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A saidWot case study compiled to showcase

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  1. 1. #CloseTheTapA saidWot CaseStudyApril 2012Compiled by @HulyaBalikci
  2. 2. The Formalities This Case Study is based on all comments received regarding #CloseTheTap campaign. It is based on all comments from around the world. This case study was not compiled for a specific brand, but purely out of curiosity and a burning passion to showcase the impact of Online Reputation Management. If you would like more information about saidWot, please contact us: www.saidwot.com/contact-us
  3. 3. Green marketing Green marketing refers to the process of selling products and or services based on their environmental benefits as well as creating campaigns to raise awareness around environmental issues. Products or services may be environmentally friendly in itself or produced and or packaged in an environmentally friendly way.
  4. 4. The story On 22 March 2012, Native South Africa launched a ‘Close the Tap’ initiative together with For the Love of Water (FLOW) in order to raise awareness of how wasteful we are of water and how small changes in habits can make a real difference.
  5. 5. The idea With the help of an Arduino controlled closed system tap that uses a step motor to programmatically tighten a valve in the tap’s plumbing as tweets with the hashtag #CloseTheTap are posted to the Twitter streaming API people were able to tighten the tap and create awareness with every tweet they sent.
  6. 6. Where did the conversation take place? So far, over 5000 tweets have been posted on Twitter 13 articles posted on Websites
  7. 7. Said What?
  8. 8. Sentiment The majority of the coverage received has been positive, with people tweeting religiously in order to create the awareness needed to close the tap. Although the campaign was great and generated tons of positive feedback, there were still some that felt critical of the campaign.
  9. 9. What did they say? All people had to do was choose a tweet:
  10. 10. What did they say?
  11. 11. Trending TopicsPeople tweet everyday about the campaign. The live ticker onclosethetap.com’s website constantly shows what people are saying. The CloseTheTap hashtag hasbeen an integral part of thecampaign, not only because it affects the tap, but also because hashtags are responsible for what trends on Twitter.
  12. 12. The outcome? Besides creating awareness and providing facts about how much water we actually waste in our daily mundane activities, the campaign gained a lot of attention for its creativity as well as the technology used in making the tweet controlled tap. #CloseTheTap is a great example of an interactive, “green initiative” that involves and educates the public to be more water-conscious.
  13. 13. The outcome? Despite some of the criticism the campaign endured, it gained a lot ofattention within the digital industry and 5000 tweets later, the campaign has 5000 tweets more to go in order to close the tap and get the recognition it deserves for this well designed, innovative and interactive green campaign.
  14. 14. More Information We have all the data and analysis available that went into writing this case study. If you are interested in receiving this, please contact us on the details below. If you want to know what is being said online about your brand, then contact us on the details below and we will gladly set up a demo account for you. For more information around the #CloseTheTap campaign, please visit closethetap.com South Africa: United States: Tel: +27 11 021 8740 Tel: +00 (1) 704 450 2403 Email: infosa@saidwot.com Email: infous@saidwot.com Web: www.saidwot.com