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Advanced operating system_ja_2 Advanced operating system_ja_2 Presentation Transcript

  • クロスプラットフォームフレームワークを用いた iPhone アプリケーションの開発 Development of iPhone Applications Using Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks
  • Problems Objective-C iPhone programming is … Primary iOS and Mac OS X ? GC is not supported Against “DRY” principle
  • Objective Development of iPhone application using cross-platform frameworks
  • Cross-platform frameworks PhoneGap Titanium Mobile MonoTouch Rhodes JavaScript JavaScript C# Ruby IAPSB IA I IAPSBW I: iPhone A: Android P: Palm S: Symbian B: Blackberry W: Windows Mobile
  • Development of Mobile Apps Using JavaScript 1. 簡単 Very easy 2. Web プログラミングのノウハウを生かすことができる You can make use of your web skill. (JS, HTML, CSS) 3. メモリ管理を気にしなくて済む You will not take care of the memory.
  • Demonstrating App Development Environment iOS SDK 4.2 Titanium Mobile SDK 1.5.1 PhoneGap 0.9.3 Google Maps API ver.3 Basic Google Map Application Geo-location Geo-coding Directions Service Street View
  • Demo Demo
  • Titanium Mobile 1. Appcelerator’s proprietary framework (The Apache License, Ver 2.0) 2. ネイティブアプリと同様の動作 JavaScript code is translated into a native application code. 3. JavaScript から OS 固有の API にアクセスできる Titanium mobile is middleware to access native APIs.
  • PhoneGap 1. OSS framework developed by Nitobi Software (The MIT License) 2. デバイス特有の機能にアクセスできる PhoneGap allows you to access popular mobile features. 3. 画面は HTML で記述する( cf. jQTouch, jQuery Mobile ) UI is created by HTML.
  • jQTouch jQuery Mobile
  • Geo-location code Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition is an asynchronous function. It returns device’s current position to callback function.
  • Titanium Mobile vs PhoneGap Native Titanium Mobile PhoneGap Compatibility Web Using “if” statement
  • Conclusions 1. クロスプラットフォームフレームワークを用いれば、モバイルアプリを容易に開発できる Mobile apps can be easily developed by cross-platform frameworks. 2. iPhone 開発に特化するなら Titanium Mobile がおすすめ I recommend you to use Titanium Mobile for development of iPhone apps. 3. PhoneGap は、 Mac 以外でも開発可能 PhoneGap allows you to develop apps on windows, linux and other platforms.