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  1. 1. 5 Private training providers 1. 2 .http://www.southpointbd.com3. training do they provided?What are the certifications are? Is it Bangladeshi or international?What is the cost for trainings?What happen when trainee could pass or is not given job placements?Is the cost of training and job placement explained?Which countries job placements are? And salaries scaleWhat the success rate is for pass and job placement?What is the average recouping time for the training and job placement cost and what qualificationsachieved?How much is emphasize on foreign language?What are the IT Skills of trainees?What are average times spend by candidates from time of deciding to the job placement? Welfare bodies1. Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training (BMET)2. Bangladesh Overseas Employment & Services Ltd. (BOESL)3 Association of Recruiting Agencies engaged in Manpower Export (BAIRA What is the relationship between the Welfare bodies and the Training and Recruiting Agencies? government vocational institute • District polytechnics and othersWhat is the job prospect for the Bangladeshi Vocational graduates aboard?What are the averages times spend in gaining Bangladeshi Vocational qualifications?What are the cost the graduates including private tuitions?What are the costs the Government per student in providing the course? Voluntary Sectors ( N G O) • UCEP and othersWhat training and qualifications do they provided?What are the certifications are? Is it Bangladeshi or international?
  2. 2. How much is emphasize on foreign language?What are the IT Skills of trainees?What are the costs per student in providing the course?What is the job prospect for the Vocational graduates aboard? New dimensionBritish managed non profit making Vocational Training provider (HRA F) training in BritishQualifications/ certifications Studies neededThe Friends of Nowder UK/ the HRA Foundation BD need to do is to show where we differ fromothers to give a better start in life to Bangladeshi youths.Outcome of graduate’s skills in, • English GCSE (C Grade) • IT Skills (to the relevant trade’s skills) • City& Guilds qualifications • Hands on skills British certification Training centre in Bangladeshi • Training assessors for each skill • Training inter verifier (minimum 2 person)For basic training Bangladeshi site skilled supervisors can be utilize as trainers, but those supervisorsmust be trained in how to teach.South Asia contact detailsOur South Asia branch office is responsible for the following countries: • Sri Lanka • Pakistan • Bangladesh • Maldives.You can contact our Sri Lanka office either by telephone, fax or email:Tel: 00 94 11536 1427-8Fax: 00 94 11231 4941Email:
  3. 3. All correspondence for our Sri Lanka office should be forwarded to:City & Guilds Level 6,Access Tower ,278 Union Place ,Colombo – 0COUNTRY REPORT: INDIA REPORT: Malaysia - Assessors and Internal Verifiers training providerAll MDPSA assessors and internal verifiers must demonstrate their competence by gaining arecognised qualification in assessment or internal verification.The assessor and internal verifier qualifications are individual N/SVQ units and are known as the A andV units. They were previously called the D units.Anyone who is a candidate of any of the VQ qualifications cannot be an assessor or internal verifier.AssessorsAssessors are appointed by approved centres to assess candidates’ evidence. They judge the evidenceproduced by candidates against the Standards to decide whether the candidate has demonstratedcompetence. Click here for the Guide for AssessorsWho can be a MDPSA assessor?MDPSA assessors must have a working knowledge of current member directed pension schemeadministration practice.What qualifications does an assessor need?Assessors must have gained, or be working towards A1 or D32/ D33, the recognised qualifications forassessors. Assessors may not sign off a candidate’s work until they have A1 or D32/D33. They mustgain A1 or D32/D33 within 18 months of beginning to assess candidates.Internal verifiersInternal verifiers are responsible for maintaining the quality of assessment within the centre byensuring that assessments are valid and consistent. They do this by monitoring and samplingassessment decisions.
  4. 4. They also provide support and guidance to the assessors at the centre and liaise with the externalverifier. However, it is not their job to reassess candidates. Click here for the Guide for Internal VerifiersWho can be a MDPSA internal verifier?Internal verifiers for MDPSA must have a working knowledge of current member directed pensionscheme administration practice.What qualifications does an internal verifier need?Internal verifiers must have gained, or be working towards V1 or D34, the recognised qualifications forinternal verifiers. Internal verifiers may not sign off a candidate’s work until they have V1 or D34.They must gain V1 or D34 within 18 months of beginning to assess candidates.What training does PMI offer?PMI has distance learning packages for A1 and V1 and runs workshops to support the packs.PMI also holds a number of training events for assessors and internal verifiers. See theOther training providersMany colleges and local training providers also run courses for NVQ/SVQ assessors and verifiers inconjunction with training for the assessment and verification units.How does the freelance facility work?A centre contacts PMI to discuss their requirements. This can vary a great deal, but generally it fallsinto one of the following categories: • The centre needs an assessor and/or an internal verifier • The centre needs an assessor and/or an internal verifier to countersign the decisions made by their own assessor(s) and/or internal verifier(s) whilst they are working towards their assessor and/or internal verifier qualifications.PMI will send the centre details of likely assessors/internal verifiers. PMIs involvement in the processwill then cease.The centre is advised to contact the individual(s) and meet to discuss requirements and to draw up aworking contract. It is the centres responsibility to ensure that they are satisfied that the freelanceassessor/internal verifier can meet their requirements. The centre will be totally responsible forpayment of services rendered by the assessor/internal verifier.The centre must advise PMI of any change to their assessment team.
  5. 5. Can a centre buy in assessment services from other sources?If you wish to buy in the services of qualified assessors and internal verifiers, you do not have to usepeople on PMIs datafile. You could negotiate with other centres to share assessors or internal verifiersor with other suitably qualified individuals to take on the assessment or verification role.See also informationFurther details of the roles and responsibilities of the assessor and the internal verifier are contained inRegulations and Guidance Notes for Centres. To obtain a copy please contact us on