Think And Grow Rich


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Something for goal achievers everywhere.

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Think And Grow Rich

  1. 1. FREEDOM, HAPPINESS AND SECURITY CAN BE YOURS * Freedom to do the things you've always wanted to do * Freedom to travel and explore * Freedom to buy the things you fancy whenever you come across them * Freedom to do things on the spur of the moment
  2. 2. * Happiness that comes from having the money AND the time you need * Happiness from being able to give to your family and friends * Happiness from being able to give to charities and causes you believe in * Happiness through being able to make a difference to your world and the world around you HAPPINESS
  3. 3. * Security from worry about unexpected bills and medical emergencies * Security that comes with owning your home and everything you need * Security of being debt free and having a regular income * Security for your loved ones and opportunities for your kids SECURITY
  4. 4. THINK AND GROW RICH * Sounds too good to be true doesn't it! * What I realised when I read the book is that I'd been applying Hill's principles in my own life already *The principles apply whether your goals are financial, spiritual or personal
  5. 5. GOALS * Skydiving Instructor * Car and Motorcycle Racer * Business Owner and Managing Director * Long Distance Sailor
  6. 6. WE ARE THE PRODUCT OF OUR DOMINATING THOUGHTS * Where you are today is a direct result of your thinking * The principle is simple, but coming up with the right way of thinking isn't quite so simple * Napoleon Hill spent twenty five years studying the most successful men in America * Analysing success and failure Hill came up with a study course on how to train your mind to THINK AND GROW RICH * It could as easily say THINK AND ACHIEVE ANY GOAL YOU SET YOURSELF
  7. 7. I'M SO CONVINCED I'M GIVING THE BOOK AWAY FREE * In addition however I have recorded the audio book * I've written a foreword on why the book is so relevant today * I've made a pocket précis and a Goals and Plans form * I've pulled out the questionnaires Hill suggests you use and written my own set of instructions * This really is a study course, it's not a book to read once and put away AND IF YOU BUY THE COMPLETE PACKAGE FOR JUST $17 WE'LL GIVE YOU TWO FREE BONUSES
  8. 8. BONUSES BONUS 1 My own E-Book entitled 'Of Land, Sea And Sky' It's about my life and all the activities I've been involved with and the inspirational people I've met. BONUS 2 E-Book The Law Of Success In Sixteen Lessons Napoleon Hill's 1928 book. SO THERE IT IS THINK AND GROW RICH FOR FREE OR THE COMPLETE STUDY GUIDE WITH E-BOOK, AUDIO BOOK, HELPFUL TOOLS AND SPECIAL BONUSES FOR JUST $17
  9. 9.