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Innovation overview and case in AEC

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Innovation aec

  1. 1. Innovation In AEC
  2. 2. INNOVATION How science and technology become innovation
  3. 3. Form of Innovation The innovation reveal into 3 forms Product Service Process
  4. 4. Product Product Innovation
  5. 5. Product Product Innovation
  6. 6. Service Service Innovation
  7. 7. Service Service Innovation
  8. 8. Process Process Innovation
  9. 9. Process Process Innovation
  10. 10. Each single INNOVATION contains not only a single TECHNOLOGY But LOT MORE
  11. 11. Technology and Innovation Can you guess how many technology in this innovation? Resistive touchscreen CAD/CAM production process 3G technology Polycarbonate body
  12. 12. Technology and Innovation Can you guess how many technology in this innovation? Hybrid engine Composite body Laser Headlight Technology lithium-polymer battery
  13. 13. Technology and Innovation Can you guess how many technology in this innovation? Printing technology Sterilized technology Packaging technology
  14. 14. TECHNOLOGY And each did not came with only single science
  15. 15. This is how science links to the innovation
  16. 16. But what kind of science and which kind of technology we should focus who can tell us?
  17. 17. “LISTEN to market, to customer, to people” “Market demands of tomorrow are the QUESTION of what we should do today.”
  18. 18. How About Innovation of ASEAN?
  19. 19. Krabi Initiative 2010 Identified 8 thematic tracks as key areas 1. ASEAN Innovation for Global Market 2. Digital Economy, New Media and Social Networking 3. Green Technology 4. Food Security 5. Energy Security 6. Water Management 7. Biodiversity for Health and Wealth 8. Science and Innovation for Life
  20. 20. OECD •South-East Asian nations must consider how innovation can boost development. •China's rapid growth also offers opportunities for growth in the region. •Hurdles to profit from this include low investment in science and poor innovation policies.
  21. 21. What Innovation that ASEAN have now?
  22. 22. Innovation in ASEAN Together with the National Heart Centre, NYP researchers developed a haemostatic valve which has been licensed to a medical and electronic device supplier that provides solutions to the health care, diagnostics, electronics and medical device industries worldwide. The invention was filed under the PCT on June 27, 2008 (PCT/SG2008/000232).
  23. 23. Innovation in ASEAN A personal alarm device integrated into a mobile phone emits a loud sound to attract attention if the owner is attacked. It also provides a “community” feature whereby people connected within the community receive distress signals. The invention was filed under the PCT on October 5, 2007 (PCT/SG2007/00034). (Photo: NYP-CTIC)
  24. 24. Innovation in ASEAN RFID production process
  25. 25. Innovation in ASEAN Seafood Tofu
  26. 26. Innovation in ASEAN Bird’s Nest Ice Cream
  27. 27. Innovation in ASEAN Umrah app for pilgrimage muslim
  28. 28. Innovation in ASEAN The first underwater robotics system developed by Malaysian scientists.
  29. 29. Innovation in ASEAN Palm oil base sealant and adhesive .
  30. 30. Innovation in ASEAN GranuMas is an osteoconductive granular synthetic bone graft material based on calcium phosphate hydroxyapatite..
  31. 31. Innovation in ASEAN Tara Klamp, A disposable circumcision clamp is a device which is used specifically for performing circumcision.