Ms program in csr and ethical mgt working professionals


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The uniqueness of this first of its kind program in India are:-

>>Global faculty
>>Global Environment
>>Global Facilities
>>Global Exposure
>>Monthly CEO interaction

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Ms program in csr and ethical mgt working professionals

  1. 1. Indian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) isa Not for Profit Global Advisory and Training Organizationengaged in the Business of promoting Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR) in India and Globally. ICCSR is offeringin association with University of Applied Sciences (UAS),Vienna a Master of Science (MS) program in CSR & Ethical Man-agement, from the ICCSR - Global Center for CSR Knowledgecampus located at Mumbai.Businesses worldwide are increasingly measured by SocialReturns along with Financial returns. Many Corporate socialresponsibility (CSR) practitioners in India still have misplacednotion of thinking that Philanthropy and Charities make goodCSR. When used well, CSR mitigates Business Risk and ensuresa healthy survival of the Corporation.The company’s bill makes it mandatory for Indian companiesto spend 2 % of their profits for CSR related activities. The billalso emphasizes the need for the following:Master of Science (MS) programin CSR and Ethical Management forWorking ProfessionalsAcademic year 2013-2014Indian Centre for CSR &University of Applied Sciences bfiVienna, Austria
  2. 2. • Creation of CSR Division• Appointment of Independent CSR Directors• Creation of CSR committees to supervise and monitor CSRactivity of the organizationIncreasingly corporate executives must find new ways to ad-dress economic, social and environmental effects of doingbusiness while balancing conflicting demands on their atten-tion, time & resources. Today’s business environment dependson defining a robust & proper CSR strategy and imbibing thesame in the corporate strategy of the corporation.This program helps you define priority, integrate social respon-sibility throughout your business, and build social & businessvalues and ethics. You will strengthen your ability to defineand implement powerful CSR Strategy that strengthen the po-sition of the firm, its reputation, brand image, valuation and itsway of doing business for enduring success.MS PROGRAM IN BRIEF(delivered in two formats)The duration of the course is 12 months. The students will beawarded Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in “CSR & Ethical Man-agement”from Indian Centre for CSR upon successful comple-tion of 11 months.This (PGD) is recognized by the University ofApplied Sciences Vienna. The MSc degree award is subject tosubmission of a thesis and successful completion of 2 modulesof the course at the Vienna campus. Students typically need15 days for the completion of the 2 modules. It is equivalentin content and rigour to the full-time MS program. You canchoose between the following two formats of delivery:Master Of Science Program in CSR &Ethical Management(Weekend Program)The program is designed for working executives based inMumbai who are not able to pursue a fulltime program. Thestudents will be typically required to attend the lectures onSaturdays (evening hours) & Sundays (full day) every week.Digital content / learning support is provided to supplementclassroom learning.Right nowthere is a cripplingneed for talent andqualified personnel in CSR –in India as well as globally.Master Of Science Program in CSR &Ethical Management(Distance Learning Program)The Distance learning format includes classes on 10 workingdays at the beginning of first three quarters at the ICCSR Indiacampus, followed by 15 days study to complete 2 modules,submission of thesis and examinations at the UAS Campus atVienna. Digital content / learning support is provided to sup-plement classroom learning. This program is best suited forcandidates who reside outside Mumbai.Program Highlights• The content of the program is international, reflecting theincreasing trend towards the transnational nature of CSR &environmental issues faced by corporates. Student gets tounderstand the shift towards Environmental Social Gover-nance (ESG) reporting.• The course will be conducted at our centre in Mumbai &University of Applied Sciences, Vienna.Career OpportunitiesWith government making CSR mandatory for all companies,there are huge employment opportunities for passing outgraduates in small & large corporations. This being a globalprogram, students passing out can expect jobs in MNCs &world bodies such as United Nation, OECD, European Unionand other International trade and Industry bodies.Program Objectives - The MS program is designed to helpworking professionals fully integrate social responsibility withthe business objective of their organization. CSR is integral tolong-term business success.What You Can Expect• Global Degree• Global faculty• Global Environment• Global Facilities• Global ExposureThe Course of StudyThe Study includes class room lectures, digital content, recentcase studies and group discussions. The assessment would ex-amine your understanding of how successful businesses de-velop pertinent and effective CSR strategy which is integratedwith long-term needs of the business. The uniqueness of thisfirst of its kind program in India are reflected in our exhaustivecurriculum as:• Methods and tools of CSR – Management – Introduction ofthe concept of Corporate Responsibilities.• CSR Strategies - Small business strategies to affiliated groupcompanies strategies.• CSR Concepts – Definition of Goals, Missions statements &company visions.
  3. 3. GloballyreCOGNIzED MS degreeawarded by theUniversity of AppliedSciences,Vienna• Communication with Stakeholders – Cross-Cultural compe-tence & communication.• Business Ethics Corporate Governance Compliance & Values.• Marketing & Presentation of European and InternationalCSR Projects.• Ethics & Anthropology - Human rights and Anti discrimina-tion in CSR Projects.• The Social Dimension – 12 CSR Social activities in employeefield.• Introduction to European and International Business Plan.• Making the business case for social responsibility by calcu-lating costs and benefits• Recognizing the links between the welfare of society andthe success of the organization• Examining opportunities designed to benefit the organiza-tion as well as the community• Integrating corporate social responsibility best practicesinto key business areas• Identifying and managing the positive and negative im-pacts of business activities on society• Aligning social responsibility strategies and goals with or-ganizational objectives• Embedding CSR within the business culture to sustain thestrategy over the long term• Integrating social responsibility metrics into general perfor-mance management systems• Disseminating information on CSR policies throughout theorganization• Demonstrating how CSR practices continue to affect indi-viduals and departments• Communicating the impact of social responsibility to capi-tal markets, shareholders, and other stakeholdersWho Is Right for the ProgramThis program is designed primarily for middle level and uppermiddle level executives who direct corporate social respon-sibility programs at large and established companies. Seniorexecutives who have profit-and-loss responsibilities can alsobenefit from this program.ICCSR encourages Individuals or teams from companies repre-senting a variety of industries to apply for this course.AdmissionAdmission to this course is highly competitive based on pro-fessional achievement and organizational responsibility. Theexecutive should have a minimum of five years experiencehaving working in large corporations, private companies, pub-lic sector and development sector.Program FeeProgram fee: Rs. 4,00,000/- includes admission fee, tuition fee,case and study material. Talk to our office to know more abouthow to pay your fees in 2 interest free installments.Financial AssistanceLimited numbers of scholarships are available and applicantshaving outstanding academic record, relevant work experi-ence can apply for tuition remission, scholarships or assistant-ships that are offered to students who meet the criteria.Educational loan is available from HDFC bank and other banks.Application ProcessOur Admissions Committee takes great care to choose indi-viduals with exceptional character as well as relevant academ-ic and extracurricular strengths. Please note this program isvery competitive.Candidates seeking admissions to the program for workingprofessionals need to submit their Application forms alongwith scanned copies of their passing certificates and anddegrees. The working professionals should also send in a copyof updated CV demonstrating your work experience of atleast five years duly supported your employer. You may alsoinclude a letter from your employer should they sponsor yourMS program.The Application form can be submitted in person or throughemail along with scanned copies of academic credentials andsupporting documents. To discuss any other details regardingthe course or Follow up on the application status, we encour-age you to talk to us.Demand Draft of Rs.2,000/- (non refundable) towards Applica-tion fees favoring Indian Centre for CSR should be sent alongwith your Application form.Committee of Admissions meets every fortnight to reviewapplications and qualified candidates are admitted on a roll-ing, space-available basis hence, so early application is rec-ommended. We acknowledge receipt of all applications andmaintain all application information in strict confidentiality.Dates To RememberAdmission Process completion date: 30th July 2013Commencement of class: 30th September 2013
  4. 4. Martin Neureiter, Course DirectorFounder, CEO - CSR Company, Chair- Implementation Task Group, ISO 26000, Scientific head of PG educationat University of Applied Sciences Vi-enna for CSR, lectures at the St. GallenManagement Institute, Switzerland andcoaches at CEO level. Besides authoring several bookson CSR, he advises companies worldwide such as SAP,National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Vivacell Mobile phone andothers. He is program the Director, MS Program in CSRand Ethical Management.Toby Webbs, ChairmanEthical CorporationFaculty - Birkbeck, University of London,CSR Advisor to British Government ad-vising the Prime MinisterDr. Panagiotis PanagiotakopoulosSpecialises in Ecolabel Strategies, exten-sive teaching at Democritus Universityof Thrace and National Technical Univer-sity, Athens.Irene DaskalakisInternational CSR Consulting, GlobalSustainability Expert & trainer, alum-nus of George Washington University,DC & Athens University of Economics &BusinessRajesh TiwariCEO - Indian Centre for CSRformerly Group Director at Reliance,Global CSR expert, Founder TikonaDigital. He is an alumnus of University ofHull.Satish JhaPresident and CEO, OLPC India. OLPCwas founded by Nicholas Negropontewith a core of Media Lab veteran. He hasserved as global information manage-ment executive with two world’s largestPharmaceutical companies and CEO of a consulting firm.To know more about the MS Program and to view thedetailed biographies of the faculty visit our website: Program FacultyThe MS Program on Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical management is developed and taught by a core facultyof practitioners and thought leaders in the area of CSR. The reputed global faculty includes:Contact:Dean : Prof B Prakash TripathiTel : +91 22 2778 8481 / 82Fax : +91 22 2496 6803Email : pt@iccsr.orgMobile : +91 99301 73352For further assistance, contact:ICCSR - Global Center for CSR Knowledge601, 6th Floor, Technocity, Plot No. X4/5 A,TTC Industrial Area Mahape, Navi Mumbai- 400701 (India)