Real Estate Property in the Philippines For SALE


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Condominium and Hotel


For inquiries pls. call me @: +63-906-471-5901 or e-mail:

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  • Condominium and Hotel


    For inquiries pls. call me @: +63-32-360-7351 / +63-906-471-5901 or e-mail:
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Real Estate Property in the Philippines For SALE

  1. 18. <ul>CATEGORY </ul><ul>ROOM NIGHT(S) </ul><ul>NEW PRICE </ul><ul>Individual A </ul><ul>1 </ul><ul>Php301,134.00 </ul><ul>Individual A [ International ] </ul><ul>7 </ul><ul>Php499,905.00 </ul><ul>Individual B [ International ] </ul><ul>14 </ul><ul>Php728,433.00 </ul><ul>Corporate B [ International ] </ul><ul>21 </ul><ul>Php1,052,181.00 </ul>
  2. 19. <ul>ANNUAL DUES </ul><ul>TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP </ul><ul>NO. OF NIGHTS PER YEAR </ul><ul>ANNUAL CONSUMABLE COUPON </ul><ul>TOTAL ANNUAL DUES </ul><ul>INDIVIDUAL A </ul><ul>1 </ul><ul>6,000.00 </ul><ul>12,720.00 </ul><ul>INDIVIDUAL A INT'L </ul><ul>7 </ul><ul>6,000.00 </ul><ul>16,080.00 </ul><ul>INDIVIDUAL B INT'L </ul><ul>14 </ul><ul>6,000.00 </ul><ul>22,800.00 </ul><ul>CORPORATE B INT'L </ul><ul>21 </ul><ul>18,000.00 </ul><ul>50,256.00 </ul>
  3. 30. <ul>FUENTE TOWER 3 UPDATES </ul><ul><li>There are 20 units with view and 30 units facing the Club all ready for turn over to buyers
  4. 31. All units with view are payable through BANK FINANCING or payable in 5 years in-house Financing. </li></ul><ul>In-house financing Payment Scheme: 30% Dp, 70% 5 years with 14% per annum. ( factor : 0.02327) </ul><ul><li>All units without view are payable up to 7 years ( selected units) </li></ul><ul>Payment Scheme: 30% Dp, 70% 7 years w/ 14% per annum. (Factor: 0.01874). The selected units come with a 1 night free membership to be assigned upon clearing of the 30% DP for the buyers to enjoy the club amenities after payment of the annual dues, and documents of club ownership will be issued upon full payment of the unit. </ul><ul><li>20% to 30% DP, 70% Bank Financing </li></ul>
  5. 32. <ul>FUENTE TOWER 3 SAMPLE COMPUTATION( 7 YEARS)-In House </ul><ul>Payment Scheme: 30% (6 months), 70% In house Financing Total Contract Value P 4,075,032.68 Down payment (30%) 1,222,509,80 Less: Reservation 100,000.00 Total 1,122,509.80 /6 months Total DP for 6 months P 187,084.97 for 6 months 70% Balance 7 years at 14% int. P.a P 2,852,522.88 Factor x 0.01874 P 53,456.28 ( for 78 months) </ul>
  6. 34. <ul> </ul><ul>Features… Basement-6th Flr. Parking 7-27th (104) Residential Units 64-126 sqms. 1,2-3 bedrooms Security Cameras Stand-by Generator Set High-Speed Elevators Internet Ready Video Intercom (Unit-Lobby) </ul><ul>ULTIMA PRIME - Fuente Tower 4 </ul>
  7. 38. <ul>SEAVIEW </ul>
  8. 39. <ul>ULTIMA PRIME UPDATES </ul><ul><li>Units are to be delivered to buyers bare but with partitions, ready to accept finishing. We are presently studying if we could deliver the units finished. Watch out for further announcements.
  9. 40. Cash transaction less 10% discount;
  10. 41. Present terms of payment: Payable in 4 years at zero interest;
  11. 42. 30% DP, 40% 4 years zero interest, 30% In house Financing for 3 years at 14% interest p.a. ( 0.03418);
  12. 43. Excavation is scheduled around May 2011 and scheduled to be completed within 24 to 36 months from excavation. </li></ul>
  13. 44. <ul>ULTIMA PRIME SAMPLE COMPUTATION( 3 YEARS)- In House </ul><ul>Payment Scheme: 30% Dp(6 months), 40% 4years, 30% In house Total Contract Value P 4,472,025.60 Down payment (30%) 1,341,607.68 Less: Reservation 50,000.00 Total 1,291,607.68 /6 months Total DP for 6 months P 215,267.95 for 6 months 40% Monthly Amortization P 1,788,810.24 Factor /42 months P 42,590.72 ( for 42 months) 30% In house Financing P 1,341,607.68 Factor for 3 years x 0.03418 Total Monthly in house Financing P45,856.15 for 36 months </ul>
  14. 58. <ul>CONSTRUCTION UPDATES as of July 2011 </ul>
  15. 59. <ul>CONSTRUCTION UPDATES as of July 2011 </ul>
  16. 70. <ul>BORACAY UPDATES </ul><ul><li>We are now partially opening 156 rooms out of the 479 </li></ul><ul>units. </ul><ul><li>In addition to previously announced amenities we have converted the mermaid performance pool into an oceanarium where you could feed the sharks and could even swim with the sharks after feeding.
  17. 71. In a portion of the water park we will place a wave machine that could create big waves in the pool.
  18. 72. In another portion of water park we shall be installing a surfing pool similar to Siloso Beach, Sintosa, Singapore. SHOW FILM
  19. 73. Payable until end of 2014 for Batch 2 investors whose income will start 2012.
  20. 74. For cash buyers they will be included in batch 1 investors list </li></ul>
  21. 75. <ul><li>Crown Regency Boracay adventure park is a 2 hectares development located at the back of Crown Regency Resort & Convention Center strategically located in central Boracay with access at the main road and Bolabog circumferential road at the back, its main feature that will make it soon the landmark of boracay is the giant coconut tree that will rise in the center of the island, it will be lighted at night and will serve as lighthouse for navigations, it will have 4 high speed elevator inside the trunk of the giant coconut and will have direct access to Bolabog road. </li></ul>
  22. 76. <ul><li>25 storey Boracay coconut adventure tower will feature the following:
  23. 77. 25,24,23 floors lunch dinner buffet mid floor kitchen around 200 square meter this 3 floors will look like big coconut fruit from perspective
  24. 78. 22 nd floor sky walk platform 30 pax capacity
  25. 79. 21 st floor Zip line platform
  26. 80. 20 th floor observation deck just 3 meters width around the trunk
  27. 81. 19 th landing platform for the skylift.
  28. 82. 18 th floor rapelling, </li></ul>
  29. 83. <ul><li>17 th floor big bettle climbing on tree with platform for picture taking,
  30. 84. 14 th floor big geckow platform for picture taking ,
  31. 85. 10 th para climb,
  32. 86. 9 th floor hanging bridge
  33. 87. 6 th floor take off for luge,
  34. 88. 3 rd floor wall climbing
  35. 89. Other attraction facility segway path campfire area amphitheater with bird show.
  36. 90. 100 room accommodation for budget and government account overlooking the amphitheater jogging track bike lane with bike rentals. </li></ul>
  37. 95. <ul>ACTUAL VIEW OF STUDIO UNIT </ul>
  38. 101. <ul>CITY LOFT SAMPLE COMPUTATION </ul><ul>Unit : 307 Area: 28.95 Payment Scheme: 30% DP, 40% 42months, 30% 3 years –In house Total Contract Value P 2,360,119.80 Down payment (30%) 708,035.94 Less: Reservation 30,000.00 Total 678,035.94 /6 months Total DP for 6 months 113,005.99 40% Monthly Amortization P 944,047.92 / 42 months Monthly Amotization P 22,477.33 ( 42 months) 30 % In house Financing P 708,035.94 Factor x 0.03418 Total Monthly P 24,200.66 (for 36 months) </ul>
  39. 102. <ul>BUYER’S INCENTIVE </ul><ul><li>The Buyer will get P30,000 discount if they will submit all required documents and post dated checks within 30days from date of reservation. </li></ul><ul><li>With Club Ultima (Membership 7 Days International worth P500,00 for FREE. That means that the unit owner could enjoy the facilities of Club Ultima, 7 free room nights use every year in any of then Regency Hotels in the Philippines or in any of the 2,900 hotels and resort worldwide through Interval International. </li></ul>
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