Reticular activating system


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Reticular activating system

  1. 1. Reticular activating system Consciousness & sleep Dr. Sadaf Mumtaz 15/03/12
  2. 2. Consciousness• ‘Subjective awareness of external world and self, including awareness of the private inner world of one’s own mind’
  3. 3. Excitatory activating system of brain
  4. 4. Areas of the cerebral cortex that connect with specific portions of the thalamus
  5. 5. Collection of neurons in the brain stem secreting different transmitters
  6. 6. Sleep Types of SleepCharacteristics Slow wave sleep REM sleepEEG Displays slow waves Similar to EEG of alert awake personMotor activity Considerable muscle tone Abrupt inhibition of muscle toneHeart rate, respiratory rate Minor reductions Irregularand blood pressureDreaming Rare (mental activity is Common extension of waking time thoughts)Arousal Sleeper easily awakened Sleeper hard to arouse but apt to wake up spontaneouslyPercentage of sleeping 80% 20%timeOther important Has four stages Rapid eye movementcharacteristics
  7. 7. Serotinin
  8. 8. Sleep inhibition centers• Nucleus of tractus solitarius• Rostral part of hypothalamus Diencephalon• Diffuse nuclei of thalamus
  9. 9. Possible cause of REM sleep
  10. 10. Brain waves
  11. 11. Behavioural patterns during sleep
  12. 12. Synchronization and Desynchronization of brain waves
  13. 13. Epilepsy
  14. 14. • Depression• Manic-depressive psychosis• Schizophrenia• Alzheimer’s disease
  15. 15. Thanks