Earn More Than $765 Per Month


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Earn more than $765 per month without any investment. GUARANTEED. I have earned $867 and still earning. So, dont get left behind. Start earning today!!!

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Earn More Than $765 Per Month

  1. 1. EARN MORE THAN $765 PER MONTH AS EXTRA INCOME WHILE WORKING AT HOME This is the MOST Popular and Certified WORK at HOME JOB OPPORTUNITY TODAY! Popularly known as PTC or Paid to Click programs where you get paid just by clicking ads! Many are already earning online today... So Don't get left behind…
  2. 2. How can I get Started? It is very simple and easy.. ******************************** Pre-registration First: Make your very own EMAIL ADDRESS.. If you don't have one, then get one now at: -OR- Second: Before you enter the World of Online Business You must have a Payment Processor to receive and withdraw your ONLINE EARNINGS... So you should Sign up a FREE Alertpay / Paypal account. Create an Account with AlertPay Click here to Sign Up for Alertpay OR Create an Account with Paypal. Click here to Sign Up for Paypal (If you don’t have credit card or bank account, its ok you add it later) After making an Alertpay / Paypal account you are now ready to proceed with "STEP 1"
  3. 3. STEP 1: Register on the sites given below. Neobux – Min Payout $2. Palmbux – Min Payout $2 PaidtoClick – Min Payout $0.1 YouMint – Min Payout $0.1 LinkGrand – Min Payout $2 Bux Matrix – Min Payout $1 Cashium – Min Payout $2 Prizelive – Min Payout $1 Linkbucks – Min Payout $5 Buxify – Min Payout $2 After completing the Registration Process Log-in to your account.
  4. 4. STEP 2: Click "View Advertisements" at the Menu bar And start earning cash by clicking/viewing/surfing advertisements about 20-30 seconds each ads.. List of ads looks like this: Viewing of ads looks like this. Please note the timer on the right upper part after Neobux Logo. You should wait for this validating message before you close the ad. It will display the money credited to your account
  5. 5. STEP 3: STEP 4: Refer others to JOIN this site using your own referral link and BE PATIENT! Just keep on clicking ads. Referral link looks like this: http://www.neobux.com/?r=YOURUSERNAME STEP 5: Cashout your Money to your Alertpay / Paypal account when you have reached the Minimum Payout at Neobux, which is $2.00. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  6. 6. Earning Potential: $765.00 per month or more!!! Brief explanation of Earning Potential: Let's say you have 10 PTC programs like Neobux then those 10 PTC programs has an average of 5-10 advertisements for you to click/view each day. And most PTC will pay you $0.01 per click That is: 10 PTC programs x 5 ads = 50 ads Then: 50 ads x $0.01 = $0.50/day (your earnings from your own clicks) CHEAP! right? Well.. I say NO.. You get that for FREE remember? And that's a guaranteed extra income for you! In PTC, there is a so called Referral System Where most PTC gives you 100% of your referrals earnings. Sounds confusing? Let's put it this way. Let's say, you ONLY have 50 referrals/sign ups on every PTC sites… Earning Example: You click 50 ads per day (as shown above): $0.50 50 referrals also clicks 50 ads per day like you: $25.00 Your daily earnings: $25.50 Your weekly earnings: $178.50 Your monthly earnings: $765.00 Now, how much are your potential earnings? It is $765.00 per month while at HOME!!!
  7. 7. YOU CAN EARN MORE THAN THIS! Unbelievable!? Well, this big earning is possible. Just be patient and focused to reach your goals. Many had been SUCCESSFUL already. Looking forward to be one of them. QUESTION?  Are you going to refer just 50 people?  There are billions of people online today seeking for an online opportunity like us..  How BIG is the chance of getting thousands from them?  Then you compute your earnings with thousand referrals. That's HUGE!  Is there any more sites like this?  Yes, of course there are more than 1000 of sites like this. Some of the best and legal PTC sites are given below: Neobux – Min Payout $2. Palmbux – Min Payout $2 PaidtoClick – Min Payout $0.1 YouMint – Min Payout $0.1 LinkGrand – Min Payout $2 Bux Matrix – Min Payout $1 Cashium – Min Payout $2 Prizelive – Min Payout $1 Linkbucks – Min Payout $5 Buxify – Min Payout $2  How to find if a site is scam or not  Compare the advertising cost and user (what you'll receive per click) rates. Some sites charge for example $3 per 1000 clicks and pay $0.015 per user click ($15/1000). These sites are scams. You can take a look in some scam/black lists to see if a PTC site is scam or not. LIST OF SCAM SITES: CLICK HERE.
  8. 8. *********************************************************** **************************** DON'T FORGET TO CLICK ADS AND REFER EVERYDAY!! DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND. START TODAY!!! *********************************************************** ****************************