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Ob presentation

  1. 1. Introduction Telenor at a Glance Telenor Group is one of the world,s major mobile operators with 120 million mobile subscriptions. Telenor is a world class provider of mobile communications service. Telenor mobile operation covering 12 countries and broadcast service . Telenor is the largest telecommunication company in Norway. During the late90’s it has been changed from fully government owned into a public limited company.
  2. 2. History of Telenor For over 150 years, telecommunications has played a vital part in the development of modern Norwegian society. As the current provider, Telenor has been the driving force in the development of a highly sophisticated home market and is now one of the largest mobile operators worldwide. In 1994, Norwegian Telecom was established as a public corporation. One year later, it changed its name to Telenor. Telenor is a leader in mobile communications. Manual mobile telephony services were introduced in Norway in 1966. Telenor Pakistan is the country's single largest European foreign direct investor, with investments in excess of US$2 billion. It acquired a GSM license in 2004 and began commercial operations on March 15, 2005.
  3. 3. AWARDS SAARC Awards BRAND Awards BRAND Award Telenor Pakistan has won the awards for The 2008 Telenor BRAND Award was "Most Innovative Mobile Operator" given to Telenor Pakistan for the second year in a row ENVIRONMENT EXCELLENCE Awards SUPERBRAND Awards Telenor Pakistan received an award at the Superbrands Pakistan declares Telenor as 5th Annual Environment Excellence superbrand of the telecom industry.... Awards (AEEA) distribution...
  4. 4. Nature of Organization The nature of telenor organization is telecommunication and mobile operator in worldwide.
  5. 5. Organizational structure Mr. Jon Fredrik Mr. Richard
  6. 6. Communication system Communication Chart
  7. 7. Human Relationship Human rights . Occupational Health. Safety and Employee Security. Gifts and business courtesies. Working environment . Freedom of association .
  8. 8. Ethical behavior /Codes of Conduct Telenor's basic values and that form attitudes we can be proud of. At Telenor, we want everyone to be involved in this and help create a sound corporate culture based on satisfaction and security. Telenor's guidelines for corporate ethics apply to members of the board of directors, managers and other employees of Telenor as well as others acting on behalf of Telenor. It is Telenor's policy to comply with all applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations.
  9. 9. Conflict resolution/conflict handling When different departments work together in an organization, their interests may differ due to functional and structural differences. Due to these variations, conflicts among departments are inevitable. Whenever a conflict arises among functions, the heads or managers from those functions sit together and discuss the source of conflict. They try to resolve all their differences amicably. If, however, a major issue arises which they are unable to resolve themselves then it is taken to a level higher.
  10. 10. Group & Team Group. A number of things or persons who have some relationship to one another . A subset of a culture or of a society. Team. Any group of people involved in the same activity, especially referring to sports and work.
  11. 11. Group & Team Per Simonsen Karin Fredrik Rickard Senior VP and Head of Groups Head of sales Head of production Strategy at Telenor Group. Head of Business Control Stephen Bryant M. Arendals k. Morten Erik Spilling Head of technology Chief financial officer Head of telenor European Head of digital service
  12. 12. Leadership Jon Fredrik Baksaas President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Appointed: 21 June 2002 Background: Mr. Jon Fredrik Baksaas has been President and CEO of Telenor Group since June 2002. During this period, the total number of subscriptions in Telenor Group’s mobile operations has increased from 21 million in June 2002 to 130 million in 2012.