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Geo Spirit Officer Trainees


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  • Getting connected to the earth, understanding our purpose and relevance of being on this beautiful earth
  • Appreciate, understand and live with the Earth
  • As a child, everyone wants to explore and understand the surroundings. This curiosity diminishes as people grow up. The purpose of gaining knowledge and experience is for being on this earth.
  • In a near by water body
  • The moist plants and leaves with dew drops during early in the morning would be great to observe
  • Chose a diverse path for the walk, about 100 to 200 meters distance. Close your eyes, start walking slowly bare foot, feeling very step of the walk – the soil, texture, grass, plants, pebbels, gravel, etc. About 20 minutes.
  • Closed eyes and bare hands
  • Walk and observe different things and smell them
  • Observe an ants nest, see how the ants are working together for the community relentlesly.
  • Close your eyes, breath gently, listen to natural sounds far away (one kilometer), focus on sounds mid way, listen to sounds very near, listen to rustling leaves, insects, and finally to your own heart beat and breath.
  • Take a fist full of soil in hand, close your eyes, feel the texture by gently pressing in the fist, smell it.
  • Dr. N. SaiBhaskar Reddy, CEO, GEO email: GEO conducts GEO Spirit Meets and Earth Leaders Meets regularly. Any one interested please join.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Ver. 3 Nov 2012 © GEO
    • 2. Human being is just some mass in the universe
    • 4. GEO SPIRIT
    • 5. GEO KNOW
    • 6. GEO ACT
    • 7. One cannot live for oneself One can only live for othersAll for One - One for All
    • 8. Beautiful earth – we are lucky to be part of it….
    • 9. Observe the sun rise / sun set
    • 10. Observe the fog and experience themorning chill
    • 11. Different perspective
    • 12. Experience the energy from sun
    • 13. See the Light
    • 14. Observe water
    • 15. Observe the plants drenched in water
    • 16. Smell the environment
    • 17. Hug a tree and feel it
    • 18. Appreciate structure and texture of a leaf
    • 19. Touch a small plant gently
    • 20. Smell different leaves
    • 21. Same tree different picturesWhat is that we are missing ?!
    • 22. Feel the Happiness of a Plant
    • 23. Observe the soil and litter
    • 24. Immerse in the greenery..
    • 25. Observe the smallest plants closely
    • 26. Watch a flower closely
    • 27. All flowers are beautiful
    • 28. Observe InsectsSee the insects around you and observe the beauty
    • 29. Touch an insect gently
    • 30. Observe ants work relentlessly
    • 31. Observe the beauty and colors of an insect
    • 32. Observe the work of a spider
    • 33. Listen to the natural sounds
    • 34. Forms, colors and shapes
    • 35. Feel the earth and smell it
    • 36. Spend some time with animals
    • 37. The Hope
    • 38. Paint with natural colors
    • 39. Experience the moon lit night
    • 40. Observe the night sky
    • 41. For GEO Spirit meets contactDr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddysaibhaskarnakka@gmail.comGEO http://e-geo.orgJoin group: