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OBI Overview

OBI Overview

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 2. Enterprise Business Model Administration Physical Layer – “Intelligent Request Generation” Reads in system catalog Multiple sources Optimized SQL generation Regardless of Schema Function ship to appropriate data sources/Compensation DB2 Supply Chain DM Teradata OLAP Oracle ERP. XML Data Source SQL Server Acxiom Siebel Operational
    • 3. Enterprise Business Model Administration Business Model Layer – “Calculation Engine” Physical complexity converted to logical subject areas Drill-Paths Complex/Derived Measures (Level-based, time series, dimension-specific, nested) Aggregate/Fragment Aware
    • 4. Enterprise Business Model Administration Presentation Layer Role-based, in context, personalized presentation – Oracle Answers
    • 5. Oracle BI Server Powerful, Scalable Intelligence Across Sources
      • Simplified business model view
      • Advanced calculation & integration engine
      • Intelligent request generation and optimized, distributed data access
      • Mission critical scalability and performance
      • Foundation for all OBIEE presentation services
      Open SQL Interface Oracle BI EE Presentation Services Other 3 rd Party Tools
      • Oracle BI Server
      • Native RDBMS
      • Oracle
      • SQL Server
      • DB2
      • Teradata
      • ODBC
      • Multi-dimensional
      • XMLA
      • Oracle OLAP Option
      • MS Analysis Services
      • SAP BW
      • Other
      • XML,
      • Excel
      • Text
      • Simplified Business View
      • Unified Metadata
      • Intelligent Caching
      • Advanced calculations
      • Aggregate navigation & creation
      • Federated query and integration
      • Optimized SQL / function shipping
    • 6. Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Unified Business Intelligence Infrastructure Oracle BI Server Multidimensional Calculation and Integration Engine Intelligent Caching Services Intelligent Request Generation and Optimized Data Access Services Common Enterprise Information Model Ad-hoc Analysis Proactive Detection and Alerts MS Office Plug-in Reporting & Publishing Interactive Dashboards Disconnected Analytics OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse Data Mart SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, Custom Apps Files Excel XML Business Process Web Services
    • 7. Complete Insight Delivery Capabilities Designed for Pervasive Intelligence
      • Live, intuitive, personalized dashboards
      • Powerful dashboard to dashboard navigation and dynamic, event-driven guided analytics
      • Simple yet powerful intelligence for anyone
      Oracle Interactive Dashboards Oracle Delivers
      • Automated detection & alerts for proactive insight
      • Content deliver to any device in multiple formats
      • Multi-step analysis and analytic workflows
      Oracle Answers
      • Powerful ad-hoc analysis via 100% Web UI
      • Create & modify charts, pivots and dashboards
      • True business user self sufficiency via intuitive, simplified business model
    • 8. Complete Insight Delivery Capabilities Designed for Pervasive Intelligence
      • True “pixel-perfect” reporting and publishing
      • Report layout using familiar tools (e.g. Word, Adobe)
      • Single product for all document needs – invoices, checks, financial statements, government forms, etc.
      Oracle BI Publisher Oracle MS Office Plug-in
      • Interactive Excel and PowerPoint add-ins
      • Enable use of BIEE data, business model, and report catalog within key Office applications
      • No fragmentation of data in local spreadsheets
      Oracle Disconnected Analytics
      • Full analytics for the mobile professional
      • Same experience whether offline or connected
      • Full and incremental data synchronization enables rapid updates with minimal data set size
    • 9. Common Enterprise Information Model “Model once, deploy everywhere”
        • Information consistency
        • Information availability
        • Eliminates data silos
        • Increased user adoption
        • Greater Leverage in IT
      Ad Hoc Analysis Formatted Reports Oracle BI EE Server Common Enterprise Information Model Proactive Alerts Interactive Dashboards Disconnected Analytics Microsoft Office Business Processes BENEFITS
    • 10. Guided Analytics Leading Users from Discovery to Action This is no longer about a stack of reports. Guided Analytics drives alignment and actions through the organization by modeling and making accessible discovery and decision making best practices.
    • 11. Sense and Respond Real-Time Proactive Monitoring and Response Delivers/Analytic Agents provides true real-time in context sense and respond capabilities across systems tailored for any user on any device.
    • 12. Sense and Respond Proactive Monitoring Driving Business Process BI can also be embedded directly within the business processes. All BI Content can be exposed as a set of services that are callable by SOA enabled technologies and applications.
    • 13. Tailored and Personalized Interactions Transparent Business Intelligence
    • 14. Oracle Disconnected Analytics Full-Featured Disconnected Client
      • Business Model
      Disconnected BI Server
      • Server Cache
      • Calculations
      The user experience is identical to the connected user. Dashboard and Answers functionality will act identically as if the user were connected to the server. Oracle Operational Oracle Disconnected Data Disconnected Metadata & Report Definitions Web Catalog Presentation Metadata
    • 15. Oracle Briefing Books “Pack & Go” Bring along an electronic “Briefing Book” which is a collection of your most important dashboards. Briefing Books are extremely small, and can be delivered daily for enterprise collaboration. The bottom of every Dashboard page has an “ Add to Briefing Book” Link that automatically builds an electronic briefing book that you carry with you.
    • 16. BI Publisher High-Fidelity Reporting One Solution for All Document Needs
      • Employee Forms
      • Order Forms
      • Invoices
      • Operational Reports
      • Correspondence
      • Financial Statements
      • Checks
      • Purchase Orders
      • Labels / Bar Codes
      • Collateral
      • Government Forms
    • 17. BI Publisher Author, Manage & Deliver to any destination Layout Templates EDI EFT Printer Fax WebDAV e-Commerce Output Destinations Oracle, SQL Server PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel Java, C++, Pearl, etc Data Source
      • Word
      • Excel
      • Acrobat
      XSL Layout Tools PDF RTF HTML Excel
      • XML Spy
      • JDeveloper
      • Scriptura
      Email Web Services XML
      • Multiple document output formats
      • Report layouts developed and maintained using familiar desktop applications·
      • Reduced costs and complexity by eliminating custom or third party solutions
    • 18. BI Office Build Your Own Dashboards Insert BI views as native Office charts Insert BI views as refreshable images Select from all available views Combine BI data with Office formating