Cisco IOS using NetFlow - ManageEngine webinar


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Learn how NetFlow Analyzer leverages on Cisco NetFlow to give you in-depth details about your network bandwidth.

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Cisco IOS using NetFlow - ManageEngine webinar

  1. 1. Leveraging the power of Cisco IOS using NetFlow Analyzer
  2. 2. ManageEngine & the 90:10 principle Vendor Landscape •Acquired Products •Complex Integrations Big 4 •Expensive Business Model •Lower Price points •No integration Independent •Vendor viability Point Products •Single Vendor •Integrated Value ManageEngine •Affordable Price PointManageEngine Software is used by over 40,000 customers including 3 out ofevery 5 Fortune 500 companies
  3. 3. IT Management Portfolio Servers & Windows Event Log &Network Desktop ServiceDesk Security Applications Infrastructure Compliance Network Server Desktop Active Windows Vulnerability HelpdeskMonitoring Monitoring Management Directory Event Logs Analysis Application Netflow Asset ITIL Service Syslog Patch Perf SQL Server Analysis Management Desk Management Management Monitoring Software Network End User Remote Exchange Firewall Log Password LicenseConfig Mgmt Experience Control Server Analyzer Management TrackingManageEngine is the only IT management vendor focused on bringing acomplete IT management portfolio to the mid sized enterprise
  4. 4. The Need to leverage• User complaints: – Slow network – Dropped calls – Inaccessibility of business-critical applications• The reason: – Bandwidth clogging
  5. 5. The power is yours to use Cisco IOS Actionable InformationNetFlow NBAR CBQoS IPSLA Flexible NetFlow NetFlow Analyzer
  6. 6. Case In Point
  7. 7. Case in point New York California Server London Farm, Texas Texas
  8. 8. Scenario Bob, My calls are getting dropped, please fix it I’m unable to access the CRM, really need that. Bob, I’m experiencing Please help poor voice quality Bob, Technician
  9. 9. Tickets raised over Time 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 Tickets raised 30 20 10 0Time
  10. 10. Spotting The Problem
  11. 11. Identifying the problem• screenshot
  12. 12. Interface drilldown
  13. 13. Then and Now THEN Bandwidth Pipe VoIP 70% Bulk Traffic 25 %
  14. 14. Then and Now NOW Bandwidth PipeVoIP 45% Bulk Traffic 50%
  15. 15. Root Cause Analysis
  16. 16. High bulk data
  17. 17. Validating the corrective measures• Priority changed• Bulk data applications priority removed• VoIP traffic prioritized• QoS policies implemented and validated CBQoS reporting in NetFlow Analyzer
  18. 18. All is well VoIP Traffic restored! First issue closed
  19. 19. Scenerio– 2nd Issue New York Texas Server Farm, Texas London
  20. 20. Server farm architecture
  21. 21. Root Cause Analysis
  22. 22. Application analysis
  23. 23. NBAR NBAR – Deep packet analysis – Allows user to recognize applications including those that use dynamic ports – Layer 7 traffic analyzer Flexible NetFlow based NBAR – Done without SNMP polling – Host details obtained through FNF NBAR
  24. 24. Deep packet analysis
  25. 25. Corrective measures• Peer to peer applications and Skype uninstalled from the host machines• CRM applications prioritized• Non-business applications blocked
  26. 26. Bob is a happy man!
  27. 27. Thank YouMail us at:netflowanalyzer-support@manageengine.comVisit us at: Netflowanalyzer.comFollow us on Twitter: