Entrepreneurship support - an entrepreneur's perspective


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Based on a talk I gave to the Capital Enterprise stakeholders and members in relation to the Bootstrapping Bootcamp program we're developing and sharing.

You can learn more about the program at http://register.leanca.mp/bootstrapping-bootcamp or contact me at http://SaintSal.com/contact

To learn more about the new tools and methods entrepreneurs are using to find market traction faster, go to http://leanca.mp

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Entrepreneurship support - an entrepreneur's perspective

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship support - an entrepreneurs perspective
  2. 2. We re all trying to support entrepreneurs. Let s reconcile our perspectives and constraints.
  3. 3. 2.bp.blogspot.com Are we modelling support on quality control, or quality creation?
  4. 4. flickr - nolifebeforecoffeeflickr - narciss Do we measure success in startups, or in entrepreneurs?
  5. 5. flickr - boklm Entrepreneurs search for a valid business model.
  6. 6. Being entrepreneur-centric means accepting the business model is not yet fixed. Alex Osterwalder
  7. 7. flickr - thomasleuthard Entrepreneurs course correct over weeks & days, not months & years.
  8. 8. flickr - nolifebeforecoffeeflickr - arild_storaas Plans force commitment - limiting course-correction opportunities.
  9. 9. Applications take time away from validating business models in the field.
  10. 10. flickr - jetuma We accept that business planning is fluid, so why evaluate static plans? Can we qualify entrepreneurs instead of plans?
  11. 11. Yes. If we focus on enablement, rather than idea qualification.
  12. 12. Quality Control actually creates barriers. Application Qualification Support
  13. 13. Quality Creation removes them. (The Lean Startup adaptation cycle - what more and more entrepreneurs are doing.) Eric Ries
  14. 14. sitemason.com Do our approaches match?
  15. 15. flickr - nolifebeforecoffeeflickr - _flood_ Plan-centricity leaves entrepreneurs in the cold.
  16. 16. Anything less than a 100% success-rate for plan-based portfolios means an entrepreneur has wasted their time executing a plan that you approved.
  17. 17. 1.bp.blogspot.com We can better identify an entrepreneur s potential through their actions, not their plans...
  18. 18. lafterhall.com We can remove barriers rather than create them.
  19. 19. flickr - emiliano-iko We can t substitute for the founders perspective.
  20. 20. It s their journey.
  21. 21. So let s give them the tools they need.
  22. 22. noirfilm.com And leave the directions to them.
  23. 23. flickr - nolifebeforecoffee flickr - hi-phi Because new methods are empowering entrepreneurs to find market traction faster.
  24. 24. We re working towards the next evolution in entrepreneurship support. Join us. Please get in touch. Salim Virani smile@saintsal.com @SaintSal