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  • 1. web site flippingHow To Make Money Flipping Websites Or Blogs Website flipping simply means buying and selling websites or blogs.It requires a little work and a little investment but the profit is reallyHigh. If you go to a place like bizbuysell.com you will see that peopleare buying websites for as high as $100,000. One place you can sell yourwebsite is marketplace.sitepoint.com. The idea of flipping websites came from the real estate where investorsbuy properties, refurbish or renovate them, and sell them off for a goodprofit, which can run into thousands of dollars. The same way, in theinternet website flipping means searching for websites with goodmoney-making potentials but which the owners have not properly posit-ioned to make money and buying them cheap. Your task will be to work on them by doing what needs to be done, geta few evidence that it has started making money, and then sell them offfor a good profit, which could go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Basically, there are stages in the website flipping business, but before Igo into that proper, I want to show you why people would be interested -in buying websites in the first place instead of creating them themselves. People really buy websites, and I will tell you why. A lot of people, ifnot everyone coming to the internet to seek ways of making money on itwould want the money to start coming in almost immediately. But ofcourse, this does not happen. For your new websites to start making money, there are certain thingsyou have to do on it consistently for a period of time, say between threeto six months at least. That means you will have to learn those things
  • 2. before applying them on the website. So you will be prepared to investsome time on the website if you will ever make money from it. Now, if someone present to a website with proof of that it is already m-aking about $200 0r $500 a month, and that it has the potential ofmaking more if you continue to add fresh contents to it, which is an -additional stream of income, and the person is offering to sell it for$10,000, or more you would probably grab the offer. It therefore means that you are sure you can recoup your investment andstart making profit soon, as the website or blog has already been positi-oned to make money. All you need to do is continue to maintain andgrow it. If you do it well, you could turn it to a website or blog that isgenerating $5000 or more.one reason why website flipping has become abig business on the internet today is because there is huge demand forwebsites with proof of making money. flipping web sitesHowever, the three stages of websites flipping are:1. Buying websites or blogs at low price. You need to look for websiteswhich have good potential for making money, but which the owners h-ave not positioned rightly for it. Here are some of the things to look outfor to be sure a website has good potential for making money. High se-arch volume, High cost per-click (CPC), Good Domain Name, Traffic,E-commerce Website, Website with tons of Good Content, communityDriven Websites, Websites that help people achieve something specific.You can buy websites in the internet in so many places. These includeebizbrokers.com, webmastermarketplace.com, buysellwebsite.com,business broker.net, flippa.com etc.2. Renovating the websites. After buying poorly positioned websites w-ith good potential for making money. The next stage in the flippingprocess is to renovate or refurbish it. This may involve traffic building
  • 3. activities, such as link building, search engine optimization, and a-dwords. It may also involve installing email capturing system to buildlists, plugging in effective monetization, such as Adsense, affiliateproducts, and own products.3. Selling Websites: After renovating the underperforming websites, andbring them to pulling traffic and making money, the last stage in theflipping process is to sell them for good profit. Just as there are severalwebsites where you can buy websites, there is also many websites whereyou can sell them. These website include flipper.com, ebizbrokers.com,webmastermarketplace.com, buysellwebsite.com, businessbroker.net etc.The amount of money you want to sell your website depends on how m-uch you think it is worth and how much your target buyers are willing topay. You may find ideas for your price from looking at what similarwebsites are sold fro, or you could sell it for 2 or 3 times the annualmonth by 12, and then by 2 or 3. To make your sale easier and attractive to buyers, you will need to postscreen shots of the websites Google analytics traffic statistics, as well asearning reports. This will prove to potentials buyers how valuable thewebsite is ad help them to make up their minds to buy. Second:Do you think youre Confident You need Affordable Internet site Sitevisitors?site flippingWill you be Convinced You wish Low-priced Internet site Site visitors?It can be hard to say "no!" to a low cost, discount or sale. That is defi-nitely legitimate with socialites, staff members as well as with site
  • 4. proprietors. With the steady ought to add up your variety of web pageguests for promotion of the webpage and its contents, merchandise andcompanies, it is actually these kinds of a temptation to peek at these fl-ashy gives you on the web that ensures a considerable volume of trafficfor only a modest amount of money. For this reason, cheap website sitevisitors develops into a ballooning site business.But before you even decide to simply click on that deal type or whip outyour credit card to purchase that incredibly affordable package dealthats discounted "only today", right here really are a handful ofcomponents you will need to take into consideration first:1) Look at the good print: Add-on expert services or "bonus"characteristics that essentially possess a selling price tag on them maymake your discounted price a full-fledged package cost before you evenget your 1st billing on your payments. It truly is greatest to know whatyoure having to pay for Exactly before creating any commitments ormoney releases.two) What kind of application or company does this business supply wi-thin their inexpensive internet site traffic deals? You have got to conte-mplate should your target market will likely be receptive to the sort ofpromotion your site targeted traffic provider will use in raising your vis-itor count. Avoid spam-like e-mail saturation plans as they will not a-lways get a very good reception, and however they may pay a visit toyour internet site you can find very little guarantee that they will returnor suggest your site to their buddies.three) Research, research and assess: Look up that website site visitorsproviders history and status online. With all the great variety ofinvestigation engines, it is most likely that you simply would discoverboth good and detrimental responses. Consider be aware of both pros -and cons. See if that is definitely the low-priced site website traffic pr-ovider in your case. In the event you just like the pros and may residewith the cons right after your deliberation than get the plunge. But ensur-
  • 5. e you might have also as opposed other website traffic suppliercompanies just before your last decision is built.Locating A Potential Investment Property To Flip website flippingLocating a Potential Investment Property to Flip: Flipping houses hasbecome progressively more popular. Unfortunately, the sudden gain inpopularity of the idea has caused a fair amount of competition amongwould-be-investors who are considering trying it out for the first time.The increased awareness of house flipping often serves to drive up thecosts involved in obtaining the property, which only lowers the potentialto turn a nice profit.However, low priced properties in need of repair and are good cand-idates for a flip are still out there. Once you find a property you are co-nsidering, answering the following questions will help you decidewhether or not the property truly is a good candidate.1)Have you had a property inspection to establish the amount of repairsthat need to be made to the property? What about the landscaping? Is itjust cosmetic work, or a costly overhaul? These factors are importantbecause each repair takes a chunk out of your budget. You want to finishthe job with as little additional financial investment as possible. Yourgoal is to get the greatest return on your real estate investment.2)Is the property appropriate for the location? By this I mean, is theproperty a three bedroom residence intended for a family, built in themiddle of a retirement community? We�ve all seen the m-isplaced duplexes in the middle of beautiful upscale neighborhoods.These mismatched properties may seem like a good deal at the time, butcan cause real problems when it comes time to sell.
  • 6. 3)Can the neighborhood bear the value you need to bring in from theflip? If you are creating an upscale residence in a marginal area, you arealmost promising yourself a loss on your investment.Ideally, you want to locate a home in need of repairs, with a low sellingprice that is located in a neighborhood of much more valuable homes.This type of find will bring in the profit you are hoping to get when all issaid and done.4)Can you make the repairs and cosmetic upgrades that are needed,while keeping within your budget and without radically changing thestructure of the house? This is a huge factor, and one that often getsdisregarded. You do not want to start knocking out walls or buildingadditions when flipping a house. That is something to be decided uponby the new owners. You want to make as few changes as possible andonly those that will improve the worth of the home.5)Can the necessary improvements be made in a reasonable time frame?This is another big deal in a house flip. It takes time and money to makethe changes that most �flippers� have in mind for theirinvestment, and first time flippers sometimes get carried away. Do youhave the time to stick with it and the financial resources to cover thecarrying costs while you are in the process of making the changes?6)Is the property in a high demand, desirable neighborhood and city?This is yet another common mistake. Do your homework and find outthe perks of the area. Are there exceptional schools, nearby parks, lowcrime rate? All of these factors are important selling points. It is ofteneasy to find extremely low priced properties that seem like a deal at firstglance, however; if you can�t sell the property you purchase toflip it really defeats the purpose of putting the time, effort, and financialresources into making the improvements.7)Can you do the work yourself or will you need to subcontract the workto professionals. If you need to hire out, make sure you get your quotes
  • 7. first. Don�t just guess at what a professional will charge. If youplan to do the work yourself, be careful that you do not overestimateyour abilities. It is easy to assume that you can install tile or repair theplumbing, but the reality of doing it is quite another matter.Keep this list handy and answer these questions when checking out pot-ential real estate investment and house flipping properties. If you arerealistic and do your homework first, you should be well on your way toa successful flip!