Windows Azure Overview - Scott Guthrie, 2nd December 2013


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Slide deck used by Scott Guthrie for his Azure Overview talk in Dublin on 2nd December 2013

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  • DISCLAIMER: The numbers are not final and need to be updated before the keynotesTOP MESSAGESTBDSPEAKER NOTESTBDTRANSITIONNow, how is it all connected with Visual Studio 2013?
  • And with Windows Azure you pay only for what you use – enabling you to avoid upfront costs, and scale as your business grows.
  • And with Windows Azure you pay only for what you use – enabling you to avoid upfront costs, and scale as your business grows.
  • And with Windows Azure you pay only for what you use – enabling you to avoid upfront costs, and scale as your business grows.
  • And with Windows Azure you pay only for what you use – enabling you to avoid upfront costs, and scale as your business grows.
  • Virtual Network allows enterprises to extend their datacenter to the Cloud and use Cloud as a logical extension of their on-prem infrastructureExplain the benefits on the leftUse the picture to show subnets that exist on-prem and how subnets can be created on Azure (different colored subnets have different IP ranges)VPN device on prem sets up a secure pipe to an Azure gateway
  • Time:1 minuteFlowAs MSDN subscribers you are able to use your MSDN licenses for dev/test on Windows Azure.Credit cards are notrequired anymore for MSDN developers signing up to Windows Azure. I know this is something that many of you asked for.In fact the cost and the pricing is such that you probably take up to 97% of your costs depending on the mix of Windows Azure services that you need.TransitionWe also give you credits based on the various levels of MSDN for dev / test scenarios.
  • Time: 1 minuteFlowDepending on your subscription level, you can get either $50, $100, or $150 credits for free Azure usage every month.And just to give you an idea for what you can do with let’s say a $100 a month for a premium service?You could potentially use it for 3 Dev & Test VMs for 16 hours a day, or you could use it for cloud services and not infrastructure services, such as 500 websites plus a SQL DB.So, as you can see, you can go ahead and activate your Azure subscription with your MSDN account, and start dev & test in the cloud for FREE based on your monthly credits.TransitionOne other thing we have heard from customers is that they would like to be able to create a new Azure subscription with an organizational credential instead of a user personal account. 
  • IaaS
  • IaaS
  • IaaS
  • IaaS
  • IaaS
  • With today’s release, Windows Azure is more flexible than ever.Windows Azure helped pioneer the concept of Platform as a Service – and provides a rich set of managed, scalable services. Today, we are making these services even richer.Windows Azure also now supports Infrastructure as a Service – including the ability to host both Windows and Linux Virtual Machines in the cloud. Some of you might be surprised to hear the word Linux at a Microsoft event. Our support of Linux is just one example of how we are embracing openness in a fundamental new way.With today’s release, we are supporting more operating systems, more languages, more open protocols, and releasing all of our SDKs on GitHub under an open source license.The end result is a truly unique offering. You can now use both Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service together.You can now use the best of both the Microsoft ecosystem and open source ecosystem together.And you can now build better and more scalable solutions than ever before.
  • Windows Azure Overview - Scott Guthrie, 2nd December 2013

    1. 1. Windows Azure €£$
    2. 2. Windows Azure Growth 57% FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES ALREADY USING WINDOWS AZURE >1000 NEW CUSTOMERS A DAY 2x 600k 175 K 430B ? Compute Growth in Last 6 Months WEB SITES ON WINDOWS AZURE SQL Databases on Windows Azure AUTHENTICATIONS VIA WINDOWS AZURE ACTIVE ??? DIRECTORY
    3. 3. Global Footprint
    4. 4. video
    5. 5.  pay only for what you use
    6. 6. no upfront costs
    7. 7. per minute billing
    8. 8. $ no charge for stopped VMs
    9. 9. Virtual Machines   
    10. 10. Load Balancing and High Availability
    11. 11. Windows Azure Virtual Networks Build virtual networks that scale • • Traditional, familiar approach to build extension to datacenter Scalable approach to building virtual networks Control over network configuration • • Define your own IP address ranges Be compliant with corporate IT security policy Enables rich hybrid scenarios • • Hybrid apps can reach all or portion of the on-premise network Works with both Windows and non-Windows systems
    12. 12.
    13. 13. MSDN Member Benefits
    14. 14. MSDN Credits with Windows Azure
    15. 15. focus on apps, not infrastructure
    16. 16. Cloud services application building blocks
    17. 17. SQL Database   
    18. 18. Web Sites  Build with ASP.NET, Node.js or PHP  Deploy in seconds with FTP, Git or TFS  Easily scale up as demand grows
    19. 19. Windows Azure Web Site Service Load Balancer (1 of n) Load Balancer (2 of n) Dev tool or Automation Script Reserved Instance Virtual Machine with IIS already setup (1 of n…) (1 of 2) Reserved Instance Virtual Machine with Server Failure…. IIS already setup (2 of 2) (2 of n…) Deployment Service (FTP, WebDeploy, GIT, TFS, etc) Reserved Instance Virtual Machine with IIS already setup (2 of 2)
    20. 20. AutoScale – Built-into Windows Azure • • • • AutoScale based on real usage CPU % thresholds Queue Depth Supports schedule times
    21. 21. Dev/Ops Workflow Develop  Deploy Learn Operate Repeatable  Reliable  Predictable  Low Cycle Time
    22. 22. Visual Studio Online • • • • • • • TFS and Git support Elastic Build Service Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Load Testing Support Team Room Collaboration Agile Project Management
    23. 23. Running a Live Site Service
    24. 24. Running without Insight / Telemetry
    25. 25. Storage    
    26. 26. HDInsight   
    27. 27. Customer & Business Insight Collect Process Optimize Analyze
    28. 28. Master Chief meets Hadoop
    29. 29. Halo’s Customer Insight Approach • Log first, come up with the questions later • Track gameplay quality, user behavior, etc by time • Short timeline, small team, not Hadoop experts • Explore questions in familiar tools like Excel
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    31. 31. Active Directory  Active Directory in the Cloud  Integrate with on-premises Active Directory  Enable single sign-on within your apps  Supports SAML, WS-Fed, and OAuth 2.0
    32. 32. Config wizard automatically launches
    33. 33. Enter Windows Azure AD Credentials
    34. 34. Enter Windows Server AD Credentials
    35. 35. Enable Hashed Password Sync
    36. 36. Almost done
    37. 37. Finished – Sync will start automatically No need to install on multiple DC’s. No reboot required!
    38. 38. Enable SSO with Azure AD and ASP.NET
    39. 39. Enable SSO with Azure AD and ASP.NET
    40. 40. Enable SSO with Azure AD and ASP.NET
    41. 41. Cloud services application building blocks
    42. 42. Windows Azure
    43. 43.
    44. 44. start now.