So much more than crisis management


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So much more than crisis management

  1. 1. ORM – so much more than crisis management!
  2. 2. Outline• A Quick Introduction to Online Reputation Management• Is this something you need?• Using ORM to prepare for your next social media campaign.• Measuring the success of your next campaign.• Learning from your past campaigns.
  3. 3. ORM(Online Reputation Management) Explained
  4. 4. Traditionally You do marketing Consumer buys the Consumer does not buy product the product
  5. 5. Currently You do marketing The consumer discusses this online Consumer buys the product Consumer buys from competitor
  6. 6. Where do you fit in? The consumer discusses this online Listen! Influence! Engage! Learn!
  7. 7. Online Reputation Management Monitoring your brand online, knowing how to deal with negative and positive commentary and understanding how you can pro-actively protect your brand via conversation.
  8. 8. Which is…Not just Google Analytics.Not just Facebook Insights.Not just your Twitter follower growthAnd not eventraditional marketresearch
  9. 9. ButBut the REAL BUZZ that is out there… Wherever & whenever… And from real people with real emotions!
  10. 10. So that you know exactly • What is being said, • Who is saying it, • Where they are saying it, • How they feel about you, • How often they talk about you…
  11. 11. However, we often hear the following My reputation is just fine… I am not online yet…We have decided not to entertain social media…
  12. 12. Or even What will it do to my bottom line?
  13. 13. So What if the day comes that you do want to go online and do “something digital”? (or even just participate in the conversation)
  14. 14. How will you know… Whether people like the campaign? How well the campaign did? Whether KPIs have been achieved?Whether this made people like your product over another?
  15. 15. How will you know… What it did to the bottom line? Did it increase our sales? (that’s the kind of info the FD will want)
  16. 16. Now that’s where we(aka the ORM specialists) come in!
  17. 17. Let’s start from the beginning
  18. 18. We’ve seen some great social media campaigns
  19. 19. Remember these?
  20. 20. But how did the consumer feel? And did anybody check how they felt?
  21. 21. Some of the emotions we picked up
  22. 22. So how should you goabout a social media campaign then?(or any digital campaign for that matter)
  23. 23. Step 1: Listen Listen to what your audience is currently saying:  What do they like?  What don’t they like?  What do they want from you?  What gets them excited?  How do they currently feel about you?  Do they care at all?
  24. 24. Step 2: Learn  Learn from what your audience is telling you.  Take all these facts in.  Use these facts for your current and future campaigns.  Learn what complaints might come up and prepare yourself for this.
  25. 25. Step 3: Determine what you are trying to achieve  Generate brand awareness  Drive product sales  Launch new products / services  Retain customers / Grow your customer base  Improve your online reputation
  26. 26. Step 4: Set your KPI’s Based on the money you are spending, what ROI are you trying to achieve?  % sales increase  % customer increase  % improvement of your reputation  % growth in loyal customers
  27. 27. Step 5: Launch the campaign  Use all supporting channels available (don’t stick to one platform).  Make sure every possible touch point with the audience is covered. (in a consistent manner and voice)
  28. 28. And most importantly Measure the campaign every step of the way and monitor the reaction from the audience! (you still have the opportunity now to make small changes)
  29. 29. Step 6: Monitor & Measure What’s the impact on your reputation? How is it impacting on your sentiment? Are people talking about it? Are people liking the campaign? Are there any crisis we need to be aware of?
  30. 30. What we recommend you measure Increase in reputation score. Increase in talkability High number of positive responses. Engagement with the brand. Use of those channels the brand has a presence on. Free advertising received. Achievement of the KPIs set.
  31. 31. So that you canReport back to all stakeholders on:  The reach of the campaign  The Rand Value generated  Increase of loyal customers online  Increase in talkability around the brand  The key learnings from the campaign.
  32. 32. So make sure that you are notshooting in the dark with your next campaign!
  33. 33. How to get hold of us saidWotORM saidWot Online Reputation Management Tool South Africa: United States: Tel: +27 11 021 8740 Tel: +00 (1) 704 450 2403 Email: Email: Web: