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This is a title This is a title Presentation Transcript

  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedDriving Strategy & Innovationthrough Operational Excellence
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreserved
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedWhat is Operational Excellence?
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedCompetition;Market ForcesOwnership;Shareholders“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chaseperfection we can catch excellence. ”― Vince Lombardi
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedWhat is Operational Excellence?Key attributes of organizations who achieve OperationalExcellence:• Continuous pursuit of improvement.• Collaborative Decisions.• Employee Empowerment.• A culture of Innovation.• Accountability and results are monitored andmeasured.
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedApproach to Operational ExcellenceExperience, Talent andQualificationsTransferMechanismsDesiredOutcomes
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedOperational Excellence & StrategyThe pursuit of Operational Excellence requires clearobjectives, a plan to achieve those objectives, andmeasures and accountabilities surrounding achievingthe plan.These are the same elements that are fundamentalto an effective Strategy.
  • Why Does Strategy Fail?© Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedFailure to change behaviorInaccurate PredictionCustomer ConfusionFailure to ManageChangePoor CommunicationsFailed Strategy
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedOperational Excellence & InnovationThe pursuit of Operational Excellence requires theintroduction and integration of new ideas supportedthrough collaborative relationships both internally andexternally to the organization.These same elements are fundamental to achievingInnovation.
  • Why Does Innovation Fail toMaterialize?© Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedUnrealistic ExpectationsLack of ResourcesSingular FocusLack of CollaborationMisaligned rolesFailed Innovation
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedThe Other Factors at PlayInternalInfluencesExternalPressures
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedInternal Influential Factors
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedEconomicPoliticalSocialTechnologicalInfluential External Factors
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedOperational Excellence Model•Contract Management•Supplier Innovation•Supplier Collaboration•Fully integrated•Supportive technology•Effective measurementand reporting•Functional alignment•ContinuousImprovement•Value focused•Vision & mission•Accountability•Talent ManagementLeadership& CultureProcessDesign &ExecutionPartners &AffiliationsTechnologyIntegration
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedLeadership & CultureStrategicAccountableFocused
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedProcess Design & ExecutionValue tocustomerEffectiveSupportiveAligned
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedPartners & AffiliationsCustomer facingOperations facingOperation
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedTechnology IntegrationInboundSupplierMulti-directionalOperationsInboundCustomer
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedStaying on the Rails
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedEngagement Traction
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedEngaging Stakeholders
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreservedSummary
  • © Shawn Casemore 2013. All rightsreserved