GLOBAL FACULTY...............................................................................................................
EXCELLENCE IN CSRWorkingwithbothPublicandPrivatesectorsinIndia,ICCSRoffersstrategiesand plans that focus on the social and...
RAJESH TIWARIRajesh Tiwari is the Founder ofIndian Centre for Corporate So-cial Responsibility (ICCSR). Ear-lier, he found...
PANKAJ PACHAURIPankaj Pachauri is Communica-tion Adviser to the Prime Min-ister of India. He is a senior TVanchor and jour...
WHY THIS COURSE ?The sheer magnitude of work to be done across private sector companies, public sec-tor undertakings, gove...
CSR Overview – the concept of CSR as a business modelCSR Strategy DevelopmentImplementation – from gap analysis to action ...
ADMISSION & APPLICATIONADMISSION REQUIREMENTSRelevant academic degrees or comparable qualifications or comparable work exp...
JOB SCOPE FOR CSR GRADUATESOur course quality , faculty and certification catapults Indian students to a globally accepted...
plot no. X-4/5a, office no. 601 & 602, technocity,t.t.C. Industrial area, Mahape , navi Mumbai - 400 701.Tel.: 022 2778 84...
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Ms programme in csr & ethical mgt full time


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Ms programme in csr & ethical mgt full time

  2. 2. GLOBAL FACULTY......................................................................................................................................04ADVISORY BOARD.....................................................................................................................................05MS IN CSR AND ETHICAL MANAGEMENT.................................................................................06THIS COURSE PREPARES YOU FOR.................................................................................................07LIVING DURING THE COURSE............................................................................................................08ADMISSION & APPLICATION..............................................................................................................10JOB SCOPE FOR CSR GRADUATES..................................................................................................11INFORMATION / STUDY CENTRES / CONTACT ......................................................................12GLOBAL CENTRE FORABOUT CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYThe growing concern about the impact of Businesses on environment andsociety is a global phenomenon. Businesses are now required to perform notonly in terms of “Financial returns” but also in terms of “Social returns”. Per-formance in terms of environmental, social and governance impact of busi-nesses have become important indicators to achieve sustainable develop-ment of an economy.Presently, in India, people can confuse philanthropy and charity with Corpo-rate Social Responsibility (CSR), when, in fact, these are quite different things.Philanthropy and charity are significant but limited in their efficacy and scaleto achieve the desired progress in sustainable and inclusive development.Practical and correct usage of CSR creates a“WOW”effect in the mind of stake-holders and this needs to be understood by the companies. CSR aims at Sus-tainable Development, which revolves around the four pillars of CSR: the workplace, which revolves around the Employees; Market Place, which means thecustomers; the Society in general; and the Environment in particular.ABOUT INDIAN CENTRE FOR CSR (ICCSR)Indian Centre for CSR is a “Not for Profit” global advisory and training organi-zation engaged in the business of promoting Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) in India and globally.It is an initiative to provide Best Global Advisory & Research Servicesto the corporate world in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). The organization is involved in promoting a host of CSR initiativesthrough extensive Training & Development Programs, Seminars, Researchand Publications.CONTENTS
  3. 3. EXCELLENCE IN CSRWorkingwithbothPublicandPrivatesectorsinIndia,ICCSRoffersstrategiesand plans that focus on the social and environmental aspects while offeringthe businesses an opportunity to share what they have for People, Planet& Society.Run by people who have created companies worth billions of dollars.UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES BFI VIENNAThe University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna is the only University in Viennawhich is awarded the ECTS Label (European Credit Transfer and Accumula-tion System) and the Diploma Supplement Label from the European Union.With this the University of Applied Science bfi Vienna belongs to the elite ofthe Bologna process and underlines the “Quality Leadership as one of theLeading Universities in Austria.”Besides currently seven Bachelor courses, the University offers six Mas-ter Degree courses. In the 13 study courses there are around 1,850students enrolled.With a total of seven postgraduate courses the University of Applied Sci-ences bfi Vienna offers a profound and comprehensive further educationacademic program in the area of Economic Sciences. The University hasbeen offering “Academic CSR Manager Course” and “Master of Science CSR& Ethical Management”course.The University has adopted “We Educate Europe´s Elite” as its slogan. Uni-versity of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna is committed to the largest possibleEuropean context in all studies plus a strong connection between practiceand scientific orientation.
  4. 4. RAJESH TIWARIRajesh Tiwari is the Founder ofIndian Centre for Corporate So-cial Responsibility (ICCSR). Ear-lier, he founded Tikona DigitalNetworks Pvt. Ltd. in 2008 andserved as its Joint ManagingDirector. He was Group Directorat Reliance Communications, where he made signif-icant contributions to its Telecom and Optical Fibreinfrastructure development. He was also Group Pres-ident of Reliance Industries and has served across anarray of functions. Earlier in his career, Rajesh Tiwariwas part of the elite government service for 14 yearswhere he was part of the founding team of MTNL.He also worked as Private Secretary to Minister of In-formation and Broadcasting (Government of India).He was Executive Director of Bharat Aluminium. Hestarted his career with Hindustan Lever Limited. Healso served as Executive Vice President of Afro-AsianSatellite Communications. He is an alumnus of St.Xavier’s College in Kolkata, an MBA from Universityof Hull, England and a Doctorate in Social Adminis-tration from USA.MS. IRENE DASKALAKISIrene Daskalakis is an Interna-tional Advisor on Corporate Re-sponsibility Management andBusiness Management. Sheholds a Bachelor in BusinessAdministration with a concen-tration in International Businessfrom George Washington University in Washington,DC, USA and a Master in Business Administrationwith a concentration in International Business fromthe Athens University of Economics and Business.Irene has worked at the Global Programs and Part-nerships Unit at the World Bank, where she wasinvolved in the promotion of strategic partnershipswith Foundations. She also worked at the EuropeanCommission Delegation in Tirana, Albania whereshe supported the involvement of Civil Societyin Albania’s European Integration Process (politi-cal Unit) and executed a project in Public InternalFinancial Control, in close consultation with theAlbanian Ministry of Finance (operations Unit). Inthe area of Corporate Responsibility Management,Irene has active experience having implementedprojects and workshops in Europe (Greece, Turkey,Cyprus, Luxemburg), in the Middle East (U.A.E, SaudiArabia, Lebanon) and in the U.S.A. Project areas offocus include the design of a Corporate Sustain-ability Strategy, implementation of SustainabilityAssessments (based on the EFQM Framework forCSR, Corporate Responsibility Index, ISO 26000) andcreation of Sustainability Reports (based on the G3Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative, UNGlobal Compact Principles).DR. PANAGIOTISPANAGIOTAKOPOULOSPanagiotis (Panos) is globallyrenowned speaker and trainerin CSR. He has extensive scien-tific knowledge in the fields ofSustainability, EnvironmentalManagement, Corporate So-cial Responsibility, Ecolabel Strategies and Organi-zational Development, both from his postgraduatestudies as an Environmental Engineer, and his re-search during his Ph.D. Phy Envire f the Chamber oMAG. MARTIN NEUREITERMag Martin Neureiter is Scien-tific Head of the MS Program.He is founder & CEO of TheCSR Company, a consultancyspecialised on Corporate So-cial Responsibility. He is Chairof the Implementation TaskGroup within ISO (International Standards Organi-sation) Working Group Social Responsibility writ-ing the ISO 26 000 standard. He is scientific headof the postgraduate education at University ofApplied Sciences Vienna for CSR. He also lecturesat the St. Gallen Management Institute (Switzer-land) and coaches at CEO level. He has authoredseveral books on CSR, such as Corporate SocialResponsibility Leitlinien und Konzepte im Man-agement der gesellschaftlichen Verantwortungvon Unternehmen published 2004, which wasthe first German language book on the issue andHandbuch Corporate Citizenship published 2007.He is also the author of a guidance book on howto implement CSR - together with the AustrianStandards Institute, that has been translated into6 languages so far. Currently he advises a numberof companies worldwide such as SAP, NationalBank of Abu Dhabi, Vivacell Mobile phone andothers. He works with the Austrian DevelopmentAgency and with GIZ on implementing projectsaround ISO 26000. Finally he is convenor withinISO-DEVCO for the Middle East North Africa.TOBY WEBBToby Webb is the founder andchairman of Ethical Corpora-tion.Toby is also co-founder ofStakeholder Intelligence Ltd. SIprovides training, facilitation,advice and contract researchon sustainability to large com-panies and other clients. He teaches Corporate Re-sponsibility at Birkbeck College, part of the Univer-sity of London, on the MSc. Corporate Governance& Ethics and on the Strategic Human ResourceManagement MSc.From 2006-8 Webb co-chairedthe UK Conservative Party’s Working Group onCorporate Responsibility, which outlined CR poli-cy, some of which the current UK Government isnow implementing.JITENDRA BHARGAVAJitendra Bhargava started hiscareer with Coal India Lim-ited as Class 1 officer. Then hemoved to Air India and roseto become Executive Director.He is known television and ra-dio personality who regularlyspeaks on matter relating to civil aviation, humanresources and corporate matters.Jitendra Bhargavahas over 35 years of experience in Public Relations(PR) and Marketing and is considered One of theBest PR Professional in the country today. He is asought after speaker and is virtually invited fromall leading institutions of the country to speak onvarious topics.SATISH JHASatish Jha is President andCEO, OLPC India. OLPC wasfounded by Nicholas Negro-ponte with a core of MediaLab veteran. He has servedas a global information man-agement executive with twoof the world’s largest pharmaceutical companiesand as CEO of a consulting firm. A former Editorwith The Times of India and the Indian ExpressGroups in India, Jha also founded, mentored andseeded a couple of dozen social projects with afocus on technology, business strategies andpublic policy in the areas of universal access toeducation, healthcare and bridging the digital di-vide. He is a member of the UN-GAID, Special Ad-visor to the Kofi Annan Center and co-chairs theWorld IT Forum (WITFOR). He studied at TheFletcher School of Law & Diplomacy and has anMBA from EDHEC/ Thesues in France. His co-ed-ited work with Leon Strous on “ICTs for Develop-ment and Prosperity.”GLOBAL FACULTY
  5. 5. PANKAJ PACHAURIPankaj Pachauri is Communica-tion Adviser to the Prime Min-ister of India. He is a senior TVanchor and journalist. Earlier,he was Managing Editor withNDTV. He was also associated with other internationalmedia houses including the BBC, the Department ofJournalism at Berkeley and the University of Califor-nia. He has more than 20 years of experience in printand broadcast journalism. He has won many awardsincluding the prestigious ‘The Statesman Award forRural Reporting’in 1989 for his expose on the practiceof female infanticide in Rajasthan. He also receivedthe Srikant Verma Award for journalism in 1990.TED MCFARLANDTed McFarland has held keyleadership positions with ma-jor, multinational corporations.He served as the first in-regionPresident for Turner Internation-al Asia Pacific. He was President of Hughes Electron-ics Japan K.K. and Senior Vice President of Hughes’NASDAQ listed PanAmSat and Director of Hughes’Di-recTV Japan Management Company K.K.. Ted servedas vice president of marketing for Lockheed MartinCorporation’s ILS joint venture with the KhrunichevSpace Research Center. He is currently on the boardof GloCal Media Networks Inc. and a board advisor toThe Media Alliance of Asia. Ted earned a BS in Busi-ness Administration from San Diego State Universityand post-graduation in international business diplo-macy at Georgetown University.LOU ALTMANLou Altman is the CEO andFounder of GlobaFone, USA, anaward winning, leading providerof Satellite Phone Solutions andglobal wireless solutions to Government and enter-prise clients for the past 10 years. In his earlier assign-ments, he was Consultant at Isagenix, Assistant VicePresident at Scudder Investments and Customer Ser-vice Representative at John Hancock Mutual Funds.He is an MBA in marketing from Southern NewHampshire University.CHANDIR GIDWANIChandir Gidwani is Founder ofCentrum Investment Ltd. andserves as its Vice Chairman. Healso serves as the ManagingDirector of Centrum FinanceLimited. He is the co-founder of Centrum CapitalLimited, a diversified financial services companyand served as its Chairman of the Board. He servesas a Director of CentrumDirect Ltd., Business MatchServices India Private Limited, Casby Logistic PrivateLimited, Centrum Fiscal Private Limited, ExpressitLogistics Worldwide Limited, Ferrari Express PrivateLimited, Nanikrami Agro Private Limited, Ocean Ex-press Private Limited, Rap Media Ltd. and SanchajyoInvestment & Finance Private Limited. He was anIndependent Non- Executive Director of RelianceMediaWorks Limited since September 29, 2005. Mr.Gidwani holds Master’s Degree in Commerce fromMumbai University of India and Fellow of the Insti-tute Chartered Accountants of India.KINGSHUK NAGKingshuk Nag has been a jour-nalist with The Times of Indiafor over 16 years and is cur-rently the resident editor ofTimes of India Hyderabad. Priorto that he was the resident editor of Times of In-dia Ahmedabad. He is a winner of the Prem BhatiaAward for excellence for his coverage of the 2002 ri-ots in Gujarat. Prior to that he was heading the busi-ness bureau in the newspaper. While he activelywrites on politics and business, he also commentson social movements and causes. He has authoredthe books ‘The double life of Ramalinga Raju’ and‘Battleground Telangana: Chronicle of an Agitation’.He is a graduate of Delhi School of Economics andhe is authority for on deficit planning.NAMITA VIKASNamita Vikas is President &Chief Sustainability Officer YESBANK and spearheads bank’sVersion 2.0 Vision & Strategyof further strengthening thebank as a commercially viable financial institutionwith sustainability principles incorporated withinits core operations. Namita is responsible formainstreaming sustainability via a two prongedstrategy of Responsible Banking in Thought andResponsible Banking in Action. She brings withher over 22 years of well rounded experience inthe field of Corporate Social Responsibility, PublicAffairs, Communication and Policy Advocacy. Shehas held leadership positions with Confederationof Indian Industry, Microsoft Corporation and Mari-co Ltd. Prior to joining YES BANK; she was headingthe Marico Innovation Foundation where she ledits Innovation and Social development agenda.Here she institutionalized the Innovation Incuba-tion of Social Enterprises for accelerated scale andInnovation for India Awards. She has also beeninvolved in guiding and implementing strategicphilanthropy by Marico around Entrepreneurship.Namita serves as a Jury on The World Bank’s De-velopment Market Place initiative for India, TataGroup Innovista Awards, and Women Entrepre-neurship Awards of Mariwala Foundation. She isa member of National Committees of FICCI andASSOCHAM. Namita has a Advanced ManagementDegree in CSR and Leadership from the SwenskaInstitute, Sweden, a bachelor degree in Economicsand Diploma in Business Management from Mum-bai University.DINESH N. AWASTHIDinesh N. Awasthi, Ph.D. (Eco-nomics), Gujarat University, An Econo-mist with extensive experiencein Entrepreneurship education,research and training. Worked extensively on policyissues related to SMEs with several multilateral agen-cies like ILO, UNIDO, UNDP, as a Consultant on severalinternational assignments. Has four books, over 55research papers and 14 research reports to his credit.His areas of interest are: policy research, cluster de-velopment, sub-sector analysis, social entrepreneur-ship, rural entrepreneurship and NGOs. Dr. Awasthiis a Member of various Apex Committees and CoreGroups of Ministries of MSME, Urban Employmentand Poverty Alleviation, Department of Science &Technology, etc.KAPIL DEVKapil Dev, is a former Indiancricketer. He captained the In-dian cricket team which wonthe 1983 Cricket World Cup.Named by Wisden as the IndianCricketer of the Century in 2002, Kapil Dev was alsoIndia’s national cricket coach for 10 months betweenOctober 1999 and August 2000.ADVISORY BOARD
  6. 6. WHY THIS COURSE ?The sheer magnitude of work to be done across private sector companies, public sec-tor undertakings, government bodies and government itself is overwhelming.CSR, Sustainablity, Ethical Management are no longer concepts but germane to sur-vival of human enterprises.Unfortunately, today these activities are managed by differently qualified generalists ,inexperienced in this field – not specialists.The aim of the MSc course in“CSR and Ethical Management” is an integrative teachingof Economics fundamentals, Business Ethics, CSR Management and the entire field ofsustainability. It includes understanding the economic and social sustainability for theoptimal allocation of resources. According to the results of a study coducted by the Indian Centre for CSR, majorityof Indian companies believe that the development of a CSR strategy can deliver realbusiness benefits.However, only 11% have made significant progress in implementing the strategy intheir organisation. This indicates huge requirement for talent.COURSE CONTENTMethods and tools of CSR – management – Introduction of the concept of Corpo-rate ResponsibilitiesCSR – Strategies – Small business strategies to affiliated group companies strategiesCSR concepts – Definition of Goal, Mission statements and Company visionCommunication with stakeholders – Cross-cultural competence and communicationBusiness Ethics, Corporate governance, Compliance and valuesMarketing and Presentation of European and International CSR projectsEthics and Anthropology – Human Rights and Anti – discrimination in CSR ProjectsEnvironmental analysis and Project launch in CSR Projects – Problem matrix andStakeholders informationThe Social Dimension – 12 CSR activities in employee fieldInvestment and CSR – CSR cost plans and rules parameters, ImplementationExamples of good practice, best practice and worst practice in European and Interna-tional project managementNorms, Standards and Quality assurance in CSR management – Overview with fo-cus on European and International standardsIntroduction to European and International Business plansExaminingtoolsandgoalmanagementforCSR–MeasurementofCSRperformance,Diversity management and Human ResourceCSR for Small and medium size businessesMS IN CSR AND ETHICAL MANAGEMENTRIGHT NOWTHERE IS A CRIPPLINGNEED FOR TALENT ANDQUALIFIED PERSONNEL IN CSR –IN INDIA AS WELL AS GLOBALLY.PASSING OUT GRADUATESGET A GLOBAL DEGREEAND ARE GLOBALLYEMPLOYABLE
  7. 7. CSR Overview – the concept of CSR as a business modelCSR Strategy DevelopmentImplementation – from gap analysis to action plan and budgetsStandards in CSR – ISO 26000, GRI, OESD , UNGC etc.Stakeholder Identification and EngagementGood GovernanceResponsibility of businesses to respect Human RightsImpact on Environment and how to deal with themCustomers & Consumers IssuesTransparency, fair advertisement, CSR as brand factorCSR & Employees, HR and Labour PracticesCorruption prevention, anti cartel measures, protection of intellectual propertyCommunity developmentCommunication, dialogue with stakeholders, the media, the general public,Unique to this Program: Many global and Indian CEOs would address studentsevery month. This will be interactive session and discussion enabling our students togain first hand knowledge, awareness, and exposure to Global Best Practices in CSR.THIS COURSE PREPARES YOU FORGLOBALLYRECOGNIZED MS CERTIFICATEAWARDED BY THEUNIVERSITY OF APPLIEDSCIENCES,VIENNA
  8. 8. ADMISSION & APPLICATIONADMISSION REQUIREMENTSRelevant academic degrees or comparable qualifications or comparable work experience in CSR,Communication, HR, Sustainable Management, Environment, and Quality Management. The pro-gram is suitable for those aiming for careers in CSR Management both in the‘For Profit’and‘Not forProfit’sectors. Graduates in any discipline can apply. The applicant should have scored minimum60 per cent marks in their graduation. Working executives and Women will be given preference.SELECTION CRITERIAWritten Test, Group Discussion and Interview in centres at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.THE PROGRAM IN BRIEFAcademic Title: Master of Science (MSc) in “CSR & Ethical Management”The duration of the course is 12 months spread over four semesters. The Students will beawarded Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in “CSR & Ethical Management” from Indian Centre forCSR (ICCSR) upon successful completion of 11 months. This PGD is recognised by University ofApplied Sciences for final award of the Degree of “Master of Scienece (MSc) in CSR & EthicalManagement”.The MSc degree is awarded subject to the submission of a thesis, successful completion of 2modules and examinations at the Vienna Campus., for which students need 15 days. The classesin India will be conducted at Navi Mumbai campus.PROGRAM FEE` 5,00,000/- (Five Lacs) only.This fee includes Admission fee, Tution fee.SCHOLARSHIPSLimited number of scholarships are available for deserving students.LOANEducational loan can be arranged from banks.
  9. 9. JOB SCOPE FOR CSR GRADUATESOur course quality , faculty and certification catapults Indian students to a globally acceptedCSR education standards as they are awarded Globally Recognized degree from one of thebests in Europe Education, i.e., MS Degree in “CSR & Ethical Management”of University of Ap-plied Sciences, Vienna, Austria.Crippling need of CSR professionals is forcing companies to scout for CSR talent as it has emerged as oneof the most important management needs of the corporates. Recent bill of making 2% mandatory spentmakes it abundantly clear that soon every organizations would necessarily have CSR division.Indian students would also be globally accepted as this course offers post graduate degrees from fromUniversity of Applied Sciences, Vienna, which is enlisted as one of the best in CSR education today.Private Sector - Larger companies have CSR departments or have CSR functions located within par-ticular areas including marketing, communications, environmental management, public affairs, inves-tor relations, finance, operations and human resources. Opportunities are also opening up in the largeaccounting and consulting firms, many of which are trying to compete with the niche CSR consultingfirms by offering their own CSR client services.Public Sector: There is demand for trained CSR professionals.Nonprofits and Research - There are a wide variety of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), in-dustry associations, think tanks and academic institutions engaed in learning and/or advocacy withinthe CSR arena.  Such groups promote and examine the use of CSR concepts within the private andpublic spheres. Apart from them international charities, welfare bodies and UN/Global bodies will beopen to passing students.Some of the big companies like Citi Bank, Yes Bank, Centrum, HCC, BP, Crain, Reliance, Vedanta, Essar,Coca Cola, HP have shown their desire publically for offering internship to students for doing activitieswhich are beneficial to People, Planet & Society.Source:EconomicTimesdtd28December2012.
  10. 10. plot no. X-4/5a, office no. 601 & 602, technocity,t.t.C. Industrial area, Mahape , navi Mumbai - 400 701.Tel.: 022 2778 8481 / 82, Fax : 022 2778 8483Email.: ea@iccsr.orgWebsite : www.iccsr.orgUniversity of applied Sciences bfi viennaWohlmutstrasse 22, 1020 viennatel: 01/ Delhiv. chopra(M) : 9560833833(e) : vc@iccsr.orgbhanu Pratap singh(M) : 9910668288(e) : pb@iccsr.orgconTacTMuMbai / Punesanjeev verma(M) : 9323933185(e) : sv@iccsr.orgc. R. Tiwari(M) : 9224593512(e) : crt@iccsr.orgRashmi naik(M) : 9923984863(e) : rn@iccsr.orgbangaloRegeorge Thomas(M) : 9845049224(e) : gt@iccsr.orgChaitali Chatterjee(M) : 9867210670(e) : cc@iccsr.orgProf. B.P. Tripathi(M):9930173352(e) : pt@iccsr.orgDevang Mewati(M) : 9664890428(e) : dm@iccsr.orgDEANProf. N.Swaminathan(M) : 9820523868(e) : ns@iccsr.orgHEAD-ACADEMICS