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    WonderLand by saitanaydesaraju WonderLand by saitanaydesaraju Document Transcript

    • WONDERLAND By-: Sai Tanay Desaraju
    • INDEX1. The City2. The Cyclone3. The Robot4. The Treasure hunt5. Escape from the Robots6. The chimpanzees7. Back home once againHOPE THE READER LOVES THE STORY
    • 1.The CityOnce upon at time there was a child in Americacalled Williams. He was fond of dogs and playedwith his dog daily. He used to study well and usedto get good marks. One day, his father Adam got amessage that he was transferred to Andaman andNicobar islands as his office would be closedsoon. Then he informed about his transfer to hiswife. She readily accepted to go to Andaman andNicobar islands. She even told her child Williamsabout the transfer. He also started imaginingabout their stay at Andaman and Nicobar islands.Very soon, they packed their luggage to set off toAndaman and Nicobar islands. They booked
    • flight tickets to India and ship tickets to travelfrom India to Andaman and Nicobar islands.They went to the airport and had their dinner andpassed all security checks and they were waitingfor the flight standing there. Soon the flightarrived and they boarded the flight and startedtheir journey. Williams had pizzas in the flightand enjoyed the journey. Soon their flight landed in India and fromthere they went to the harbor to board their shipto Andaman and Nicobar Island. The ship startedand all were enjoying their journey. Williams andhis friend David were there in one room. 2.The CycloneAt 2 O Clock in the midnight, they heard a bigcrackling sound. Then they saw Water cominginside the ship and even into the room of Williamsand David. Williams woke up his roommate andboth ran out of the room and shouted for help. Noone came to their help except his dog. The dog
    • came there running with fear and held Williamstightly. Williams and David both swam out of theroom and came outside. There were no people inthe ship. Then they jumped into one of theemergency speed boats and helped his dog also tojoin them. David, Williams and the dog travelledin the speed boat and slowly they went far awayfrom the ship. They thought that their parentsdied in the ship accident and felt sad about theirparent’s death. Soon they fell asleep while thespeed boat was running.The parents of Williams saved their lives by a lifeboat and while travelling, they the ordered to headof Zeo (ship) to search for the children who werenot found. Meanwhile, Williams and David found an islandafter travelling for 2 days. They wanted to staythere as there would be food there as there wereso many trees there. They rowed their boat to theisland as the fuel was exhausted. They reachedthe island and tied their boat and slowly walkedinto the island. There they saw many big trees andso many apples, mangoes, pomegranates and
    • other fruits. As they were very hungry, theystarted eating some pomegranates.When they were eating they heard loud noiseswhich were like announcements coming from aside. They thought there will be some humanbeings and they went there. They saw anauditorium over there. 3.The RobotsThey were astonished to see a robot inside. ARobot was announcing “Dear Robots, I am happythat we are celebrating the completion of 10 years
    • of our Robot life. As part of this celebration, weare going to play a game called Treasure hunt.Please participate and enjoy the game. The personwho wins gets a prize money of Rs 50 lacs. Butthe entry fee is Rs 10,000 every one should pay thefee to play the treasure hunt”. The date on whichthe game starts was announced and all the cluesand the treasure was placed. All felt happy and with in few minuteseveryone dispersed from the town hall but 3Robots informed the head that they were going forsite seeing and cannot attend the game. Thenrobot said `ok, no problem’. They wentaway…David and Williams also wanted to playthe game. After few days one day morning, Thechief told all Robots to come to the town hall.David and Williams also came and peepedthrough the window to see what was happening.The Robots divided into groups and the head ofthe Robots gave sonic transmitters for each
    • member of the group for communication. Davidfound transmitters left in the basket and Davidand Williams stole those transmitters (thetransmitters were of the Robots who went for site-seeing).After walking some time Williams and Davidfound a big forest. They slowly went into theforest and found so many birds and harmlessanimals. They thought to build a small house withsticks, branches and leaves. There were n oRobots there and they thought that was a safeplace for them. They sat freely and comfortably intheir house and they tried to know more about thetransmitters.
    • 4.The Treasure huntMeanwhile, they got a communication from theHead of the robots that the treasure hunt hadstarted. They spoke through transmitters andstarted their game. They looked inside the trunksof trees, near leaves and all other surroundings.They searched near their assembly place, theirwarehouse and there is nothing there except allcrops and other resources and they could not findthe treasure.There found a big banyan tree and they searchedthe tree for the treasure. But they found a CLUEinside the tree. On that clue it was written that itwas a four lettered area. They were happy thatthey found the clue.Then nearby they saw a place in the forest whichwas like a small lake. They thought it might be thefour letter area and David and Williams wentswimming inside the lake. They searched for thetreasure everywhere but they did not find
    • anywhere. Then a big aquatic fish which is like awhale came near them to eat them. Williams sawthe whale and tried to escape. Luckily theyescaped by hiding near a boat wreckage under thewater. They found a suitcase inside the wreckage.Then they became curious to open the suitcase.When they opened, they were elated to find thetreasure. Automatically an announcement camein the transmitters “PRIZE CLAIMED” and intheir head quarters the robots started firingcrackers. But the foolish Robots didn’t know whothe winner was.Williams and his friends ran away from the placeleaving their transmitters. Robots identified thelocation of the transmitter and ran towards thetransmitter taking the medals and certificates. Butwhen they reached the place they found nothingexcept transmitters. A Robot came there runningand informed that the three transmitters of therobots who went for site seeing were not found.
    • Steveson (the head of the robots) was shockedand replied “I think someone had entered ourisland and had stolen the treasure”. RemainingRobots kept blank faces. The head of the robot(steveson) became sure about the entrance ofsomeone because everyone was present thereexcept the three Robots who went for site seeing.The transmitters belonging to the robots who wentfor site seeing were left there and the threeforeigners (Williams and David including dog)had stolen those three transmitters.He became angry that the foreigners stole Rs 50lacs. He ordered the Robots to start searching forthem as they should be executed and killed aswhat they did was against the laws of Robot land.
    • 5.Escape from the RobotsDavid -: The Robots searched all areas, now theywent home for charging their batteries. Ioverheard the conversation of the robots sayingthat tomorrow early morning they will search theheadquarters and the big…big forest.Williams-: I had listened that they appointed armyat the boundaries of the island and near theheadquarters.Williams-: I think they may surround the forestalso because we stole Rs50 lakhs.David -: Presently, there is nobody surroundingthe forest and only 1hr time is left for us and if wedelay, they start searching in the forest and it isdifficult for us to escape.David -: Yes!!
    • They started planning about their escape from theRobotland. After walking few miles, soon, theirtime(1hr) elapsed. They saw security guardssurrounding the forest. There was no other way toescape from the island as there was 24 hr securitythere.Then Williams got an idea on how to escape fromthe forest. He sent his dog little far from them andhe asked his dog to bark so that the dog woulddraw the attention of Robots. When the Robotswere running in the direction of the dog, Williamsand David ran away faster near the shore.Williams left the treasure there as they could notrun fast with the treasure. All the Robots whosurrounded other areas started running for them.But they were not able to reach them becauseWilliams and David ran fast near the shore. Theywent to the shore of the island. As these Robotscould not catch, they informed NAVY to catchthem.
    • Robots also started chasing Williams and David.The Robots were more than 1 km from Williamsand David. The dog barked indicating the dangerof the Robots. They came forward deep in to theocean to catch David and Williams. Then Davidand Williams went deep and deep in to the oceanand started swimming.The Robots who tried to catch David and Williamswere falling in the water and no one is able tocatch them as their circuits are getting short-circuited due to salty water. David and Wiliiumsfelt that they were lucky and felt happy about this.Now, they were swimming towards the boat whichthey tied when came to this island. They wentnear the boat and started rowing the boat.. Theysat peacefully in the boat.They heard a sound of a boat following them.Williams turned back and saw a gang of Robotsfollowing them with boats. They rowed faster and
    • faster as they could. Far away they saw a boatthen they shouted HELP! HELP! Loudly.The boat driver heard the voice and when thesepeople waved their hands, he understood they arein trouble and he slowly came nearer to him andthese people rowed their boat nearer to the boatdriver. Then they went inside the boat andrequested the driver to save them. The driver saidto those kids that the fuel in the boat is less and itwould finish if they travel for more than half-an-hour.Is there any island nearer to it?’ Williams asked.Driver said”Yes. I forgot telling you about that. Iwill drop you in that island and I will continue mywork. But what for you came here deep into theocean? Williams asked. Then they replied that thehead of Zeo Company sent them to search for 2people as they escaped with a speed boat. So theyshould find them. Five more boats are travelling
    • and searching for those people. That`s thepurpose for coming deep into the ocean.Williams thought that they were searching forthem but they remained silent. With in fewminutes they reached the island and the driverdropped them in the island and said good bye tothose children and went away. Then within fewminutes, the robots with their weapons cameinside the boat. Then the robots saw the driverand robots asked “where are the kids? If youwon’t tell we will kill you.” Then the driverjumped into the ocean because he wanted to savethe children. Then the robots searched entire shipfor those children. Afterwards, they left the shipand went back to the Robotland.
    • 6.The ChimpanzeesAfter some time, David and Williams slowlywalked into the island and they found someanimals which are like chimpanzees. Soon it was afternoon they were so hungry butthey had nothing to eat. Hours passed by…. Theythought that they may die due to starvation.Slowly they walked deeper and deeper into theisland thinking they can find some foodsomewhere.Then they found some trees with so manyblackberries and cherries.
    • They ran near the tree and started eating those.After eating they got sleep and for their safetythey climbed the tree and slept on the branches ofthe tree. It was uncomfortable but they adjusted.They slept whole night peacefully after fewmonths. Soon it was morning. Williams and Davidwoke up and they started talking happily thinkingabout their adventure in the Robotland. Davidsuddenly observed that there is a harbor near tothem. Then he told his friend and their facesturned bright. They also took some blackberriesand cherries as they can eat them when they feel
    • hungry. Afterwards, they started going near theharbor as they can escape from the island. Whenthey are walking near the harbor, they saw aRobot standing in front of them they wereshocked and they ran as fast as possible. But therobot chased them and caught them tightly in hishands and said “You cannot escape from myhands. Thought that you escaped from our land?This is our neighboring land and thesechimpanzees are our friends.Bye Bye loosers” {now he is going to kill them}suddenly the dog found a red wire which is outfrom the Robots body. He thought that this is thechance and bite the wire with his teeth. The wirewas cut and the Robot could not move his handsand legs. Robot shouted “You are not the truewinners. You won by biting me other wise you
    • would be killed. Cheating!” he shouted. But thechildren didn’t listen to the robot’s words andthey went into the boat. Then the Robot called achimpanzee to catch them. But it was too late. 7.Back home once againThey started their journey. After travelling sometime, they ate the food that they took from thetrees and afterwards they slept in the boat. Atmorning 7:30 A.M, the dog woke up first and itbarked loudly “bow….bow…bowbow…” thesechildren woke up due to the sound and when theyopened their eyes, they found themselves in a bigluxurious boat. A waiter served them breakfast.“Surprised? We are from Zeo ships. Do youknow how we came to know about you?” ‘How?’
    • Williams asked. Then she said ‘The ship driverwho jumped into the water was rescued and afterhis cure, it struck to his mind that they might bethe 2 children and the dog. He also said that heleft you in the chimpanzees island and they maybe somewhere around the chimpanzees island.When we searched there, we found you. Now wewill take you near your parents. Their eyes burstinto tears and they thanked her for saving them.Within few weeks, the boat reached India andtheir parents picked those children and thosechildren told about their adventures on their way.*************************************