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Social Media Marketing Trends in India  2010 - 2011
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Social Media Marketing Trends in India 2010 - 2011


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The Presentation talks about the Social Media Marketing Trends in India for the Year 2010 and also quotes some Social Media Predictions for the Year 2011. …

The Presentation talks about the Social Media Marketing Trends in India for the Year 2010 and also quotes some Social Media Predictions for the Year 2011.

The Year 2010 was a Year of Hits and Misses for the Social Media Industry in India. Also there are some Social Media Marketing Trends which we will be looking at in the Year 2011.

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  • 1. Social Media Trends in India- 2010
  • 2. 2010 poised to be one of the biggest Years in the Social Media Scene in India where..
  • 3. There were a lot of HITS and some MISSES too..
  • 4. How about taking you through somehits
    P.S. I like doing the GOOD part first and then bitch about stuff.. Don’t Mind !
  • 5. Social Media is a BIG DEAL nowadays
    Love it or Hate it but YOU cannot really ignore it !
    Its Around you because You are around it
    We EAT, DRINK and LIVE Social Media
  • 6. People are talking & that too REAL Time
    13.7 Million people Socially Active in India
    They Chirp, Chat, Blog, Update, Share and do a lot more..
  • 7. Your Daily Social Media Workout
    Did You notice, this adds up to DAILY 2 hrs. of being active on Social Media
  • 8. You will know it first if you are a DUD
    Its all about how you talk to the people, otherwise You Know, It can get Worse !
    After all, no one wants to take CRAP..
  • 9. Branding is HAPPENING !
  • 10. Facebook is an Addiction
    7 Million Users log on to
    Every Single Day !
  • 11. Twitter Me / Facebook Meinstead of Call Me / Message Me
    The Trend is changing from Traditional to Social
    Mobile Internet growing at 347% is also helping it
  • 12. Now Lets take on some Misses too!
  • 13. The Number GAME
    Everyone is pumping in money.. A Lot of Money
    Everyone wants to reach a Million people
    But no one know What the Hell will they do with the Million people
  • 14. Facebook/Twitter over other Social Networks
    The dependency of brands on FB/Twitter is harming the balance of the SocialEco System
  • 15. But still Brands are going for the Masses on Facebook
  • 16. We are Social but NOT with BRANDS
    We Love to Like, Tweet, Comment, Check In, Photo Tag, Blog but only within our Network
    Out of the 16 Million people on Facebook in India, a meager percentage of people interact with brands on a regular basis
  • 17. Barter Deals are ONLY working
    People follow a brand only for two reasons:
    They just follow for the heck of it
    They are getting something in return
    “I love the brand” is not the reason..
  • 18. What if Facebook Shuts tomorrow?
    Everyone is paying facebook to increase its own Page Views
    What if people loose interest in this Social Network? How will You measure your ROI then?
    No Comments !
  • 19. So..?
  • 20. What about the hits and misses?
  • 21. Nothing really one can do, but look out for the Social Media Trends in 2011
  • 22. How about predicting how the year 2011 will be for the Social Media Space in India
  • 23. Privacy will be the CORE
    Facebook will get more Orkutish Audience..
    Twitter will get more FacebookishAudience..
    So BEWARE !
  • 24. Entice - Excite - Entertain will be the 3 “E's”
    P.S. Actually I didn't think that all 3 will start with “E” :-P
  • 25. Too much CLUTTER is on the Cards
    Try not to be different as everyone else is doing exactly the same.
  • 26. Social Media will Monetize - Socially
    The buying trend – Online as well as offline (via online) will definitely be on the rise..
    Social Commerce will be KEY-
    looking at the likes Groupon with
    a price tag of $1 billion
  • 27. Credible Social Presence will be KEY
    From jobs to admissions, dating to breakups, alliances to mergers.. If anyone wants a testimonial, then they will look at your Blog, FB profile, Twitter handle, etc.
    So keep it as Realistic and Jazzy as possible :P
  • 28. Location ! Location ! Location !
    Social Media Stalking will pick up soon.
    The number of people using Mobile Internet is Increasing day by day
    Soon you will see Discounts, Deals, Coupons on your way
  • 29. Social Gaming will get Bigger and Bigger
    The likes of Zynga have already made a mess of people’s free time..
    Brands will delve more into the Social Gaming Business as it will give them the maximum Reach & Visibility
  • 30. How True !
  • 31. Now Lets get Social, Shall We?
    Sahil Shah
    Account Manager-
    Mobile: +91-9819261250