cable Wheel housing insulator Resonators and silencer Quarter panel insulatorPriceModel Showroom list On Road listDeluxe 563405 608393Full option 649788 692676 40
  41. 41. IX GRAND VITARA XL.7ComfortSeating for seven or cargo various sizes Reclining 1st,2nd,3rd row seats 1st row can hilly recline in cline with 2nd row for flat resting plate Sliding folding sent backs for 2nd and 3rd row 2nd row can fold in to a table Leather seats Fully auto climate control with micron our filtration system Till steering and height adjustable drawers seat Over 14 handy storage placesPerformance 2 Liter DOHC v6 engine 166 bhp 6000rpm Load low end torque – 236 NM 4500 rpm Variable our intake system for performance and efficiency at al enginespeeds Direct ignition systems for reliability and efficiency 41
  42. 42.  Zero maintenance timing chain for durability and reliabilityHandling Drive select 4x4 shift on the fly (UP to 100 kpr) Independent coil and strait suspension at the front 5 links axle coil spiting at the rear 16 mch wheel rims for better road holding on all surface Street lower brace for increased body rigidity .Safety Highest safety rating by us crash testing agency Overall rating – good Shady ladder frame with built in front and rear crumple zones Steel reinforced passenger compartment with high tensile strength steel in A,B and C pillars High tensile strength steel side impact beam Secure ISO- fix child seating system Dual front Airbags Seal felt with pretend screeners and load limiters to hold a person in till airbags can deploy perfectly Antilock break system (ABS) with electronic Break Circe distribution forperfect controlled stop irrespective of the surface.Price 42
  43. 43. Model Showroom Cost On Road CostDeluxe (Limited Edition) 1801805 1890058 X Wagon RComfort First class Airline seating Split rear seats for flexible passenger and boot space. Full flat folding seats for enhanced luggage space Powerful AC Super smooth ride with McPherson strut suspension at the front and trailingwith coil spring at the rear Key less entryStyle Original tall boy design Clear lance head lamps and tail lamps Classy chrome grille Elegant upholstery Sporty & roof railsTechnology 43
  44. 44.  1061 cc mpfi low friction engine develops 64 bhp @ 6200 rpm DDLI (Dual Coil Distributor less ignition) system for reliability andexcellent performance 32 X 4 Hyper tech 16 bit and 32 bit Ecm for reliability and speed 4 valves per cylinder for an ideal mix of great efficiency and performance Electronic power steering Vehicle speed sensitive Maintenance free Lesser load on engine Computer controlled self diagnosisSafety Meets stringent international safety norms Head lamp leveling Twin Air bags- optimal in vxi ABS- optional vxi Side impact beams in front and rear doors Rigid passenger cell with protective crumple zones 8 inch Booster Assisted brails Anti roll bar 44
  45. 45.  Good visibility with high seating positionPriceModel Showroom Cost On road CostOrdinary 332912 360334Deluxe 382728 380825Deluxe (with airbag) 407224 437176Full option 454393 485950 XI ALTOComfortIt’s cool Super cool AC Power full and effective compressorDelightful Drive Right turning radius Speed sensitive maintenance fuel electric power steering Gas filled absorbers McPherson struts with torsion type anti roll- bar suspensionSafety Adhering to straighten international safety standard Highly ride monologue frame 45
  46. 46.  Dual side impact door beams Dual diagonal 20cm booster assisted brakes Rear door child safety lock Non- jamming door Large halogen lampsTechnologyElectronic power steering Vehicle speed sensitive Maintenance free Lesser load on engine Computer controlled diagnosis32 x 4 hyper techs 32 bit ECM for reliability and speed 4 valves per cylinder for an ideal mix of great efficiency And performancePerformanceBrilliant performer 16 x 4 hyper tech technology Out standing fuel efficiency 2 impressive road handling 46
  47. 47.  Excellent pick- up and accelerationGlobal AccoladesThe global car Exported to many countries including advanced countries in Europe like UK,Holland etc Doing very well its in segment around the world Particular’s car price guide UK gives the following rates 3 star on value 4 star on running cost 3 star on reliabilityPriceModel On Showroom cost On road costOrdinary 233664 252424Deluxe 267341 287192Deluxe (Limited Edition) 275341 295451Full option 285678 306123Full option (Limited Edition) 293678 314382 47
  48. 48. XII SWIFTComfortRally based suspension system Rally bred, European influenced and specially adapted for India the handlingis easily amongst the finest in the class The swift platform has a wide track, and a long wheel base giving the swiftamazing stability and also a very roomy Cubin Front suspension comprises of McPherson struts with anti roll bar mountedon a sub frame, where as rear suspension. Comprises of coil spring with gas 48
  49. 49. dampers and a torsion beam set up gives the swift a superior combination ofhandling stability and ride comfort Tube less radials shod on 14 rich rim make sure that the swift remain sure forled as ever The new generation of electronic power steering places the assist motor atthe pinion and No:1 on the column. This give more assist and significantly lowercabin noise A rooming cabin all round thanks in part to the wide for print. The swift hasexcellent head, leg and shoulder room for all occupants. The seating is verycomfortable and gives the occupants a very natural posture with excellent back andleg support The swift has very low cabin noise levels thanks to collaborate and advancedtechnologies used in various areas of the car like sound absorbing material vibratingdumpers and special construction techniques. An excellent suspension not only makes the swift a nimble handler but alsoprovides is comfortable ride over all kind of surfaceAUTOMATIC CLIMATIC CONTROL Black control over the weather inside with just the push of a button. Theswift has a sophisticated fully auto climate control system, that can maintain the settemperature inside come rain, sun or snow. 49
  50. 50.  The system does this by using advanced micro computers along with aninterior and exterior sensor The swift comes locked with features all designed to make it very convenientuse Central locking system and key less entry system with anti theft alarm Electronic boot opening Power windows Speed sensitive electronic steering Sporty short throw gear laves Cigarette lighter and luggage room accessory socket Dual trip digital trip meter etcStylingDynamic European styling Styled in Europe the swift has a distinctively sporty bold and exacting design A distinctive sporty front face with uniquely vertically oriented clear headlamps and a large back mesh bumper grille in the front At the side clearly defined shoulder lines complemented by bolding flaredwheel areas and side sills inlay farmer emphasize the cars straight and stability 50
  51. 51.  A substantial looking expressively sled largest meets a large wide rearbumpers that forms a solid visual base for the lower part of the body one rear forlight is also neatly integrated with the bumper The glass home has a next sleek “wraparound” effect with the blacks out filmon the A and B pillarsTechnology6 microprocessors connected by CAN The swift has 6 microprocessor of computers that take care of variousfunction of the car1. Engine2. Power steering3. Air bags4. ABS and EBS5. Body6. Auto AC All 6 microprocessor of the swift are connected together by CAN (ControlArea Network) communication setup this ia like a LAN setup that we have inofficer for communication between computers The advantages of having the LAN system are few wires required as allsignal travel on the main wire. This make the system more reliable and computers(TECH 2) which lead to foster repair times 51
  52. 52. PerformanceAdvanced AL Tech 32 Engine All aluminum construction 32 bit ECM 1300 cc 16 valves 87 bhp @ 6000 rpm 113 Nm Torque @ 4500 rpm DDLI 8 sensor systemPriceModel Showroom cost On road costOrdinary 399384 432587Deluxe 425911 460016Deluxe (Anti lock break system) 445935 480721Full option (With Air bag) 506026 542857 DATA ANALYISIS Most Preferable Maruti Model MODEL PERCENTAGE Maruti 800 46.6 Zen 6.6 Esteem 6.6 52
  53. 53. Alto 16.5 WagonaR 10 Swift 13.7 Maruti Model 50 46.6 45 40 35 PERCENTAGE 30 25 Series1 20 16.5 15 13.7 10 10 6.6 6.6 5 0 i ft em 00 aR n to Ze Sw Al i8 on te ut Es ag ar W M MODELInterpretation The above graph shows that most people choose Maruti 800 than other MarutiSuzuki Model. The rate of Maruti 800 is multiple than next most preferable MarutiModel. The least preferable Maruti Models are Zen and Alto. Mode of Awareness of Indus MODE PERCENTAGE Magazine 16.6 Friends 50 Advertisement 23.3 Self Alignment 10.1 53
  54. 54. Mode of Awareness of Indus 10% 17% 23% Magazine Friends Advertisement Self Alignment 50%Interpretation Most of the customers are known about Indus through their friends. There is alack of advertisement from the part of Indus Motors. So they have to concentratemore on advertisement Satisfaction of customers towards Maruti Suzuki OPINION PERCENTAGE Yes 93.3 No 6.7 54
  55. 55. Satisfaction of customers towards Maruti Suzuki 100 90 80 70 PERCENTAGE 60 50 Series1 93.3 40 30 20 10 6.7 0 Yes No OPINIONInterpretation The above graph shows customer satisfaction of Maruti Suzuki. Above 95%customers are satisfied with Suzuki that means Maruti Suzuki gain satisfaction fromthe part of their customer. This may be the one of the reason of success of MarutiSuzuki. Reason of customer satisfaction of Maruti Suzuki REASON PERCENTAGE Style 30 Driving comfort 16.7 Mileage 23.3 55
  56. 56. Service 30 Reason of customer satisfaction of Maruti Suzuki 30% 30% Style Driving comfort Mileage Service 23% 17%Interpretation This graph show that reason of customer satisfaction of Maruti Suzuki serviceand style of their product Maruti Suzuki have large number of service stations in thecountry. So it may be the most reason of selecting Maruti Model by people. Whether customer continue the use of Maruti Suzuki OPINION PERCENTAGE Yes 83.3 56
  57. 57. No 16.7 Whether customer continue the use of Maruti Suzuki 90 80 70 60 50 PERCENTAGE 83.3 40 Series1 30 20 10 16.7 0 Yes No OPINIONInterpretation This graph check whether the customer continue the use of Maruti Suzuki. Inout of 30 Customers 25 persons are saying that they will continues the use of MarutiSuzuki Model. This shows how customers are satisfied with Maruti Model. Whether the customers own any other car OPINION PERCENTAGE Yes 26.7 No 73.3 57
  58. 58. Whether the customers own any other car 80 70 73.3 60 50 40 30 26.7 20 Series1 10 0 S1 Yes PERCENTAGE No OPINIONInterpretation This is used to test whether the customer of maruti own any other cars, most ofthe people doesn’t own any other car, but 26% of people own other companies car. Attraction to Indus Motors ATTRACTIONS PERCENTAGE Service 40 Customer care 3.3 Convenience 16.7 Product availability 40 58
  59. 59. Attraction to Indus Motors 40% 40% Service Customer care Convenience Product availability 3% 17%Interpretation Most of the people are attractive to Indus Motors due to their service andproduct availability. Indus motor providing a high quality service to their customersand the customer will get product very easily because it is available in Indus Motorsat any time Customer’s satisfaction about Indus Customer care OPINION PERCENTAGE Yes 40 No 60 59
  60. 60. Customer’s satisfaction about Indus Customer care 40% Yes No 60%Interpretation The above graph shows that whether the customer of Indus motors are satisfiedwith the customer care facilities provided by Indus motors. Only 40% of customer aresatisfied with Indus customer care. Other 60% are not satisfied. So Indus motors hasto give more concentration on customer care. Service Provided by Indus Motors MARK PERCENTAGE Excellent 26.7 Very good 40 Good 30 Poor 3.3 60
  61. 61. Service Provided by Indus Motors 40 35 30 25 PERCENTAGE 20 40 30 Series1 15 26.7 10 5 3.3 0 Excellent Very good Good Poor M ARKInterpretation This graph shows customer comment on service provided by Indus motors.40% of customer are giving ‘very good mark for the service. 27% of customers aresaying that service provided by Indus motors is Excellent, only 3% of people aregiving poor mark for the service of Indus Motors. FINDINGS Indus Motors are providing very good services for Maruti SuzukiCustomers in Kerala 61
  62. 62.  Information transfer and data processing between employees are verygood They are providing good services for their customers Main competitor of Indus Motors is Maruti Popular Customers are Highly satisfied with Indus Motors Service Indus provide Maruti insurance service to their customers Indus Motors are providing high quality spares and parts. Unity of employees are very good The sales performance of Indus Motors are very good in condition They doesn’t provide any huge advertisement Customer care services of Indus Motors are very poor SUGGESTIONS 62
  63. 63.  Activities of field executives should be improved No of field executives are very poor Provide more facilities to customers Maruti Suzuki concentrate on launching new models along with the upgradation of previous model. Give more importance to advertisement Focus more on customer care activities Watch the activities of competitors very well Motivate employees very well CONCLUSION After the study and analysis I am concluding that Indus motors are providingvery good service for Maruti Suzuki customers in Kerala. This is because of the 63
  64. 64. unity of the employees and the quality of the strategies which they are following.Indus Motors are little ahead than other dealers of Maruti Suzuki and other fourwheeler companies in Kerala. Information transfer and data processing between thedepartments and top-level managers and employees are very good . After theanalysis done through questionnaire the overall performance of the Indus Motorsare very good in condition. After the study and analysis I also conclude that themost customers of the Maruti Suzuki are satisfied with it and are willing to continuewith Maruti Suzuki and also satisfied with the service provided by Maruti SuzukiIndus Motors. Indus group is one of the largest car service networks in India . They arestarted Business as four wheeler distributor of Maruti Suzuki. Indus starated in 1985under the Brand name Indus motors Pvt Ltd. This organization is no:1 dealer inKerala and 2nd Biggest dealer in the Country. Indus has opted promotional mediasuch as newspapers, posters, catalogues, Video Films etc. the marketing tools andtechniques such as loan Mela and Exchange Mela and Marketing executives areadopted by Indus Motors are the same that are adopted by other four wheelerdistributors, But Indus compared to other cars the efficiency and usage attract morecustomers to purchase their brand of car. This target has been achieved by Indusinspite of heavy competition from other brand of cars such as Santro, accent etc. 64