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Business in Saudi  Arabia
Business in Saudi  Arabia
Business in Saudi  Arabia
Business in Saudi  Arabia
Business in Saudi  Arabia
Business in Saudi  Arabia
Business in Saudi  Arabia
Business in Saudi  Arabia
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Business in Saudi Arabia


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Case presentation:> Java Lounge & Saudi Arabian culture …

Case presentation:> Java Lounge & Saudi Arabian culture

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  • 1. WELL COME Case presentation Java Lounge & Saudi Arabian culture prepared by: MD SHAFIQULAZAM Major in Marketing Department of Business Administration International Islamic University Chittagong
  • 2. What Is Java Lounge ? Lounge: The room in a house or apartment that used for eating ,relaxation and entertaining guests . Java Lounge : java lounge is like restaurant or a place where meals are served to lounge have experts French chef ,the entire staff is male with 250 upscale seat And it s establishment in 2003 in the capital of Riyadh.
  • 3. About Saudi Arabian culture. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia comprises most of the Arabian peninsula in southwest Asia. The capital is Riyadh and mecca is the holiest city in Islam. All of the country’s adjacent neighbours are also Arabic. The people speak Arabic as a first language.
  • 4. Problems of doing business in Saudi Arabia. Saudi govt laws and people own value system. Difficulty of market research Male –female interaction Rude and invasive attitude of people No business corporative organization Back drop cross culture wealth uncertainty Strict religious conviction Lack of modern reality
  • 5. How java lounge is success ? Provide separate entrance & sit. The entire stuff are male Provide two shift for male or female. Prevent serving pork. Prevent serving alcohol. Proved large smoking that are common throughout the middle east. Space for prayer.
  • 6. Why do business in Saudi Arabia ? The govt offering interest free loan The country have oil and natural wealth. International environment No corruption Strong legal system Low tax based system
  • 7. how international company success in Arabia? Starbucks > remove part of the company logo. Coty beauty > without face of model on point of purchase displays. Harvey Nichols > converted generating space into an area for prayer. McDonald dims light ,close it s door and suspends service during the five time prayer.
  • 8. Final view  Many company voluntary adjust to Saudi rules as matter of customer goodwill. If the international company can not change they strategy for Saudi they company don’t acquire the profit .