30 days a love story


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this is a novel,i bet it would give you fun reading this novel

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30 days a love story

  1. 1. today is my first day to engineering college and i wastensed as it was the first day to college after 4 months ofholidays.i went to the bus stop and waiting for the bus.igradually saw to the right of me,oh my god there is a girlwho looks just like angel,i thought she was also going tothe college and it was her first day but may be differentcollege.my bus came and there was a crowd getting intothe bus.to my suprise she was also in the same crowd andi wispered to myself "wow".i went into the bus and it wasok.my college came and i went into my class strightly,thefirst day in the college was cool,new friends,newfaculty,new atmosphere.after the class i went into the bus and the seinors wereseeing me like a goat in a mutton shop,that evening iunderstand what is ragging,all of seinors sitting togetherand askin me questions and say to sing a song and etc.mystop came and i got down the bus and the day passed.the second day i went to college and it was cool,chitchatswith friends,pretending to listen to classes,so on.after thecollege i got into the bus and i sat in the seat next togirls,the girl whome i sawin the first day of college wassitting in the front of me.beside me a 3rd her,to that shedidnot responded.after that incident i got to know thatshe wes my seinior,her name is Natasha and my heartbroke.my stop came and i got down.2nd day passedsilently.the days passed and feelings towards natasha weregrown.
  2. 2. once it was in my english lab and we had an activity,inthat we ar given partner of opposite gender and we shouldget onto stage and we should say about our partner somewords.my partner was a girl named sahithi and it was ourturn.we went onto the stge and she said my name and saidsome points about me.they were funny.now i should sayabout her but i forgot her name,said to the stage as,"helloi am akhil and i my partner name is . . . . yeah what isyour name" i addressed to sahithi,all the students laughedand the day passed.the days are gonig on.the girl natasha had a cousine and he is also in 2nd yearand his branch was "EEE".the girl was not coming tocollege on that day.so she sent the record of her whichshe has to submit to faculty with her cousine.her cousinegave the record to me and asked me to catch the recordtill we get down the bus.on the record there were detailsof natasha and i saw her branch name,which is "MECH".Igave the record to him after we came to college.the days passed.The girl natasha was sooo beautiful that i can spend mywhole life seeing her.the girl natasha lives in the same colany of mine,mine isroad number 6 and hers is road number 7.while going tothe collage we have a common route.I am scared that if i
  3. 3. meet the girl while i was going to the stop,that i shouldcall her "SISTER".So when i find the girl in front of me,iwill slow down toooo much that i will walk like a snail,sothat the distance between us increases.when i find the girl behind me,i would walk fastly,as muchas i could.the days passed.I didnt send an add request to natasha in my facebookaccount and i also dont want to,but i would see her profilepicture like a traveller watching tajmahal.but i want to see her pics which she uploaded to facebookso i created an facebook account with different usernamelike:bob danny,praveen bratathi,like thati have sent friend request to every person i found in myCVR college community in facebook.i tried to make more mutual friends with her,so i went toher profile and sent request to all friends of her.i made 25mutual friends with her and i sent her add request.sheaccepted my add request and ohhhhh..... her pics weredamn beautiful.With that account in facebook i have made225 friends and no one in the account know who i am.the days passed,my second year first semister had beencompleted.in second semistor,i am scared that i may get caught,andthe people would know that it was me who created theaccount.So i deleated the account from facebook.
  4. 4. the days have been passed seeing natasha.At the end ofthe semister i taught of starting a facebook page.i keptthe page name as"IN EXAMS FRIENDS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THANQUESTION PAPER"i added my friends as admins of that page.we created the page for posting funny pictures.My actualaim was that natasha should like the page.till the end ofsecond semister we had 381 likes in the page and there isno like from natasha.My second year second sem iscompleted and i have to write my 2 backlogs.I have 15 days gap for my exams.I enjoyed my first 5 daysand i opened all.in.one for my exam.I completed myreading and i went to my first exam,the exam was asusually BISKEET.i enjoyed one day after the exam and started preapringfor second exam.The second exam is same as first exam.It was sooo many days since i saw natsha.It took approx3 months,it was my first day of 3rd year when i sawnatasha again.asusually she was damn beautiful.the third year passed away and natashas 4th year isgoing on.OMG it would be the last year i would seenatasha in the college.My third year exams are over and natashas engineeringwas completed.In this holidays I have only one aim,that is to propose
  5. 5. natasha and to know what she want to do afterengineering.My plans were like this,if she want to do M.Tech,i wouldalso do M.Tech in the same college of her.If she dose M.S,I would do a job in INDIA.if she does nothing,I would prepare and join ARMY whichis my actual aim after higher studies.I created an account in FACEBOOK,i was using same trickthat I used in 2-1 to create a bullshit account.sheaccepted the friend request.It was sooo many days since i saw pics of her infacebook,so i opened her pics,the pics were awsome,imstaring at her pics like a dog staring at a bone.i am waiting for her to come online so that i can chat.dayspassed and daily i am sitting on my lappy and checking forher availability like a dog in a house guarding every day.and finaly on the fourth day she was online and i decidedto start chat conversation.me:"hi". I waited for some time but theres no reply,so ithought of moving forward.me:"hi im pramod living in same colany of yours,and i justwanna talk with you,plz can you :(" I sent the message as i am a different person,she
  6. 6. then gave me a reply.she:"hi,but do i know you"me:"no,but i know you and i wanna talk to you at someplace"she:"sorry but i dont go out with strangers"me:"please i am addicted to you,so i think if i talk to youones then it would be alright.I dont know lot about you buti know a little,plz..."she:"sorry :p" and she was offlineI was a bit nervos that i woudnt get a chance to talk toher in my life,but i was little happy that first time in myentire crush days,i chatted with natasha.i was waiting for my second oppurtunity,i spent my entiretime on facebook,i sent her offline messages,i started toplay mall world for her,i would send a gift every time.I wasdoing every thing to make her feel comfertable with me.there came an oppurtunity,she was online.I started thechat like this,me:"hi mam,are you fine,i am wondering that what hadhappened to you ,i was little tensed"she:"dont overact"me:"thanks for comming online"she:"its okay,but tell me what you wanted to say to menow itself"me:"no not here,we will go to tasty byte,for just one hour"
  7. 7. she:"what! are you crazy,i cant come,i dont know who areyou and how you look like"me:"plz :( :( :("she:"but why"me:"you come there and i will say"she:"this sunday,is it okay for you" I was at eight wonderme:"yeah,everyday in my life is okay for you :p"she:"at what time?"me:"around 2-3pm,is it okay to you"she:"okay,but only an hour"me:"thanks nata :D"she:"k bye"me:"bye sweet dreams"days passed and saturday came.it was saturday but the day was moving sooo slow,im inan eager to meet natasha,it would be my first talk withnatasha(other than ragging).i went to my friends house in afternoon,his name is RaviTeja and a good friend of mine.I told my intension aboutnatasha to only ravi but not anyone.i told ravi that i was meeting the girl tomorrow,he wasalso exited,we citchatted some time and went out.whenwe are waling,to my suprise,i saw natasha walking in theopposite way,my face just saw her once and didnt saw
  8. 8. her again,and i kept a serious face while talking withravi.that man ravi was laughing seeing my situation,thatnatasha dont know that the person whome she wasmeeting her the next day was in front of her.we passedaway and ravi didnt stop laughing,im also laughing but notthat much.we just went on and after that we went to ourrespected houses(he he).It was night and i was not getting sleep because i amgoing to meet natasha tomorrow.i am thinking of alldifferent stuffs but im not getting sleep.i saw at my cell and ohh shit,it had been an hour but imnot getting any sleep.i have got an idea,i will just think that how tomorrowwould be.i felt it as a good idea and i thought i wouldsleep at half of my imagination.MY IMAGINATION:-i went into the bakery at 1:30 pm,half an hour before thetime we kept.i was watching tv inside the bakery,therewas no sound from the tv,but there was lovely music from93.5 red fm.the time had moved to 2:10,ten minutes more to the timewe kept,but she had not come.i thought of calling her butat the same moment she came into the bakery,i gave asmile to her,she also gave me a small smile and looking atall the tables to find where is pramod.i was pretending like i am not for her,but i shouldmention,she was damn awsome on the day.
  9. 9. she sat on the table beside me,that is the only tablewhich is empty.i leaned towards her and asked whats thematter.she replyed like thisnatasha:"nothing,i was waiting for an idiot who has nopuntuality........." she began to curse me,in middle i stopped her andsaidme:"hi i am pramod,nice meeting you natasha,i amwaiting for you since 1:30pm,and you were 10 minuteslate", saying this,i sat on the chair opposite to her on hertable natasha was totally shocked by me,she really didntexpect me. there was 5 minutes of silence between us,i movedforward to ask her how were the preperations made formeeting hershe paused a while and she replyed,she:"i was totally shocked,i had expected a stranger butnot my junior".me:"yeah it may be surprising to you,but i ahad an damnuncontrollable attraction towards you,so i just planned totalk to you for some time.its cool na"she:"no its disgusting"me:"i can understand your feelings" she was damn angry.I started to say her when i saw her,my feelings,myfacebook trick that i did in second year,my ultimate aim
  10. 10. was to make her laugh and bring her from angry mood tocool,expressive and normal mood.i had suceeded and she came into normal mood,then iasked her,me:"and what are you thinking of your future,what do youwant to do,marrage or study or something else"she:"me..,i am goig to do m.tech in iit bombay,i got a seatin that".me:"oh damn,i have to prepare damn hard for my GATEexam",i wispered to myself. she heard it and her reply wasshe:"what?"me:"nothing i am also planning to to do m.tech,my brotheris doing b.tech in iit bombay,so i am trying to join in iitbombay.what a coincidence na!"she:"are you kidding me..."me:"you only asked me what,so i answered to you,tryingto be obidient with you".she:"aha obidiant,whats all this crap on facebookthen,why had you approached me with a differentaccount"me:"just for you,i want to give you an wonderfulexpirience when i am talking to you first on my feelings onyou."she paused for a while and posed another question at me,she:"tell me honestly,whats about that wispering onm.tect in iit bombay"me:"yeah i will try to do my m.tech in iit bombay becauseof you,if i do my m.tech in same college of yours,every day
  11. 11. i can see you.i am not doing my m.tech for my degree,itsonly to just see you every day."she:"aha, and again junior to me..."me:"and after 1 year of m.tech,ill stop it and i will joinARMY."she:"emm.. you have a total concern about yourfuture,every plans are ready"me:"yeah" like that talking talking, 1 hour is completed,i kept analarm at the moment natasha entered into bakery.thealarm rang and i stopped it,and i continued to natasha likethis,me:"i think 1 hour is completed and i just want to ask youone request for this day,that is..... ...... .... .. can isend you sms,plz " she was shocked with me ,because i kept an alarm,iwas totally follwing the schedule,she paused for amoment and replyednatasha:"ya,you can message me...........".And i fell into sleep and the imaginationwas overi woke up at 10:00 in the morning.i took my bath,hadbreakfast,and all other stuffs,then the time was 12:30i have only 1 1/2 hour left to prepare for how to talk withnatasha.i was afriad because it was my direct talking withnatasha,i had a serious face everytime when she was in
  12. 12. front of me,and now i should talk to her directly,sitting infront of her.she is soo... beautiful that i cant talk to her whe i wasfacing her,i just remembered someone saying that whenyou were in tension just inhale and exhale highly.i did that and i felt some relif.the time has come,it was 1:30,but there is a little distancebetween my house and bakery,so i thought of starting at1:50 yesturday,but due to nervosness,i satrted at 1:30only.i was just wandering on roads from the time 1:30 to1:50,because of nervosness,at 1:50 i started towardsbakary.when i went into the bakery,it was exactly 2:00 ant thegirl is sitting in the corner table and didnt notice me.My body is full of tension,and i slowly went near hertable,she looked at me and she was surprised,i ent toardsher table and sat in front of her,seeing ar the table but nother,and i startedme:"hi i only messaged you" saying this,i looked at her face,it as full of anger andshe saidshe:"what are you thinking about yourself,how dare you toask me to come here,did you see your face ever in themirror" hearing words from her,i said to myself "heysaala,you wont get this opportunity again in yout life,whatyou want to tell her,tell to her clearly without tension"sayng that to myself,i got relaxed and saidme :"i know that you would be angry with me,sorry for
  13. 13. that.but i am helpless, i dont know what is tomorrow.i justwant to talk with you and share my feelings about you.iam not proposing to you but i just want to say how i feelwhen i see you.can i say?please" saying that i paused.we were in a silence about 2minutes,i am feeling that i am loosing 1/2 an hour in 2minutes,so i startedme:"ho did you perform in your exams"she:"none of your business" i wispered to myself,"i think natasha was angry withyou,first we need to cool her" she heard it but didnt respond I began to say,hen i saw her,how i feel when i seeher,what i did in this three years,ho i managed to create afacebook account in second year and make more futualfriends ith her,how i stare at her facebook pictures.i saidall tese in a way a friend explains, but not like reading outessay.my actual motto was to make her laugh and bringher back t normal mode in which she is free to expressher feelings. I won in fulfilling my motto,smile came from her lipswhen i said her how i walk on street when i see her on thesame road,why i keep a serious face when she is infrontof me,how i walk like a snail when she is infront of mewalking when going to busstop and all those funny stuff. seeing her smile i said to myself,"akhil you won thebattle,you made natasha smile and brought her back tonormal mode".she:"dont feel soo.. happy,and is it same reason why youkeep a serious face yesterday while walking on road". she said with a smile on her face
  14. 14. me:"wow did you notice that,yes it is the same reason andthank god you spoke with me nicely for the first time" i paused and i again continuedme:"now what are you going to do,that you ant to doM.Tech or M.S or job or marrage or what?"she:"why do you want that?"me:"to decide my future"she:"what will you decide"me:"arree..,first you say naa.. then i will say clearly"she:"i got an seat in US and i am going to do my M.S"me:"oh,MS in US,then i should join a software job"she:"what are you joining job because i am joining MS?"me:"yeah,i took a desision on what should i do if natashadose MS or M.tech or something"she:"tell me all of them"me:"is it necessary now,time is less yar"she:"saying or i leaving,you decide"me:"k k i will say,you be here"she:"k say fast"me:"i thought that if you do M.Tech ill join in same collegeof yours,if you do MS,ill join in an IT job,if you do job ornothing,then i would join ARMY"she:"if i do marrage?"me:"then what can i do" i just paused and askedme:"tell me honestly are you really doing MS or doing
  15. 15. marrage?" i got this doubt because she asked,"if i do marrage?".she:"no no,im doing MS,and august 7th is my flight"me:"i think august 1st is your birthday,i saw in facebook"she:"and tell me why will you do job if i do MS"me:"you will know that in future"she:"really?" she said while she is laughingme:"whats there to laugh,i have my plans"she:"k k and i think i should go"me:"and last thing i want to ask you........" i paused a while and askedme:"can i send sms to your mobile"she "sure why not?"me:"just taking your permission as an obidient junoir" she laughed and said bye and wentafter my talk,i was really surprised that,is it really natashathat i talked to.I WAS ON EVERST TOP.It was 4:10 when natasha left the place,i went to myfriends place from there.we went to a movie and now thetime was 9:15,so i went to my home.After reaching home,i have texted to natasha.
  16. 16. me:"hi" the reply was after 5 minutes,she:"hi,wt dng"me:"i was just dreaming about you so i thought of sendingmy first text to you"she:"wat else"me:"should just bath and go to sleep"she"k k"me:"k bye" i thought its enough for first day.I finished my bath and came to my bed,and thought ofmessaging natasha.me:"gd night angel and sweet dreams". i dont know how but after sending message,i went toa deep sleep.there is an incomming message and i wokeup to see it.its just 1 hour since i slept and i was thinkingthe message is from my baby.but unfortunately the message is from customer care,butthere was another message in the inbox and it is natashawho sent it.she:"gd n8 swt drms". this message was just 5 minutes after i sent mymessage.i gave a reply,me:"take care" it would be idiotic to send that message,in this damnmidnight but i want to tell her that,i saw her message justnow.
  17. 17. Days ae passing,1 week has finished from the day i metnatsha.i am chatting in facebook from my ownaccount.our texting were increased from 3-4 messages tohours and hours.I was texting her in a way that she would grew confidenceon me.i can feel that i became a good friend of natasha,indeedmy intension is love,but friendship is a good starting.days moved on and its july 30th and natashas birthdaywas on august 1st.I want to give natasha a different feelon her bithday,so i made an letter N which is big in sizeand goes up into the sky.it has lightning on it,so that itlooks pretty and visible at night time.On 31st night, the time was 23:58:30,i called natasha buther line was busy,but i waited on the line,onthe secondcall,she lifted the callConversation:me:"hi what are you doing"she:"just say it quickly,i am a little busy".me:"i just called you to say you to go to top of yourbuilding"she:"now?i cant,im busy"me:"plz plz plz,just trust me and go,once"she:"wait going" i lighted the letter and sent to the sky.after reaching up,she:"wow how did you do that" she said seeing the sky.
  18. 18. me:"any thing any where any time for you"she:"aha,really?,my flight is on 7th,i think you know that"me:"yes any where for you"she:"i didnt get you"me:"there is time to know about it" natasha didnt understand why i said "anywhere"second time.i paused again and saidme:"Anddd.. wish you a happy life,happy birthday baby.ithink you should attend some calls other than me" i said with laugh on my face.she:"ya ya ya,i forgot about it.k bye"FINISH.i said to myself,"wow man,your progress with natasha ismarvelos,carry on carry on".Time is never kind to us,the date was 7th august,today at21:00 natasha is having her flight to US.i went to airport at 19:00 and was standing at a positionwhere i can see all the passengers leaving for the 21:00US flight.there she is at entrance at 20:00 time.she didntnotice me,so i called her.when i called her,she lookedback to find me,but she is not finding me and she liftedthe call.she:"hey where r u,im lookin for you since i came here butnot finding you"
  19. 19. she said in a low and beautiful voicei said the position where i am.she:"why are you standing there back,is washroom nearfrom there?" she said with a laugh.at that time,i just want to gonear her and hug her tightly.me:"im just here because i dont want your family and yourfriends to see me"she:"what will happen if they see you?".me:"nothing,but everytime they see me again,they wouldsee me like a person who stole candy from a 5 years boy". she laughed and spoke.she:"k bye,its time for me to go".me:"k bye,have a happy journey" and she left to US.after she went to US,she updated her facebook location toUSA,seeing her online i gave a message to herme:"congrats,you landed in US"she:"thanks :D,what are you donig"me:"thinking about in which city we are going to marry"she:"stop kidding"me:"k k and when is your college starting"
  20. 20. she:"on.. september 1st"me:"ater 1 month from your bday,great timing"she:"when is yours starting?"me:"I dont know,when they call to home and say to come,iwould go"she:"now can you say the truth"me:"just kidding,the college starts from 12th this month"she:"what else"me:"thinking about what topic should i discuss with you"she:"i dont know why people are crazy about me :p"me:"k k,i will chat with you later,and wishing you happydays in US"she:"thanks bye"we were chatting daily on facebook and i would call herones or twice in a week and we would talk for hours.shewould upload new photoes,i would stare at them.usually i would woke late in the morning,but now natashais in US and she would be free at evenings in US,due tothat,i woke up early in morning and start chat with her.days passed,i was trying to find a job,so i went tocompanies by my own and attend interview.i went to two companies and both of them agreed to pay50k per month in networking feild but i am not satisfiedwith it.i have ccna and ccnp certificates,so i am trying for a good
  21. 21. salary.all the companies which come to our college wereoffering a max salary of 30k per month.all of my riendswere placed and agreed their salary but not me.I went to 3rd company out of my college to find my luck inthat,the recruting members were free and i finished theinterview.they were satisied with me and offered me asalary of 80k per month.i was happy and agreed for theirproposal.the first two months will be training and afterthat job.i dont know its coincidence or gods grace,the startingdate of the job is 1st august,its natashas birthday.the first person i said about my job is,ofcourse itsnatasha.she asked me for party and i said yes but no oneknews how and where i would give party for her.days passed and my 4-1 completed.we should do a project in 4-2,the main project,thereshould be 3 members in a team,we 3 should do singleproject.we completed the project in 1 month and was addingcolours to that remaining time.days passed and the day came,it was VIVA day,we werebeing asked viva on the subjucts from 1st year to 4thyear.we dont know what are the subjects in 4th yearonly,then how would we know about the subjucts in firstyear.we were asked to sit in front of a bunch of lecturures and
  22. 22. asked questions.today i finished my VIVA and it was atotal disaster.days passed and it was my last exam for entire collegeand student life.we finished the exam and all were busytaking photoes but i alone lent to each and every cornerof the college but i dont know why i was going but i wantto go.it is really a sad day in a students life.we are no morestudents,no more bunks,no mor proxies,no more fun withfaculty,no more eating in class while lecture is going,nomore messaging while pretending to listen to lecture,nomore rumors on other branches,no more ragging andtotally NO MORE A STUDENT.we friends went to a movie and roming on neclace roadafter the movie,having fun.thinking about ourfuture,sharing the moments with crushes.we all had funand went to home.we all friends thought of going to a trip.every day in the trip i would call natasha and saying howwas the previous day.i really became so close tonatasha.she was sharing her feelings in engineeringcollege,her days in US,who had till now proposedher,everything with me.our trip was completed and we were at home on july 20th.the days passed and today the day is 31st july and i amhave to join company tomorrow.it would be my last dayenjoyong free life.