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Scene by scene[1] Scene by scene[1] Presentation Transcript

  • Scene by Scene
  • Overview of plot • Our final idea is that we have a thirteen year old boy who is having a bad day and hates his life. We also have a thirty year old man who is also unhappy with the way his life is going. Throughout the film there will be a spilt screen showing the struggle between the two different characters. Both of the characters want to be older and younger. Therefore on their birthday they make the wish reverse/ fast forward their lives and the twist will be that when they wake up; the boy will wake up as a thirty year old and the thirty year old will wake up as a thirteen year old.
  • Scene 1 • The opening scene will be of the thirteen year old boy being told of by his parents for not cleaning his room and sticking to his chores. The mum leaves his room whilst the boy slams his door shut. He then walks over to his desk and begins to write his feeling on a piece of paper, before screwing them up and chucking them in the bin. (This will also be our title sequence).
  • Scene 2 • The thirty year old man is on his way to work, when some of his work documents fall out of his briefcase. This happens next to a field where there is a group of teenagers playing football. He catches a glimpse of them and carries on watching. He begins to reminisce of his past. He then kneels down to pick up the papers when all of a sudden the ball rolls past him. He picks up the ball and goes to kick it back to the youngsters. He unfortunately kicks it in the complete wrong direction, showing that he is getting older.
  • Scene 3 • Child asks his parents if he is allowed to go to a house party on the weekend, which they refuse. The child then storms out of the house, slamming the door behind him and whilst walking, he passes the thirty year old man. The are oblivious to who the other one is but still greet one another with a friendly hello.
  • Scene 4 • It’s the day of the birthday! The child is now turning thirteen; the first year of being a teenager so believes that he should now get more responsibility. It is also the thirty year olds birthday too. When it is time to blow out the candles, they both wish for the complete opposite things. The man wants to be young again with the child wanting to be more grown up with more responsibility.
  • Scene 5 • After a sudden blackout, they open their eyes again and have completely switched lives. They are both as equally as confused as the other and can’t understand what has happened. Neither of them know what is going on and how they are going to go back to before and cope with their new lives.
  • Scene 6 • The thirty year old (now in the teenagers body) is so confused, he goes to run outside to see if anything else has changed. On the way out he trips over and cuts his knee, he begins to cry and shout for his mother. The older man is equally as confused and runs out the room. He runs down the road and even passes the young boy on his way.
  • Scene 7 • The two males catch sight of each other and begin to spark up conversation . They discuss what has happened to each other and realise they are more similar than they originally thought. They finally acknowledge that they have pretty much swapped lives.
  • Scene 8 • They discuss why they both wanted to swap lives and how it isn’t all they hoped it would be. They want to go back to their original lives but want things to change. They decide amongst themselves to try and help each other out before quickly departing.
  • Scene 9 • The next morning, both characters wake up ad realise they were in a dream. They are both overly relieved. Both are happy they are back to their original self but want certain things to change.