SEO Tips 2013


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SEO Tips 2013

  1. 1. A) Choose keywords that relate to the scope of the Brand to reach out your target audiences B) Think as Users, what exactly user is searching as quarry C) Be much more pacific if the target audiences are local Quality Link Building
  2. 2. A) Write content for readers, not for search engines B) Put 2 or 3 keywords that actually connected to your site or Brand C) Avoid using duplicate content(if So may lead Search engine penalties) D) Proofread your content very carefully before making it live E) User fresh Content Quality Content
  3. 3. A) Title tags are the HTML tags that summarize the content website and helps search engine to show your website for the right keywords B) Title tag enhances the usability and conversion C) Make your title, very attractive, persuasive and appealing to maximize click-through rates on search engine result pages D) Include your Brand name or Trademark name beginning or at the end of the title tag E) Try to avoid excessive repetition of keywords in the title On Page Descriptive title tags For Exmaple : Brand Name – Main Keyword +Sub Keyword Main Keyword +Sub Keyword-Brand Name
  4. 4. A) Meta-Description tags are HTML tags is are a great opportunity to advertise our content to users B) Use Meta description at of any length, All most search engines recommend to be to use less than 155 characters C) avoid one description for all pages of the website D) Each page should have its own unique short introduction. E) Use image ALT tags- Alt tags are a simple way to increase brand visibility and SEO ranking in Google image search Quality Descriptions
  5. 5. A) Webmasters to inform search engine crawlers to the site pages available for indexing B) Modification time of each page, as well as the relative priority of each page Site Map
  6. 6. A) Google has updated the link building guidelines refers to build high quality, quantity and relevancy of backlinks B) Quality Link Building will improve your ranking in search results. C) high quality sites that can help Brand site to gain the trust of Google by developing relationships with other websites D) rotate all keywords on each platform, with all sorts of off- page submission Instead of focusing on a single key word on a regular basie Quality Link Building
  7. 7. 1) Guest Posting –Write quality Content for more popular High PR blogs obtaining high quality backlinks from guest blog will not only improve your search positioning but also helps to bring thousands of visitors. 2) Press release- Distribute your press releases to all high-quality news portals. Until now, getting links from Google trusted press & media sites helps brands 3) Internal linking – Internal link is another easy way to produce quality backlinks. Search engine loves those websites that are user-friendly for users and by using the internal links you can make your site more functional and more efficient for indexing 4) Use social media – By Using social media channels, your site can acquire social signals (such as, retweets, and shares), according to Bing Google and other such platforms Quality Link Building Here are the top 4 most important link building techniques That work well in 2013
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