What is Leancamp?


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  • I’m Sal. I started Leancamp with my friends Nicky Smyth and Saul Albert in London in 2010. Here’s a little background background on Leancamp. \n\n
  • This is the start of Leancamp. It’s an unconference format, which promotes participation...\n
  • ... conversation, discussion ... \n
  • and relevant personal connections.\n
  • It’s partly a conference that combines entrepreneurial, Design and management topics.\n
  • But adds a lot of organised peer to peer discussions.\n
  • And workshops of all sizes run by leaders and peers. \n
  • (That’s DHH of 37 Signals in a workshop with 12 entrepreneurs last year.)\n
  • So it’s optimised for you individually to learn what you need. It’s where different disciplines go to learn from each other about ways to get market traction.\n
  • It gives everyone a chance to bring their current challenges.\n
  • It breaks down silos because everyone has a chance to share their knowledge.\n
  • It brings up some really interesting subjects and ideas and sparks new connections, tools and new approaches. We’ve seen the emergence of Lean UX, Customer Development with the Business Model Canvas, and leaders of various communities come together at past Leancamps.\n\n
  • There’s a lot we can learn from each other. Leancamp is an atmosphere designed for exactly that, which makes each Leancamp lead with the strengths of the city it’s in. Each one is unique and creates unique opportunities for the hosting city.\n
  • We start with a poster session, so everybody gets a chance to describe what topics they’d like covered, and everyone has a chance to vote on them. Anyone who has anything to contribute can do so. Anyone who wants certain experts to cover a specific topic can make it happen! Then, we schedule those to run as half-hour sessions in 3-5 parallel tracks throughout the day.\n
  • Leancamp doesn’t follow the rules of a typical conference. People move around and there’s a lot of energy and cross-pollination all day.\n
  • Photos by ecomba and bobjansen on Flickr. Thanks!\n
  • What is Leancamp?

    1. 1. Learn from the world’s leadingLean, Agile and Design-led businesses@leancamphttp://leanca.mp
    2. 2. Learn from the world’s leading Lean, Agile and Design-led businessesGetting the most out of LeancampFeel free to jump to where you contribute or learn.Seek to learn approaches from other disciplines.The people in attendance are the right people. Be inclusive. Find commonground & expand from there.Grab people from outside of your sessions if you need them to contribute.Tweet what you’re talking about on #leancamp so others can join you.
    3. 3. Learn from the world’s leading Lean, Agile and Design-led businessesInterested in Leancamp?Want to contribute, attend or run a Leancamp near you? Get in touch!I’m happy to share and collaborate.Salim Viranismile@saintsal.com@SaintSal