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Social Fresh case study

  1. 1. Social Fresh Monitoring period:6 September – 14 September 2011 CASE STUDY
  2. 2. What is Social Fresh? The Social Fresh Conference held in Charlotte, a two day conference focussed on marketers.A number of experts on a variety of topics in the Industry are invited to speak at the conference, share their knowledge and provide useful insights.The conference also provides great networking opportunities as well as tips on implementing what is presented.
  3. 3. In general, the Social Fresh conference reached a lot of people…In the monitoring period, The Social Fresh conference was mentioned 947 times Online:16 of these mentions were on credible Websites 930 were on Social Media Platforms 1 on Blogs
  4. 4. DemographicsMajority of these mentions were posted by women, between the ages of 18 and 34
  5. 5. SentimentAlthough majority of the mentions were Neutral, 7% were positive and nothing negative was said.
  6. 6. So what does this mean?On Average, 1 570 people saw each article, social media and blog post during the reporting period – Meaning that the average brand value for the period was $314.
  7. 7. Coverage Only 37 mentions did not Originate from the USA.Majority of the mentions were also received from individuals from Charlotte.
  8. 8. Coverage Majority of the mentions were also received on the second day of theConference. 535 were received on the 7th of September, which decreased to 218 on the 8th of September.
  9. 9. What was it all about? Majority of the mentions was information that was shared by those attending the event, or conversations between those at the event.This lead to a large amount of Tweets using #socialfresh and @socialfresh. 158 787
  10. 10. What was it all about? The Speakers149 Mentions mentioned the Speakers at the Conference. • 34 Positive Sentiment • 115 Neutral • 139 Social Platforms • 9 Website • 1 Blog • Average Brand Brand Reach: $1 592 Reach • Cumulative Brand Reach: $237 208
  11. 11. What was it all about? Interviews and Presentations166 Mentions were about Content created for or after the conference. • 17 Positive Sentiment • 149 Neutral • 12 Website Platforms • 154 Social • Average Brand Brand Reach: $1 437 Reach • Cumulative Brand Reach: $238 542
  12. 12. Positive Coverage70 Positive mentions were received overall All of these were related to the 2011 conference.34 of them also complimented the speakersAnd 17 of them complimented their presentations or interviews withthem, as well as the live video feed.
  13. 13. Some of the Mentions
  14. 14. AppendixUseful Links• saidWot:• Twitter: /@saidwotormsaidWot Demo• Free saidWot ORM Tool demo account: Case Studies• Case Studies:
  15. 15. Thank you.