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  1. 1. Intentionaly left blank Intentionally left blank
  2. 2. The GIVE Unit draft profile GIVE (Get Involved,Volunteer Empower ) Unit is a students’ founded and run organization that seeks to empower young people to realize and develop their potential in entreprenership,leadership and self development through mentoring,learning and volunteering. OBJECTIVES 1.create worthwhile networks with the people already in the corporate field 2.Empower students with an entrepreneurial spirit and eradicate the employee mentality 3.give the students a chance to volunteer in various socio-economic fields the students discovers and grow their absolute potential 6.Connect students to mentors who will guide them through a personal development process 7. create events and programs to inspire, train, and coach new generations of entrepreneurs to empower them with leadership and management skills. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY GIVE is a registered student organization in kenyatta university.GIVE is not biased to a specific academic line but draws its members from every academic discipline.GIVE seeks to assist those with passion for entrepreneurship and personal development and ready to volunteer.this unit hopes to spread its tentachles and reach out to other institutions of higher learning to bring together students and young generations to take charge of their potential and create wothwhile opportunities to develop themselves and the society. Give focusses on Mentorship Leadership and motivational weekend workshops Entrepreneurship Volunteership
  3. 3. MENTORSHIP Through mentoring everyone gains when there is a healthy exchange of information. Leaders and high achievers realize those junior to them are watching and learning from them even if it is at a distance. However, with the amount of information and knowledge available to everyone, it need not be mentioned that "Distance learning" will never be as beneficial as one-on-one mentoring. It helps the mentees reach their full potential. GIve intends to initiate mentoring programmes,where provisions and assistance will be available for each member student to get a mentor from various fields of professions. This mentorship is intended to provide support, advice, reinforcement and constructive examples to help them (mentees) succeed in their various endevours principally by spending time with their mentors on personal and career development . LEADERSHIP AND MOTIVATIONAL WEEKENDS WORKSHOPS GIVE will host a series of leadership and motivational workshops within the Univesity on weekends from people who have already had accomplishmenet in their respective fields,inorder to instill in students emotional intelligence and broader frames of reference that leadership increasingly demands. This will also bring about a sense of purpose in terms of enhancing interest in entrepreneurial and intellectual discourse. Along the same line GIVE will also be mounting motivational outreach programmes designed to reach young people outside the University students fraternity and give them a chance to gain leadership knowledge. While people used to claim that leaders are born not made, it is now clear that even if you are not a naturally talented leader, there is a lot to learn given the right training. Model apprentice GIVE will be engaging students in practical leadership and management drills meant to sharpen them by arranging competitions such as “model apprentice” where the students will get a chance to manage a real working company section in accordance to the arrangements with our corporate partners.this is intended to give the learners a cutting edge launch toward their leadership progression. ENTREPRENEURSHIP Entrepreneurship education should be viewed broadly in terms of the skills that can be taught and characteristics that can be engendered in students that can help them develop new and innovative plans; that can be implemented. T. senaji (2007). In a world economy characterised by staggering rates of unemployment GIVE intends to shift the mindset of its members and the whole University from only foccusing on securing employment to focusssing on having an entrepreneurial spirit.we intend to do this by engaging the students in symposiums,compeititve forums and progressively more
  4. 4. challenging educational activities and experiences that will enable us to develop the insight needed to discover and create entrepreneurial opportunities and prepare us to succeed in an entrepreneurial economy. VOLUNTEERSHIP Give in conjuction with our corporate partners will give its member students a chance to enhance their qualities through active engagement within the university and volunteerig within the wider community. GIVE hopes to partner with various corporate entities who will give its member students a chance to volunteer in various capacities within their organizations challenging students to realise their goals and explore new ideas.volunteering will play a vital role to: • create supportive networks that aid students in their endeavours • promote and support volunteerism amongst students • empower students with a variety of valuable skills • establish projects that address needs in the University and community • foster positive relationships between University staff and students and the entire community. GIVE will volunteer in various activities which include • Gabbage collection within the unversity • Liase with the university administration for students to vvolunteer in the technical and administration department among others. • Partnering with companies to accommodate students to volunteer with them • Join comppanies during their corporate social responsibilities such as tree planting • Organise students to do clean ups in towns and slums as well as voisiting the old and the children’s homes. (please add 3 more activities that can be done) The following are some of the targeted people and corporates to work with • The kenyatta Univesity alumni • Ministry of youth affairs • Directorate of mentoring programmes kenyatta Univesity • Directorate of alumni kenyatta university • Centre for career development and placement • Various departments within kenyata university • Isaac mwaura-chairman ku alumni board • The entrepreneurs club (kenya) chairman-George Mogaka • Mugo Kibati former CEO east african cables • AIG Insurance company • Joint University mentorship programme(JUMP) • “Makocha minds” IBM initiative • Strathmore university • innovative lawyering- University of nairobi
  5. 5. • Volunteer kenya • Graduate volunteers kenya (mr.wanyeki) • Nation media group • Young CEOs • James mworia –ceo cellulant